Working In Retail: Redditors Share Their Worst Customer Experience

By Kanupriya - December 23, 2019

It is so often that we go to a shop and its employees are polite, helpful, welcoming and a lot more. But, have you ever wondered what they really think about us? And how we come across to them? Do they think we are extra bossy? Too arrogant? Impolite and rude? There are many days when we are not in a good mood and we take it out on the retailers at the shop trying to help us. There are also a lot times when they make simple and unintentional mistake and we burst out like they have committed some kind of crime. Well, we might feel sorry for our behavior later, but believe it or not, our retailers remember us and our activities very well.

So, if you have tried to fool your retailers, attempted to leave without paying and conning them in any other style, people beware! Because these retailers watch and observe everything and nothing slip from their eyes. Do not believe us? Well, here are some amazing stories by our redditors working as retailers who will tell you all about their worst experiences with their customers. Go on… read ahead and hope you are not on their list this time!

You Think I'm Stupid?

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I worked at a grocery store a couple years back. One day, this really fat older woman comes to my line, buys only a pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups and pays with a $100. Before I can count her change back to her, she snatches it out of my hand and walks out. A few minutes later, she comes back in and claims that I shorted her $80 (I think she said 80, it was some ridiculous amount). Most of the cashiers in the evening were teenagers (including myself) so she probably just assumed that they would be stupid and give her the money, but I called the manager over and asked him to count my cash drawer. Of course, the woman asked if she could go outside for a smoke in the meantime and didn’t come back.

She actually came in again a few months later and tried the same thing. This time when she grabbed for her change I kept it out of her reach and slowly counted it back to her. She didn’t come back in.


Smarty Granny

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Worked at GameStop years ago…little old lady brought in her grandkids and told them to pick out whatever they wanted from the Used PS2 wall (which at the time was still 1/3 of the store). She asked us for a used PS2, with extra used controllers. These kids must have picked out 20 games. She bought and paid for all of them. As she was leaving, we reminded her (as we had to, it was policy) that everything used could be returned within 7 days for any reason.

“Oh I know. My grandkids are only staying with me for five days. I’m bringing all this shiz back on day six! Cheaper than renting!”

There was absolutely nothing we could do.


We Played You

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I manage a restaurant and deal with the slickest customers ever on a regular basis. Just a few hours ago I had a large table with split checks that were really treating the server horribly. We were glad to see them go. Instead of waiting at the table to pay for the multiple checks, they all stand around in a group at the front while we work out the bills. In the cluster-heck of chaos they cause, one of them (a mother with small child no less), casually walks out the front door without paying. We notice that the bill is still unpaid as they all leave, and the group assures me that she went to the bathroom. 1 minute later, after checking, the entire group is headed down the road. I confront them and they tell me that she wasn’t with them and they didn’t even know who she was. Heck me, and where the hell is a cop when I need one.


Lady, You Keep Waiting!

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This lady used to come into my job and order this HUGE breakfast all the time. Same one, every time. And every time, about a third of the way into it, she would say something was the matter with it, it was inedible, and didn’t want to pay for it. We complied many times. After personally seeing this happen a few times, I started to wonder how she got a bad breakfast every time? And WHY did she keep coming in and ordering it, considering what bad luck she kept having.

Come to find out, a regular customer knew her. They told us she had gastric bypass surgery and could no longer eat very much. So this biaatch would just come in, eat till she was full, which wasn’t much, and then complain that it was bad. Being that she hardly ate it, we always believed her, and didn’t make her pay.

Next time she came in, I refused her service. She FREAKED out. When I asked her why she continued to come in even though her meal was ALWAYS bad, her response was: “I’m waiting to get a good meal”.


This Time You Pushed It Far

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When I was a bartender/drink service waiter, I noticed some middle-aged woman kept coming into our restaurant and ordering meals, then claiming there was something wrong with the meal, getting a refund and leaving. The first occurrence I thought nothing of, but the second and third made me realise she was ripping us off.

But then she got greedy, and top it off, I caught her out. During her meal, I noticed her pulling a hair out of her head and placing it in her meal. She then demanded a refund due to finding a hair in her meal, but while the waitress was getting her refund, she had the gall to come to me and demand a free drink. Initially, I figured it was better off not causing a scene, and said she could have one of the wines by the glass- through gritted teeth.

