Uber Drivers Share Their Horror And Hilarious Stories

By Kanupriya - December 11, 2019

We all take Uber. It is such an integral part of our lives that sometimes we wonder if we ride it or it rides us. Be it covering a small distance or long, we got Uber to our call. Drunk? Call Uber. New place to go? Call Uber. Don’t want to drive? Call Uber. Want to survive in a city full of commotion? Call Uber. Though, we all have our our share of bad Uber experiences, we still depend on it whole-heartedly. Our life basically will come to a big halt if we do not have Uber. But, have we ever wondered what Uber thinks of us?

We might have had our share of bad experiences with Uber rides, but make no mistake. It takes two hands make a clap. We have previously shared the stories of passengers with their scary Uber ride stories, but this time, the tables have turned. We bring you the most horrific stories from our beloved Uber drivers. And guess what? They are funnier, scarier and beyond our contemplation. 

These stories on Reddit are just what we need to know about the other side of the coin. So, go ahead, read them and learn the do’s and don’t’s of being a good passenger. And, while you are at it, don’t forget to have a good time laughing!

I Die You Die

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I drive full time, mostly Uber but plenty of Lyft and side deals. Generally the passengers are okay, I’m huge and have their credit card on file. The real horrors are the same shiz anyone driving bar closing hours would see. I average 200 miles a night, typically from 7pm to 4am, I haven’t seen anyone die yet but I see someone almost die at least once a night. Drunk drivers, no lights on the freeway, near misses, wasted college kids running into the street, police chases that don’t make the news, fender benders galore. I’m much more afraid of the strangers on the road than the strangers sitting behind me.

Boring horror story, two weeks ago I drove two young girls home around 3am on a Friday night. Quiet and polite passengers but when they get out I find they’ve literally stabbed up my back seat and dashcam review shows they were making ‘gun hand’ gestures at me during the trip. They paid for a new seat, full retail price. Attacking someone driving a car you’re in seems suicidal but drunk bitches be crazy. I watch the rear view closer now.


Till Death Do Us Apart

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Picked up a guy in the middle of the day from a bar, took him to a casino nearby. As soon I got on the freeway some lady started tailing me and constantly beeping at me. I freaked out a little and he said “that might be my wife, don’t worry she’ll stop following soon”. She followed us for the whole 20 minute ride, non-stop beeping. Once we got there, he practically jumped out of my car and ran for the door. She followed him in her car, almost hitting him. Last thing he said to me, “don’t ever get married!”


3 My Way Or Highway

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Former Uber driver here: Decided to try my luck with Hollywood one night after the clubs closed. When I pull up to the pick up location a stream of people start poking their heads into my car to ask if this car was theirs. I finally find the girl and she opens my passenger door, tells me to wait because she needs to find the rest of her friends. I’m blocking traffic while she is calling for her friends loudly. She drags one girl into my back seat and return to the still open front door and tells me more are coming. At this time the police pull up behind me and use their speaker to tell me to keep moving. I tell the girl to get in so i can go around the corner, she refuses and keeps yelling for her friends. The cops get out of their car and demand i move the car or face arrest/ticketing. I tell them the girl won’t let go of the door or get in. They start yelling at her and me now to get in or let go of the door. She tells them No and that she needs her friends. Cop moves her and closes the door. I pull away with her drunk friend and no idea where to take her. I circle the block a few times and can’t find her again. I spent a good while trying to wake this girl and get an address. She finally gives me a ruff idea of where she lives. I drive her there and find the rest of her crew standing outside of her place. I don’t bother asking what happen, I just dump her off to her friends and go home.

Never doing that again.


More Than Personal Laundry

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I am an Uber Black driver. A few months back I picked up a man and woman in their 40’s from a restaurant. They were clearly not having a good time, still arguing about something. Towards the end of the ride he punches her in the face as hard as he could. When we pull up at the destination he pulls out a knife and starts to threaten her and me. I tell him to take it outside and I drive away. I couldn’t help but feel bad for that woman so I drove to the county Sheriff dept. and told them what happened. Luckily the Uber Black cars have a camera inside that recorded the events. When the sheriff looked at the video he asked for the address and they arrested the guy. I also reported the incident to Uber, they called me and took a recorded statement by phone.



Catch Me If You Can

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My two favorites, one my own the other my buddies.

