Stories Of Real People Who Dated Celebrities

By Sana Ahmad - December 11, 2019

The life of glitz and glamour that our celebrities lead attracts each one of us, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not to the same extent (people can like different things and have varied interests) but it sure does. The aura that surrounds a star is something really different though, sometimes too surreal for a common man to wrap his head around. After all folks, having the paparazzi follow you everywhere you go, may not be your cup of tea and we totally understand why! There are times when you just want to have a little me time and not locked inside your apartment but out there in public!!! Also, we all want our privacy to be respected, don’t we?

However, folks, would you still feel the same way if you got a chance to be with a celebrity and not just as a fan but as their partner too? Put in simpler words, would you shut up about it if you got to date a star? You wouldn’t, right!! We thought so too, because we wouldn’t either!!! You cannot just keep calm when life gets that exciting… Although there is also a possibility a star you revered and followed turns out to be a goof in real life! But why feel discouraged, it is always better to give it a try first!

Anyways, some of our Redditors got lucky. Read on to find out how….


Hannah Murray


“Was seeing Hannah Murray (Gilly, GOT or Cassie, Skins) for a while around 10 years or so ago.

Just when season two of skins came out. Turns out a girl I worked with knew her, I fancied her, and so we orchestrated a meeting between us.

She organized a coffee with her, and I just so happened to stumble into the cafe. We hit it off and we ended up having a little thing for 5 months or so.

We went to the cinema, ate and drank. She is highly intelligent, very perceptive and really quite funny. I was young and rubbish at dating, and am guessing she wasn’t too experienced either.

In the end she called me one day after a week of silence and dumped me because she was going to Uni.

Fair enough. I’m super happy for her and think she’s a great actress.” (cheersdrive420)

Hayden Panettiere

Credits: The Blast

“My brother briefly dated/hung around Hayden Panettiere right after her first Disney movie came out (Tiger Cruise, it was one of my favorites at the time!), before Heroes or anything. Apparently she had family who had a lake house in our hometown and they met at a party and started to hang out when she would visit her family. She even came to the strawberry festival with me and my brother (mind you, I’m ten years younger so I was like seven or eight at the time) and was really nice to me because I was so awestruck to be meeting a Disney actress. She even made a DIY candle with me at a festival booth that I kept for years afterward. Nicest girl he ever introduced me to, second only to his later fiance.” (satansfirstwife)

Hannibal Burress

Credits: Thebozho

“I went on one date with Hannibal Burress.

He was in my city briefly after doing a benefit gig elsewhere a few years ago and we matched on Tinder, met up for a drink before his flight left later that evening.

He’s a cool dude, I had fun. Did not sleep with him, sorry to disappoint.

Apparently he’s pretty notorious for being on Tinder so I feel like a lot of people probably have a similar story lol.

Pretty D-list, but my fiancé went to HS with one of the girls on VH1’s Black Ink Crew, I guess they hooked up a few times.” (superdeeluxe)

Adam Sandler

Credits: Rolling Stone

“Adam Sandler went to the same middle school and high school as me (at a different time) in NH. He dated my 8th grade teacher’s daughter for a while before he moved to NY for SNL. He was well liked, and he even called my 8th grade teacher to wish her well on her retirement, some 20 years later.

Edit: wow, didn’t think this would blow up with a lot of fellow NH-ites sharing stories! To clarify, he dated the daughter of my 8th grade English teacher, who retired from Hillside Middle School (I was in her last class). She spoke very highly of him. He also spoke at my high school’s commencement two years in a row also (if I recall, it was his nephew and niece’s graduating class each year).” (MusickCAL)

Dickey Betts

Credits: Billboard

“I dated Dickey Betts many many many years ago. He was unfailingly thoughtful and kind. He was going through a crazy over indulging in drugs and alcohol phase, but somehow never forgot to make sure I felt safe and taken care of. He assigned me a roadie to make sure I was taken care of while he was on stage.                                                             

Once he had a bit of a break down and started destroying a hotel room. When he saw I was getting worried, he picked me up and carried me to the door of the suite, then called the road manager to come get me. He walked barefoot across broken glass with me in his arms.” (mammalian)

Drummer From A Band

Credits: Bustle

 Just hang on this will go somewhere_

My mom claimed to me when I was a kid that she used to always buy pizza for people she really liked. And she told me one time she bought pizza for the entire school football team in high school.