No, she didn’t want those, she wanted a glass of the top shelf stuff that we only serve by the bottle. When I told her this was not possible, she began yelling and carrying on “The customer is always right” this, and “I should report your restaurant to health and safety!” that. NOPE. I freaking lost it.

“First of all, there’s nothing wrong with our food. You PUT that hair in the meal, I was watching you while you did it, so you can forget your refund and your drink. And by the way, if you want to try that scam again somewhere else, make sure the chef isn’t BALD first, you stupid freaking biaatch!”

She was shocked, but then stormed off to complain to the duty manager about my abusive behaviour. Fortunately, I’d warned him about this woman before, so she was promptly told to heck off and never return.


Bullies Don't Work Here

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University IT Helpdesk – Someone was annoyed that I wouldn’t break policy and let them back on the network after they were kicked off for a month due to repeated, blatant piracy resulting in DMCA complaints sent to us.

They then asked to go talk to my boss about it and I told them where their office was and continued working.

Five minutes later, he comes walking out with an odd grin, with my boss following behind and looking like she’s trying really hard to be serious and not being successful. Boss comes over to me, and says “He says you ignored him to play a computer game, and then were rude and insulting to him.”

Customer has a look on his face like “ha, you’re going to get fired now!”. My boss then goes “Of course, I know you’re one of our best employees, so I figure that he’s either making it up, or he deserves the treatment, which one is it?”. Never seen someone’s face go so quickly from happy to “oh shiz”.

I explain what he’s mad at me for, and then she tells me she’s going to lock his account for the month out of our control to make sure he can’t try to bully any other helpdesk employees into letting him back on.


No Drinks For You Now

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‘Steve’, a trusted regular at my bar – this guy had been coming in for twenty years, in his mid forties – started hanging out late until after I did the cash drop and leaving with me. This meant I’d leave the bar unattended for a minute while I ran to the office. Crafty little jerk used this opportunity to lean over the bar and steal a bottle of Grey Goose, twice. He knew the place so well he did it only when I was off the next day and our one kind of goofy day person would open, correctly guessing she wouldn’t realise it had been stolen and just restock it; and he knew where to stand to be in the blind spot on our security.

My night porter gave me the heads up the third week he was hanging out late, just as I was thinking to myself ‘Why so late every Wednesday? He usually leaves two hours earlier.’ I was SO MAD. So I told him he’d have to leave before I dropped the cash, basically ‘I know what you’ve been doing. I can’t prove it, but I’ll never leave you alone again in here.’

He correctly guessed the porter had told me, went straight into the freshly cleaned bathroom and spat gobs of phlegm-y mucous grossness all over the damn place. Came out and told my porter in his native language ‘Clean it up, biaatch. That’s your job.’

I tried to be nice. ‘Hey, ‘Steve’, we’ve all done stupid things when we’ve been drinking. Clean it up yourself, you can come back tomorrow like nothing happened. You don’t, you will never drink in here again.’ Of course he didn’t clean it despite me and his friends practically begging him to – ‘Whatever biaatch I’ve been coming here longer than you’ve been alive. I’ll be here tomorrow, you’ll be looking for a new job if you try to bar me.’ ‘I’d rather leave than serve you a beer ever again, but we’ll see.’

My boss made the right decision. And a week after I left that bar (three years later) ‘Steve’ wiped out on his motorcycle and died, so to my knowledge he never did drink in that bar again.


Double-Faced Liars

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I used to work at McDonald’s. This particular night, I was handing out orders to the cars at the second window. This woman had ordered a couple of value meals and a happy meal. We got the happy meal done first and I handed it out. She looked in the bag, then looked up at me and very sweetly said, “I’m so sorry, but they put fries in this bag, and I wanted apple dippers.”

So I apologized, took the bag, and replaced it. The manager on duty happened to be nearby and said to me, “But the order said fries.” I told her, “I know, but she told me she wanted apple dippers.”

An hour later the store gets a call, and said manager goes to answer it. She comes back some time later and says, “Remember that order where you replaced the fries with apple dippers? She just called and complained that she got apple dippers in her happy meal when she clearly ordered fries, which is what her receipt shows. She was wanting a couple of free value meals to make her happy over this “screw up.”

