Redditors Share Their “Worst Parenting” Moment

By Sana Ahmad - December 15, 2019

Correct us if we are wrong, but, once you have a baby, doesn’t your life start revolving around him/her? Changing diapers, feeding the baby, cleaning the baby, getting him/her vaccinated, so on and so forth… So yeah it is pretty much that and more! Ideally for the first few years but if we are to agree with our parents, once a parent, always a parent!! It is a responsibility for life and there is no turning back (apparently). So guys, think twice before you plan on becoming one because once you are in it, you have to go all in. Well, how else do you propose to take care of a child who doesn’t know a thing and is completely not in a position to look out for itself?

Although it is a given that parents take extra care when looking after young kids, at times they might mess up too. Now don’t go ‘Hawww, how could they!!’ already. Everyone is allowed to mess up once in a while (if it doesn’t come to a situation where somebody’s life is threatened because of the same, and definitely not their own kid’s). Having cleared that out, we would like to say that some of us are maybe not cut out for the whole ‘parenting’ business like these Redditors who shared their worst parenting moment in a reddit thread…


Off The Table He Goes

Credits: Knowyourmeme

Put my son, who was about 8 months old at the time, onto our changing table that is about waist high and turned around to grab more diapers. Terrible decision.

Caught him rolling off the table out of the corner of my eye but it was too late…he fell 3 feet, landed directly on his face and did a full scorpion. He’s never cried so hard in his life before or after. I held him and just started crying because I felt so guilty hurting him like that.” (WhoDat512)

Bugs Hijack Dreamland

Credits: Usersnap

“3 year old woke up in the middle of the night and came to tell me she had a bad dream. I walked her back to her room and talked to her about her dream. She said she was dreaming there were bugs crawling on the walls and in her bed. I told her that it was just a dream and the bugs only existed in her head.

She didn’t get back to sleep for a LONG time after being told she had bugs in her head.

Edit for clarity: She’s going to be six in a few weeks, and she was not mentally scarred by this incident!” (fitcht2ll)

Skateboard Scare

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“After my daughter spent all her own money on a skateboard, I relayed to her that I was afraid that one of the times she fell off her board she’d get hit by a car. In less than two days she didn’t try anymore. I don’t know if she had a scare or just didn’t want me to worry, but I feel like I took one of the most physical hobbies she could have had away from her by projecting my own fear. She doesn’t gravitate toward physical activity much now as a young adult.” (preciousephish)

Family That Ignores Medical Emergencies

Credits: Imgflip

I once almost sliced my pinky finger off when I broke my aquarium bowl…. my parents both said it would be fine and just gave me a butterfly bandaid. To this day I have only pins and needles in that finger and I can wiggle the ball of severed nerve around.

I also have broken a kneecap and torn my acl by dislocating my kneecap. Didn’t go to doctor until a few days later. vomited everyday from 5 till 16 with migraines and seizures. Doctor told them I was faking it. Turns out I have celiac disease and was slowly killing myself. But no. It was all in my head.

I don’t know why parents don’t listen to kids…. although to be fair my mom fractured her ankle and broke a piece off of it completely. Didn’t go to the hospital for 2 weeks. She had surgery yesterday to put pins in and fix it. So maybe it’s just a thing in my family to ignore medical issues?” (gfmanville)

You Can’t Always ‘Walk It Off’


“I broke my finger playing basketball when i was 7 and all they did was tape it to the one next to it (oh, it’s just jammed!) Still crooked af; can’t play octave chords on the piano.

They also tried to do this when i snapped my ankle (oh she just sprained it!). A few days pass, mom does a test to see if I’m kidding (it was so swollen you couldn’t even tell it was at an odd angle). She gave it a good, tight grab when i was sleeping. Woke up screeching like a banshee, finally went to the hospital the next day. They had to stick a bunch of pins in it at that point.

With ankle sprains/rolls (which were plenty, i played soccer and badminton growing up), i never got crutches or a boot or anything. Any time a kid showed up with crutches i just assumed they had broken something. Yeah, i kept playing on sprained ankles. Yeah, my pain tolerance is crazy high now.” (ats0up)

Self Defense On Point

Credits: Imgflip

I was bullied in school so I have made sure my kids can defend themselves, and are in fact rather capable in it.

Well, when my daughter was in the 6th grade the gym teacher had a brilliant idea of having kids learn how to dance. And I mean pair dancing.