She also told me that after a concert she bought pizza for the band Madness (if you don’t know they made that our house in the middle of our street song). And went on a date with the drummer.

Then as an adult my mom told me she slept with the drummer from Madness. Everything started piecing itself together in my head. And now I’m worried that “buying pizza” was a euphemism for sleeping with people and I’m too scared to ask if my mom slept with the whole football team.” (shattterhearts)

Jennifer Connelly

Credits: Imdb

My friend turned down Jennifer Connelly. In the mid-80s she spent the summers in a small town on E. Long Island. This was after she was in The Labyrinth but before The Rocketeer. Parents were friends somehow so she would hang out with a local circle of friends. One evening she asked him to go on a walk…he said no. He is still made fun of it to this day. She was very nice by all accounts.” (DarcizzleOffshore)

Christina Grimmie

Credits: Eonline

“I used to be friends with this guy that dated Christina Grimmie, he was her drummer. He was pretty quiet most of the time but a very likeable person and good looking and everything. It especially sucked for him when she died because he was the last person to be deserving of anything like that. Lost his girlfriend and his job, I’m sure he’s probably doing ok now though.” (thugnificent856)

Wes Scantlin

Credits: Loudwire

A family friend of ours is a flight attendant that met Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd on a flight and started a relationship with him a couple years after he got divorced. Whenever she had a few days in LA, she’d meet up with my family (including my grandparents) for a dinner. One time, we were out at some BBQ joint and her phone rang. It was Wes, demanding to know where she was an why she wasn’t at his place. When she told him she was having dinner with us, he started screaming at her over the phone that he didn’t believe her while we were all at the table.

Yeah, that relationship didn’t last much longer than that. It wasn’t long after that he had that weird meltdown on stage that caused everybody else to leave his band and him to cancel his tour.

Looking at his Wiki page, that dude needs help.” (bigchillrob)

Miley Cyrus

Credits: Factmag

One of my best friends dated Miley Cyrus (then Destiny Cyrus) back in Middle School. We all went to the same elementary school then started middle school together. Mind you this is all before Hannah Montana was created. Back then her and her brother (Trace Cyrus, of Metro Station Fame) were just Billy Ray Cyrus’s kids which didn’t mean much too us back then. They dated for all of our 6th grade year until she moved to Toronto I believe to start pre-production on a Disney show, which we would later find out to be Hannah Montana.

He wasn’t too beat up about it as he described her as being kinda crazy. One story I remember is that after a mutual friend of theirs was broken up with by her boyfriend, Miley tried to get my friend to make out with her to cheer her up, which he refused to do.

Also, after the show came out and her face was all over Tiger Beat and 17 magazine, we would rip out the pictures of her, cut a hole in the mouth, hold them up to our face and chase him around saying, “I miss you *****, come to Hollywood and be with me!”

We probably could’ve been a little nicer about it.

Edit: Grammar” (Jashaun29)

Brad Pitt

Credits: PEOPLE

“My Mum turned down Brad Pitt in a bar in Ireland. He had just landed his role in Thelma & Louise so was only really known for his Levi ad but my Mum didn’t know who he was. He asked to buy her a drink and she declined. He told her about being the Levi model and she awkwardly declined again.

She really regrets it now.