I come to my stop and after a long wait, just as I am about to leave the girl who asked for the Uber comes out of the bar. She flags me down and tells me two more are coming. Then I see her two friends, one is crying her eyes out and the other is consoling her. It turns out the girl crying was roofied and her friends found her before anything bad happened. The crazy part for me was that they dragged me in to try and help convince her that it wasn’t her fault. I was totally fine to help, and I tried, but I was very unprepared to deal with this. I’m expecting people to throw up in my car not coach them through an existential crisis.

My friend told me once about a guy he picked up (as a regular cab, not Uber) and took him out to the middle of nowhere. The guy kept pretending like he was lost or confused and kept making him drive around. My friend eventually got him to fess up that he was kidding with him and said he had no money. My friend leaves the guy in the middle of farmland outside the city. Flash forward 2 months and the same guy gets in his cab. My buddy remembered him so he took him to the stop in town the guy asked for. Once they stopped the idiot leaps out of the car and runs away. My buddy thought ahead though, he positioned the car so the guy sort of had to go to the right when he bolted. My friend takes a quick short cut, running not driving, and cuts him off. He broke a clipboard over the guys face and then got him to pay for the far plus a $50 tip.

My friend has been doing cabbing and Uber for 3 years now. He has a lot of stories.


Gonna Get Killed Here

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So I tend to turn the app on when i leave my regular job because I usually pick up a few people just needing rides to/from work and so on. One night I closed so it was about 11 and i got a request. Passengers ended up wanting to be taken to a college town over the neighboring state line which was only like a 15-20 minute drive. Cool. No problem.

Once I was out there though I was snapping up requests left and right from neighboring small towns getting surge prices. But it was creepy as hell because I basically spent my entire night driving through back roads picking up random people in a different state on narrow gravel country roads who the hell knows where.

Not super weird but as a small female I had the “I’m gonna get murdered in bumhell small town USA all because I wanted surge prices”

By the end of it I was an hour from home


Luck By Chance

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Well this is one of the few times I have something relevant to add so I apologize in advance for the lack of horror story. I had been driving for Uber for less than a week. It’s Friday night/Saturday morning and I’d had a few fares but it was getting close to 3AM so I thought to myself “I’ll give it ten more minutes and I’ll call it a night” Nine minutes and forty five seconds later I have my phone in my hand to log off and a ride request comes through. “Kill it” I think to myself and I accept the ride. I was picking the guy up at an apartment complex only a few miles away from my own. As I’m turning onto his street he calls me and very drunkenly slurs “Hurry up my girlfriend is in the hospital” I arrive at his complex and he wastes no time jumping in. The whole ride there he he’s saying “Dude I’m gonna give you such a great tip! Thanks for coming man you’re a great driver!” I continuously tell him “Don’t worry about tipping me just make sure your girlfriend is okay.” To cut this story a little bit shorter I picked him up from said hospital and took him back to his complex on the way back he insists that I stop at an ATM he hops out and comes back slapping a wad of bills into my hand turned out to be 200$ so I end up getting tipped 200$ for what was a 14$ fare so that was pretty damn cool.



Miss, Do I Know You

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My boyfriend is a Lyft driver. He had a woman climb into his front seat and then the person he identified as the woman who had requested the Lyft hop in the back. The woman in the front immediately passed out. Turns out the woman who had requested the Lyft did not know this woman in the front. She was a prostitute who just climbed into my boyfriends car because he sat waiting in her area long enough. Once he realized this woman was a stranger, he pulled over, woke her up and kicked her out.


Not Worth It

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I’m an uber driver and the worst I’ve had was a guy who was belligerent and entered in the wrong address. This was around 1:00 a.m., and he told me to “just drive” and “I’ll tell you when to turn”. We do circles for a bit around a neighborhood, then he says to “stop here”… then says “not my house, but I can walk from here.” I hope he made it home…

I had a group of guys this past weekend ask if I had concealed carry… So the guy in the passenger seat turns on his phone light and scans me trying to find it. They weren’t drunk, just curious… but I laughed.

Lately, it’s not even really worth going out, they raised the % they take from each ride, and I barely make $15/hour… when you factor in gas, oil changes, idling time between fares, it’s really not worth it to go out unless it’s 2X+ surge.


