Redditors Share True Life Stories No One Believes

By Sana Ahmad - December 18, 2019

One thing we firmly believe in is that life is unpredictable. You never know when and how it will take a 180 degree flip! After all, it isn’t like it needs our permission or anything to do so… And guys, honestly speaking what is life without some unpredictability!! There is no fun in that, right? Now, don’t categorize us as “them studs” already. Why you ask? Well because, like everyone else, we are also big fans of stability. Like any normal person, we freak out too when we don’t have our future plans chalked out (at least for the coming couple of years). We are firm believers of the following saying too – ‘always be prepared’. 

Having said that, doesn’t this happen with all of us that every once in a while when life throws this googly our way we dodge it beautifully rather than being stumped by it! The overwhelming sense of pride that takes over following that, even if just for a moment, is something we die to share with our friends and family (because duh)!!! Now, imagine, how sad would it be if something awesome happened with you out of the blue (that is, unplanned) or you just happen to randomly come across something amazing, and nobody believes you when you tell them the story 🙁

That is exactly what happened with these Redditors…..

How Dad Met My Mother

Credits: Quickmeme

“My dad was married 2 times before my mom. When he was with his second wife, he would travel a lot for work. Which I knew.

What I didn’t know is that one night he came home to find his wife in bed with another man. Actually walked in on them. He left the room and came back with a gun. Shot the man dead, and wounded his wife. He turned himself in immediately and was sent to prison. He was sentenced to 10 years in a maximum security prison. In the last year he was in prison (which was the 4th year, he got out for good behavior, and since the judge ruled it a crime of passion), he met the prison minister. The prison minister was my mom.

My dad is a murderer, my mom was the minister.

I am the product of a conjugal visit…” (bg001x)

Scary Flight Incidents

Credits: MEME

“My aunt has only ever flown from Atlanta airport twice. The first time it was hijacked, taken to Cuba, and then sent back to the states. The second time the landing gear didn’t work and they did a crash landing on the belly of the plane. My aunt has never flown through Atlanta since.” (Amannelle)

When They Call You To Testify

Credits: Pinterest

“I met a guy online. We emailed and messaged (this was before texting was a thing) and went out a few times. I liked him but wasn’t sure about it. He called me pretty regularly (again, this was pre-texting). One day, no calls. That night I called and left him a message. No return call. I called his work the next day, and he hadn’t shown up. I called the police, who did a well-person check at his house but he wasn’t there. I wasn’t there. The next day the police called me back — they’d found his body. He’d been murdered by one of his neighbors and I had to testify at the trial.” (card_set)

Husband Operated On A Gorilla

Credits: Crossfit Streets

My husband had the opportunity to operate on a gorilla’s knee once. They have essentially the same anatomy as humans, so they ask human physicians to operate on them in many major zoos. It was really cool, and afterwards they gave him a painting done by the gorilla as thanks. Apparently the gorilla was going through some adolescent rank-wars with other male gorillas and had his knee battered and bitten (though the meniscus!). I know, it’s his story, not mine, but he doesn’t get on the internet, and I think it’s super cool and I’m really proud of him.

Edit: we had it framed with the thank you note from Mbeli (the gorilla) and his trainer.” (lcbug78)

Struck By Lightning

Credits: Imgflip

“On my way home from school about 7 years ago, I was sitting at a very busy intersection waiting to turn left. It was very gloomy outside. All of a sudden, it sounded and felt like the back of my car exploded. There was also a quick, very bright light that flashed in my rear view mirror. I panicked, and noticed immediately after that the stop lights stopped working, and it also began to rain. I looked out in the distance, and saw a lightning strike. I also looked on either side of me where there was a ton of traffic, and everyone was staring at me like this. That’s right, I was struck

by lightning.” (katiebug0313)

Croc Showed Up Uninvited

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“I’ve posted this before but here we go again. When we were younger we would play a game where we would throw a pot lid as far as we could into the water and someone would have to fetch it. Basically like playing fetch with your dog. The kid who would win was the one who swum the furthest. One day, a kid through the lid really far but the other kid was determined to get it. He swum out really far and then bam. The crocodile got him and dragged him underwater.