Boys being idiots my daughters dance partner thought it a good idea to squeeze my daughters bum. And I had trained her that if someone touches inappropriately she can do what she can to defend herself.

So there she is in the gym class giving beating up this idiot boy in front of everyone. Good thing Finns are more forgiving about use of force than people in US. But the discussions with school staff were not fun.

Edit: The mistake was not teaching self-defense, it was not teaching moderation and situational awareness. In that a bit more moderate use of force would have been better.

I did teach my son much more in moderation aspect, but being protective dad I had taught my girl on all or nothing. Which outside of class would have been the right call also in my opinion.” (4745454B)

Story Of Dead Claus

Credits: Quickmeme

So, my immediate family celebrates Christmas, but in a completely secular way. We don’t do baby Jesus or Santa Claus, and have expressed to the kids it’s just a time to be generous with one another.

My youngest started kindergarten and started asking if Santa Claus was real, since a number of their friends believed in Santa. I explained to her that no, Santa wasn’t real, but was a myth based on a St. Nicholas who had been a real person. At which point my kid asked me if we could visit St. Nick, and I explained that we couldn’t because he has died hundreds of years ago.

The next day I got a very upset call from their kindergarten teacher because my kid was running around telling their classmates that Santa Claus was dead.” (XEssentialCryIceIs)

When Parents Ignored A Bad Sprain

Credits: Memearsenal

Not a parent but I have a story on behalf of my parents involving me. When I was about 6 I went to a birthday party of one of the girls I went to school with. Anyways during this party we were jumping on the trampoline they had in her backyard. Someone got the great idea to jump off of the trampoline and see who could land on their feet, so cue about 15 6 year olds repeatedly jumping from the trampoline to the ground. Surprisingly nothing happened that day and we all went home happy.

The next day I couldn’t walk, every time I tried and intense pain shot through my ankles. Being 6 I solved this by crawling around instead of walking. As a part of my family was visiting from far away my parents dismissed my complaints thinking I just wanted attention and told me to smarten up. I couldn’t stand so I couldn’t listen to them so I continued to crawl around. Eventually my mom got so frustrated with me she tried to scare me into behaving myself by saying “if you don’t stop that you’ll have to go to the doctor”. When I said that I wanted to go to see the doctor my mom still thought I wanted attention but took me to see the doctor.

When I got in to see the doctor he determined that I sprained both of my ankles… I like to bring this story up whenever my parents accuse me of lying and rub it in their faces a little.” (ItsA_Classic)

Diaper Bag Stayed Behind

Credits: Makeameme

I’m lucky to say that I haven’t had any major ones (yet), but I used to have reoccurring ones. 1st kid, you’re packing that diaper bag full. Even if it was down the street to the grocery store, I’d pack that thing up as if there was a high probability we’d be marooned for a day or so. 2nd kid comes around, and I’d forget the diaper bag, constantly. So many times I’m just buying diapers and snacks while out because that diaper bag stayed behind. It wasn’t necessarily junk food, but it certainly wasn’t the healthy organic brain-booster food that I thought was the only thing our first child should have. Funny how high that over-protectiveness can be when you’re on child number 1.” (mexipimpin)

How To Break The Truth To Your Kids

Credits: Makeameme

“As a parent who’s successfully transitioned 4 kids from “belief” to “the truth” here’s what you do. (And for anyone else reading this, do this immediately upon confirming “the truth”.)

Tell them how excited you are that they are old enough and mature enough to know what you know, because now, they get to do the really fun part and be Santa for others.

Tell them that you know it’s hard learning Santa’s not what they thought he was, but that he does most definitely exist in spirit as long as people are willing to pretend to be him. Tell them that yes, we believe in some things we know aren’t 100% true, not because we think they’re true, but because they’re worth believing in, and that being Santa for others, giving joy to others selflessly, helping others without needing to take credit for it, is something your family believes in not only during Christmas, but year-round.

Tell him excitedly about how much fun you had playing Santa and ask them what things you did they loved the most. And then, enlist their help in being Santa for younger siblings, or cousins, or nieces and nephews, or a tag off the wishing tree, or adopt a family in need.

