Redditors Share Their 100% True Scary Stories

By Kanupriya - December 24, 2019

It might not be Halloween but these stories can scare you even in your dreams. There are so many times that we feel that something spooky out there just happened to us. We normally tend to ignore it because… well honestly, who’s going to believe anyway? But, the stories stay in our head for a long, long time. 

Here are such stories that people have preserved in their head for years. Also, do you know what is worse than ghosts and spirits? Humans! That is right. In today’s time, if we need to be careful and scared of something more than any other, it is fellow human beings. We never know how and when they will harm us, attack us and destroy us.

Some of these stories are sheer ugly. While some suffer from mental instability themselves, some were the victims of others’ instability. Well in most cases, the people who are in subject came out of the situations unharmed and safe. And we are glad they did. But, that does not make their story any less scary.

From evil to spooky, we have all kinds of scary stories here, shared by Redditors on first hand basis. Go on… have a look!


Creepy But Cute

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I would call it creepy more than scary, but my mom’s friend had a small house and lived alone. She noticed weird things: a batch of soup depleting faster than usual, missing eggs, damp towels in the hamper when she hadn’t used any, extra dishes in the dishwasher, etc… This went on for months, she thought she was just being forgetful. One day she heard some thumping around in her attic and went to investigate. She found some make shift living quarters. Small radio, hot plate, sleeping bag, pillow, food wrappers, etc… She called the cops who came to keep an eye on the place. They ended up catching a homeless man climbing a tree, trying to sneak into her attic window. He had been doing this almost daily. He would wait for her to go to work, then go down stairs and help himself to food and amenities. The funny part about this story is they got to know each other throughout the ordeal, and the guy was actually very respectful, just down on his luck. She didn’t press charges, instead, let him move in, helped him get a job, and he lived in the attic until he got back on his feet. Creepy shiz with a happy ending.


Don’t Look Please

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My friend’s boss bought an Audi A4 convertible, back when they were new and interesting. One of the talking points was the pop-up roll hoops that were hidden unless you rolled it.

A few months after buying it he got to test those roll hoops out, as he lost control and skidded down a steep bank about 10m (~35ft) deep.

The roll hoops did their job, and he survived with just cuts and scratches from the bushes he’d plowed through. The car ended up the right way up and he got out, walked back up the bank to the side of the road, then got on the phone to the police to report the accident. While he was standing there a driver from a car that had seen the accident came over to speak to him.

Approaching from behind the other driver asked if he was okay. My friend’s boss turned around to reply and dropped dead. His neck had been fractured, but was in one piece right up until he turned his head, when it severed his spinal cord.


What’s Wrong With The World

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Various torture murders are probably the most horrific things I’ve read about:

Junko Furuta, who was a perfectly normal girl until she was kidnapped off the street by a gang for no reason (purely wrong place, wrong time, according to Japanese sources) and unimaginably raped and tortured to death over 44 days.

Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent in Mexico who was kidnapped by the Guadalajara Cartel and tortured to death over about three days. His story is the central focus of the show Narcos: Mexico, but from what I’ve read, his death was even more brutal than what they make it out to be. A detail consistent in both is that they brought in a doctor to revive him numerous times when he got too close to death, and keep him conscious so he couldn’t pass out from the pain.

Kelly Anne Bates, who was groomed from a young age by a scumbag who eventually killed her slowly over the course of about a month in their apartment. Her injuries were so horrific the jury at the guy’s trial had to get counseling. For example, her eyes were missing and there were stab wounds in the sockets.

Sylvia Likens, whose parents left her in the care of a woman who both personally and with the help of her children and their friends degraded, tortured, and killed over over several months.

The Hello Kitty murder in China, where a man and his about-13-year-old girlfriend kidnapped a prostitute who had supposedly stolen from him (even though sources say she had paid him back with interest), tortured her to death, and then stuffed her corpse into a Hello Kitty toy.

Baby Brianna, a newborn whose mother, father, and uncle tortured and raped her from the second they brought her home from the hospital until the second she died.

Baby P, a British toddler whose mother let her boyfriend torture him to death. His back was broken in his last days of life.

Honestly, there are just so many horrifically on par with each other, you could list them all day.