Edit: Some of you asked for the ama link so here you go.” (merrderber)

Love In Paris


Falling in love in Paris with this gorgeous women then living with her for three weeks in this tiny town in Switzerland. I have pictures and people still don’t believe me about the movie quality things we did (romantic things not dirty things… but a little of that too).” (TaoKnuckleSandwhich)


That Is How You Do It

Credits: Memegenerator

“My sister once said: “Throw over a salami slice”.

So I opened the refrigerator grabbed that one perfect slice and threw it right over my shoulder. (I never did something like that and I don’t often throw food)

The salami flew like crazy and landed perfectly on the bread.

Never done something more epic.” (WayToNebula)

Wrongly Convicted In A Robbery

Credits: Memeshappen

“Just after I turned 19, I was arrested and charged for an armed robbery I was completely innocent of. I spent 10 months in jail, 6 of which I spent in solitary confinement on suicide watch. I spent my birthday at a resort hotel with my girlfriend at the time, that night at around 3am the front desk was robbed by two people, one with a gun and one with a knife. We were questioned when we left the hotel at 11am, since we roughly (ROUGHLY!) matched a height/weight description of the masked robbers. Later that day, it was discovered that my girlfriend had used a bad credit card to pay for the room (unbeknownst to me) and we were both publicly arrested on a sidewalk and taken to the state police barracks in handcuffs, without a word on what we were being charged with. We were taken to separate rooms and questioned for hours on end about the robbery, the same questions over and over again.

She ended up going to jail for the credit card and I was released but told to return the next day for further questioning. I did, and was taken to a back room, sat in a corner and had two detectives relentlessly question me, picking apart everything I was saying looking for any circumstantial evidence that could connect me to the crime, and suggesting to me that my girlfriend had robbed the place and I was going down with her if I didn’t give them information. Being 19, I had no idea what to do and believed what they were telling me. I didn’t question the falsified information they presented to me and I was brought several times to the brink of giving a confession after being threatened with “10 years upstate” if I didn’t co-operate. Ten days later, 2 officers showed up at my door and arrested me for armed robbery. My girlfriend was coerced into giving a confession implicating me as an accomplice. I was placed immediately into solitary on 24 hour suicide watch, and anxiously waited for a public defender. A week later she showed up and I told her I was totally innocent. She rolled her eyes and said “Are you kidding me?” I burst into tears, my last hope of release being dashed and she realized I was telling the truth… She said there’s no defense against my girlfriend’s confession and I sank into such a deep depression coupled with shock that I had a psychotic break a few months into my stay (90 days in solitary at 19 with no hope of proving your innocence will do that).

The District Attorney made periodic visits to me, offering 2-5 year deals for a confession and 10 years if I fought the charges but I told him I would not admit to something I didn’t do. Fast forward to 6 months after my arrest, all spent in solitary. I was woken and driven hurriedly early one morning to the state police barracks, where the DA met with me in a backroom and said “We have determined through further investigation that you were not at the scene of the crime…” I was BURSTING with anger inside and said “So you’ll be releasing me today and dropping all charges, correct?” he got nervous and said “No. We can’t let you go without charges because it would look very bad on us, but I’ll tell you what. We’ll drop all the charges and give you a charge of interfering with the investigation, you’ll be out in less than 6 months.” I told him to get my lawyer there. I had a fairly heated exchange (my first real emotions I had felt other than despair in half a year) and agreed. I plead guilty to “aiding and abetting the consummation of a crime after the fact” and ended up doing 10 months total.