My jaw just dropped. I was only 17 at the time, and hadn’t really seen just how hecked up people can be yet. I said, “Xochi, I swear to you, she looked me in the eye and told me to replace the fries with apple dippers. I wouldn’t have changed that if she hadn’t.” Luckily I didn’t get in trouble, she believed me, but I was so angry that there was this customer who seemed so nice when she was there in front of me, then called back all biaatchy and tried to get me in trouble. Just so she could get ~$10-$15 worth of free food.


Avoiding Money Hiest

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Background: I work at a movie theater connected directly to a mall.

You know those pens you use to make sure a bill is real and not fake? I marked a $100 bill with one and it passed. It was right color, though it seemed a bit darker than usual. I just assumed it was because the pen is really old and dry. So I call the manager to get change for it (it was a new shift, so i had a new register [not enough change]). I hand it to my manager (the big GM who rarely works where I do, he is usually at other stores).

He begins walking to the back, and holds the bill up to the light right before he turns the corner. He stops in his tracks. He comes back and says “We can’t accept this.. it’s a $5 bill.” I am standing there with a blank expressions, but on the inside I am freaking out. The customer says he got it from some check-to-cash place in the mall. My manager says “Alright, we just have to call the police and tell them. You can wait here so we get it figured out.” The guy walks out. Police are called, “Secret Service” dude shows up, SS guy checks the bill for everything ever in a big book he has with him, and everything gets sorted out. Theater didn’t lose any money, guy who came in probably lost $5.

Now, I check EVERY $100 bill for the security strip and watermark. I’d never heard of someone re-printing on a different bill to trick the pen. So, if you handle cash at work and use a pen to check it, always, ALWAYS check for the security strip and watermark. I’m glad I didn’t get written up or fired because of that.


Sue Me Now

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Last year at this time my old college roommates started getting calls from a collection agency about a power bill that they claimed I hadn’t paid. I called up and settled it, no big deal. Yesterday my friend texted me to say he started getting calls again. So I called up the agency and asked for their address, leaving out the part that it was for a cease and desist letter. I guess they get that a lot b/c the guy said “I’m not authorized to give that out.” So I called again, and this time I said I wanted to send a check to pay the bill. The woman gave me the address right away. She flipped out at me when I told her what my call was really about, I guess they don’t like their own tricks used against them.


Use Brain To Con

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I was working at Old Navy and we had just gotten in the “Rockstar Skinnies” and they came in an array of ghastly colors…. A woman comes up to my register holding a bright blue pair. It was very obvious these are the pants that are in the front of the store, on display everywhere. I ring her up, tell her “that’ll be $34.94” and she promptly says “No, they’re on sale”. I look at the back of the tag I scanned, and there’s a sloppily slapped on clearance sticker reading $2.95. I explain that it must have been a mistake, these are brand new pants, if they were on sale it would show up in my system. She demands a manager and my sup calls bullshiz, which made the woman storm away grumbling about how Old Navy is lame.

We potentially would have honored a sale sticker if it made it on there somehow (even though it was obviously her) if she would have at LEAST put a realistic price on there. You really think you’re going to get away with paying $3 for a pair of jeans?



Clear As A Glass Now

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Being a klutzy server, I once dropped a stack of oyster plates on my first day. My table joked oysters came on their own plates anyway. As I was laughing it off with them, we heard a shriek from a few rows of tables over.

A woman insisted some rogue sharp piece had ricocheted over and cut her leg. I see her pinching her cut to “drain the blood.” Her husband has her elevate her leg on a chair and she starts deep breathing. My manager rushes out with a free bottle of wine and to gauge the wound. The woman isn’t in my section, but when I go to check in on how she’s feeling, she responds, with wide eyes, “I FEEL LIKE I’VE BEEN SHOT.”

Shortly after comping her meal and twenty minutes into over apologizing and babying her, my manager realizes she is displaying a shard of glass as the culprit. The plates were ceramic.


Handle It Better Next Time

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I used to be an assistant manager at a pet store. One day when I was responsible for the store for an afternoon, this guy comes in pissed. He came in and started to yell at the cashier, who was a very kind high school girl that deserved none of his anger. And when I was manager, you didn’t freaking yell at my co-workers for any reason. So we already started on a bad foot. I pulled him away from the cashier and asked him for his problem.

