Redditors Share Their “This Person Has No Idea How The Real World Works” Moments

By Sana Ahmad - December 11, 2019

More often than not, all of us have had those ‘Oh my god! This sucks big time’ moments. Sometimes when we were really tired to stand in a long queue for that hot cup of cappuccino, sometimes when we desperately needed to rent that flat which was a tad overpriced considering our budget and at times when the professor just wouldn’t give us a little extra credit for the semester!! Nevertheless, don’t we all eventually stop whining and deal with the problem at hand (with or without help)?

Having said that, all of us have also had to deal with people (friends, family and otherwise) who are ignorant about how the real world actually works, outright deny coming out of the ‘sheltered life’ provided for by their parents and just wouldn’t grow up!! And mind you, some of them are proud of their ways too and do not hesitate even a little to judge you for something which is as normal as ‘saving up for the future’ (God knows why!), while others would come up with their own rules to make you look bad…

Read ahead and find out some of such crazy encounters shared by 32 of our Redditors!


A Bad Sense Of Direction

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My cousin and I were talking one day and I mentioned that I had a horrible sense of direction, where my brother could be dropped off in a cornfield and find his way home.

She replied that it was easy to find your direction, just remember “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” and you will know where North is. I laughed and said that was for remembering the direction in order, not for finding which way was which. We argued for 20 minutes till I told her to show me how it works.

She stands up and point forward and says “Never Eat Shredded Wheat!” and points to the direction she was facing when she stood up. “That’s North!” So I told her to face me and then find north. She does it again… “Never Eat Shredded Wheat!” and points at me and says “that’s North”.

So ask her if north just changed? She says no. “But north was that way a minute ago?”

She looks confused and says “Why didn’t that work?”

I told her it was because she was an idiot.” (jmsturm)

Sister-in-law Acts In A Petty Manner

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“My sister-in-law got in an argument with her brother/my husband and me, stopped speaking to us, blocked us on Facebook… and then threatened to sue us for visitation rights to our six-month-old.” (Socialbutterfinger)

Mentally Unstable Mother

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I recently went no contact with my parents because my mom is mentally unstable. My fear is she will try to file a complaint with CPS to try to get custody/visitation of my kids. She says things, like I am setting my girls up to be molested because my older daughter is in an all girls chapter of the Cub scouts. And that I forced my youngest to go to school with the croop. She had, what appeared to be some post nasal drip, it was her last day of school, and she was well enough to go to a friend’s house after! So I can fight it no problem, but it is still scary to have to deal with.” (Viperbunny)

Extended Family Acts In A Childish Manner

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“I’ve had child services called on me and I have to say that it’s stressful as a threat but also not that big a deal when it actually does happen. They know any random idiot can call and that sometimes extended family wants to use them as a threat. They’re obligated to come check things out but there’s no presumption that you’re an incurable moron.

They come, take a look around, maybe talk to the kids, but mostly they just fill out paperwork and document that they did their jobs. The lady who came to my house spent like ten minutes doing paperwork and then 20 minutes telling me about her Yorkie breeding hobby.

And I never heard from them again.” (crabbyvista)

Girl Who Threatened To Sue People Randomly

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I knew a girl a few years back who was famous for threatening to sue people over stupid crap. It was clear just by looking at her that she didn’t have the means to follow through. Anyhow, one day she’s arguing with this guy we both know and dude says something that results in her dropping her lawsuit threat, guy responds “How the hell are you gonna pay a lawyer to sue me, attorney’s don’t accept food stamps.” LOL Holy CRAP!! I’ve never seen a tantrum the likes of which she threw when he dropped that burn.” (WE_Coyote73)

Delusional Mother Wanted Custody Of Grandchild

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My mother said she would sue for custody of my daughter if she doesn’t like the name we picked for her. All because we refuse to share the name until she is born (in August).

Now, my husband and I are both upstanding, steadily employed people with no debt, history of criminality or addiction. My mother has been unemployed for years and could not keep down a job for long before that because she has a difficult personality that makes it hard for her to get along with others. Even her own brother, who’s estranged from her but not from me, would attest to the fact that she’s crazy.

Some people are just delusional.” (brutalbeast)

Brother Knew Nothing About Coding, Wanted To Become Game Designer

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“My brother wanted to be a “game designer”. I asked how that was going and what he had been doing. Mom had gone to Walmart to pick up some art supplies so he could get “Designing”.