A few months after my release, my girlfriend was released and we tried piecing together what happened. Out of nowhere, the mother of the man who planned and committed the robbery found us and told us in person that her son admitted to her that he robbed the place with a close friend of his. He had been fired from the resort 3 days earlier and needed money to support his drug habit. He knew what day would profit most, where the money was, and how to easily get it, as well as how to bypass all form of security. She went to the police and they turned her away, saying they already had the people who did it and they didn’t want to hear it. We tried HARD to find a lawyer to take our case but were never successful. This DA was later investigated for intimidation and abuse of power in a separate case, and to this day that is my only sense of justice in this situation.” ([deleted])

What Divinity Feels Like

Credits: Quickmeme

“I was declared a “divine gift” by the monks of Saint Catherine’s monastery in Egypt.

The monastery was built around the alleged Burning Bush from the Book of Exodus and since I was really into religions at the time, I asked the monks some questions about the Bush and whether they have any other interesting relics in their monastery. The monks went silent and asked me and my family to follow them down to the gates of the Burning Bush. They let us see the alleged remnants of the Burning Bush, even though we were are not Orthodox Christians. This is a privilege granted only to high officials in the Orthodox church and they said we were the first secular people to ever see the Bush.

After visiting the Bush, the monks gave me some kind of a special blessing where they declared me as that “divine gift” and a silver ring with Greek writing on it. I was a kid at the time so I didn’t really react to it in an extravagant way, but my mom was dumbfounded for days, since she is a very religious person. Now at an older age I’m just wondering if they do this every now and then as a prank, or if they actually saw something special in me.

EDIT: For the people asking: I still have the ring in my childhood home, but I’m sorry that I can’t provide pictures because I live pretty far away. I am not a religious person, my agnosticism grows stronger every year. And no, even though I have what some would call an eidetic memory, it doesn’t mean that I can remember what happened on a specific date many years ago. It means that I can memorize pictures, texts and number chains for a long period of time after seeing them once. I still suck at math though.” (mothershipcaptain)

Crazy Times In Mexico

Credits: Imgflip

“I was in Mexico way past my visa allowance (was only allowed 90 days but was there for about 6 months at the time of this story). I was driving and passed a police car going too fast so I got pulled over. I should mention I was also illegally working in Mexico at the time as well and had my uniform and stuff in my trunk.

As I’m pulled over and doing the whole license registration thing, the cops ask me for my visa. I told them it was at my house which was not too far away and if they would allow me to go get it. (at this point I just wanted to be alone for a second so I could make some calls and find out what to do). They asked me if they let me get it would it even be valid. Not wanting to lie and ruin my chances over more, I told them no it was expired and asked them what now. They started explaining to me that they would have to take me to jail and then deported. (At this point I am talking to one officer while the other is searching my car and finds my uniform.) They ask me if I’m working in Mexico as well. At this point they are getting angry and start making vague threats about how I will be getting the same treatment Mexicans get when they are in the US working illegally and get caught. At this point I realize they didn’t realize my license was a Canadian license and that I was Canadian. I told them this and instantly the situation completely changed. Now they don’t care about the visa and are asking me tons of questions about Canada. (Is it cold all year, do bears wander the streets of Toronto etc…)

We talked for quite a while and they seemed really interested in Canada and were really friendly with me when they realized I wasn’t American. So when I calmed down a bit after talking with them I figured might as well ask again what they want to do about the visa situation. They seemed apologetic and said unfortunately they already called it in so they have to bring me to the station. As I am ready to start going with them they hear the radio in their cruiser so one goes to answer it. He comes running back to my car and tells me to quickly get in my car and follow them down the road and don’t even think about trying to get away from them. At this point I have no idea what the hell is going on but I just do what he says and get in my car and follow them as they start speeding away (100+ in a 60).

About 2 minutes down the road, a car bomb had gone off near a restaurant and injured (maybe killed I never found out) a bunch of people. We pull up to the smoldering car and the cops get out and tell me to wait in my car. As I wait in my car they go and do their cop thing. After about 20 min, one of the officers comes up to my car, hands me my license, tells me to go home and not get caught again and get back to Canada ASAP.

