Redditors Share Stories When They Were The Only Ones To Get Away From A Situation

By Kanupriya - December 12, 2019

So many times we are stuck at a dreadful situation with friends or random people and we pray ‘oh God, spare me this just one time’. What if, God listens to you just that one time and spare you? But, here is the trick. It is just you walking away from that situation unscratched! Yes, God is not just being kind, but he is being kind ‘only to you’. Amazing, right? We are sure you are going to feel super lucky and even… if you want to go that far… invincible. But, don’t let that get to your head people. Because we have already told you in one of our previous posts, how Karma can be sweet at the most unexpected times!

Well, we are not here to scare you. We are here to share some hilarious stories of our Redittors when the were the only ones to get of a tricky and dangerous situation. Some stories are sheer luck, while some are instant wit and cleverness. From getting spared from the rage of teachers to avoiding detentions, from walking out unharmed from a threatening situation to trapping someone else at your place (yes, there are super mean ones too), you will find all kind of true stories here.

So, go read ahead and pray the odds are always in your favor!

Just Keep It Cool

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Loads of people at a pub in my town that was notorious for not IDing so had loads of underage people in there drinking. It was their busiest night of the year and the police raided it. Most people ran out the back and some hopped the fence, the rest tried to hide in the toilets. I just sat there drinking as the police came through the pub, pulling everyone out the toilets and back inside, IDing them all and taking names and addresses. The people who had jumped the fence decided to stand on the corner just outside to wait for their friends who hadn’t been so lucky, they thought. Next thing they knew the police had come outside and started IDing everyone stood on the corner like they had inside. Myself, and two friends, one of age the other, like me, not yet 18, had just sat there through the entire incident, drinking our pints and joking on with some of the better natured cops. They didn’t bother IDing anyone who hadn’t run so I was one of a very few of my friends who got away with it scott free.


Escort 'N Run

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When I was in high school, we had a guitar hero tournament. After the whole ordeal was over, nobody made us actually get rid of the setup that was in an unused room. This lead to a bunch of us always leaving to “go to the bathroom” and just going to play guitar hero. Eventually it evolved into 5-6 xbox/playstation setups in the room. One day the principal finally walks in this room and there are upwards of 30 people in there playing video games. He immediately marches us all to the office. I stormed out the door to go first with a plan that should never work. I walk up to the office door, pull it back and hold it for everyone, and then just shut the door behind them and walk off. Somehow nobody noticed that I never went in and I never got in trouble.


Nobody else got in real serious trouble, just some detentions, but still hilarious.


The Smart Gamble

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I was gambling in Vegas on a Friday with friend’s bachelor party coming up the next day. Playing black jack mostly just killing time waiting for dinner but the table was on fire. It was a full table shortly after I sat down. I played for a couple hours and the table was all up on money anywhere from $50000 to $800. The $800 was me. Everyone else was literally up at least 10 grand. It’s about 20 minutes before I’m supposed to meet up with someone so I call it and head back to my room so I can shower and change for the night. Head out for dinner and have a good night. The next morning, my buddies call me down to the lobby to meet up. As I get down there, out of sheer coincidence they are talking to the dealer that was at the table when I left. She says “There he is!” and points at me. Friends are like “No shiz?”. Turns out, I was the only one that walked away from that table with a dollar to my name.


Taco Got My Back

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Hot boxing a truck with some friends of a friend senior year in an empty parking lot of some park. Already high as hell, when suddenly the Taco Bell we had gorged on earlier is going apeshiz in my bowels and holy shiz I need a bathroom. I ran/stumbled my way to the public restroom on the other side of the parking lot. I finish and as I’m about to walk out I see what looks like red lights illuminating the entrance. I started to lose my shiz. I know it’s cops and everyone’s high as hell . At this point I knew A. My friends are doomed. B. what the heck should I do. I retreated into the farthest stall and texted my parents saying I was crashing at some dude’s house. Ended up falling asleep in the stall. Woke up the next morning and got another friend to pick me up. Got away, no one ratted me out, and that’s how Taco Bell simultaneously destroyed and saved my back at the same time.


Not Your Regular Halloween Cops

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My first house party in college was on Halloween my freshman year. Naturally everyone was in costume and about half the people there were under age. I wasn’t drinking, but my friends were. Around midnight an older guy (40s)walked in dressed as a cop. Me, being one of the few sobers at the party, realized he was an actual cop. I tried to convince my friends to leave but they all said the guy was just in a costume, so I left on my own. I walked right past the cop, told him to have a good night, and walked home. I found out the next day all of my friends got tickets for underaged drinking.