Really, Seen It All

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I’ve had people do coke in the backseat. I’ve had barely conscious people have strange incoherent conversations with imaginary friends in my backseat. I’ve had 5 or so heavy makeout sessions happen in my backseat. I’ve had 3 girls take pictures of their rack on July 4th. I’ve had people take selfies of me, distracting me. I’m a “killjoy” when I tell them to stop it. I’ve had girls grab my steering wheel. I kicked them out. I’ve had people honked my horn. Adios. People that are drunk and partying expect you to be in a great mood, or else you’re a lame person ruining their experience. People blast your radio to 100% all the time.

And if you don’t take the abuse, they rate you a 1star and your one step closer to being fired.

Honestly, the 10% of the horrible customers ruin that job.

Also, people trust their uber driver way too freaking much. Guys, I’m just a college student trying to pay rent. I’m not here to party. No, I can’t afford to just get off and join you to the club. I’m working. Respect that.


Leave Me Alone

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Uber driver here, I have had one incident that scared me to the point where I almost kicked them out of my car.

I except a trip and head over to this house where 4 cholo’s ( Hispanic thugs) hop in my car these dudes are wasted and all have beer cans in their hands as well as some beer boxes. This was red flag number one for me, now the guy in the passenger seat is a big fellow with a rude attitude very demanding and impolite. The whole ride is him smacking my chest and following with ” AY fool why you look so nervous” or “AY fool just hurry the hell up already”. And his cousin telling him to shut up and stop being a moron, followed by the other 2 dudes just going full retard on Chicano rap. At this point dude in passenger and his cousin are getting violent because the cousin kept defending me from him being a complete douche most of the ride. Finally we get to the city they wanted to party in but come to find out that the hotel room they booked was booked for the wrong day…. so now here we are trying to figure out who’s gonna give them a room on Valentine’s weekend at 2 am…. all while passenger is trying to find out where to get some cocaine. At this point I was irritated and was wanting to just leave them there and go home. But the cousin tipped me 40 bucks for putting up with everyone so I took them to the nearest strip club and called it good and went on my way.


Call Me Bro

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Been driving for Uber a few months now. Nothing too extreme, just every other weekend or whenever I need a little bit of side money. But anyway, my first week driving, I’m called out to this bar to pick up a couple. They’re super friendly, ask me how I am, and all the typical stuff. But the longer they are there, the more they start whispering and laughing to each other. So, curious to what’s going on, I casually glance in my rear view mirror to see what’s going on(Quick note, the man is behind me, and the woman is behind the passenger seat. Well, she’s giving him a job. Totally shocked and unnoticed, I put my eyes forward and hurry along with the ride. Luckily, they didn’t finish up or get anything in my car and I’m pretty sure they didn’t know that I saw what was going on. Pretty strange. But hey, I like to consider myself a bro.


Red Flags All Over

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Female driver here. One Friday night I picked up a law student after last call in West Hollywood, he was pretty drunk and wanted to go to UCLA. No biggie. He gets a call from his wasted friend and has me stop the car so he can try to figure out if we have to turn around to grab his friend. Again, no biggie, I’ve got the clock running. Friend doesn’t need a ride, we head off. He starts talking about how he has a good night and he really needed this after his bad week. He broke up with his “bae” on Wednesday and pissed on her apartment stoop when she wouldn’t call him a cab, and then Thursday night he talked himself out of a DUI so he was riding with Lyft Friday to avoid getting pulled over again. This guy was classic UCLA Law Bro. I try to lightheartedly tell him that that’s 2 of 3 karmic strikes and he should keep his head down for awhile, he laughs and agrees. We finally get to his places and he starts going with, “Man, you’re so pretty, you look nothing like my ex, maybe that’s why you’re so pretty…” And I see him pucker his lips while grabbing my shoulder to move up towards the front. Biggie Smalls sized biggie. “Get the hell out of my car, I’ve got mace up here!” Dude freezes and drunkenly rolls out of my car… I’d call that strike 3.


Was She High Or What?

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I rode an uber for the first time a few weeks ago, and the driver told me how a few months ago he had a passenger who sat in the passenger seat, and she gave him this shiz eating grin he could see out of the corner of his eye. She got out, and he realised she had urinated all over his seat, and that smile was her smirking about it. I was appalled and said “dude! Was she drunk or high?!” And he replied that he didn’t think so .