I stayed in Mexico another 8 months before I went back.” (Super_Pineapple)

The Unplanned Hospital Visit

Credits: Imgflip

“My cousin and I (both males) were about 12 years old and as most 12 year old boys like to do we were climbing things. We decided to climb on to the roof of a house and everything went smooth. We got up and hung out and talked about how awesome we were for conquering this mountain of a house. Well we go to get down and we have to drop down and hang and get our feet on a railing on the back porch. My cousin goes first and he gets down no problem exactly as planned so I was feeling confident as ever. I scoot to the side of the house and grab the roof and drop down to hang, well my grip wasn’t what I thought it was and I lost hold of the house and just like in the movies landed with one leg on each side of the rail. I just rolled off to my right so that I would land on the deck and could cry in the fetal position but I didn’t realize the grill was right there so I hit my head on the grill on the way down. I had to go to the hospital because my sack was black and blue and a nice young nurse got to scan my stuff to make sure there was no serious damage. Luckily there were no lasting effects and I can look back on it and laugh now.” (AmericanWolfx1)

Perfect Landing Ft Rabbit

Credits: Cheezburger

I was sitting on the curb of a busy intersection with my girlfriend at the time when a car approaching the intersection hit a rabbit. The rabbit was in mid stride, and it flew forward instead of getting squashed. The rabbit flew a few feet and landed in my lap.

Both me and the rabbit survived.” (Wonderer1993)

Stevie Wonder At The Airport

Credits: Memeshappen

“When I was 23 I had to spend the night at the DC-Reagan airport. I hadn’t gone through security yet so I was walking the main strip where you check-in. It was about 1AM so there was no one there since the counters were closed. Then out of nowhere, Stevie f***ing Wonder shows up. Said hi for like a minute then he and his assistant disappeared.” (dontblink87)

While Parents Were Away

Credits: Makeameme

“While my parents went on vacation, my brother, 2 friends and I bought 4 cars that barely ran and had a demolition derby in the back yard. Ended up selling 3 of them for scrap and making our money back. The fourth car was stuck 30 feet up in a tree from where we jumped it off of a bluff.” (monkeywater33)

Owl Connection In NYC

Credits: Makeameme

When I was a kid, lets say around 9 I said to myself out loud “I really want to see an owl” And I kid you not an owl landed on my fire escape and looked at me. We made eye contact and we had a connection. No one believes me because we live in NYC and it was daylight but I swear it was an owl. I’ve seen birds that you wouldn’t place in the city before as well so yeah.” (BLACKREVENGE)

Call From NSYNC

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“I’m 15 years old in Summer 1999- I had a meet and greet pass to an Nsync concert in Michigan (got pass thru fan club). I met them and gave them a letter about how much their music meant to me. I included my phone number at the end. A few days later I receive a phone call and its JC and Justin- called from a blocked number. I scream for my little sister to pick up another phone so she can hear. They said they got my letter and appreciated it and to stay nsync! No one ever believes this story so I never tell it.” (pepperz17)

Life Hasn’t Been Kind

Credits: Makeameme

“I’ve been in 25 car wrecks.

I’ve nearly frozen to death and burned to death in the same night.

I’ve been homeless three times.

I grew up in a family of 13

I climbed an abandoned forestry tower with a girl once, we watched a storm pass to the south then watched the world set off fireworks on the fourth of July right after that. She fell asleep on my lap. I covered her with my shirt and sat freezing all night. That morning, I dropped her off at her house and never saw her again.” (Koyoteelaughter)

Accidental Fawn Abduction

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“So I was enjoying a nice spring day, and decided to go for a run. After 5-6 miles, I’m getting close to my house and slow down for a cool down. As I turn down my road, I hear a noise behind me and see a baby fawn following me. As soon as I stop and turn around, the fawn looks around and starts wobbling away from me. And I mean wobbling, this thing was young enough that it was having trouble walking steady. So I turn back around and start running home again, and the fawn follows, chasing me down the road. I stop, same thing.

Repeat this 3-4 more times before I realized I had taken off my white shirt and tucked it into the back of my shorts when I was running, and the fawn saw the bouncing flash of white and instinctively followed it, but got confused as soon as we would stop and he realized that there were no other deer around.