Just Stick To The Plan

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I went to a private highschool and was part of a group of about 20 people who knew about a tent hidden in the woods behind our school. People would go there and have sex after school, smoke pot and do hood rat shiz. Someone got in trouble and ratted out all of us as an attempt to lessen her punishment (apparently she was going to be expelled) and on the last day before finals we all got called down to the detention room and the dean told us that they had found “drug paraphernalia and weapons (airsoft pistol)” and made us all write down everything we know about the tent, and who we’ve seen at the tent. 19 people ratted out everyone in that room, including themselves and were given pretty harsh punishments. 3 were expelled, some were suspended into the next year and the rest got demerits. I wrote down “I have no idea what you’re talking about”, went and talked to the deans and said the same thing and was off the hook. I’m certain my name was on every list, and I’m sure they wanted to nail me but I denied and I guess they were satisfied with 19 people giving themselves up


Do What Bros Gotta Do

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Was at a phish show, we had been following the tour for a while. Undercover caught my dude rolling a blunt in the car. Then the other dude with us was coming by I’m throwing as many “gtfo son!!!” looks I can but they popped him for having pills when he came by. So everyone I was with, including the dude who owns the car got arrested. Thousands of miles from home. As the smartest in the group is getting cuffed he asks the cops to give me his keys and their tickets. So I had a pocket of concert tickets, a car that isn’t mine, and like $100.

Took the car, bought a couple hundred bottles of water and a few 30 packs and went back to the concert. Sold all the water for a dollar each, most of the beers except like 15 or so I drank for $3 each, and scalped every ticket for like $120 each. Showed up at the jail with a random girl from the concert, shizhoused drunk, and bailed my friends out in all 1s. Then bought them a hotel room.

can’t leave my people behind, man.


Applied Psychology

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One time my psychology prof. was in a bad mood so he started asking everyone for their student ID. Rules say you have to show it to a Uni. official if they ask for it. I didn’t have mine that day, and I didn’t know what the punishment was but I knew I wanted none of it, so I tried to get out of it.

So what do I do? Applied psychology. Before he gets to me, I walk up to him and ask a question. When he comes around, he just points at me and mutters to himself that he’d already checked me.

It wasn’t a sure thing. If he’d asked for my ID when I asked the question, I was screwed. It required careful timing to ask the question before he saw me so that he was already thinking about that by the time he turned to face me.

In the end, something like half the class didn’t have their ID that day. Turns out all they do is tell you to carry it


Rooftop Excursions

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Drunk with a few friends walking through the docks/trendy bar area and see an industrial building with a tantalizingly easy to climb up to the roof. We climb up on the roof (they recycle plastic), someone reports burglars on the roof (because recycled plastic and trash must be a big target) and cops show up.

I casually climb onto a tree that overhangs the roof and quickly pass out and the cops don’t see me. My friends don’t rat me out, they get banned for life from a bar in a completely different area of the dock complex because the cops told them they caught them trying to cut a hole in the roof burgle them (utter bullshiz, we were stargazing and drunk chatting).

Anyway, I wake up a few hours later and ask why they left me up there and I’m reminded of the whole cop thing and informed they weren’t arrested but were banned from a bar. We went to the bar the next day to make a point.


Hiding Skills 101

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One night quite a few years ago one of my buddies threw a party with about 50 people. We were mostly all under 21 at the time, and had a few other illegal substances as well. Soon enough, the cops show up. By the time they had opened the doors, I had found myself a nice tool bench to hide inside where the opening for the chair was. This was in the garage, and they also had black lights in so it was difficult to see clearly. So the cops start to give people breathalyzers, all the while I’m crawled up in this little hole for hours. After about 2 hours, they finally load up the last wagon, and I think they pull away. I throw out my legs, which are completely asleep, and right after I hear the cops start heading back inside. I crawl back in as they started to take pictures and dump out the alcohol. The best part about this is that with the black lights, the flash from the camera gave better sight of the room. I have a friend that works in the police station that told me you can see me scrunched inside this little area in one of the pictures. The cops apparently weren’t even angry, just laughed and said they were somewhat impressed


Home Away From Home

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I was the only one to get away from my hometown. Even the kids who went to college out of state moved right back. I was one of 4 in my class who took early graduation (graduated high school with a diploma in hand end of January instead of June) even though due to how the school changed class scheduling like 90% of the senior class was eligible. (We went from a possible 7 credits a school year to a possible 10. The change happened in our Junior year so since we all came in under the old schedule we still only needed the lower credits to graduate.)

I remember on my last day in January everyone was talking in home room like “did you take early grad? no? Me either wish I did but I’d miss everyone!”

This was the school, town, teachers, jobs, people they said they utterly detested and couldn’t wait to get away from. They’re all still there, now with apartments and kids. Still saying how much they hate it and wish they could move away.


Ride 'N Hide

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I wasn’t the ONLY one to get away but I was in the fewer-than-10% that got away.


Used to street race in and right after high school. One night we were at one of the quieter locations and we got an alert that cops were heading in from one direction. We all book it to our cars and start heading out the way that wasn’t being closed in on. Suddenly cars are e-braking and flipping 180 degrees in the middle of the road in front of us and we see a wall of cops advancing. Freakers closed us in. They herded us into a big parking lot, and I’ll never forget watching like 30 Honda Civics drive around in panicked circles like frightened wild animals. At the time I was 17 and only had my permit, and I had sneaked out, so getting caught was not an option. I saw a couple of the less-lowered cars hop a curb in the back of the parking lot and book it across a dirt field, so I joined them. I had just enough clearance to make the curb, so there were maybe 6 other cars and myself doing 60 miles an hour across this empty dirt field. Came out in a residential neighborhood I had never seen before and it took me 30 minutes to get out, but I didn’t get caught. One of my buddies did, and he got his car impounded, an $800 fine, and his parents were pissed.


