Some Open Secrets Of The Most Famous Celebrities

By Sana Ahmad - December 11, 2019

It is common knowledge that most of us LOVE Hollywood gossip. We read the entertainment section of the newspaper first and then go on to navigate through the rest of the pages. We always want to know what our favorite stars are up to, where were they last spotted, who are they dating, which cuisine they like the most, and the likes apart from keeping track of which movies they are starring in next! We follow them everywhere, from various social platforms – be it Instagram, Twitter and what not – to different magazines like Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, People, and more. After all folks, we admire these celebrities and want to be like them (read, look like them :p).

Having said all of that, sometimes, we come across news about some of the most renowned and sought after celebrities that just breaks our heart!! And then there are times when we read anecdotes about them which make us fall in love with them all over again. Whichever be the case, we like to keep ourselves updated with the life events of those stars who we love watching on screen! If you are a movie buff and love keeping track of what your favorite stars are up to, read ahead…

Allison Mack

Credits: Imgur

“Allison Mack, who played Chloe on “Smallville”, is high up in the leadership of this weird business networking sex cult pyramid scheme thing called NXIVM, which gives its members a secret brand with a hot iron and blackmails them with intimate photos/videos to keep them from leaving. Some other actors and actresses from the show were members, too, but she’s the only one who’s left.” (The_Year_of_Glad)

Terry Richardson

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“Terry Richardson is an idiotic creepy and should be on a sex offenders list at minimum.

I’ve heard stories of him in the fashion industry since I can remember, but no one does anything because he’s “cool” and he takes “cool pictures” and well I dunno why the hell else. I think he’s vile. I’m sure he’ll be inevitable on the Weinstein/Spacey list. He’s just not as famous as them, so there won’t be mass uproar, but the complaints are there already.” (Whapwhaaap)

Nicki Minaj

Credits: Twitter

 “Nicki Minaj paying for girls’ college tuition is pretty much always her way of drumming up good pr while she pays her team to squash stories about her rapist pedophile brother. She’s been doing this for about a year, IIRC, possibly more. She’s paying her brother’s way through life, her name is used to lure underage girls, his lawyer is paid for by her, and yes, that line in Remy Ma’s Shether? All true. She doesn’t actually give a crap about women, but she parades around calling herself a feminist without doing even the bare minimum to show for it. Every nice thing she does for girls is self serving and usually tied to this. If you don’t know, her brother Jelani married a chick and then raped her nine year old daughter, his semen was found in her clothes. The only place I can think of that has all the facts is ONTD (look it up). The lawyer has been making up disgusting stories to discredit his victim, talking about her sexual history (she has none) and claiming the victim’s mother just wants to extort him. I’d go on but it’s been a while since there’s been a post about this, I’d encourage anyone who wants to know more to start digging.” (ducks-everywhere)

The Kardashians

Credits: Pinterest

“The kardashians started their own church years ago in order to evade taxes. They legally have to hold meetings in order to meet guidelines so they hold a monthly meeting at a hotel in malibu. They “donate” millions of dollars to this church and it does nothing but go back in their own pockets, tax free.” (Lizzythelizzard122)

Lewis Hamilton

Credits: Britannica

“A lot of celebrities get ‘put together’ for various reasons.

For example, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger dated, to cover up the fact that both are gay.

Edit: Don’t shoot the messenger, it’s just what I’m told! I’m not fussed if either is, it wouldn’t make a lot of difference to me but it’s sad that it does still make a difference to others.” (adinho85)

Rocco Siffredi

Credits: Youtube

“In an interview years ago Rocco Siffredi admitted to having herpes.

“Let me tell you a secret: in this business everybody has herpes, myself included. Every professional in the porn-world has herpes, male or female. It’s the smallest thing you can get, it’s really nothing serious. Now and then it shows up on your body, then you get small blisters or ulcers on your mouth or genitals. Sometimes it returns once in two years, sometimes two times a month. It’s called Herpes Simplex. My doctor said every fourth person on earth has some kind of herpes, a quarter of the total world-population.” (stanleymodest)

Suri Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow

Credits: Vanityfair

“Suri Cruise is actually actor Chris Klein’s child. Klein and Katie dated just before she started her agreement with Tom, and the baby fit in easily with their whole romance story.

One of the reasons Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin got divorced is because she opened up their marriage, started doing a lot of group sex and sex parties, and contracted herpes.” (Tessmcpill)

Hadid’s and Kardashian’s


“Dating a Kardashian is a business move.

Labels, Studios and Management are paying them hefty fees to be seen with certain people in public.