So I turned around and led him back down the road to where I first saw him. I saw a doe standing back in the trees, so I took my shirt out and shooed the fawn back into the trees.” (Immaculate_Erection)

It Rained Frogs

Credits: Imgur

“When I was a kid I saw it rain tiny frogs. Nobody ever believes it, but I’m sure there’s an explanation.” (vthings)

Arrange Marriage Led To Breakup

Credits: Makeameme

“I met a guy online. Fell in love. We were a couple for five or so months, began to make plans to meet. Before that could happen, his sister was killed in a car accident. Meeting plans were put on hold. He started to pull away. I went to Baton Rouge with the Red Cross after hurricane Katrina. While there, I found out I was being catfished. I then revenge f***ed another guy I knew from online for a couple days. He turned out to be a top-notch idiot.

I went home and called my catfisher. There was no car accident, his sister was alive, and it was basically a panicked attempt to delay meeting. I ended up eventually forgiving him. I flew across the country, met him, and fell in love in person. I moved out there a couple months later. Everything was amazing, we were so happy. For a year.

Then he moved for his job, and despite his protests (I loved where we lived and had a great job), followed him. Three weeks later he came to my apartment after work one day. He broke down in tears, and told me he was getting married that weekend in an arranged marriage. Thirty-six hours later I watched him get on a plane and haven’t seen him since.

Tomorrow is his seventh wedding anniversary.” (foxxinsox)

Wish For Another Ending

Credits: Quickmeme

My high school boyfriend died a day before I turned 18, the day I was going to pack up my stuff, we were going to elope and run away to North Dakota (he worked there and had been living there for two months at this point). He was older, handsome, ex-military and I adored him.

He called me from the road and we exchanged the following words before he passed: Me – “I love you, I look forward to seeing you tonight. You mean the world to me, you are my everything.”

Him – “I love you, too. I’d die a happy man if those words were the last words I ever heard.”

His phone records showed that was the last conversation he had on his phone, he was hit by a drunk driver less than five minutes later.” (meownikki)

Family Love Is The Best Kind

Credits: Makeameme

My brothers and sister and I lived in poverty in New England for almost all of our lives. Too many nights where dinner was only an idea. Couldn’t afford to buy me boxers in the 6th grade. Mother was endlessly caring yet endlessly plagued by severe alcoholism; it crippled our family. Father was too distant. Yet, one of us is a lieutenant at a fire department, two of us are teachers, one of us works for major league baseball, and the last one is applying to colleges to make their future better too, all being very successful. None of us resorted to drugs or drinking to resolve or mitigate our problems. I will never know how. I love my family to death.” (ihavetogotobed)

Prolonged Death Threats


“I was kidnapped by a sovereign citizen /anarchist group and nearly killed. To this day, one of their members has been trying to run me over.

They’ve also said that my family line must end and none of my siblings can have grandkids. And the police is to afraid to do anything about it.

And this all happened in the north east US.” (Obsi3)

Grandma Got The Citizenship


“Didn’t happen to me, but to my grandmother. About 25 years ago, my grandma wanted to immigrate to America from Thailand. In order to speed up the process of getting a green card, she needed to marry an American. At the time, she was divorced and spoke really bad English, but she had a friend hook her up with some American white guy who was closeted gay and actually had a secret boyfriend. She paid him an initial sum of money and they got fake married. They went through the process and finally, my grandma got a green card. It was at this time that she was supposed to pay him the rest of his fee, but a few days after she got her citizenship, her fake husband gets STABBED TO DEATH out of nowhere by some guy. Immediately, the police contact my grandma to inform her of her “husband’s” death, and told her that she should probably call her in-laws and inform them. My grandma then had to call this guy’s parents, who didn’t even know she existed, and tell them that their son married some random Thai lady and that he’s dead. My grandma’s been living in the US ever since, and she never got to pay him the rest of his money.” (aryabadbitchstark)

Plague Survival Story

Credits: Makeameme

“I caught the plague (yes, the black death) during a trip to India in 1998. I was only 4 years old at the time, and was not expected to recover, but I did. I still remember it, and I really wish I didn’t. Not a pleasant experience.