It’s never about Santa. It’s about the lessons believing in Santa teaches. So make sure to share with your kids what lessons your family takes from the Santa fun.” (AHappyMiddling)

Lost And Found With The Baby

Credits: Imgflip

With some pack n play cribs there are metal struts that allow you to suspend the mat up higher than the base of the crib. In the midst of sleep training and only having an audio monitor, we heard a thud, a cry, but the crying stopped in a minute, so we thought good, she put herself back to sleep. When it was time for midnight feeding, my wife screamed, where is the baby! The baby had somehow squeezed and rolled off the suspended mat despite being swaddled down to the bottom of the crib, but the upper mat was still in the right place blocking our view of here. Now comes the bad parenting part… I bound up the sides of the crib with rope so it would be taut and she couldn’t slip through again, but nope, another night, same thing, missing baby hidden in bottom the crib. At that point, we got our act together, and got a video monitor and started putting baby in the bottom to start despite having to bend down further every time to pick her up/put her down.” (alisleaves)

Lion King References

Credits: Pinterest

For some reason, we thought it was okay to let my two-year old boy see the Lion King at an outdoor summer movie night.

I guess I didn’t remember it well and didn’t think he’d pay attention with everything else going on.

He was glued to it. Aaaaand it’s pretty scary and sad.

Oddly, his biggest takeaway was when Mufasa said he was “disappointed” in Simba. If my son (now 3) knows he’s done something bad, he immediately tells me “You’re not disappointed… You’re Dada. You’re not Mufasa.” (EuSouOGringo)

Mom Broke Kid’s Arm


My 2.5 year old at the time son was a hard child and one night I was trying to bring him upstairs by holding onto his one arm, he decided to play dead and dropped down onto the floor just before the first step and then he let out a huge scream, I couldn’t calm him down so I had my neighbor come over and babysit my other 4 kids, including my 6 month old twins, while I brought him to the er. Turns out he popped his elbow out of place but at some point put it back in before the hospital, the er said it happens a lot and not to worry. Well wouldn’t you know it, his favorite story to tell people is about the time “my mommy broke my arm and the neighbor’s had to the my babies”… He even brought up the story tonight and now he is 4.5. No matter how many times I tell him I didn’t break his arm, he is absolutely convinced I did. Great mom moment there.” (jezsikamq)

Trip To ER

Credits: Makeameme

“My worst parenting mistake involved a trip to the ER. It was about 8 years ago in December. It was my wife’s birthday, but we weren’t going anywhere because a huge snowstorm had hit our area. No problem, though, I would do all the shoveling. Can’t have her shoveling on her birthday. My son (then about 7 or 8) came out with me to help shovel. We’re doing a good job and clearing off the snow when IT happened.

As I was bringing my shovel up, my son bent down to pick up more snow. I hit his head with the corner of my shovel. The very sharp corner. He shrieked and held his eye. I suddenly worried that I put my son’s eye out. Well, I didn’t, but I did get him right above his eyebrow and he was bleeding a lot. His coat was getting covered in blood.

We went in and couldn’t stop the bleeding well so I put my son in the car, stopped by my in-laws’ house (less than a mile away) to pick up my mother-in-law (my wife stayed home with our younger son who was a toddler then), and drove to the ER in the blizzard.

They were great and “glued” my son’s wound shut. (A special glue that they can use instead of stitches.) He was fine, but I felt like the worst dad in the world. His coat was a loss and I ruined my wife’s birthday. Plus, to this day, you can see an indentation where I hit my son in the head with a shovel.” (TechyDad)

Shaving Lessons SOS

Credits: Quickmeme

My son is a freshman in college and I thought I covered all my bases but I realized during Thanksgiving that I never taught him how to shave. I probably forgot because I have a beard so I don’t really shave all that often, but he definitely is not ready to sport one as well. When he walked in the door, my wife asked me why our son looked like Ted Cruz.” (thatnatebitch)

When You Almost Forget Your Child

Credits: Cheezburger

Oh man, one time my wife and I took our son on a trip to the harbor since he was now old enough to go with us on these trips. After a fun-filled day we were driving back home and my wife glanced in the backseat and goes “where’s our son?” I guess we were not used to having a 3rd person with us when we went out so that’s the story of how we almost forgot our child.” (rapidnash)

Crazy Accusations Ft Parents

Credits: Quickmeme

“(Not parent) BUT, when I was 7 my parents told me I killed my grandpa.