(Oh and she turned him down because he had really bad acne which she feels bad about now but she was 19 at the time)” (juno-f)

Tiera Skovbye

Credits: Aurorarebeka.tumblr

I dated a woman who is currently a regular on CW’s “Riverdale”. We dated some years ago when she was younger. She was a fairly successful model and actor at the time, even more so now clearly. We met while working on the same television show and I asked her out. Didn’t expect her to say yes as she was way out of my league. But she did and we hung out for a month or so. She eventually went back home and we tried long distance for a few weeks before deciding that it wouldn’t work. We’ve talked once or twice over the years but she is firmly in a different social strata now. Overall, she was very nice and fairly intelligent but very focused on being an actor/model and didn’t really know any other lifestyle.

EDIT: I know everyone is probably annoyed that I don’t say the name of the person in question but I dunno it feels kinda wrong.

EDIT2: Fine. It was Tiera Skovbye. Might as well add a bit more detail.” (Krokan62)

Christina Aguilera

Credits: Imgflip

“Knew a guy that would go on “dates” with Christina Aguilera back around 1999-2000. This was right around when “Genie in a Bottle” broke out. Apparently she would call him at all hours of the day and expect him to drop whatever he was doing to respond or come to her place. She dressed him and gave him things, pretty much treated him like a kept man. He might have been kidding me but it lines up with everything I’ve heard about CA from the people that knew her. He eventually broke things off from her and she didn’t handle that very well. She would get wasted and drunk dial him.” (Zedress)

Kristen Bell

Credits: Spotern

I dated Kristen Bell in high school. Her mom still tells me she wanted to marry me back then. She was super funny and basically looked the same as she does now…she doesn’t seem to age. She broke up with me on New Years Eve then hooked up with some dude that night, allegedly. No hard feelings, we were friends after and I’m super happy for her success.” (bigbrainonb-rad)

RFK’s Bodyguard

Credits: Buzzfeed

I can’t remember the guy’s name, but my grandma dated a future NFL defensive lineman who later become one of JFK’s bodyguards (and was present when he was assassinated). They met at Penn State, where my grandma went for only one semester. He was apparently very friendly, he’d carry her books around for her and take her out for dinner.

Grandma said the reason it didn’t last was because he was black and she’s white, so the relationship couldn’t get off the ground (this was in the 1940s). They stayed in touch up until he became a member of the Secret Service IIRC.

Edit: Rosey Grier! And he was RFK’s bodyguard, not JFK.” (SolidVirginal)

Emma Thompson

Credits: The Wrap

My dad dated Emma Thompson in the 80’s (my dad was more famous than Emma at the time – she was a student at Cambridge and my dad was doing okay as a model). He met Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and the whole crew. He’s sketchy on the details but I heard from my mum that she (Emma) dumped him (maybe infidelity?). Last year I talent walked Kenneth Branagh and his wife at a BAFTA thing, and it took everything in me not to mention to his lovely wife (who I had a lot of alone time with while Sir Ken walked the carpet) that actually we were connected in a weird way. I also see Hugh Laurie around and I always tell my dad (who is now a very mild semi-retired architect) and he ALWAYS tells me to say hi to him (I never have). These people won’t remember you Dad, sorry.” (yeahsureican)

Miss America

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“I dated a Miss America winner my freshman year of college. It didn’t go super well. There isn’t much of a story other than she decided she wanted to focus on her studies and broke up with me. At first I thought she was feeding me a line, but she never did have a relationship until well after she graduated. So, I guess she was being honest.” (firefarmer74)

Jamie Lynn Spears

Credits: Eonline

“I played basketball in high school and had a game against the school that Jamie Lynn Spears went to. She was a cheerleader there.

During the game, I dive out of bounds and slide into the cheerleaders and Jamie Lynn ends up falling into my lap, only I didn’t realize it because I’m scrambling to get back up and keep playing. My teammates point it out to me when I check out a few minutes later.

A few weeks later, I’m at a party and see her, so I walk over and say “hey I’m the guy from (school) that got you on my lap in a matter of seconds.” She said “well it certainly wasn’t the worst first impression.”