When I was in my first semester of college, I found a dead guy. Yeah, one of the night staff offed himself in a supply room, and I found him a few days later. Really enriched my education.” (hamasfamas)

Electrocution Of A Crow

Credits: Memecrunch

“When I was a kid I saw a crow land on a telephone wire and get electrocuted. I can still vividly remember the flash of light and the crow exploding.

When I told my parents and friends about it they didn’t believe me, even when I showed them the pieces of crow on the sidewalk. To this day they still won’t believe me.” (Malachim)

Kind Stranger Offered Shelter

Credits: Imgflip

“I grew up in a bit of a messed up family, had basically no interaction with my father, my mother was married to my stepfather, who was an alcoholic. My mother was co-dependent and she got really crazy when she was drinking. And she would throw me out of the house. So, when I was 12 this happened again, I ended up hanging around at the train station, just having no clue where to go, what to do. This is where this guy picks me up. I am 12, I had no clue, I was just really upset and I actually follow this guy to his hotel room. He is like 30. And here comes the amazing part: he just bought me dinner, did not touch me at all, takes me around the next day and disappeared from my life after this. I then went back home, because where would I go? To this day I cannot believe how lucky I was. And I realized this quickly afterwards. It made me realise that good things can happen to me, it pushed me to work really hard in school, because I would only have a place to go if I earned it myself and education helps and it made me appreciate people a lot more. Today I have a PhD, a good job, live in a lovely place. I am only missing a boyfriend and a cat!” (ttthrows)

Lucky By Chance

Credits: Quickmeme

“When I was 18, I was in a dorm room and looking for my Econ-books. Looked in the closet, and yeah, they were on the floor. As I bent over and picked them up, I slipped and banged into the back of the closet, and a board came loose. There was a sock in there. In it was about $1600. That was a good summer.” (Urabutbl)

Adventure Across China

Credits: Memegenerator

“When I was 19 I traveled to China for study abroad and was and told to leave because my visa was revoked due to SARS. I, not understanding either visas or influenza, decided to stay and it was awesome.

For eight weeks, I walked from village to village in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the edge of Tibet and at the border of Burma, in places so remote that most of people there had never seen foreigners before. I traveled with a few other college students as young and naive as I.

I slept in chicken coops and school houses, and abandoned sheds. I hitchhiked and slaughtered a goat and a chicken to eat. We saw people who had never worn shoes and had capes made of bark.

I walked across a gorge at least a hundred feet above a raging river on a bridge made of vines. I ate fish heads and rice.

We went to this one river valley that had only had a road to it built the year before. We were supposed to hike out of the valley across this mountain pass but the pass was blocked from snow so we had to come back the way we came, but the only road out was impassable because they had EXPLODED the one tunnel through the mountain. So we hitchhiked up to the tunnel entrance and then weedled the construction crew to let us through. On the other side the Chinese construction camp made us their guests and we played guitar together and sang songs (although we only knew Baby Got Back) and then I slept in a toolbox that had been converted into a bed.” (darjeelingdarling)

Crazy Cop Story

Credits: Imgflip

“Snuck into an abandoned middle school to airsoft with about 15 friends. We are about to start and we hear a whirring noise in the distance. We see a police helicopter flying towards us with the spotlight on. We don’t think anything of it until we see a bunch of flashlights beaming over the brick wall we were standing around. Suddenly, the noise of MANY people climbing the chain link fence into the school rings out and we all go into panic mode. Picture 18 or so 18 year olds running for their lives away from at least 24 cops. Every single one of us escaped, two guys literally walked away and when stopped by cops claimed that they were walking to our local synagogue to worship. Cops let them go. Turns out some guy walking his dog called 911 and thought there was a gang war happening in our little suburban California town. 12 cop cars and a helicopter later an epic story was born.” (keithbro)