Turns out he bought a Pedigree individually packaged dog bone (about $2). He got it home, left it with the dog on the outside porch over night, then brought it inside. That next day he was shocked to find bugs all over the bone and now inside his house. He came to the pet store pissed because, clearly, there were insect eggs inside the bone that hatched when the package was opened, burrowed out of the bone, and infested his home like some kind of tiny trojan horse warfare army.

I couldn’t help but smile slightly, which only pissed him off more. I said I’d take the bones in the back and stop selling them (he insisted), but I kept trying to tell him that bugs will get on dog food, so he should seal it up when it’s not in use and definitely don’t leave it outside. Nope, this didn’t make sense to him, the bugs had to have been sealed inside the bone.

He wanted a refund for $2. Normally I would have done it just to keep a customer happy, but he nearly brought my cashier to tears, so I wasn’t giving him anything. He left completely pissed off, and a few minutes later came back in just to yell some more. I had moved the bones back to the store because there was nothing at all wrong with them, but this pissed him off even more. I told him he will get nothing and that he needs to leave before I call the cops. He left the store and yelled some more in the parking lot.

He later called and tried to complain to the store manager, but I had already explained what had happened to her and she just kind of shrugged him off. So much anger over $2.


But You Seemed Nice

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I worked as a cashier in high school and this one time a guy wouldn’t let me lift a box out of his cart. He was an elderly guy and tried to be real gentleman-like about it saying things like, “Oh sweetheart I don’t want you to hurt your back, it’s a heavy box” He didn’t account for two things: 1) policy 2) I’m stubborn/willful and when someone implies I’m too weak to do something I’m 500% more inclined to do it anyways. Anyways, I lift up the box, it’s supposed to be like some decor or something a one piece deal and instead of hearing nothing, like you’d expect from a styrofoam packed single item in a box, I hear what sounds like a large collection of items jumbled together. Call my manager over. Turns out he was trying to steal a heckton of electronics stuff and DVDs. And he seemed like such a nice old man…




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I used to work as a shift leader at a chocolate shop that served fondue. We’d serve bananas among other things to dip in the chocolate. One time we had gotten a bad batch of bananas that we had to throw away early because they got so bad so fast. So we were telling customers that they would get extra of everything else but we had no bananas. Well a lady came in and wanted a fondue, and we gave her the no banana speech and she was totally okay with it. As soon as we took the fondue out to her she went bat shiz crazy and freaked out about not having bananas! Her son even said, “they said they didn’t have any!” and she just shushed him and continued yelling at me. I don’t know what happened but the next thing that came out of my mouth was, “Well Ma’am I told you we had no bananas, if you want them so bad we have some spoiled ones in the dumpster out back. Feel free to help yourself.” My co workers busted out laughing behind me but she wasn’t so happy. She ended up calling in to our pushover manager and got a free fondue, not because of what I had said, but because there were no damn bananas!


You Saved A Life, You’re Fired!

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I used to work at a place called Jumpstreet – an indoor trampoline amusement park in my city – where I held the title of ‘bouncer’. I was practically a lifeguard on trampolines, along with fifteen other first job teenagers who monitored the safety of our guests.

It is easily the most dangerous idea for a public general entertainment business for bored teenagers; we would get multiple injuries a day. Some people sprained wrists and others broke bones, but it was uncommon to go hours without having injured guests. (Maximum occupancy was near 540 people, all bouncing on twelve lines of trampoline simultaneously between the ages of 3 and 55.)

One time, a guy was doing backflips across a mat and a young girl ran by and, well, messed him up and he fell on his neck and was unconscious with a nosebleed. I had to have >350 people all sit down perfectly still and wait until an ambulance arrived. I had a firefighter sitting next to me, who begged to help and I said I didn’t want him to be liable for anything in case something bad happened, and the ambulance had already been called. I won’t lie, I was ready to shiz myself because I had no clue what to do. We were never trained for situations like this. So I followed the firefighter’s orders, which involved making physical contact with the guest (big mistake?!).

The paramedics arrived and took him away, the accident report was filed, and the firefighter and a paramedic I was reporting to both told me that I handled the situation well, and could have been a great help for what I did. (which was, well, very little.) So I went on my break and a lady asked my name, and I told her. Turns out she had planned to sue me for my life’s savings, (which was my next $7.25 paycheck) and asked my manager to fire me. She was also terrified, and she did fire me, but luckily for me, the kid signed away almost all of his rights when he first entered the building in the form of a consent waiver. I met him later that year over Facebook; nice guy. Still pisses me off, I tried to do the right thing and lost my job for it.