Caught Red Handed

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I picked up a group of people at around 11pm and they asked “have any funny stories from tonight?” So I told them I picked up a guy who was climbing out of a second story window wearing only boxer shorts while a car was pulling in the driveway. They asked where and what the house looked like and after I told them, she says “Oh my god! That’s Heather! She’s still banging Bryan even after all that!”. So one of the other girls calls Heather and confronts her and learns that in fact Heather is still banging Bryan even after “all that”. A big dramatic scene unfolds in the back of my car as it turns out Heather is married and cheated with Bryan and got caught before and worked it out and is now back cheating with Bryan. The only problem? I made up the whole story. When they asked where and what the house looked like I just picked a town at random and described a random house


Partners In Crime

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Super late to the party but, I once picked up a guy from a pretty shady part of town. I knew I shouldn’t have but I did because it was slow. I take the guy a good 15 mins away and he asked me to pull up to this apartment complex in another crappy neighborhood. He asks me to wait for him to come out. Once again, I obliged against my better judgement. Guy is taking freaking forever and I was about to end the trip and leave because the denizens of this particular project were giving me dirty looks (I’m white). He comes out a few moments later with a Dora the Explorer backpack, reeked of pot, and my first thought was “Oh kill me” I didn’t ask but I’m pretty sure it was drugs in that bag and not the nice kind. He asked me to drive back to where I picked him up. I went home after that. The thought of inadvertently contributing to the local hard drug trafficking just soured my night.


Bye Bye Forever

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The father of a friend of mine (we’ll call him M) is a normal cab driver. I remember M coming home one night looking completely blagged (confused for you yanks ;)). Turns out he had picked up these two gypsy lads in Leeds and they wanted a lift to Manchester. Half-way through the journey they offered him a fight, they said just a 1v1, they didn’t want to mug him or steal his car, they just wanted a good old fashioned scrap. After the gypsies had spent a while chewing his ear off, M pulled over the taxi, got out the car, opened the rear door and offered the guy to a fight. At this point the gypsy lad gets out and squares up to M, forehead to forehead and continues to stare him down trying intimidate M. Then, all of a sudden, the gypsy gets back into the taxi and tells M to take them back to Leeds. On the way back, the gypsy lads start fishing around in their pockets and pull out £100 between the two of them and hand it over. M, now super blagged, asks why they are handing him money. They say ‘we just wanted to see how manly you were’



Who's Complaining

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Not a driver – but as a passenger I got into a car where the driver had full strobe lights going and EDM playing. Told me he DJed full time and Ubered on the side. Kept looking back at me for the majority of the ride to keep a conversation going. I kept brushing questions off so he’d keep his eyes on the road, because y’know, impending death. At one point after a long awkward pause he asked, “So do you do drugs?” and gave me his card. I made it to where I was going safely. At some point later in life I think I swiped past him on Tinder. What a trip. Literally/figuratively. Whew.



Take That!

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I drive occasionally for Uber, had one Indian guy who went ape shiz on me when I wouldn’t speed thru a downpour to get him to the airport. His bad luck this 250 lb guy was an ex Marine. when he spat on me I pulled over on the freeway and promptly threw him out of the car and told him he could get his luggage up the road about a half mile. I then drove a half mile put his luggage on the side of the freeway, drove to the nearest convenience store and wrote an incident report. I never heard back from Uber except a canned reply I should “remain professional in stressful situations”. Had one passenger who had food poisoning and ended up driving him to the E.R., then calling his parents out of state to let them know what was up and what hospital he was at. My complaint is the many passengers who are entitled jerks who treat me as if I’m their servant.



Sorry Would Have Done

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So I’m not an Uber driver, but in my Fraternity we have scheduled DD shifts to make sure everyone can get to/from our parties or the bars safely on weekends. Typically it’s pretty fun, but damn if you don’t have some screwed up passengers.

I once picked up this group of 5 girls from the University about 10 minutes away from ours. They were acting like the typical drunk sorority girls as far as I could tell, and I was actually enjoying talking to them for the most part. Well, whenever we’re literally one minute away from the party house, the girl in my passenger seat opens my door while I’m going 30+ mph and vomits all over my window, door, and dashboard.

I obviously pull over to make sure she’s alright, to access the damage, and to get my damn door closed. While I’m stopped, this girl’s friend makes the brilliant decision to get out of the car, drop through, and just piss on the sidewalk. I’m obviously stunned at how trashy these girls are being (It was 10:30 pm), but ultimately they all get back in and we drive the final minute to the party. When we get there, they all just pile out and say “thanks” with absolutely no effort to help clean my vomit covered car.

I did not answer their call for a ride back home.