He did not really know what coding was in terms of game design, and did not know graphic design. He thought he could simply just draw up some swords and guns and shields and someone would pay him to do this for a living. With zero experience.

He’s almost 30.” (jenniferjuniper)

Little Brother Lives In Fantasy World

Credits: Aussiememes

 My little brother who was (and I fear still kinda is) adamant that he would grow up to be an actor all through high school without trying to pursue any acting related things. Quit drama club freshman year and never looked back. Didn’t work towards getting into an acting program in college. Spent more time on his video games than acting, but I guess he was just banking on being discovered and put into roles due to handsomeness. It’s hard enough to make that dream work for people who are actually trying.” (reallifegarnet)

When She Got It Wrong

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I worked on a group project with these two girls in high school. We had met up at a library over the weekend and when I pulled into the parking lot one of them said something about my car. I said “Yeah, I love this car but someone keyed it in a parking lot all down the passenger side. Look how deep it is!”

I told her I couldn’t fix it beyond some touch up paint either because that would require sanding it down and all that. She looked me dead in the eye with a look like I was crazy and said “Well why don’t you go buy some elbow grease? I hear that fixes everything”.

Dead serious. Girl had heard about “just give it some elbow grease” and got it into her head that this was a product you could buy to fix just about anything. She did not contribute much to our group project.” (MountainMantologist)

Woman Who Was Ignorant About Her Mortgage Amount

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Had a woman call into work (banking) and ask for her mortgage payoff. It was like 40 thousandish…. she said there was no way that was right because her payment book only had 3 more coupons in it and she thought it was done when the coupons were. She couldn’t comprehend that she had a 30 year mortgage and that she didn’t get a coupon book for all 30 years, she only got three years at a time and because she had an adjustable rate. I had to call back ups to explain to her that she still owed 27 more years.

Edit to add: Location: Rural PA

Probably a tiny home that needs work, 40k is possible in this area still.

Coupon books tell you when your payment is due and what amount – if you don’t bank online or want to mail a payment in. Amish and old folks still don’t use internet here as a norm.” (MadMadGirl)

Man Who Didn’t Quite Understand How Checkbooks Worked

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Met a guy that thought he could keep writing checks until he ran out of checks, regardless of whether he had money in his account. It was hard to understand him, but he seemed to think they were IOUs. He came into the bank angry that the local liquor store stopped accepting his checks after he bounced a few of them. I had to explain that he had to have money in his account to cover the check. He clearly did not get the message because he kept bouncing checks at different liquor stores until we closed his account. His credit is now so bad that he can’t open a bank account.” (Lucid_Crow)

Friend Quits Job Without Any Solid Backup

Credits: Memegenerator

A friend of mine decided to quit his job to become a twitch streamer. Right off the bat i thought this was a stupid plan. But the real kicker was his timeline for his streaming career. He told me he saved enough money to pay his bills for 1 month. ONE MONTH! And after that he would be making enough money from twitch to pay his bills. He seriously believed that after 1 month he would have between 2 and 3 hundred subs. He refused to advise or use any social media. He won’t play any triple A games or even popular games. A year and a half later he’s lost his apartment, his car, basically everything but his girlfriend, who he lives with. But hey he just hit 50  followers on twitch and got affiliated. To him this endeavor has been a total success.

Edit: 50 followers not subscribers got them mixed up.

Edit2: Well this blew up. I’m not telling you who my friend is don’t ask. I don’t want him getting harassed or trolled.” ([deleted])

The One With ‘Daddy Is Going To Pay For It All’ Attitude

Credits: Quickmeme

Was good friends with this girl in college. I knew she was spoiled (free reign of daddy’s credit card) but it was never a big deal. After college she couldn’t grasp why I couldn’t spend the next 6-12 months backpacking through Europe with her, which she wanted to do because she didn’t feel like getting a job yet. The idea that I had to get a job to support myself and start paying back student loans was completely foreign to her. Her answer to everything was “Have your parents pay for it!” Sorry honey, that is not how the real world works.” (jeswesky)

18 Year Old Fudged His Fitness Test Numbers

Credits: Memearsenal

Air Force.

18 year old arrives at his first Duty Station. He has contacted nobody. Nobody knows he is arriving today. He has figured out (by stopping at different offices and asking) where our warehouse is, and enters the office to meet his supervision….. flanked by his girlfriend and his mother.

Later on, it is discovered that he fudged his numbers on all his previous fitness tests to that point, which is why he could barely do 25 pushups and couldn’t run to save his life.