We talked for about 15 minutes before she left. Turns out we had the same birthday. Three weeks later it came out she was pregnant.” (tgwinford)

Lyndsey Rodriguez

Credits: Charmboard

“I dated a c-list celebrity for a brief time in New York. When I first moved here, in search of becoming part of the film industry, I started as a lowly production assistant. On one of the many terrible PA jobs I got while I was working in the AD department we had a commercial shoot for Amanda Seyfried and some Japanese shampoo. Don’t jump to any conclusions as I did not date Amanda Seyfried even though she was very nice.

One of my fellow PA’S on the shoot was this tall, thin, and absolutely gorgeous Australian girl with an accent that bowled me over. We spent the day doing mundane tasks together such as getting coffee, making food runs, handing out paperwork etc….Anyway as we got to know each other I could tell there was chemistry. Next came the bomb! She told me she was the host of TRL (Total Request Live) in Australia before moving to New York. I was obviously baffled, but also could see how it could be true so while she was off doing another task I looked her up. Yep Lyndsey Rodriguez! She had a maxim photo shoot and my eyes went wide. She looked amazing. I totally didn’t put any pressure on myself and continued to be charming and nice.
That night after a long day of shooting. 14 hours. We went out for drinks and one thing led to another. We ended up dating for a couple months, but my film path took me to a completely different department and union television work while she stayed in the non-union world. Too much of a difference between our lives and very mutually split. But it was fun while it lasted!

P.S. I ended up becoming an assistant camera operator for a CMT reality show, Party Down South. After the show ended I ended up hanging out with the cutest girl on the show Mattie for a couple of weeks. A fling, but again fun while it lasted. So I guess technically 2 C-list celebrities.” (rskizzae)

Jerry Cantrell

Credits: HitMusic

“My next door neighbor dated Jerry Cantrell when they were younger. She’s telling me casually how she dated this dude, Jerry Cantrell, and he’s a guitarist now. Not knowing who Jerry Cantrell was, I asked her who he played with, and she didn’t know. Thinking he was in a small lesser known band, I googled him and was more than surprised to see he’s in Alice in Chains. I asked her “You know that’s like a really popular band right? A lot of people listen to them.” And she kinda shrugged like she didn’t know that. The funniest part of her story was how they broke up. They were both young, maybe late teens, early 20s, and she made it seem like Jerry didn’t have a job and was always bumming off people. She got tired of it, and during the breakup, told him he needed to “Quit playing guitar and get a real job!” (mikeitclassy)

Kate Gosselin


“So does everyone remember that show on TLC called John & Kate +8? Well they got divorced and the show became Kate +8. If you don’t know the show it’s about a family living through the hardships of raising 8 kids.

But as far as I know Kate, has had more boyfriends since the divorce than the number of kids she’s had. I live in the same county as her. I’ve even seen her and her gaggle shopping at the nearest Sams Club when I worked there.

Anyway she had a good relationship with my store manager. We’ll call him Tom. Tom would give her huge discounts and have special sales when we knew the show would be coming (probably corporate’s idea, honestly). Tom was like her boyfriend for a while.

Anyway I asked him about it one day because even though we weren’t friends Walmart wants it’s store managers to act friendly with their employees. He told me that Kate spends a lot of time with producers and show-runners or just working in her office, and that her “fleet” of 3 or 4 helpers are the ones who do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to taking care of the kids.

Basically, she doesn’t go out on dates or to movie or nice dinners. But tom did spend a lot of time in the household and in her office. He told me that her office has a lot of entertainment and things to help her relax, like a projector and pull down screen, a personal bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, a wine cabinet, A large bed, stuff like that.