(Note: I use Kardashian as a catch all phrase for ‘socialites’ like Hadid’s, and whoever else is currently on that wave).” (thatswhatshesaidxx)

Taylor Swift


“Probably too late but…

Taylor Swift is a massive biatch. But its not entirely her fault because she was raised EXTREMELY wealthy. Her father owns, or used to own Swift Trucking (Semi-Trucks) and purchased 1,000,000 copies of her first album through back channels using his business so that she would become relevant.” (ineverthoughtidjoin)

Will Smith

Credits: Movieweb

“Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are closet Scientologists.

They sort-of floated a rumor about it a few years ago and the public reaction was so negative that they immediately released a statement assuring people they weren’t… only their little charter school in LA seems to borrow heavily from Scientology’s philosophy, and there are numerous other conspicuous dovetails with their public works and the Church.” (fancyfrenchtoilet)

Michael Moore

Credits: Fortune

“Michael Moore really hates the Muppets. I worked in a target in west Idaho and he was always coming in asking for muppets toys. He bought out our entire stock of Miss Piggy lunch boxes once.

I got curious one day and followed him out of the store. He had just purchased a dozen or so Scooter baseball caps and was carrying them in his arms as he went down a back alley. He just dumped them all into the trash can.

This continued for weeks. Michael coming in and buying up large quantities of muppets toys. I would always go round the back and see them all in the trash. Sometimes I could salvage a few for resale, but as he occasionally spat or puked on them this was rare.

So anyway, one day Michael comes in looking really dishevelled. His shirt has ketchup and sweat stains all over it. He waddles to the cash register and shouts at me ‘where the heck is your integrity?’ I’m confused because I don’t know what he’s talking about.

So apparently he was upset that we has stopped making the muppets stuff in China. Turns out he was only doing this because he hated the Chinese.” ([deleted])

R Kelly

Credits: Hindustan Times

R.kelly has been known as a predator for decades in Chicago. Even before he was famous, it was known that he preyed on young girls. He dated a girl that went to my sister’s high school. He was beaten up after it was found out that he slept with the teenage daughter of a man who funded his defense for the trail you’re referring to. He also frequents high schools in Chicago, hanging out in front or around the school. There’s one school he used to (or maybe still does) park in front of all the time. He’s a POS.” (pcjohnson)

Tom Cruise

Credits: Theaceblackblog

“Tom Cruise auditioned women to become his girlfriend, baby mama, and wife. Katie Holmes was the “lucky” one who got chosen and agreed.

The debate is still out on whether she signed an actual contract or not.” (Team_Mako-N7)

Shelly Duvall

Credits: Vanityfair

“Shelley Duvall hasn’t been in the spotlight since the late 90s because she is suffering from severe mental illness. I found this out a few years back after looking her up to see if she had been in anything recently and it’s really sad. Last I heard, she lives alone in rural Texas.” (buttegg)

Michael Jackson

Credits: BBC

“I say this every time this question comes up, and I’ll say it again:

Michael Jackson’s family still maintains that his children are biologically his. Look at them. They’re friggin’ white. I know some crazy stuff happens with recessive genes but a black man is not gonna have three completely white-looking children. You can bleach your skin but you can’t bleach your genes.” (looklistencreate)

Elton John

Credits: Cbsnews

“My dad was in a band in the UK in the 80s. Long story short his manager/road runner worked with Elton John and is adamant when Elton John dies he’s going down the same path as Jimmy Saville etc… a lot of young skeletons in the closet, if you know what I mean.” (scotlandinusa)

Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Nicholas Cage

Credits: Makeameme

“Bruce Willis is not only a non-functional alcoholic but seriously violent. That’s why nobody wants to work with him anymore and he’s doing B movies.

Jackie Chan is asexual or possibly impotent from an injury. His sexcapades are publicity stunts.

Nicholas Cage is batshit crazy. Like mental institution worthy.” (Jigsus)

Russell Crowe

Credits: Gettyimages

“I remember reading a couple years ago that Russell Crowe was extremely mean to people on set, like being super angry and just screaming at / insulting people.

I never saw much more about it, so I’m not sure how legit it was but I definitely remember it being a thing for a few days.” (Kulladar)

Chuck Norris

Credits: Kungfukingdom

“Chuck Norris is just an average guy( that knows martial arts).

What we know so far: 1)Chuck is not super powered  2)Chuck knows martial arts.. According to Wikipedia has 6 black belts know various martial arts related disciplines  3)He is a veteran  4)Is anti gay, does Ads for anti gay politicians  5)Happy to take pictures with fans  6)Might be able to whoop Bruce Lee’s bottom..still waiting for proof.

Edit: what we know so far.” (everyone_is_one)

Jaden Smith

Credits: Gulfnews

Jaden Smith is actually an artistic genius, but his father makes him hide his actual work to avoid his own career being overshadowed.