Even later on, becomes hysterical, sobbing, panicking, begging and pleading when told he will deploy to Afghanistan. Like everyone else in the squadron had been doing, for years. This was 2012. We were logistics. We literally loaded airplanes all day.” (moronicuniform)

The One Who Was In Awe Of The Chinese

Credits: Memecrunch

Met a guy at uni who thought Chinese people would be unaffected by the rise of superbugs because they were too smart to fall victim to it.

Both a pharmacy student and a Chinese person could not convince him otherwise.” (lix64)

The One Who Was Clueless About Budgeting

Credits: Reddit

“I encounter at least one per day. This morning was about mortgages. This woman was talking about moving to FL soon and putting her house on the market. I’m a first time home buyer in my 20’s, interested in buying something modest. She nonchalantly says that they’ll probably ask for about 300k just to break even and move. I said yeah that’s way out of my price range, which is more like 180k. She is very confused and says that if I don’t have a bunch of bills that should be very affordable for me. I ask her how much she thinks that monthly payment would be and she says maybe 2k. I say yeah, at least, plus homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, car payment, gas, healthcare, phone bill, water bill, electric bill, internet bill, groceries, 401k, etc. On single income. I’m lucky to have a job with good benefits, and I’m aware of that, but I’m far from making six figures.

The fact is, this woman works as a cafeteria cashier and married into money, and she’s absolutely clueless about budgeting, even in her 50’s.” (MrVilliam)

Kid Wrecked Up A Car, Dad Took Care Of It

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Got into a fender bender in high school. I was driving a car that cost me $300 (had been sitting on concrete blocks at a cousin’s, patched it and bought wheels) and I was absolutely devastated. The kid who hit me wasn’t freaking out at all and kept saying his dad would get him another one, why was I so worried about an old car?

Once the dad got there, it turned out this is the third car his kid had wrecked. For that school year.

Edit: Apparently I shouldn’t have said fender bender, we use that term pretty loosely just to say “no one was hurt but the car is sad.” The kid hit my front right side going too fast and messed up my axel, and obviously body work. I was freaked out because a new car or any fixes to my current car were coming out of my own pocket. This kid was getting his fixed or replaced by his dad and couldn’t understand why I’d be upset about my old beater.

Edit 2: Did not get a brand new car from insurance, but I saved up and bought my grandma’s car when she stopped driving. That giant Buick (yes it was a LeSabre in forest green) was invincible and lasted me the rest of high school and college.” (fuqmook)

30 Year Had No Idea How To Work A Microwave

Credits: Knowyourmeme

Someone at work asked if she needed to pay to use the microwave. She decided it was too complicated to use and bought a $150 thermal lunchbox so she can take food that was cooked by her hired chef to work without needing to reheat it.

Edit: To answer some common questions, she’s a 30 year old heiress working her first job trying to be independent. Her parents are covering all her expenses.” (imonfiyar)

Guy Who Refused To Pay For His Coffee

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Former barista here. A customer came through drive thru one afternoon, ordering a custom drink that cost about $5. While on the phone, he dug change out of the corners of his van and handed me what amounted to less than $3. I continued looking at him with my hand extended half full of dirty coins, when he just shrugged and said, “That’s all I got.” I repeated the total and said he hadn’t given me enough. “Can’t you just spot me with your tips?” Um, EXCUSE ME? First, no, that’s literally my grocery money, and second, our company had a strict policy against doing just that. But I simply apologized and said no, I couldn’t do that. He blew up at me, saying I wasn’t “being very neighborly.” I again apologized and explained how I relied on my tip money to, you know, EAT. Instead he screamed at me again, “You suck, you REALLY suck!” before driving away. Side note: it was a small town and most people there don’t know how the real world works.

Edit: I did not work at Starbucks.

Edit 2: I gave him the money back. It was gross.” (Ser_Laughing_Tree)

Guy Gets Annoyed At Not Being Offered Discount

Credits: Makeameme

“Christmas Eve, I’m serving at a pretty well known chain restaurant. Guy calls the store phone, orders to-go. I take the order, tell him it will be ready in x minutes. He calls back again, asking me to bring the food out to his car (which we didn’t do). He also asked me for a discount on his meal. I asked him if he had any coupons (this restaurant frequently has them) and he said no, he just wanted a discount for no reason. I get my manager involved; she tells him over the phone she isn’t giving him a discount. She tells me he’s being insanely rude and to just go out to his car to give him his food. I go outside, and He asks a AGAIN for a discount. I tell him, politely, my manager was unable to offer a discount. He is visibly annoyed, and hands me his card. I run inside, run his card, and go back out to his card with his food. He looks at the check, is shocked there isn’t a discount on it, hastily signs it and THROWS the receipt at me and says “Merry Christmas, get lost” and drives away, almost running me over. Over some incredibly mediocre food.” (disigney)

Girl From Rich Background Makes Fun Of Friend


“When I was talking with a group of friends about trying to save money while also paying off loans and said ‘The first month was terrible, I struggled to even save £100’ and a girl burst out laughing.