He never said anything risque to me or damning about Kate, but I imagine this ‘office’ is more of the boyfriend date night room than just an office…

Edit: I also wanna say that my dad who works in the ladies shoe department of a local department store has personally fitted and run shoes for Kate. And Alice Cooper’s wife Cheryl Goddard.” (Sarik704)

Isaiah Mustafa

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“I went on a double date once with the Old Spice Guy (not Terry Crews). I was not the one on the date with him but I had a great time. I ended up drinking more than I should because I was nervous. On the taxi ride over to the haunted amusement park, I ended up puking out the cab door. So embarrassed! Later on in the night when we were both waiting for our dates to finish in the washroom, he told me this story about himself being sloshed on an airplane and peeing himself. I felt so much better and I felt like we were equals in that moment. He was also a huge champ, he bought us all line-hop passes so we didn’t wait in line all night!! Thanks Isaiah!” (Livewithhumor)

One Of The Royals


“Many years ago my father dated the queen of England’s advisor’s daughter. He said it was a little nerve wracking since he went to some royal events and he’s not the most “formal” guy. He may have met the queen at one point (though I’d have to ask him to confirm).

They were together for a decent number of years, but she wanted to get married and he was young and didn’t want to, so they broke up. Apparently her mother was so angry with him, and his ex was so distraught, that the mother of the girl sent him a strongly worded letter scolding him for breaking her heart. Oh, royalty.” (Mediocre-banana)

One Who Was A Youtube Sensation

Credits: Imgflip

I went out for a while with a girl that constantly pops up on you tube and FB compilation videos of “the most embarrassing auditions ever” she auditioned on the XFactor in England and basically got naked on stage, this is the first time I’ve ever spoken about this due to the nature of the audition but she was actually a really nice sweet girl just a bit miss guided by wanting to be famous.

One night I remember taking her out in her local town and everyone knew her we couldn’t go anywhere without people saying hello or buying her drinks this was pretty much the reason I stopped seeing her decided she liked the attention too much so had a pretty good idea it was a matter of time before she found a new person to take her out.” (djzedcarter)

Grace Kelly

Credits: The Independent

“My great uncle dated Grace Kelly for a bit (as most eligible bachelors in Philadelphia did, it seems). Never really heard much detail about it. He was quite a playboy and eventually ended up marrying a member of the Moroccan royal family, served as deputy finance minister of Haiti under Paca Doc, had his boat seized by the Cuban navy under Fidel Castro’s orders, and eventually “threw himself off a building” after a business deal fell through. Interesting guy.” (LimousineAndAPeetzah)

Paige Hathaway


She’s kind of a Z-List fitness celebrity, but I briefly dated Paige Hathaway.

The gym she went to was fairly new and all the muscle bound dudes were always super nervous around her and I figured she wasn’t interested in me so I just treated her like a friend or a sister. Apparently she took a liking to it.

When I first met her she had like 36,000 Instagram followers. The only reason I know that is because it’s pretty much all she talked about. Her favorite word was “visibility.” She was always building her “instagram visibility.”

Eventually we just quit talking. She has 4.1 million Instagram followers now.” ([deleted])

Nicholas Sparks’ Sister

Credits: The List Love

This probably doesn’t count, but…

My Aunt Deb married the real life “Landon” who you know from A Walk To Remember. No, not Shane West – the actual dude who married Nicholas Sparks’ sister Danielle. His name is Bob, if you’re wondering. In case you didn’t know, the book is loosely based on Danielle and Bob. She had cancer and got to marry & have kids before she passed away. But anyways! Nicholas Sparks is kinda in my family? I mean I’ve met him once or twice but I was a kid so I didn’t care. Oh! But because of that, my Aunt actually got pretty close to Nicholas Sparks and she’s mentioned in a few of his books in the ~thank you~ sections.

Although, I’ve never asked my cousins if they know that a best-selling book and phenomenal movie is based on their mom and dad. Maybe I will next time I see them.” (Brittneyyychu)

Dustie Waring

Credits: GearGods

This is more of a niche type of famous, but for those who listen to metal, it isn’t such a stretch.