For Family & For Country

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Before my Dad died, he once told me a story from when he was in Vietnam in the 1960s. He told me about a mission where he and one other American with five CIDG strikers (South Vietnamese villagers turned fighters) were tasked to emplace seismic ground sensors along a trail network deep in the jungle. He said they were about two days into the mission when he and two of the strikers split off from the main group to go watch a nearby trail intersection. He said the jungle was pretty quite that day, just the sounds of birds and bugs and an occasional monkey. He said they had been watching the trail intersection for about three or four hours and were deciding on whether to move further down the trail or to turn back and link up with the rest of the patrol. Before leaving the cover of the brush my Dad said he checked the trail ahead of them one last time and prepared his men to move. Now here is where the story gets interesting and he told this part with absolute dead seriousness. He said just as he started to step out onto the trail he sees a light skinned Black Union Cavalry Soldier in full battle gear laying alongside the trail just shy of the intersection. My Dad said the Union Soldier had two pistols, a Spencer rifle and a short curved club at his hip. As my Dad was trying to process what he was seeing, the Soldier looked directly at him and smiled. Then the Soldier slowly placed a finger up to his lips as if to tell him to be silent and then motioned my Dad back off the trail. My Dad said he signaled for his men to remain hidden and he recalled that as he slipped back into the jungle on one side of the trail, the Union Soldier did the same on his side of the trail. Less than 10 seconds later he said the lead element of a group of NVA (North Vietnamese Army Soldiers) walked right through the trail intersection some 30 feet away. My Dad estimated that the group was comprised of some 70 – 80 Soldiers equipped with automatic rifles, light machine guns and rocket propelled grenade launchers. He has no doubt that his entire team would have been wiped out on the spot. He said as soon as the enemy Soldiers had passed, he and his team beat feet out of there as fast and as quietly as they could and rejoined with the rest of the patrol. He reported the enemy Soldiers his team had encountered, but decided not to say anything about the Soldier he had seen. My Dad kept this secret for many many years; only telling me just before he passed and earlier only telling his Grandmother on her death bed in the 1970s. He said when he told his Grandmother, she smiled and without opening her eyes told him, “you saw Old Red Tom”. Red Tom was my Great Great Grandfather. He was a half Black / half Creek free man who was a scout for the Union Army during the Civil War and later served with the U.S. Cavalry in the American West. He was known for carrying two pistols, a Spencer rifle and a Creek warclub into battle.



Hitchcock Movies Like

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Ed Kemper murdered college women because his mother worked at a college and he claims he wanted to destroy everything she loved.

Then, he murdered his mother and decapitated her, raped her head and her body, set her head on a shelf and screamed at it for hours. (That is the part that terrifies me.)

Then he murdered her best friend and turned himself in. Relaying the whole story in detail, crying.

Edit: “It hurts because I’m not a lizard. I didn’t crawl out from under a rock. I came from my mother. And in a rage, I went right back in.” -Ed Kemper quote from a police interview.


I’ll add another thing that makes him creepy. He would bury the heads of the women he killed in his mother’s backyard (he lived with her). He angled the head to where they were pointed upward facing his mother’s bedroom window. He would later say he did this purposely because his mother “always wanted to be looked up to.”


No One Deserves This

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A female friend in college disappeared from a party at another university in the city town 25ish miles north of our school. She had arrived with another friend who I believe had driven. At some point she split off to play corn hole or something and was later inexplicably gone. Phone calls went to voicemail, police were called, but she was simply missing.

About 10 days later she was found by a homeless man who witnessed her crawling up to a bus stop in the city, begging for help. She had broken a leg and an arm, and was in very bad shape.

At the (quite large party) she had her drink secretly drugged and was then led off by a group of men into their vehicle. She was taken to an apartment where she was drugged, repeatedly raped, and locked in a small room in between with a bucket to use as a bathroom. At one point after being injected with heroin and raped, she somehow managed to convince one of her captors to allow her to use the actual bathroom to clean herself up. This bathroom had a small window to the outside, and with the shower running, she managed to squeeze out and fell from the third story into a large hedge/bush. From there she crawled from the apartment complex to the road and bus stop, where the homeless man saw her and called police. Many cars stopped upon seeing her, making her captives unable to recapture her.