Here’s how the story goes: My mom and dad are super superstitious and they have this thing against white. In my culture white is used in funerals, so living people are not allowed to wear white on their heads (hats, bows, hair bands etc). Anyway so one day I was playing with white thread and it got stuck in my hair. As soon as my mom saw she ripped it out and yelled at me. Within a week of this incident my grandpa (who was on the OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH) died by slipping on something and hitting his head. My parents said that because I was playing with white thread on my head, that’s what caused my grandpa to die.


Not Even Under Adult Supervision

Credits: Imgflip

“I love listening to music in the car and some of the music obviously features some naughty or dubious words. When I had my young son in the car I would always skip certain songs but occasionally one slipped through the net.

Cue Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. He got home one day and parroted parts of the song and I was desperately trying to distract him so he would forget it but he didn’t.

I had the bright idea of trying to get him to change the word to something else. He was still in the early speaking stage so everything sounded slightly garbled. Anyway I had success with the word ‘Shed’

For about a day or so he then just wandered around singing about how his shed was on fire. Then he forgot and moved on to something else and my mortal fear of him saying it at childcare subsided. I have not played that song in my car since and it has been many years.” (cardboardshrimp)

Let Them Sing

Credits: Quickmeme

“My biggest regret is telling my (now teenager) toddler to sing real songs instead of letting her just sing nonsense.” (phroexx)

Baby’s Day Out


“The first time we took our son out we went to a place called Mothercare which is a store for baby clothes and toys, and this particular place had a large display area filled with various prams and pushchairs. We parked our newborn in his crappy hand-me-down pram nearby because he couldn’t fit among the sea of display models and gleefully found the Pushmaster 5000 or whatever it was that we had our eye on and then went through the process of buying it and organizing when would be a good time to pick up our purchase at a later date.

We then left the shop and we were 10 minutes up the road before we remembered we had a baby and that we’d left him behind.” (LetOneRip)

An Alcoholic Mother

Credits: Quickmeme

“Choosing my first wife to be the mother of my oldest child. She was beautiful and interesting but she had severe mental health problems that she flat out refused to treat in any way except for large amounts of alcohol and copious piles of Xanax. I tried for a few years to make things work but after coming home to find that she’d sent the nanny home, gotten trashed and passed out on the kitchen floor while my two year old was totally unsupervised, we packed up and left. She hasn’t even bothered staying in touch and is still exactly the same 16 years later. I wish I’d chosen a more stable, mentally sound person to marry and have a child with. It’s caused my daughter a lot of anxiety and worry.” (LastOTheRealOnes)

Lessons For Daddy Dearest

Credits: Bustle

“Wooh boy. When my first son was a few months old, I took him out to the woods to get some air and see how he reacts to the birds and trees and dirt and stuff. Soon I had a curious idea, because I know babies have really great grip strength. I put him up to a low, thin branch (so if he fell he wouldn’t fall too far) and put his hands against the branch. Sure enough he latched on. Then I slowly let go and admired my creation. A baby on a branch. Magnificent. Then I wondered if he’d be able to do a pullup. I said, “Do a pullup.” He didn’t. Probably because he was only four months old and couldn’t understand English very well. Then I picked him up again and pulled his hands off the branch. I let him play in the dirt for a while and then we went home.

About a year later when he started talking, I started giving him cookies whenever he would say “daddy.” I think that triggered some sort of Pavlovian response, because now he won’t shut up.” (rootMcTooty)

When He Forgot About The Other Kid

Credits: Makeameme

“I have two kids. One is almost 2, and the other was born at the start of February. A few days ago I put the older child in bed while my fiancee put the new baby to sleep. She then went to take a shower while I was watching tv (mostly screwing around online with the TV making noise in the background). A few minutes later I heard a baby crying, and assumed it was the tv. Then noticed a baby crying didn’t fit with what was happening on TV. As I was wondering where the sound was coming from, I noticed it was too young sounding to be our two year old, so I thought maybe the TV was on in another room, and ignored it for a couple more minutes. Then I finally remembered that we have two kids now. For a few minutes I completely forgot one of my children existed.” (captain_shield)

Baby Rolled Off The Bed

Credits: Memeshappen

“My kids are still growing, so I’m not sure how I have emotionally scarred them yet. Physically, my worst parenting fail was falling asleep with my oldest when she was about a month old. I didn’t roll on top of her, but I rolled her off the bed. On the plus side, I was poor so the bed was just a box spring and a mattress, so not a long fall. On the downside, my flooring was just vinyl tile on concrete. I felt so horrible and cried for hours afterwards. She was fine in the end, but I definitely learned my lesson.