Li’l Con Artists

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One night a lady comes in with 2 teenage girls and asks for a product. She’s all over the place changing subjects left and right (most likely trying to confuse me). She finally decides on a product and she pays with a 20. I count out her change and before I hand it to her she says nevermind I don’t want it anymore. I hand her back a 20 and literally 2 seconds later she’s holding a $1 bill and said I only gave her a 1. I look down at the register and for some strange reason I had a photographic memory image of which way the bills were facing and I knew 99.99% that I gave her back the 20. I remembered when I put her 20 in it was facing right but the 20 in the drawer was facing left. She was threatening to call the police but I knew I was right. We have cameras in the store so I said lets review the tape. As I’m rewinding, she leaves in a fit saying she’s calling the cops. I watch the tape and I can clearly see her pull out the 1 but I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened to the 20 I handed back to her because there was no time for her to stash it. After much review of 3 cameras from different angles I see her drop the $20 and one of the teenage girls takes off her shoe, picks it up with her toes and slides it back into her shoe all in a matter of seconds… total con.


What A Drama

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Many years ago I worked at a little dingy movie theater in my hometown. It was my first job, super easy and lax. Of course you get some angry customers, but nothing too serious. However, we did have this one guy who came in every single weekday for the first show (he was probably in his mid-50’s) and I opened box office every day of the week. This guy used to come, and not even joking, for almost every single movie would walk out 30 minutes to an hour in and come up to me and demand a refund because “his movie was awful”. I had to then call my manager Corey in every time, Corey would talk to him about it, had to follow procedure and then refund the guy. One day this son of a biaatch doesn’t show (thank God). It’s about 1 p.m. and a little bit of a crowd picks up, I’m the only one in the box office and trying to get through the line, then this guy comes up. But it’s a little different now. He has a ticket from another movie theater (I’m not joking, not even a theater in OUR chain. Just a theater nearby). So he starts ranting about how he went to that theater, the service was awful, the movie was awful, he slides the ticket to me and says “I want a refund” I’m too flabbergasted, I don’t know what to say. I TRY to explain we can’t refund theater but our own, even if it’s one in our chain. This guy starts cutting me off mid-sentence while I’m trying to explain, there’s still a line and stuff and impatient customers, he starts raising his voice and saying it’s bullshiz because he’s “Been a patron for years!” so I say hold on, let me call my manager. He comes in knowing very well what to expect. I start taking other customers while Corey is dealing with this guy. After the line dies down and it’s a break between shows he’s still talking to him, it’s been about 20 minutes. The guy is still demanding that he should at least get in for free because he spent money on the ticket to the other place, all this shiz. Finally my manager tells him he’s not going to do it, and then said “I really don’t care if you never come see another movie here again” but a little…nicely put. The guy throws the ticket at him and tells him to heck off, and luckily never comes back. Guy was a motherhecker.


Deny Cigarettes, Get A Raise.

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When I was a kid, I worked at this mom and pop deli/grocery store. It was a small town so I knew virtually everyone that walked through the door. One day, we were really busy and there was actually a line of customers. The store was set up so like a bodega, so the cash register was just in front of the store by the door – not like a supermarket check out line. Anyway, there were about six or seven people waiting to get stuff when in walks a teenager that I hadn’t seen before. She’s pretty attractive, and very smiley. She grabs a pack of cigarettes and puts it on the counter, very nonchalantly, while I’m trying to get everyone settled. I start calling out prices to people of what they had in their hands – “Bill – $4.75, Chris – $5 bucks, You (girl with the cigs) – I need ID”

“Oh, I don’t have any. I just need this pack though, is it ok if I don’t show ID this one time?”

“No it’s not ok.” I take back the cigs, like a bau5 – tell her to go get ID and come back.

Three days later the owner comes to me and thanks me, as she received a letter from the state licensing board stating that her cashier denied a minor from purchasing tobacco, and that the girl was part of a sting to try to catch stores violating the law. If I let her slide it would have cost the store thousands in fines and possibly losing their license to sell cigarettes.

The owner wound up giving me a raise instead.


