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Things Everyone Should Know About Chris Pratt

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Let’s Talk About Chris Pratt


We're here to discuss one of our favorite Hollywood heartthrobs: Chris Pratt. First of all, Chris Pratt is hilarious. Anyone who watched Parks and Recreation has known this for a while. He's also quite a talented actor. And, of course, he's a handsome dude. What's not to love? 

It turns out, there's a lot more to Chris Pratt than meets the eye. Like the fact that he was a wrestling champ in his youth. Growing up, Pratt was a wrestler and he even finished 5th in his state wrestling tournament when he was in high school. When his coach once asked him what he wanted to do with his life, Chris replied, "I don't know but I know I'll be famous and I know I'll make a ton of money."

Well, it looks like he was right. Keep reading for more fun Pratt facts. 


How He Was Discovered


We love interesting "how they were discovered" stories. We hear a lot of stories about actors getting discovered while waiting tables, but most of these actors are usually waiting tables in LA or New York…where they actually have a decent chance of getting discovered by a talent agent or producer. Pratt was waiting tables when he got discovered, all right, but not in LA or New York. He was working at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Maui, Hawaii. One day during a shift, he was discovered by one of Tommy Chong’s daughters, Rae Dawn Chong. She cast him in his first role in the horror short, Cursed Part 3 in 2000. Now that definitely doesn't happen every day. 


His First Few Breaks


So after some hardships, he was on the fast track to stardom! Well… not quite. He was on the right track, but it was anything but fast. After he was discovered, he did a few minor roles here and there, but nothing truly substantial. It wasn’t until two years later that Pratt got his first little break on the WB show Everwood.  He then starred in The O.C. as Che, a student activist from Brown University.


Parks And Rec


When did you fall in love with Mr. Pratt? For most of us, it was as a certain character on a certain show. He finally became a household name when he starred as Andy in Parks and Recreation. He was only cast as a guest star in the first season, but his character was a hit and he was then written into the show as a regular. Let’s face it: there is no Parks and Rec if there is no Andy.


Losing A Ton Of Weight


He lost 50 pounds in only four months when he was cast in Moneyball, because he played real-life baseball player Scott Hatteberg and he had to look the part. His weight has always fluctuated depending on the roles he gets, and he always seems to be able to shed the pounds quickly. What is his damn secret? He’s such a versatile actor not only in his range of emotion, but in his range of body types.


Another Transformation


Only 30 seconds into his audition for Guardians Of The Galaxy, director James Gunn knew that they found their man. Gunn joked that he could always CGI a six-pack onto him because he wasn’t really in shape at the time. He was offered the role but was asked to lose 50 pounds. Pratt agreed and lost 60 instead. Seriously, this guy is a machine. A hilarious, talented, lovable and super-duper sexy acting machine. For real.


Finding Anna Faris


He was married to actress Anna Faris for 8 years until they recently announced their divorce.  (And we’re still crying over here. Why did they have to split? Life’s not fair.) The couple met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight and bonded over their love for collecting dead bugs. They are both Washington state natives and were married in 2009 in Bali. They were the epitome of #CoupleGoals…until they went and broke our hearts.


He Picks Great Films


Pratt is known for being in comedies and action flicks. And, of course, films like Guardians of the Galaxy that perfectly blends action with comedy. But he has some serious dramatic chops, too. He has appeared in three Best Picture Oscar nominees. He starred in Moneyball,  Zero Dark Thirty and also Her. It looks like he has come a long way since living in his car. Oh yeah, keep reading for info on that little fact.


He Used To Be Homeless


Yeah, that is right. We figured we’d lead off with some of the more positive stuff to let you know he ended up okay. Lead with the riches then backtrack for the rags in this particular story. Before he was rich and famous, Pratt was living in his car. While in Hawaii, he roughed it and in order for him to save more money, he decided to live out of his van. That is dedication.


He Used To Be A Stripper


Before his acting career took off, he worked part time as a stripper to make some extra cash. Yeah, Hollywood isn’t always glamorous, especially when you’re young, naïve and just starting out. He tried to be a regular at a strip club but he didn’t make the cut. He also admits that he only made around $40 every time he took his clothes off. Well, don’t sweat it Chris. We think that you are super hot!


Lego My Chris Pratt


He has had three different Lego mini figures based on him. And here most of us can’t even get one. Some humans just have all of the luck (after struggling for years and working incredibly hard to earn everything, of course). He has one from the character he voiced in the first Lego Movie. He also has one for Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. And he now has one for his character in Jurassic World.


Predicting His Future


Remember when he told his wrestling coach that he was going to be rich and famous one day? Well, he also predicted that he would star in Jurassic World. Years before the movie came out, he made a funny video reading a fake text from Steven Spielberg accepting a role for Jurassic Park 4. So it looks like he can also see the future. Except for the fact Jurassic World is more of a reboot than a sequel, but… ah, never mind. Close enough.


He Is A Thief


There is a rumor going around town that Chris stole his Star-Lord costume, and not for selfish reasons. He used to take it from set so he could wear it and go visit sick children in the hospital. Hold on, I think my heart just exploded. You mean besides being hard working, hot and talented, he’s also perhaps the kindest human being on the planet? Seriously, what’s not to love about this dude? You can’t think of anything, can you?


He Was A Coupon Salesman


This is the closest we could find to something unflattering about our hunky heartthrob. When Pratt was a teenager, he was a coupon salesman and he had a warrant out for his arrest because of it. He was selling coupons out of his mini-van and got an insurance ticket that he couldn’t actually pay, so he wound up having a warrant out for his arrest. I’m sure he could easily avoid that warrant if he got it now.


He Loves To Improvise


He loves to improvise on set. That lovable goof you see onscreen isn’t much of a stretch for what he’s like off-screen. His improv often leads to great blooper reels, but they also lead to some great moments that find their way into the final cut of films. On the set of Jurassic World, he improvised as much as he could. He even improvised the big kiss scene with Bryce Dallas Howard and that is why she looks so surprised.