Three men were later arrested for the crime after surveillance cameras allowed police to locate the apartment which she jumped from. She returned to our university almost two years later, graduated, and became a nurse. She was obviously traumatised, never “partied” again, carried a gun everywhere she could, and somehow moved on with life. It was a terrifying tale none of us ever forgot. She was an 18 year old freshman when the incident happened.


Hips Don't Lie

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Amateur rugby. Guy gets hit pretty hard and dislocates his hip. While waiting for the ambulance, a guy runs up saying he’s a physio and can at least relocate the joint.

He cracks the hip back into its socket and the guy SCREAMS.

One of his testicles had been jolted out of place in the accident – and had been chilling out in the empty hip socket.



My Eyes Hurt

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I work at a Max security prison and we have several inmates who are severely mentally ill. The ones that self harm wear a Fitbit kind of thing to monitor heart rate if there is a change we rush their room to stop whatever is happening. On top of this we also do visual inspections. On one round a coworker was doing cell checks and noticed this particular inmate had blood on their face but nothing came up on the monitors or anything. So he called the inmates to ask if they were okay, the inmate had their eyes closed and just kept repeating, “it doesn’t hurt”. The inmate would not answer where the blood was from. We opened the cell to see what the situation was and it turns out the inmate had plucked out both of the eyes and they were laying on the floor. The inmates HR monitor never alerted and the inmate never screamed. Paramedics said the inmates vitals were normal and the inmate was fully responsive.


Trust Your Instinct

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When my aunt was about 16 she was working at a grocery store and had a boss in his mid twenties. One day he called the house and was begging her to sneak out and hang out with him. She was considering it because it was her boss and she didn’t want to say no. My mom, who is two years younger than her, always gets these incredibly spot on “gut feelings”. She had one that night and begged my aunt not to go out with him.

Thankfully she listened to my mom and told him no which made him really angry. He ended up going out that night and meeting another girl. He took her out to some cliffs and raped her and pushed her off. Somehow she lived through this and was able to get him sent to prison. I feel so sorry for that girl and so thankful for my mom and her gut feelings.



Drink In Limits

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Not as scary as some of the stories here, but I was pretty horrified when my dad told me the story.

There are some really big houses in the woods in my hometown. One of the owners went out drinking with his buddies and realized he forgot the key to the gate when he got home. So he decided to just climb the gate. While climbing in his drunken state he slips and his leg gets pierced by one of the spikes on the gate. He was hanging there but too afraid to call for his wife. Since he was sure she would just open the automatic gate from inside the house and since it was one of those gates that slides to the side it would just rip his leg off if she did.

He was hanging there the entire night until his wife woke up, saw him and called the fire department. My dad (who is one of the firefighters that showed up) said they had to saw of the spike to get him off.

Just imagine hanging from your own gate all night not being able to call for help.



Saved By The Spooky Call

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100% true as it happened to me. It’s probably more spooky than scary. I’ll let you be the judge….

Many years ago, before there were cell phones we had these things called pagers strapped to our hips. Someone would page you with their phone number and you would call them back when you got to a phone. As an “on call technician” working in the Audio Visual field, my pager would go off all the freaking time. Like most people who used pagers, our clients knew that if you followed up your number with a 911, that would indicate to the technician to stop what they were doing and call right away. Although I was always busy I rarely if ever got 911’s. One afternoon traveling from Orlando to Saint Petersburg via Interstate 4, my pager goes off with a number I don’t recognize, followed by the 911. I find the first exit, and pull into a little truck stop looking place outside of Plant City, to use the pay phone. This takes maybe 3 minutes tops. I walk in, ask for some change and head to the wall where there are 4 pay phones to choose from. I pop my quarter in and dial the number displayed on my trusty pager. It rings…….. and rings…… and rings……. and rings. I’m thinking to myself WTF ?!?! Who would page me with a 911 and not answer their phone? it’s just about then that I notice another ringing sound in addition to the one in my ear….. I pull the handset from my ear and two phones over on the wall another pay phone is ringing, but with an incoming call. I hang up my the handset and the ringing stops on the other phone. I walk a few paces over, pick up the handset and look at the phone number printed above the buttons , I look at the number on my pager, I look at the number on the phone, I look at the number on my pager again, I look at the phone AGAIN….. except for the 911 they are identical. I kinda lose my breath for a second and then I make my way over to the girl at the counter and ask if she saw anyone use the pay phone. She said I was the only person in the store in the last hour. The whole episode probably took 15 minutes, but man, I was freaked out! The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up and I just wanted out of there!