She’s never paid rent (lived with her parents who also bought her food etc) and her fiance is super rich so was the source of the deposit on their house, and she works in telesales making plenty of commission and has lots of designer handbags.

I felt like crap, but it’s more of a reflection on her than me.

(EDIT: I’m very lucky as I have a good salary but I also have £400 per month going on a loan I racked up paying off various credit cards and overdrafts I couldn’t afford. I am not actually poor, and can’t pretend to understand the struggles of those who are legitimately struggling, I’m just paying for past mistakes which mean I’m viewed by my friends as super frugal these days.)” (cocky_scot)

Guy Calls For A Job Vacancy, Leaves No Number

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“We’re hiring and I’ve just received an email from this guy. Says he heard about the job, the position, and duration (it’s a contract position).

That’s it. No questions, no follow-up, no “Here’s my number.” Not even an attached CV.

I don’t even know where to begin. For all we know, he could be the most talented guy in the industry, but our fast paced and constantly stressed out team might kill him before he could demonstrate his skills.” (We_are_all_gold)

Parents Who Didn’t Understand How The Modern World Works

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Last year, I got a job offer, which required a move. I found a place, which required first and last as a deposit. Not unusual. Unfortunately, I had been unemployed for the most of a year prior to this, and didn’t have enough money to cover two months rent upfront (about €1500), as well as survive in the city for a month before I got my first paycheck. So I asked my parents for help, which sucked but had to be done.

They flipped and lost it, because they genuinely thought that was too much and was more like a deposit to buy a house. I spent many nights explaining to them that the modern world is not like it was in the seventies but to avail.

They now want me to put a deposit on a house. When I said I can’t afford that (because I can’t) they said it wasn’t a big deal, just get a 100% mortgage from the bank and pay it off over time.” (Easy-Tigger)

Girls Asked Professor To Help Them With Answers In The Exam

Credits: Pinterest

I’m attending grad school in Barcelona, and there are these two Colombian girls in my class who I’m pretty sure have never had to work for anything in life. We just had our first final the other day, and while the test was hard I thought it was pretty straight forward. It was essay type questions and you needed to draw on things we discussed in class to answer each question. A few minutes into the exam, one of the girls raises her hand and says she doesn’t know what to do. Fair enough, the professor tells her to use class theories to answer the question asked. She then said that she doesn’t know how to relate any class theories to the question. I was literally sitting there, having already answered one question having used 4-5 different class topics to answer it. I couldn’t understand why she was having such a hard time. The other Colombian girl then says, “Can you just write on the board which theories you want us to use to answer?”

She basically asked the professor of a grad school class to answer a question for her. The professor then goes a bit too far IMO and gives her a few clues. 20 minutes later she raises her hand and once again asks, “Can you read what I wrote and tell me if I’m right or should I do it again?” (Yoinkie2013)

Brother Has Trouble Understanding ‘Humanity’

Credits: Memeshappen

“My poor brother. At the time of this story he was about 21 and living at home with my parents. He was working part time at a Rent-a-Center making 12 bucks an hour and recently got a new girlfriend. He asked me if we could meet to go over details about what life looks like outside the comforts of having your parents pay for everything.

We meet at a coffee shop and analyze his finances. After about two hours, I explain to him he should stay at home and pay off some big debts he has, get a good savings and look to get a more stable and well paying job. Two months later what does he do? He rents a house from our uncle who is notorious for milking his tenants. A few weeks later, suddenly all his utilities turn off. He explains that he didn’t know he “had to pay for these things.” Then he buys a $5k ring and proposes to his girlfriend. He is over a week late on his rent the next week and he gets a late fee added to it and bad mouths my uncle for it.