Edit- Nope, never mind. My husband and I lost the middle child (then 6) at the Museum of Science and Industry on day long trip to Chicago. Lost her for only about 3 minutes, but it felt like hours.” (chipmalfunction)

Always Stand Up For Your Kids

Credits: Quickmeme

Not standing up to my abusive husband when he refused to refill our daughters seizure meds because “she wasn’t having seizures” so when she went into a seizure because of no meds I was the one the doctor chewed out. I still hate myself for not standing up to him. I had no car, no phone, no money. He controlled everything and I was so intimidated by him.

With the doctors to back me up he realized he was wrong in his thinking. My kids never ever went without their meds again.

She out grew the seizures.

I divorced this stupid man 20 years ago, best move ever.” (dragonfly30707)


Daddy Has (Not) Got Your Back

Credits: Memegenerator

“Well, about twelve hours after she was born, I almost let her roll off my lap onto the hospital room floor. Luckily, I caught her by her face.

Then about a year later, I was carrying her into our living room, and I straight dropped her onto the floor (in fairness, this happened because she suddenly wedged her feet against my chest and levered herself straight out, but still).

More recently (like, two days ago), she asked my wife and I what “sarcastic” means, and we told her. That’s turned out about how you’d expect.

Edit: forgot a couple.

When she was, like, two, my wife decided to let her have a sip of her beer. We were looking forward to seeing that toddler “ZOMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME I TRUSTED YOU” face…instead she turned out to freaking love beer. So now she wants some every time either of us has a beer.

And there was the time – kiddo was three, I think – we were up at a cabin on lake in Door County. I told her she and I could go for a walk down to the beach, but before we left, I heard my wife calling me up to the bathroom (she needed help removing a tick). By the time I got back downstairs, our daughter had decided to take me up on the offer to walk down to the beach.

To be clear, she couldn’t – still can’t – swim. So that was sort of a panic.

And just to really drive the “I have no business being a parent” point home: my first thought upon realizing my daughter had vanished was “Oh darn, I don’t want to tell my wife about this.”

Yeah. Parent of the decade material, right here.” (C0ntrol_Group)

Backhoe Isn’t Meant For Kids

Credits: Imgflip

“I don’t have too many that I can think of but one really stands out as the dumbest thing I could have ever done and I really beat myself up over it.

When my daughter was 12 I had a little backhoe I used to do work around my home and property. We had 8 acres and we had 4 acres of manicured pasture with fencing and I let her drive my backhoe around that area.

I often think about how many people die on them that don’t know what they are doing and learned a lot more about accidents on them but only after the fact.

Felt really stupid.” (discreetecrepedotcom)

Grandmother’s Visit Gone Wrong

Credits: Ilove Messages

“A month after our daughter was born, we wanted to go out for my husband’s birthday. His mother offered to watch her while we spent an hour eating without her in tow.

We came home to a screaming baby. Before this, our baby had only met Grandma twice – and our baby had been asleep. To wake up and realize that Mommy and Daddy had left her with a virtual stranger…

Since then our daughter cries whenever Grandma holds her. We’re pretty sure she’s traumatized in some way. It’s a sharp contrast to my mother, who visits at least once a week and gets lots of excited giggles.” (imperfectchicken)

Orange Isn’t The New Black

Credits: Quickmeme

Not me but a friend:

Their sister had a young child who was starting to learn colours and had a class coming up on it soon so the parents thought they’d teach her in advance… However they decided to prank their daughter by teaching her the wrong things (like pointing at black and saying “this is orange”)! So she got to school all proud of herself and came home crying from embarrassment!” (Kates579)

When She Didn’t Have Custody Orders In Place

Credits: Imgflip

“Not getting custody orders in place when we first divorced. 6 years later and he has literally walked in and taken the kids without my permission. Absolutely nothing I can do except wait for court in a few weeks. In the meantime my kids are 300km away in a caravan park not attending school or seeing me at all. Police can’t do a thing. If I had of gotten a custody order from the start he wouldn’t have been able to do this. Now my kids are suffering because I keep letting him manipulate me and abuse my trust. It’s been a very hard lesson to learn.” (littleemlenz)