These Real Glitch In The Matrix Stories Got Us Really Freaked Out

By JS Paul - July 05, 2019

When Neo makes the decision to take the red pill, his mind opens up to the truth: He was a human battery inside this robotic armageddon called The Matrix. It finally explained the glitches he could perceive in his digital life, a bit like our friends here from reddit, who share these weird moments in their lives where only The Matrix could explain what happened:

The Shrimp Lo Mein Switch-Up


When you order food, you’re kind of expecting what you ordered to arrive at the table, right? Slow down, chief.

“Me and my friend were at a Chinese Restaurant, we ordered a General Tso chicken dinner and a shrimp lo mein dish. My friend opens the first box and we see a shrimp lo mein dish. He closes the box and opens the other box. Inside that box is another shrimp lo mein dish.

“oh” I think, “they must have mixed the order.” He opens up the first box again. Inside of it is a General Tso chicken dinner order. He froze and looked at me… I looked back at him… and we sat in silence.”

The Shot Heard Across Seven States


Your sense of hearing starts to go as you age (and goes even faster if you’re married). Usually, you don’t develop super senses late in life, yet…

“Very late both of my grandparents were woken up by a loud sound. My grandmother swore it was a shotgun. My grandpap said it was a car backfiring since there was no one nearby who would be shooting. They bickered over it a bit then went back to bed. About 15 minutes or so later the phone rang. It was my aunt. Her husband had been shot with a shotgun by a neighbor just 20 minutes before. The thing is they lived seven states away.”

Dreaming About Death


Ever have a dream so vivid you weren’t sure whether it was real life? It can be pretty freaky, especially when it involves the death of a family member…

“I knew my uncle had died.

My mom had called me and told me the news. It was very sad. She told me in the middle of work and I told one of my coworkers. He expressed his condolences on my loss.

A couple weeks later, my sister mentioned my aunt and uncle doing something. I said, ‘but… he’s dead.’ And my sister said no, he wasn’t.

I called my mom. No, he wasn’t dead.”

Sister, Take The Wheel


It’s one thing to be incredibly close with your sister—but having simultaneous, identical dreams? Not so much.

“One night I had a dream about being in a car with my sister at the church we went to. For some reason it started going out of control, so I jumped to the wheel and tried to keep us from dying. Later I told my sister about the dream, and she had the exact same dream, but instead she was the one at the wheel and not me.”

A Dog's Last Goodbye


Dogs always have a special way of communicating with us, even after they’re gone.

“My dog was sick and I had to leave him overnight. The vet assured me he would be OK. I went to bed around 4 a.m. I woke up and saw my dog at the foot of my bed just staring at me. I jumped out if bed and he was gone. I immediately called the vet [and] said my dog is dead, I just saw him. She told me she had just checked his kennel 30 minutes ago and he was fine. I asked her to check again. She came a few minutes later and said… you’re right, he’s dead… “

Seeing Your Own Surgery


The whole point of anesthetics is to knock you out so you can’t feel anything. But the meds only work on the body, not the spirit.

“During a spinal tap procedure, I was put under. While under the anesthetics I had what I can only explain as an out of body experience. I watched the whole thing and saw the doctor knocked my Gameboy off the tabletop, batteries ejecting from the fall. One fell in sight and he picked it up but the other was out of his view… but not mine. I woke up groggy and told him where my other battery was and he found it there.”

Foreseeing The Death Of A Friend


Ever had a dream feel so real that you had to ask someone else if it was legit? Imagine if that dream later came true.

“I had a very realistic dream about a friend of mine when we were both 19. In that dream, he died and we were sitting [against] a brick wall talking and he was telling me that sometimes our time is up and to make the most of it and giving me some advice. I woke up the next morning and called him and told him about it. He laughed and said ‘that would suck.’

Two days later I had a call from his parents to say he had suddenly died in his sleep.”

Saved From The Sharp Bend


When it comes to driving in unknown areas, some of the best advice you get may come from someone who isn’t there.

“I was going to the beach with my aunt and her friends. We didn’t know the direction, so our car was following the other. Suddenly, they did an unexpected turn and so our driver had to take a sharp bend.

In that moment we heard a very clear, loud voice inside the car saying laughing ‘Sharp bend, hm?!’. The driver immediately hit the brakes. We looked at each other, puzzled: we all recognized it as a voice not belonging to any of us.

The other car has stopped as well.

They heard the very same thing inside their car.”

A Strange And Semi-Conscious Walk To Work


It’s nice to switch things up from your normal routine every now and then. But if you’re not careful, you could end up in another freaking dimension.

“I was walking to work and had an urge to walk a different path than usual.