Sitting Ovation To You

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I was managing afternoon tea at a really nice hotel in my town. There was a table with two women (one of whom was employed as a manicurist in the spa) and a child around 5 years old playing on a DS. They enjoy their petit fours etc. and when we present them with the bill they start complaining that the DS was stolen from their table when they went to the restroom. I explained that none of my staff had seen it nor had they taken it. Fast forward 30 minutes and they are demanding that we comp their bill (around $30 per person) and replace the missing DS. The whole time the little girl is squirming and looking like she wants to say something. Next thing I know she looks at the lady making the fuss and says she is sitting on the DS. Sure enough everyone stops talking and the woman looks defeated. She was sitting on the DS case the entire time and was aware that it was there. It was bullshiz to say the least.



It All Gets Recorded My Friend

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I work as a Tech Support rep for a cable company. I basically take calls and troubleshoot internet failures and cable issues. It’s a very easy job, we were provided on job training and decent pay ($11) with bonus opportunities. The job is meant to get me through school. Anyhow, a man calls in and just wanted to complain that his internet service was out the day before. It was about 10 o’clock, and our customer service dept closes at 8pm. I tell him this and ask him if his service is on now. He says yes, but he wanted to lodge a complaint, so I said it was understandable but that he’d have to call in the morning and that I couldn’t help him unless there was an issue with his service.

So he says, “Oh, well ALL of my stuff is off then. How does that sound?”

Then he laughs at me like I’m an idiot. So I said “Sir, you just said all of your service is working fine. Are you just saying that to keep me on the line?” So he curses at me and I escalated him to a supervisor. I found out later that he told the supervisor that I threatened him and refused to troubleshoot his issues. And I refused to get him to a supervisor. So I simply said to replay the call. They did, and laughed hard at how idiotic the guy was.



Money Won’t Make You Honest

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My dad is a watchmaker. He’s been doing it since he was eight years old and he learned from my grandfather. Suffice it to say he’s about the best watchmaker in all of California at this point.

Historically, when you fix a watch you make a little personal mark with the date on the inside of the back of the case so that if the watch broke down you could give the customer a warranty.

One of my dad’s customers who was a jeweler, kept bringing watches back. My dad would look at the movement (motor) and it would look like it hadn’t been serviced in years. You can tell because the oil is dried up and there’s dust and stuff inside. But when he looks inside the case back; there’s his signature and date from only a few weeks before.

This kept happening so my dad starts to write the watches’ serial numbers down and it turned out that for every service this guy paid for, he would just switch the watch back and bring in another watch. What’s worse is that this guy was a multi-millionaire and my dad was just a laborer. He was stealing my dad’s life. Heck that guy.

I work with him now and we have a computer database for that stuff. People still try that shiz but we quickly call them on it and they usually shut the heck up.


May-o Get Some Brain

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Actually, when my Pop was about 17, he worked at a restaurant supply store. Basically, it was a store that carried all of the basic supplies/appliances a restaurant would need, and also some industrial sized packages of food.

Well, this guy comes in and asks for a huge jar of mayonnaise, which my dad sells to him. A while later, the same guy comes back and says that his boss told him to return the mayo since it was the wrong brand, and he apologized that he opened it before being told this. My dad figures ‘hey, no problem’ and takes the jar to throw away before he gets the brand the guy wants, no charge.

So apparently my dad was very familiar with the approximate weight of a giant jar of mayo at the time, and immediately realizes something’s up. He opens up the jar in front of the guy, scoops out some of the mayo only to reveal that he had filled the rest of the jar with sand in an attempt to get more for his money.

This being 1964, he looks at the guy and tells him to heck off and never come back. The guy looks at the owner, who tells him the same thing.



Control Your Anger

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I deliver chinese food, and a few weeks ago I had an order that was like $62, and I had about $40 on me for change. When I get to the house, the customer hands me a hundred and asks me if I have changed, and I say I think I have just enough. As I’m fumbling with another member of the household (The customer’s brother/husband whatever) by handing them bags, I took out my money, and she takes it out of my hands and says “Oh I’ll do that for you”. Kinda rude, but a nice gesture I suppose since I’m somewhat busy. “Oh this will do” she says and closes the door. I know I had a few dollars over what she needed, so not only did she not tip me, I actually lost a couple bucks. It was a fairly far order too, but I’m not going to start trouble for such a small amount, but it sure did piss me off


Please Leave Me Alone

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I was working at Macy’s and this lady would come in all the time and buy brand new merchandise that we had just put out of the floor, but the ticket would be wrong and marked down to almost nothing. We honored the price the first time but she kept doing it over and over, even after we told her no. So one day I followed her and she had actually brought a reticketing gun and was switching the tags of the brand new merchandise with clearance tags. So she was escorted from the store.