You Will Get Me Killed

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I am doing this gig for 2 years. I have experienced crazy things. Gay guys has asked to suck my junk. A girl tried to give me a handjob while I was on the freeway. Two teenagers got into a fight and one was bleeding. The most scary one for me was when a girl passed out at 3 am. It was a 45 minutes trip and she gave me a wrong destination before she passed out. When I got there, it was a park. When I looked at her, her undies were showing up. So, there I was at 3 in the morning trying to wake a semi nude girl. I was scared of being a victim of wrong accusations. I had no choice except to call police who showed up in 15 mins. Finally they woke her up and I drove her to her real address. I don’t drive at night anymore.



Really Sorry Again

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Not an uber driver, but the time I felt most bad for an uber driver was this past weekend in Chicago. Our driver was nice enough to make a stop on our way to our destination. The people in our car used our group chat to decide on an additional cash tip for his kindness. When we finally get to our destination, myself and the girl in the passenger seat attempted to get out of his small car at the exact moment a 40+ mph wind blew in the direction of the door opening. His door stayed on the hinges but it came off the bar that helps it close. Essentially, we broke his door. Dumbfounded he just looked at us in the back of the car and said “It’s broken.” We then spent the next extremely windy 5 minutes trying to bring the bar and door back together. One girl held onto the door to prevent it from breaking even more while the driver and myself tried to put the bar back into place. Eventually it worked (though the door had a hard time closing), we gave him his cash tip, apologized profusely, and we parted ways. His car stayed on that corner for the next 10-15 minutes with his hazards are and I’m left to guess that he was probably freaking out and trying to make sure his car was still drive-able. We gave him the best review we could possibly give.



Don't Drink & Uber

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I just started driving for Uber this past week. Saturday night at about 2 am right before I’m about to call it a night, I get a ride request from one of the college bars less than a mile away so I decide to take it. I get there and pick up three VERY intoxicated girls, while the fourth standing outside tells me she is the one who ordered the uber and she needs me to take her friends back to her place. The less trashed of the three gets into the front seat with me while the other two drag themselves in the back. They all start asking me if they can throw up in my car and, naturally, I tell them no. I also explain that if they do throw up in my car, that it’s their friend who is paying for this ride that would be charged the $200 clean-up fee. This made them mad, because HOW DARE I tell them where they can and can’t puke. Get to the address (the girl who ordered the ride also asked me to make sure they got inside her house safely) and they get out and start stumbling around this neighborhood going from house to house trying to find the girl’s house. I walk over to the house with the address plastered on the front door telling them that this was the address their friend gave me, but they start yelling at me that they know their friends house and that isn’t it, and to “take my money and leave”. The backseat girls ask me again if they can throw up in my car and I gave a final “no”. So instead they hurl ON my car before taking off down the street. One fell over into the street and just laid there laughing. I said screw it and left them there.



From Her What

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So I know someone that is a cab driver and he told us this story. So In St. Louis there is a county right outside of St. Louis County called St. Charles, and there is a bunch of nightlife and clubs and restaurants and such. He usually goes there on the weekends after the clubs close and all that. So my picked up these two chicks and they were completely wasted. They were barely wearing any clothes and was obnoxious the whole ride. Then one of them starts talking about masturbating. She continues to say that she wishes she had been roman candles. My buddy says that he has some in the trunk (this was right after the fourth of July). She tells them to park and then they get them out of the trunk. She lights it and then pulls down her pants and shoves it up. There was literally flames shooting out her back. I didn’t believe it until he showed me a picture of a girl crouched over with flames shooting out of her back right in front of the cab car. That picture would be a hell of an advertisement! Lol!




Must Have Scared Him

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Not an uber driver, but probably someone’s crappy story.

My mother-in-law and I ubered home from a ladies wine night last month. My marine brother-in-law gave me a sheet rock saw for “defense,” just in case. Well uber man arrives, we get in and my MIL pulls out her pocket vodka and offers uber man a sip! He’s polite and declines, but asks her not to drink in his car. She doesn’t give a shiz and drinks.

We make small talk and I realize a coffee would be great, and uber man agrees to stop at wawa so I agree to buy everyone coffee. So at wawa my dumbass realizes the sheet rock saw my brother in law gave me is sticking out. I joked and said its my protection when mr uber clearly saw it. He noped out and said he was waiting in the car. I was convinced he was abandoning us after seeing my “weapon.” So we casually asked the guy in line at wawa to drive us home if uber man bailed…. And he happily said yes! Lol

Luckily uber man was still outside when we left the store. He drove us home, I tipped him well and thanked God that ride was under my MIL’s account and not mine!