I turned into an alley I had never seen before. I made it about fifteen feet or so when everything in my mind scrambled. I felt like I didn’t have a body anymore, just that I was a semi-conscious entity floating through some weird dimension. All of a sudden in the array of different colors and shapes a vision came to me. It was a bunch of strange looking people resembled businessmen in suits. They looked startled that I could see them. One of the ‘people’ made a quick movement and everything turned to black.

When I regained normality, I was on a completely different street.”

The Invisible Pull Of Cereal


When you’re a kid, having to clean up after yourself is never fun. How cool would it be if the stuff you were messing with was able to put itself away?

“When I was about 10 I was trying to toss the cereal box to the top shelf and kept missing, the last time I threw it, it was obvious it wasn’t going to make it and then it just floated the rest of the way. Me and my brother made eye contact and ran to our room.”

The Phantom Parking Lot


It’s crazy how fast a restaurant can fill up.

“My girlfriend and I went to eat dinner at Chipotles.

We pulled in to find an empty parking lot. There were no tables outside, no cars in the parking spots, not a person in sight and even the lights inside the buildings were off.

Completely confused, I took the car in a around the building to leave. As we finish looping around, we drive past the front…

Except this time every parking spot is full, tables are outside with patrons at them, food half-eaten. There’s people walking around, and the lights inside the buildings are all on.”

Greetings From Grandpa On The Way Down


Some people believe in reincarnation. And it’s hard not to when you hear stories like this.

“I was born the same day my grandfather died. I’ve always been known to be extremely identical to him, even though we have zero biological connection (mom’s stepfather). Apparently when I was about 5, my family was talking about him and passed around a picture (I had never seen a picture of him before). I point him out and say, ‘Oh I know him, I saw him on the way down.'”

Haunted By The Hallway Passing


It’s nice seeing your friends at school. A little weird if they’re messing with the space-time continuum, though.

“In third grade, I was in the hallway for misbehaving, and my neighbor Tad came walking out of a class to my right, passed in front of me and headed down some stairs. We said ‘hi’ to each other. About 20 seconds later, he walked out of the same class, passed in front of me, and headed down the stairs. I just stared at him, confused and afraid.”

Stalked By The Same Stares


It’s confusing if someone stares at you for no reason, especially when it goes on for years.

“At 12 years of age my mom let me stay in the truck as she went grocery shopping. As I wait I see an old guy walking towards the truck with an indescribable look. He stops 5 feet from the truck looks at me for a couple seconds and heads back the exact way he came. 5-6 years later my dad was showing me home videos of us at Yellowstone. I noticed the same guy, same look, same clothes peering at us on camera and at me through the TV.”

The Trouble With Seeing Double


There’s such thing as coincidences, but some are a bit creepier than others.

“I used to live in North Carolina and still regularly go back to visit friends. While I was there, my friends and I ran into somebody we had known back in highschool. A few days later I flew back home to Texas. The next day I went to the grocery store and I see a girl that looks EXACTLY the same Being 1,400 miles away from the city where I knew the girl lived, it seemed absolutely impossible. As it turns out, the girl in North Carolina has an identical twin in Texas who just happens to live in the same city as me.”

Sixth Sense About A Scared Sister


Siblings can be pretty in tune with one another’s emotions. But it’s not everyday they’re able to predict the exact sentences they’re about to say.

“I was sitting in my car with just my dad and I distinctly heard my sister (who was at home) say, ‘are you guys almost home? I’m scared’ in a very specific, concerned tone of voice. Two seconds later, my dad’s phone rings. Guess who’s on the line? My sister. She said, ‘are you guys almost home? I’m scared’ in the same concerned tone of voice. I was pretty freaked out.”

Go, Spaghetti-O, Go


Pasta can be a messy dish, but this noodle sounds like it was making a break for it.

“One time I spilled a bowl of Spaghetti-Os, and as I was cleaning them, I noticed that one was on the ceiling. 9 feet up.

I didn’t even DROP the bowl. I just tipped it over onto the counter by mistake… but sure enough, a single O was right there, stuck to the ceiling.”

Mysterious Monkey Business


When you throw something away, you never quite know where it’ll end up.

“My dad had this little toy monkey he used to call his ‘favorite child’ and tease me and my siblings with it.

One day we threw it into the garbage after drawing on it and mangling it for a bit.

A few years later, I’m walking down the street in Toronto (was visiting friends) and see this little orange object on the side of the road. I pick it up and see it was the EXACT SAME MONKEY. It even had the black sharpie lines on it from when we drew all over it.”

Luck Of The Draw (And Dream)


“I’ve won the lottery twice by playing numbers that I saw in dreams the night before. First dream was me entering the numbers 4906 on a keypad for some reason and the second dream months later was me using a bottle of 409. I only won a couple of hundred bucks but it’s better than nothing.

I got exact matches both times.”

A Pensive Pause


If you’re the only one that sees something weird, it’s easy to write off as your imagination. It’s a little harder to do with witnesses.