Also, there was this other lady who would come in and want me to wait while she tried on clothes for hours. She started coming in right before the store was closing and asking for me. Then finally one day she came in asking “where is my friend?”, and I went and hid in the stock room and told another employee to tell her I had switched shifts. Never saw her again.



You Make It Obvious

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There was the woman who came to my register with a whole bunch of large cuts of meat. I went to scan them automatically, but when I grabbed the label, it moved. Thank god for slightly damp meat packages. She had taken the labels of old cuts of meat she bought/dug out of the trash. There were $20 cuts of meat with $7 labels! Called my manager over, we never directly accused her, but it was obvious it was her. She made up a weird excuse like “It’s my birthday so I want my steak” and paid the $20 per package instead of the $7. Tell me, if you picked out meat you thought was $7, would you pay $20 if you found out someone had tampered with the label?

Then there is the one that actually got me. I was just starting on register, so I was easily cowed. This evil witch of a woman, who has since been banned from our store for harassing cashiers and generally being unpleasant, angrily declares that the bag of pretzels rang up wrong. Now, I had a line, and my manager wasn’t to be seen, and she was making a really big deal about it, so I fixed the price and shrugged it off. Then later, when I had a moment, i checked the price. Not a single goddamn pretzel bag was on sale. A small theft, but no less annoying.



Got My Eye On You

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These three little douchecock highschoolers came into the pizza place I served at about a year ago. They were loud, obnoxious, and very keen to be noticed. This led to me watching them like a hawk to make sure they don’t damage anything. Well, come time to pay, the guy paying “realizes” he “forgot his card in his car”. So two of them go to retrieve the card, and the third goes to go to the bathroom. At the back of the store. Right next to the rear exit.

I’m not stupid. I go to my manager and tell him these jerks are trying to pull one over and dine and dash. We both keep an eye out towards the back, and you can see this third kid trying to find the right time to leave. He’s hiding by the bathrooms, texting his friends, and starting to look really really nervous because we aren’t letting up. There weren’t any other customers at that point so it wasn’t like we had anything else to do. The kid left in the store comes back to his seat eventually and mumbled something about not knowing where the hell his friends were.

After about 35 minutes from the time they left the store, the other two come back, looking pissed as hell, and actually pay. They said they parked far away.


Not Your Fault

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I worked for AAA a while ago and we are not allowed to send a tow truck unless the person whose name on the card is there. Many, many times I would have people calling for a friend or family member and it would always kill me when they gave it away that they were not physically there, because I would have to refuse to send a tow truck. I had someone call from France because his daughter was broken down and the entire call went fine until he mentioned he was in France. I hated having to refuse service but my supervisor made me. People would flip out at me, and I totally understood their anger and couldn’t do anything about it.


Ocean’s Game Strong

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Had a customer come in and wanted to “return” two lightsaber toys. Didn’t have a receipt, nobody remembered him. After a fairly long conversation trying to find out what his deal is, he decides to “come back later”. He then leaves with said lightsaber toys. Well, after further investigation, not 30 seconds after he left, we found out he didn’t, in fact, buy two lightsaber toys from us. Oh no, what he did was much worse. It turns out he just walked into the store, grabbed two of our lightsaber toys, claimed he bought them and wanted to return them. He then walked out with them after the whole “we can’t find the transaction” conversation. He told us he’d be in tomorrow, but of course, he didn’t show.


We Keep Records

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I worked at a retail store that would email customers a $10 off coupon for signing up for email alerts. The rule was that only one coupon could be used per transaction. We would have a large family (husband, wife, 3-4 adult children) who would come in regularly with up to 20 coupons, trying to use them on a single transaction. Their favorite place to do this was fine jewelry. They would come in several times a week, until a new employee who had never dealt with them was working. Then they would all get in this cashier’s line, refusing to move to another line, even when we offered them help (and the store wasn’t busy).

Another one that I got A LOT was customers coming in with gift cards they had used, claiming that they were never activated. They were often embarrassed when we would come back onto the sales floor with the exact times, dates, and amounts the cards were used.