I get about 10 miles down the Highway and come upon a scene that looked like a bomb went off…….4 car pile up involving a tractor trailer hauling a load of steel that had come loose, State Troopers and Paramedics just arriving. I pulled over to the side and helped the best I could, but it was all pretty much over once it began. I have no idea why I got that page or from whom or what but I’m convinced that if I hadn’t, I would not be alive to write this today.


Get Me Outta Here

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Nutty Putty Cave in Utah was sealed up in 2009 after John Jones was trapped upside-down in a small crevice while spelunking. When rescue teams finally arrived he had been upside-down for so long that his legs were drained of blood.

The only possible way to have gotten him out was to break his legs, which would’ve sent him into fatal shock. He died after being trapped for 28 hours. His body’s still in the cave.


Fuzzy Kid Saves The Day

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When I was a baby, my dad played on a softball team. Typical social team, out for beers and pizza after with the guys, family event-type-thing. My parents were good friends with 2 of the other couples, both of them had young kids as well.

On this occasion, the other 2 couples had left their kids at one of their houses, with a baby sitter they were splitting. They invited my parents back to the house to have some more beers that night, but I was being fussy and my mom nixed the idea (though they would 100% have normally gone back to hang out)

Well, it turned out my fussiness on that day saved our lives. When the other parents got back to the house, they walked in on a home invasion. Two men had broken in, tied up the kids and the baby sitter (and her boyfriend), and were waiting for the parents. Took the parents hostage as well, and made the dads drive with them to banks/a grocery store where one dad was manager and clear out accounts/a safe.

They then came back to the house, and slaughtered both families, the baby sitter, and her boyfriend. Kids included.

They caught the 2 guys later on. My dad attended the trials, and said it was the first time he had ever had thoughts of supporting the death penalty. It still gives me chills to know how close we came to getting killed that day, too.


Chemistry Is Scary

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The mercury story always scares the crap out of me because I used to work in a lab and we had a compound that could go through gloves. I read the Materials Safety Data Sheet before I handled the compound (something you’re always supposed to do), and it warned that proper personal protective equipment should be worn and that the compound was a horrible, toxic, carcinogen. Not knowing that it could go through gloves, none of us did, we began handling it. I got some on my palm and continued working. It only took like five seconds for my hand to feel warm and strange, so I removed the glove and there was a large splotch on my left palm. I immediately went to wash up, scared for my life. It went through my skin immediately, and it also targeted the nervous system, but I ended up being fine due to minimal exposure. I can’t remember what compound it was now because it was so long ago, but it had a lot of P-words. Scary, scary stuff. There’s nothing scarier than working in a lab and knowing you’re doing everything right just to have it all go wrong!


The Cursed Boiler

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I used to run the boilers in a DOE building. Apparently at some point in the eighties, three people were murdered over involvement in a big vcr theft- vcrs meant for the school system had apparently been stolen out of this warehouse, it was an inside job, something went wrong- the head custodian was found shot to death, and later the bodies of the other two were reported buried in Monticello- but word is, they had first been incinerated.

In the boilers I was in charge of operating and maintaining.

There were three operational boilers, and one that wasn’t in service- no clue which one was supposedly used, but when you’re firing them up, you’re typically the only person in the building- not a single day went by that I fired them up and didn’t wonder which one was used. But that wasn’t what gave me the real Heebie jeebies.

You have to clean the interior of these boilers really well, otherwise the fire won’t transfer heat to the water very efficiently- especially with #6 oil, these boilers would build up a lot of soot. You have to suit up in a Tyvek suit, wear a mask, and climb right into the firebox- I found myself staring down the business end of that burner many times, wondering what that panic would feel like. (I’m reasonably sure these people were dead before getting put in the boiler though.) Once, I was actually in one boiler while another one was running- the valve that isolated my boiler from the main steam line wasn’t holding, and by the time I realized how warm it was getting, it was enough to panic- trying to lift myself up and belly crawl through the small opening, the metal was almost too hot to keep my hands on for long. Definitely creepy experience, considering the history of that boiler room.