I felt bad we were drunk and maybe scared the guy.


Black Listed

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I was driving an obviously drunk pax home at 1:30 am he was about 28 years old, me 60. he went on and on about his male attributes and how he loved older women, and how “hot” I was. I kept telling him we were not having this conversation and it was simply my job to get him home safely. This ride took 18 minutes, I was on the freeway so kicking him out then and there might have gotten him killed, he insisted I “turn that thing off” and come party with him, all the while I insisted it was just my job to get him home. it got progressively more graphic, when the ride ended, he reached over the seat and grabbed my shoulder. To which I forceful said “get out” and aimed my pepper spray toward his face. he would not let the car door go, so I drove away as he hung on. he let go, I reported him to the help center and as a result, he will never ride in an Uber again. My heart was pounding. but I did keep my cool. it left me shaken.


Get A Room

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I drove these 2 college kids home from the bar. A guy and girl who were conversing like they had met that night. The conversation was mostly loud drunken babbling which I was used to, but suddenly turned into whispering, followed by silence, followed by what sounded like light slurping.

I check my rear view mirror and see her giving him a blow. I’m not uptight, so I don’t say anything.

But then of course this guy either wasn’t really drunk or doesn’t get whiskey junk and of course she’s somehow sober enough to pull her mouth off when he busts and I later find out crap is all over my back seats.


Call If You Still Alive

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Not an Uber driver but I have been on a scary ride. I was on a trip out in San Francisco and was visiting family in Oakland. Really sad because the mom has cancer and isn’t expected to live for another year or two and the father has to worry about 4 kids and he writes music for the local church. They aren’t going to be in a good financial state and it makes me worry. Anyways on the Uber drive home with my parents we get into a Prius and this women has the strongest odor of fast food I’ve ever smelled. But on top of that the lady is pretty overweight and is not a good driver. We were on the bridge to get back and there was no traffic and she was breaking and making weird lane switches. Eventually when we got into the city it got worse. She cut people off and drove very weirdly, she would slow down at green lights and would just make us scared to be in that car. We opted to have her stop a block from our hotel and when she left, as we were walking back the only thing my step-dad said was “the hell was that?” And we pretty much forgot about it. Now I wonder where she is and if she has died yet :/



Calm Down, Will You?

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This happened to me back in August…

At like 7:45 in the evening, (first trip of the night) I pick up this heavyset guy (probably like 250 lbs or more) wearing a motorcycle vest. He wants to go to LAX. So, I do the usual thing and turn on the GPS to set course. Now I know how to get to LAX, but I just wanted to be sure I’m taking the quickest route. Right after I start driving towards the freeway onramp, this guy starts yelling and cursing, believing I’m taking him the wrong way intentionally to try and overcharge. I said multiple times I was trying to take the quickest route based on what the GPS told me, but he still wouldn’t listen. Due to his language and tone, I then asked him multiple times to leave my car and he still wouldn’t cooperate. I tried to call the police and he was yelling over the phone that I was trying to kidnap him and drove “5 miles out of the way” which is completely false. The whole time, he had an aggressive and belligerent demeanor and I was concerned for my safety. He had probably like 100 lbs on me. I eventually took him back to his pickup point, which is how I got him to leave my car. As he got out, he threatened to complain and insulted me again, this time using the N-word (I’m not even black).

I will admit, I did at one point call him a “piece of shiz” during the ride and flip him the bird after he left my car, but honestly that was so deserved. Not the best course of action, but definitely deserved. I was trying to drive this guy 30 miles, through all that traffic and he’s freaking crapping his pants over what onramp I use. Anyway, I didn’t file a police report because they wouldn’t do shiz in this scenario. I did however report him to uber and they told me they’ll take “appropriate action” against the passenger, which will probably be nothing.


Poor Guy

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My friend takes a cab home from the train station sometimes and she usually uses the same cabbie everytime. She originally lived pretty close to the train station and the guy knew the route. She eventually moved to another town over but still had to use the same train station. So she gets her usual cabbie and asks him to drive her to her new house.

There’s a point on the way to her new place that seems like you’re in the middle of freaking nowhere before you get back to a suburb, so the driver says to her “we’ve known each other a long time right?” “yeah” “are you going to kill me now?”