“I was in class one day, sitting in a group of three people including myself. We were talking and my friend dropped his pen on the desk. I saw it stall in mid-air for a second then drop on his desk. My friend asked ‘Did anyone else see that?’ All my friends saw it, and it was just the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. To this day I have no explanation for it.”

Cracking The Code


Maybe this kid is psychic—or maybe the school just had crappy lockers.

“Me and a buddy are cruising the empty halls out of boredom and for some stupid reason, I bet him 10 bucks I can open any locker, and he gets to choose which one. He takes my bet and picks a random locker. He jiggles the handle and spins the dial a few times to make sure it’s locked. I remember, it was locker #424. So I look at him, go “Psssshhh! Watch this…” I spin it, 6 right, 24 left, 34 right.

The latch lifts up and it swings open.”

A Christmas Miracle


Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is saving them from jail time.

“I got a call from a police officer telling me if I didn’t pay some old fines within a week he would come arrest me. The total was $267.63. It was about 2 weeks before Christmas so I was really sweating it. The very next day I got a check in the mail for $267.63 for overpaid child support throughout the year. Craziest, most unexplainable thing I’ve ever had happen to me.”

A Picture-Perfect Memento


Who needs a living will when you’ve got astral projection, am I right?

“My father died in 2008. A night before visiting his house for the last time, he appeared in my dream, where he handed me a black camera in a plastic bag, and specifically said ‘take this camera, as I won’t be needing it anymore,’ and I took it from him. First thing in the morning, I visit his house and find a sealed cardboard box rip it open and take out his retro black camera.”

Dating While Dreaming


It can be tough to find time to spend with your spouse. Solution? Just meet up in your dreams.

“Back when my husband and I first got together, we used to work opposite shifts. One day I was napping in our apartment before I went to work. As I was drifting off, I had this strange feeling like he was right there, laying with me.

I woke up about 30 minutes later, feeling totally refreshed. My phone vibrated with a text message from my husband. It said, ‘Just took a nap on my break. Thanks for joining me. Cool, huh?’

I decided to marry him in an effort to absorb his powers.”

Missing Pieces Of The Pack


Any smoker knows the frustration of losing a pack of cigarettes. But usually, you find them after you lose them, not the other way around.

“I was walking up a hill in Portland, Oregon and found a pack of American Spirits on the ground, only missing two. A week later in San Francisco CA, I bought a pack of American Spirits, and after smoking two I put the pack in the inside pocket of my jacket. Next time I went to smoke the pack was gone.”

What Are They Plotting?


A group of crows is called a “murder.” Maybe they should call a group of cats the same thing.

“I was moving into a new apartment where my new roommate had a long-haired orange cat named Floyd. I was taking trips from my car to my room moving boxes in, and Floyd was outside. Each time I went inside and then came back out to my car, there was another orange cat outside sitting directly next to Floyd.

This repeated until there were four total cats. All sitting in a row watching me.”

All Tied Up


Learning to tie your shoes as a child is similar to learning how to ride a bike—you assume it’s something you’ll never forget how to do. Until you do.

“Woke up one morning when I was 16 or so, and realized that I had forgotten how to tie my shoes. Like, this action I had done every day almost since I would walk, was wiped from my mind. I had to learn all over again.”

A Signal Through The Static


Sometimes comic relief comes at exactly the right moment.

“So the television was completely gone because of a storm (satellite). Mom’s playing with the remote flipping randomly between channels trying to find anything that still works (my parents are TV addicts, ok?). She leaves it on a random channel puts the remote down and says ‘looks like the satellite’s out’ to my father. Just as she finished the statement; the static cuts out and clear as day we here Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) say ‘NOT ANYMORE’ followed by laugh track.”

Reunited With A Complete Stranger


It’s nice coming across a friend you haven’t seen in a while. But it’s even more interesting when you never met that friend before.

“At a party in college, I was walking out to smoke a cig when another guy opens the door to come in. We look at each for a split second and I yell ‘Tim!’ and he yells my name and we hug and spend a few minutes catching up, as we hadn’t seen each other in years. After five minutes we stop talking, look at each other hard and I say, ‘We’ve never met, have we?’ and he responds, ‘I have no idea who you are.’ But we both knew each others’ names.”

Poppin' Up Out Of Nowhere


Anyone who has popped popcorn before knows that some kernels take longer than others. What you don’t expect is it to take a year.

“I was eating popcorn in front of the TV and dropped a piece. When it should have hit the ground, I heard a faint ‘pop’ noise. My mom was a stickler about messes, so I looked all over [but] couldn’t find that popcorn.

About a year later, I’m watching TV again, and I hear the same faint ‘pop.’ I look down, and right between my feet, is a freshly popped kernel of popcorn. I picked it up, and it was still warm.”