I went to high school with Dustie Waring (guitarist for Between the Buried and Me), obviously well before his band made it big. My best friend at the time dated a girl briefly, and after their subsequent breakup, Dustie began dating the same girl not long after.

After a very normal day at school, Dustie calls my house and asks to speak with me. Prior to this phone call, I knew his name, but other than that he was just another person I went to school with that I didn’t know well. My interactions were neither positive nor negative.

Dustie starts out saying he knows I’m good friends with the guy who recently dated his gf. The reason he called me is because his gf’s house was vandalized (toilet papered, maybe egged, normal idiot high school stuff). He figured it was my best friend who did it, and asked me what I knew of it. I had no idea, and spent the better part of a 5-10 minute conversation trying to convince him that I was as clueless as he was. If my friend did in fact TP her house, he didn’t let me in on it.

The conversation was pointed, he was never directly threatening, but he definitely interrogated the hell out of me seeing if I’d change my answers.

Satisfied that I knew nothing, the call ended amicably enough, and I never spoke to him again.

I did call my best friend immediately after the phone call with Dustie to ask him if he vandalized his ex gf’s house. My friend just laughed at me and said absolutely not. If he was lying, he was very convincing in his answer. I don’t think he did it, he was not the vindictive type of person anyway.

Also, this all gives me a slight chuckle since I’m a fan of Dustie’s band, and have followed them closely a lot in part due to this otherwise normal afternoon.” (ITSAUGUST16th)

Billie Joe Armstrong

Credits: Memearsenal

I had a friend whose mom dated Billie Joe Armstrong while Green Day was still a local band. She said she ended up leaving him because it felt like he only wanted to sleep with her later in the relationship and broke his heart. Apparently Whatsername is a song written about her. I thought it was all a lie until I met someone at a party who told me he went to a green day concert and went backstage with a few other people and was able talk to the band members and he said he kept mentioning this girl he was in love with a while back that left him. The girl happened to have the same name as my friend’s mom.” (IrishSins)

Roberto Ramirez


My grandmother lived in Mexico and was engaged to Roberto Ramirez, a super famous actor in 1940-50s in Mexico. It was the Golden Age for movies in Mexico. She has photos of them together at parties and premieres. But for her bachelorette party, she went with her friends to Acapulco, where she met an American soldier on leave and fell in love after a week. She sent Roberto a letter and ran away to America with the soldier (my grandfather).” (ShayBriar)

Elvis Presley

Credits: Time

“My Grandmother recently passed away. A common story of hers was that she grew up in the same town as Elvis, who was known, more or less, as a charming womanizer who could sing well and play the guitar. Red West, one of Elvis’s long-time close friends and songwriters, was one of my Grandmother’s neighbor’s, so she saw Elvis on many occasions. She was asked out by Elvis several times apparently, but she didn’t accept because she “didn’t want it to affect her image, you couldn’t just go on dates with him, but he was there at parties and such, very charming and performing.” She would also get visited by him (and many others I’m sure) at the drug store/soda shop where she worked. From the sounds of it, my Grandma probably wasn’t alone in this type of interaction.” (Eversor13)

Justin Bieber

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“A friend of a friend of mine slept with Justin Bieber a few years back. She shared the story with us and basically said a Security Guard pointed at her in a crowd, when she was back stage at a concert. He said do you want to be Justin’s “One less lonely girl” tonight. She followed him past the entourage and was led up a dark Stairway in the venue, where Justin was staying. There were maybe four or five people in the room and one of them handed her a literal consent form, that made her swear she wouldn’t speak of what happened that night. She obviously didn’t uphold to this, but said Bieber was really sweet and it didn’t take more then 3 mins of conversation for her to sleep with him. She has no regrets about the situation, and after they had slept together she was kindly escorted back down to the street, where she was offered a limo to wherever she wanted to go.

She wouldn’t really go into detail about the thing, but said he was a good lay overall.” (throwaway915813)