I really thought I was thorough with him, but then I remembered our childhood and how he just never understood anything correctly. It’s like he is from an alternate dimension and has trouble understanding humanity.” (alotofanger)

Displeased Mother Withdrew Son Out Of Fishing Class

Credits: Quickmeme

“Running fishing programs in a park. A mother expectantly asks, “You can assure me that my son will catch a fish within thirty minutes, correct?” I was so caught off guard it took a second to respond. Needless to say she was very displeased that the answer was “no” and pulled her son away in a huff as if I had wronged her somehow.” (Blo0dbath)

College Kid Didn’t Know How A Credit Card Worked

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“Finally a story I can share.

I was getting lunch with a friend during my second year in college. Being poor college students we opted for the cheapest food the mall had to offer. When we finally sat down to eat he expressed relief that his credit card would “reset” in a week. I was a bit confused so I asked him to explain, he thought that banks gave out cards to anyone who applied and gave them X dollars to spend a month then they reset it at the end of the month.

Had to explain to a 20 something grown man how credit cards work.” (andon21)

Uncle Kept His Kids Too Sheltered

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My uncle raised his two kids in Hong Kong by forbidding them from watching any TV, take public transportation, or being out by themselves at any time. they spend their days at an English-only international school, then come home after school and read English books.

One day we had a family gathering (very rare because apparently Chinese food is not good for them) and I realized that these kids are raised in Hong Kong but they speak no Chinese. They don’t know how to use public transportation, they have no friends, they are uninformed about what’s happening in the world outside of their school and their home, and they are just really uncomfortable around people in general. They turn 18 this year.

These two kids have no idea how the outside world is like

Edit: I should clarify, every person involved in this story is native Hong Kong Chinese.” (vadermustdie)

Friend Wanted To Straighten Her Hair At Campsite

Credits: Memecenter

Went to a metal music festival with a friend and camped there. We had just woken up and she pulls out her hair straightener and asks where the outlets were. When I told her that there are no outlets on the camping grounds, she looked at me in horror and said: “So I won’t be able to straighten my hair for 3 days?”

EDIT: Wow, this blew up. For anyone wondering: the festival was Graspop in Belgium. I think it was 2013-2014. Generators weren’t allowed (they saw it as a safety hazard) and the phone-charging stands just had charging cable hanging out of it, not the outlets. There were also stands where you could give your phone with your own charger and they’d lock it up. Other than that it was just a field packed with tents. She eventually took it like a champ and just embraced the metal festival life. Had quite some fun otherwise.” (SchmetterlingeFrau)

When The CEO Was Not So Smart

Credits: Sayingimages

Attended a lunch session with the CEO of my financial services company yesterday. He spent 20 minutes talking about how the main thing he and his executive team was focusing on was finding someone to develop a computer game to teach kids to read. Then he said that the ‘butterfly flapping its wings makes hurricanes’ myth was actually “truly a fact.” Like, dude, maybe focusing on actually running the company would be better, since, you know, ABC Mouse is already a thing.” (AtomicSquadron)

Girl Who Was Ignorant About The Past

Credits: Imgflip

“On a university field trip. Lecturer points out at a watchtower turned Starbucks.

“What do you see?”

One girl “Starbucks”

He goes “yes, but what kind of building is it or seemed to be in the past?”

All the class said “Watchtower”

And she goes “Starbucks”

He asked her to look at it and she keeps insisting. Then he explained that he understood but that it she needed to understand what it was in the past. (We were in a history class)

And she went “I don’t get it. It’s a Starbucks.” (nicksbrunchattiffany)

Wealthy Ex Lived Off Dad’s Money

Credits: Makeameme

 My ex… was very wealthy. At least his father was, and his father had set him up a wonderful stock account, paid for his schooling, groceries, etc.

We were talking about the future and I was saying how he should get a credit card in his own name so he can start building up his credit. He didn’t understand why he would do that. I explained that it was important to have credit in the future for things like buying a home. Oh no. He would never take out a loan for a home. He would outright buy a house, in cash only. And it’s not like he wanted a 20k tiny house. Oh no, he wanted a custom built mcmansion with all his bells and whistles.

I just sort of stared at him because that’s not a foreseeable way of life for me. Then again, he sold a few stocks and outright purchased a brand new truck so maybe he could?

He also thinks dental insurance is a waste of money because “it costs more per month to buy dental insurance, you should just pay for whatever you need as you need it because it’s cheaper that way.” Which is logic I understand. But I can pay 50$ a month more easily than the $2000 I suddenly need when I need a root canal and x-rays…” (ASpoonfullOfSass)