The Cursed Boiler

Home Alone Is Scary

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Years ago when I was 8 my family lived in this big weird house kind of on the edge of a small town. The school district was in the middle of a big restructuring so even though we were only a couple grades apart my brother and I went to different schools and took different buses. This left me as the last person to leave in the morning and the first person to get home in the afternoon, which meant it was my job to make sure all the lights were off and the door was locked.

One morning I noticed the basement door was open and the light was on so before I left I turned off the light and closed the door. When I got home that afternoon the light was on and the door was open again. I just assumed that I’d forgotten to actually take care of it when I noticed it in the morning so I went over to turn off the light and close the door. When I got to the top of the basement stairs I looked and there was a big shadowy male figure towards the bottom of the staircase. I freaked out, slammed the door and pushed a bunch of boxes against it and then went and hid in my closet. For months I didn’t tell my family because I was positive what I had seen was a ghost and didn’t think anyone would believe me.

Then about a year after that incident my mom and her boyfriend realized that small amounts of money had been going missing for months (totaling around $800-900, but never more than $60 at once). So we all walked around the house with flashlights trying to figure out how they could have gotten in. Turns out some creep was climbing in through a small hole in the outside of the house, shimmying through a crawl space, then coming up into the house through the basement. Realizing I had been alone in the house with him on at least one occasion was one of the worst, most terrifying moments I’ve ever had



Extremely Evil

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Carol DaRonch was at a shopping mall in Salt Lake City in 1974 when she was approached by a man claiming to be a police officer. He said that someone had tried to break into her car and asked her to come with him. He then said he would drive her to the police station and she got into his car.

However, this guy was not a police officer and he did not drive her to the police station but rather, pulled into a parking lot. He then cuffed her, pulled out a gun and threatened to kill her if she resisted. Only, he messed up. He meant to cuff both of her wrist but only managed to cuff one.

She escaped and fought him off despite being hit over the head several times. Her kidnapper was Ted Bundy. He killed another woman just four hours later.

Her escape also helped identify Bundy and she is part of the reason he was eventually arrested.


You Deserve Worse

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This is a hometown story that stayed with me. It happened literally right around the corner from where I grew up, maybe a two minute drive away.

Judy Kirby murdered six children and one adult by intentionally driving the wrong way on a divided highway in an attempt to commit suicide. She had been hospitalized for depression, but had also just ended a relationship with her ex husband’s brother and was by some reports involved in drug trafficking and fearing an imminent arrest.

She picked up her sister’s son, who was celebrating his tenth birthday that day. She then loaded her three children into the car, supposedly to pick up a gift for my nephew. Instead, she went missing with a carload of kids. A short time later, the calls started coming in to 911 about a car going the wrong way down the highway at a high rate of speed. They made it about 90 seconds before a head-on collision with another vehicle, driven by a father with two children and another child along for the ride.

The crash annihilated both vehicles. The only survivors were Kirby herself, and the child who was along for the ride in the other car. There were pieces of children all over the highway. She was sentenced to 215 years in prison.


Get A Room

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My friend had this neighbor who was a retired mechanic. They lived on some properties with large front lawns and long driveways. His neighbor had a couple derelict cars parked up near his garage that he took parts from occasionally.

This neighbor of his started hearing noises while sitting in his living room, coming from his front yard. Every time he’d go to the window, there would be nothing there. He assumed it was a raccoon or a coyote or whatever. He kept hearing the noise so he’d go outside to look around but would find nothing. He’d put out traps and occasionally catch something, yet the noise persisted.

Soon, he started claiming that he was hearing voices coming from the front yard, like whispering. He’d go outside and look around the perimeter of his property but would find nothing. It was persistent so he’d started calling the cops. Every time the cops came and looked around and found nothing. So they told him he needed to stop calling them for this, and perhaps get a security camera or whatever.