Also, they are both gay.” (immortalreploid)

Danny Devito, Verne Troyer, Keanu Reeves

Credits: Quickmeme

“No serious tag? Cool…

Danny Devito is actually a well-trained, shaved chimpanzee. His (human) wife, Rhea Perlman, is fully aware of this.

Verne Troyer is the product of an initially failed experiment to clone a better version of Jake Gylenhaal. However it has since been considered a success since Verne Troyer is much better than Jake Gylenhaal.

Keanu Reeves struggles with understanding why and how humans age. He has been wearing the same exact human mask since 1990 since his arrival on earth. He can also communicate fluently with koala bears.

There are actually only 3 daughters of Kris Kardashian. The three have created alternate personas in order to sell more products and gain publicity. Any photos, videos or reality TV shows of them with 4 or more women in frame are CGI.” ([deleted])

Oprah Winfrey

Credits: Cnbc

Oprah Winfery, stole her hit TV series ‘Greenleaf’, from the real life story of a guy who shared his book: ‘Prodigal Son, Child of The King’ back in 1993. When he called Oprah out on it, she basically said kick rocks. Check out the ‘REAL’ Greenleaf at JOPattersonMinistry dot com. I don’t get how this chic could be so rich, yet rip off this dude & not want to compensate him. Guess her pride got in the way.” (arealprize)

Chris Cornell

Credits: Imgflip

This is BASELESS speculation on my part…but I have to wonder if Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington had a relationship that went beyond being just friends. The circumstances around their both committing suicide just makes me wonder. It makes me sad to ponder so I don’t think about it much. So much talent lost in a short time.” (pgabrielfreak)

Tiger Woods

Credits: Usatoday

“Tiger Woods and his wife were in an open relationship. When they were faced with being exposed, they went with the ‘cheated’ narrative because from a public relations standpoint, it has a predictable arc that can end with general public forgiveness if the couple is seen as reconciled. Swinging, on the other hand, is a giant unknown and no PR professional worth their salt wants to risk getting it wrong so…. half the ‘cheating’ allegations in celebrity (like Tiger Woods) are covers.

His later difficulties were not caused by the extra-marital sex, just normal couples stuff.” (Chairboy)

Keanu Reeves

Credits: Uproxx

Keanu Reeves is immortal.” (Vessago67665)

Bollywood News

Credits: Memecreator

“If anyone follows Bollywood-

SRK-PC have been in a secret relationship for years now, even now. she is his Mastani, lol.

Ash-Bachchan Sr DID have an affair as long as Rapunzel’s hair!! This is known to most BW insiders, Abhishek & her marriage is a sham though they get along.

Gay/bi rumors-

SidM is bisexual, like John A, RS, RK. Karan Johar has slept with all. Bachchan Jr is bisexual/gay and in love with a man in the US, has been wanting to divorce Ash since years now but isn’t allowed to. Hence the depression & frustration.

Aditya Chopra is bisexual & sleeps with all the male actors in his PH, yes, even Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurana etc.

Rani Mukherjee is in a relationship with Vaibhavi Merchant, choreographer. Idk if Rani is bi/gay, I really really doubt it, but Vaibhavi is gay. She is emotionally supported by Vaibhavi.” (LoveBull)

Martin Freeman And Benedict Cumberbatch

Credits: Culturess

“Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are (or were at one point) more than just very good friends.

Edit: I’m getting down votes for this for some reason. This seem to be an unpopular opinion, more so than some of the other controversial examples people are bringing up, so I’ll include some info and evidence.

First this video. They start talking about Benedict Cumberbatch at 3:02, but the part I want to highlight in particular is at 5:30. Simon Pegg, who is close friends with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, implies that they where together at one point. It’s possible he was just joking, but it honestly seems like a slip up to me.

Next this video. Go to 1:48 It sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch says “I’m saying sweetheart, what the hell is that about. I don’t know,” to Martin Freeman. The obvious implication is that he is calling Martin sweetheart, although to be fair, without the context of what was said before its impossible to be certain.

There’s a lot more evidence out there, but I doubt many people would sit through much more. It’s by no means definitive. But neither are most of the other rumors in this thread.” (Poobyrd)

One For Hollywood In General

Credits: Makeameme

“Almost EVERY aspect of what you see for any Hollywood actor who isn’t completely off the rails is fabricated. Their publicists, managers, and studios very carefully manage what the public see of them to make them more marketable, from appearance to personality traits. Even heartfelt ‘touching’ moments are scripted well in advance. Faked relationships are just one aspect of this. As a general rule, if there’s a camera on them, or if they’re in a public place, or if there’s any possibility that a good chunk of people will see them, it’s a work.

