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    • 25 Dark Images Found On Google Earth

      When Google Earth first came around, it was basically the coolest thing that ever happened. You could zoom in on your childhood neighborhood or spy on an old park you once remember visiting. You could travel through cities and countries you’ve never visited before. Along with this came the amazement of stumbling across something inexplicable. […] More

    • 50 Memes That Will Help You Cope as a Parent

      I have 3 kids (please kill me) and they are wonderful (when they are sleeping). Sometimes kids can be a bit much and by sometimes, I mean all the time. When I see another set of parents trying to calm their screaming bundles of terror at the mall, I try to make eye contact with […] More

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      29 Toy Failures

      Kids don’t need toys. Put them outside and let them play with twigs and rocks. I’m not even joking. Kids have crazy imaginations. They make up all kinds of dumb crap to escape their boredom. Parents, however, still insist on buying crap that their kids will be bored with by next week. Considering the sheer […] More

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      30 Words with Surprising Origins

      If you’re like me then you’re probably all into using words to speak to make your point and order food at restaurants. Maybe you like to point and grunt like Roach from The People Under the Stairs (SHOUT OUT WES CRAVEN – RIP, BABY). Words are cool and sometimes you’d like to learn where the […] More

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      28 Worst Lines in Rap

      Do you like raps? Are you a big-time fan of rap music? Do you especially like the lyrical prowess shown by all these rap guys? If you answered yes, yes, and then no, well then buddy, this list is sure to twist your nips. Here are the 28 worst lines in rap: More

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      25 Exciting Ideas to Get out of Work Early Today

      Have you had one of those long days at work where you want to leave early but you’re not sure exactly how to pull it off? Well, we have a few ideas to get the juices flowing. DWADS is not responsible if you decide to try one of these ideas and ruin your life. You […] More

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      25 WTF Hollywood Couples

      Hollywood is a weird place, full of weird things, and weird people; so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when some of these weirdos pair off with each other. Here are 25 of the oddest and most random couples in Hollywood: More

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      29 Times Justin Trudeau Was Hot AF

      Canada is cold and full of bears, but did you know that they select their leadership based on good looks and charm rather than brain power and skills? That’s fine by me. Check out this hunky dude. We made a list for ya. Start DROOLIN’ baby! More

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