So this guy thought he was losing his mind. One summer evening he couldn’t sleep, so he went to the back patio to smoke a cigarette. Suddenly, he heard voices coming from the front of his house. He put his cig out and snuck around to the front and got there just in time to see the doors to his derelict conversion van silently shut. He ran back to the backyard and went inside his home and called the police to tell them what he had seen. The police arrived and approached cold (i.e. without lights/sirens) and when they approached the van, the doors swung open and a bunch of people ran out in every direction. Upon searching the van, the cops found syringes and paraphernalia and determined that people were shooting up in there.


Safe Drive Save Lives

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My dad and some friends got drunk and went for a drive on some back roads and were going as fast as the truck would go as teenagers. My dad was slightly less drunk than the others and eventually demanded they let him get out. They pulled over and he and one other girl got out. He and the girl started walking to town while the other three sped off in the opposite direction.

Well less than a mile up the road from where they got out is an extremely sharp turn, which they missed and hit a tree going pretty close to triple digits (miles per hour). Two of them died on impact and the only reason the third survived is because they crashed in front of a house that two doctors lived in. The survivor was paralyzed and lost his leg and part of his arm and was in the hospital for eight months before dying. This was in the ‘60s so medical care wasn’t what it is today.

When I first got my permit my dad took me to that corner to explain the importance of safe driving. It gave me goosebumps about how close he was to being in the truck. He said that the dad of the driver got what remained of the truck to be hung up in the center of town for months after to be a warning to all.



You Are Brutal

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John List killed his whole family-wife, mother, daughter and two sons. He meticulously planned the whole thing-cancelling all delivery services, excusing the kids from school, and even turned the air conditioning as low as possible to preserve the bodies for as long as possible.

After he killed them all, he placed the bodies in sleeping bags and lined them up. He then wrote a letter to his pastor explaining why he had to kill them.

He then leaves and isn’t heard from again.

18 years later he’s remarried and doing the same job as before but this time he doesn’t have any children. He’s finally arrested after a tip was given to the FBI.

Crazy thing is that because he planned it so well, the bodies weren’t discovered until a month after the murders so he had a huge head start and essentially started a new life in the same career and was heavily involved in a new church down in Virginia. Took 18 years to capture him.



You Are Not Human

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When I was in Fourth Grade, we had buddy classes with First graders to help teach them how to write and read properly.

My buddy was Cameron Bell, A six year old blonde boy who was a bit quiet but loved to draw angry birds.

One morning, I came to school and my teacher was in tears, a police officer in the room beside her.

As we sat down after the bell rang, we were told that due to an “unfortunate series of events” Cameron had passed away.

After school, I rushed home to find out that due to the loss of his mother years prior, his father took him to the nearby church and shot him in the head before shooting himself.

I still shake thinking about Cameron, and the innocence that was taken. I missed his messy handwriting and angry birds drawings.

It’s been 9 years since the tragedy, and his smile still haunts me.



Always Be Alert

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In my town in the early 90’s there was a notorious killer that had all of BC, Canada on watch. My wife’s mother (years and years before I knew them) had been home alone while her Husband was in England doing tree surgeon work (arborist)

She was in her laundry room when a man walked up from her basement, completely scaring her, she freaked out and said what the hell are you doing here?

He said he was friends with her husband and was just coming to see if he was here, apparently he told him he could just walk in. Which she knew was bullshiz.

She was smart enough to tell him that he was just at the store and would be back any minute. He said he would wait outside for him, as soon as he left she called the police, but he was long gone by the time they got here.

Two weeks later, the killer was caught, his mugshot put on TV and it was the guy in her house.



Treat Her Right, She’ll Treat You Right

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When my parents were in college they went on a trip down to Florida. They had met through mutual friends and were down there together but hadn’t gone on a date yet. My dad and one of his friends were planning to meet my mom and some of her friends at a hotel but being the carefree college guys they were they lost track of time and realized it was impossible to get to the hotel on time by walking.

They decided the best solution to their problem was to hitchhike and a car with two women picked him up.