This is a big part of why people who bump into celebs at random when they’re ‘off’ and away from their entourages find the experience so jarring. They’re actually interacting with the real person, rather than the marketing construct they know from the screen.

If it seems outlandish or unbelievable, consider that this is an industry which can invest virtually unlimited quantities of money in individuals if it sees fit, the actors in question represent potentially huge revenue streams if handled correctly (and equally large losses if they’re allowed to mess it up), and their major talent lies in pretending to be people they aren’t.” (ShamelessMendacity)

Martha Stewart

Credits: Memegenerator

“Martha Stewart knows how to party. Not in the sense of planning and prepping but it’s known when she’s off camera or not promoting something she really kicks back some cocktails and tells some dirty jokes.” (notjawn)

Luke Evans

Credits: Bustle

“Luke Evans is private, but openly gay. That was a surprise to me.” (tsungshova)

Johnny Depp

Credits: Variety

“Johnny Depp has an extensive history of domestic violence and or accusations dating all the way back to the mid 90’s. Yet people say he didn’t really hit Amber Heard.” (chadwr85)

Victor Salva

Credits: Thewrap

Victor Salva, the director of the Jeepers Creepers movies is a pedophile. We were looking over the budget for the movie in college and noticed an extra insurance line. Our teacher informed us it was to protect the studio because he was a known pedophile.” (sinchsw)

Hollywood Accounting

Credits: Imgur

“Not really an open secret seeing as it’s something other industries do, but Hollywood Accounting (I.e. the complex accounting methods studios and companies use to pay less in taxes and royalties) are interesting.” (Wheres_The_Pepsi)

Robert D. Jr, Hayden Panettiere

Credits: Knowyourmeme

Robert Downey Jr is most likely spilling the beans with other insiders on the horrible things in Hollywood.

Hayden Panettiere is into some freaky stuff due to all the abuse when she was younger.

A lot of WWE stars are gay, even the ones with kids and families.”

Ellen And Portia

Credits: Celebritygossip

Ellen and Portia are pretty much constantly on the verge of breaking up, but won’t because their relationship is iconic in the gay community.” (Thekillersofficial)

Imagine Dragons

Credits: Grammy

“All the members of Imagine Dragons are League of Legends addicts. They even admitted to being late to concerts to finish a game of League.” (Obeast96)

Jason Statham And Others

Credits: Makeameme

“Here are a couple I haven’t seen in this thread that I remember from when I used to follow the CDAN website for blind gossip that were frequently mentioned:

  • Jason Statham is gay, and his gf Rosie is his beard;
  • Keenan Ivory Wayans has HIV, which is why you haven’t seen him around for a while;
  • Hayden Christensen has HIV as well, and is gay; and
  • Either J-Lo or Britney Spears paid off a session vocalist to record their second album, because her voice sounded like theirs.” (lewarcher)

Weird Al

Credits: Billboard

“For legal reasons I can’t share everything I know about him, but here’s what I CAN say: even after he became famous, Weird Al Yankovic remained a virgin into his late 30s.” (renoCow)

Michael Fassbender

Credits: Theverge

“Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander’s marriage was orchestrated by Harvey Weinstein with the promises of making them a Hollywood power couple. When the sexual harassment scandal broke, their wedding was too close to call it off and don’t seem suspicious, so they went through with it.” (thatkindofgurl)

Shoutout To The Paparazzi

Credits: BBC

“As much as celebs complain about paparazzi, they use them to their own benefit.

With the paps magically know where a celeb is going to be grocery shopping in full makeup on a Saturday afternoon the week before they have a movie premier… yeah, their publicist tipped them off.” (loki8481)

Bruce Lee

Credits: Den Of Geek

“Bruce created a style and influenced many people, but he most certainly was not the leading force in the movement overall, though perhaps it could be said for America. Many people have mixed different styles to create a new style, and many battles of style have been fought, long before Bruce was around and while he was alive.” (loserlame)

Bill Murray

Credits: Variety

“Bill Murray is a crazy old man who’s amazing, bahaha on another account I told the story of when he gave me wrong directions inside the Dallas Museum of Art. I don’t even know why he was there.” (SuddenTerrible_Haiku)

Late Night Talk Show Hosts

Credits: Telangana Today

“The hosts of every major late night talk show are left-wing shills.” (Tunderbar1)

Steven Gerrard

Credits: Talksport

“Steven Gerrard (famous English football player) had an affair and a child with his wife’s younger sister. It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that he got a press injunction filed.” (Raider1987)

The Rock

Credits: Military Times

“Anyone can smell what The Rock is cooking. Like, all you have to do is be in the general vicinity.” (Dedj_McDedjson)