Everything seemed fine until the driver asked them if it was okay to stop for gas. My dad and his friend agreed it was no problem since they were making good time and she drove into a gas station. She then pumped her car full of gas before hopping back in and flooring it, basically stealing the gas with two hitch hikers in the back. My dad and his friend were beginning to freak out when she pulled a gun from under her seat and asked “are we gonna have a problem” or something like that.

My dad and his friend shook their heads vehemently because what else do you do in that situation.

She then drove them to the hotel and dropped them off without so much as a scratch and they kinda thought nothing of it until the news started reporting on a serial killer in Florida known as Aileen Wuornos. He took one look at her picture and instantly recognized her as the driver.

The only reason my dad thinks she didn’t straight up kill them was because they were super polite and respectful to her and her victims where usually scumbag guys trying to take advantage of her.


You Got Hit By Karma Not Bat

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Was working the evening shift at a gas station. Man comes in all disoriented. I go to help him out. he has a gash on his head and doesn’t know where he was. I couldn’t see any crashes around so assumed he had fallen or something. Normally we are supposed to stay inside the glass shielded register area whenever anyone is in the store. I, being a nice human being, went to help while calling the police/EMS. They got there and checked him out. They thought his head may have been fractured. Took him to the ER. I went back to work. Cops stopped back by for some coffee a few hours later. They told me the guy got hit by a baseball bat trying to break into a little girl’s bedroom and was wanted for rape and murder in two other states. I never left the register area at night again.


He Didn’t Enter The Church

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I once heard a property was abandoned, and it was all over school that it was haunted. My friends and I decided to drive up to take a look at it one night (it sat on a few dozen acres). There was no fence and no signs prohibiting access, and all we had to do was take a dirt road for a mile to get to a hill that overlooked the whole property.

Turns out it was abandoned but still owned, and had a caretaker. The caretaker literally drove a truck with the lights off right up to us and then turned them on and tried to ram us. We were able to avoid him but he then followed us at 60 miles an hour off his property back onto the road, then into and past a residential neighborhood, trying to ram us off the road the whole way.

My car and his truck narrowly avoided hitting houses, parked cars, and narrowly missed driving straight into a church before he stopped and turned around.

I know I was on his property, but there were no signs and no barriers, and we were just on the edge of it. That he chased us way past his property and tried to kill us multiple times, and probably felt justified because we were trespassing, still gives me the chills.

People are capable of anything if they feel justified in their violence.


Oh My God

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An acquaintance of mine sent his son to triathlon camp in Texas.

A week later, his son came back from camp. The next day, the son was complaining of a headache. Four days later, he was dead. Healthy, happy, fit 12 year old one week, dead the next.

Turns out the lake had Naegleria fowleri, the brain-eating amoeba. Nothing scares me as irrationally as already being dead and waiting for your body to catch on.


Seek Mental Help

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Whilst I was working back in 2006, I was working inside of a multi storey car park.

I came down in the lift from the top floor where I was working at the time. As I got out of the lift there was a woman in her late 40’s I would say with greying hair and a maroon handbag.

We brushed shoulders as I got out of the lift. I apologised, she gave me a very blank look. I walked out to go get some food not thinking at the time much more than that. Although, when I think about it the lady appeared to look quite sad.

I returned with my noodles around 20 to 30 minutes later. At this point I got back and Police were everywhere. The lady had jumped from the top floor.I knew it was her from the handbag laying on the floor.

Gosh, If I had stopped and spoke to her or left for lunch a little later I may have been able to stop her Jumping.


Saved By Inches

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One of my friends had someone following her home, hiding in the bushes so they couldn’t be seen. She booked it to her house, got inside, and he was watching the house from the outside. She called the cops. They come along quietly and got the jump on him. He had condoms, handcuffs, and a knife. When they got his DNA, it turned out that he was linked to a half dozen rapes in the area. She credits her regimen of running sprints to outrunning him that night and firmly believes she would have been raped if she couldn’t outrun him then.


Always Lock Your Car

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My mom was driving, and a guy ran out in the road, so she stopped so she couldn’t hit him.

It was night time, so it was pretty dark out, and 3 other men emerged from the forest around, all trying to use the door handles of her car to get in. She locked them luckily, and gassed it to the nearest town.

Remember to always lock your car after you start it, because if it wasn’t unlocked who knows what would’ve happened to her.