We'll See That Later

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Started racing, I was winning, cop lights come on, friend stopped, I kept going. A few minutes later I get a call from my friend:

Friend: The cop wants you to come back. Me: ummm, no. Friend: He says you’ll get it now or later. Me: I guess I’ll get it later then.

Parked my car down the street from my house, friend came and picked me, and we went to his place to play Xbox. I felt kinda bad that he got a ticket and I didn’t.


The Sole Survivor

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When I was in third grade I went to a pretty good school, but all around it where lots of low income areas, full of white families. Over the next two years they all started to gravitate into my school, so by fifth grade energy drinks, weapons (mainly knives, but nobody ever used them) swearing, white gangster kids, and sideways flatbill hats with the sticker still on them were everywhere. Of course, most people fell in love with UFC and WWE around this age (I did not, sadly my friends did), and it lead to some…confrontations. Then, one day people in my clique started to write on a piece of paper at lunch names of kids they wanted to try to beat up at recess. I went along with it out of curiosity. Then, the whole table knew about the list, and soon the whole lunch room. It was all we could talk about, and somehow the list evolved into a fight at recess. The teachers tried to shut it down, but to no avail. Then at recess around 80% of the school was at one corner of the playground in a circle, and an all out brawl started. I wasn’t in it, because I had no idea how to fight and I didn’t feel like getting in trouble.

All of the school staff (well, most of it) was needed to stop it, and the crowd was broken up and lectures were being given. They gave out punishments to anyone who was near the fight, so a group of kids and I tried to sneak away. We were about to enter a wooded area of the playground (it was Michigan, so we had lots of these) and a teacher shouted at us to “get over here.” Being at the front, I quickly slipped behind a wide trunk while the others went towards the teacher, and their imminent doom. Nobody even noticed me slip to the other side of the playground to avoid the teachers.

And that, is how around 60-70% of the school got detentions/counseling and I got off scott free. The sole survivor in my clique.


Stay Confident & Smile

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Toga party senior year.

Cops bust the party.

I get dragged out of a house and get told to have a sobriety test. (Unconstitutional, I know, but I was pretty drunk)

I decided that there wasn’t much hurt in trying, so I started talking casually with a cop.

By the end of it he said I could leave without a sobriety test.

People came up to me for the next two weeks asking how much community service I got.


Story Of My First Kiss

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I was 13 and it was the first week of middle school (that’s what you call it I think). In the Netherlands, at least at my school it’s a tradition to go camping with your new classmates. As all 13 years olds would we went to the girls room and just chilled there for a bit. Then the teachers came and all the boys searched a hiding spot and hid under the bed, all except me. I just went to the bathroom. All the dudes were sent to their room and after like 2 minutes I came out. And that boys, is how I got my first 5 kisses


Have A Pleasant Aging Experience

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As a teen I worked at a retail shop with a bunch of other teens. we would regularly fill carts with merchandise and walk them out the front door when management was on break. cases of beer, cartons of cigarettes, perfume, cologne, batteries, compact discs, you name it we stole it. I got ‘promoted’ from cashier to customer service counter. a woman came in one day with a severe biatch face on. I said something along the lines of ‘you dont look like you’ve had a positive shopping experience’ or some bullshiz. She went off on me. Turns out the biatch face was her normal face and I had said the same thing to her every time she came (I didn’t remember her – was high most of the time) into the store. That was my third strike and I got fired on the spot. One week later, all my friends were arrested for theft. They had installed hidden cameras throughout and busted everyone except me


18 Driver's Luck

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I was driving on the highway. I was in the fast lane, with one other lane on my right. The road was straight for a while and then it curved right. Behind me, someone driving a large green Cadillac missed the curve and drove straight into the center divider. The car bounced off it and spun, taking out the car next to it. Cars behind them hit them both. It was a huge pileup, but the curve of the road meant that within 10 seconds, none of it was visible anymore. I only noticed it all because I happened to be looking in the rearview mirror just as it happened. I sputtered and pointed. My girlfriend looked up from her book, not having heard or seen a thing. She didn’t believe me when I told her what had happened. By then the road had straightened out and I just said “Look behind us! No cars on the road!” Ahead of us traffic was moderate – behind: nothing for as far as we could see.


Petite Thefts

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I had two girlfriends in middle school who peer pressured me into EVERYTHING-stealing, drinking, etc. I was a pretty innocent kid, so I finally put my foot down one night when they were trying to steal my parents’ alcohol (we were 12). They made fun of me until I cried, and I felt like I lost my two best friends. I googled their names 10 years later and saw that they were both arrested multiple times for “petit theft”…. Heh.


Proud, Super Proud!

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I’m a recovering heroin addict. In high school and college I remember the surreal feeling of watching childhood friends end up in treatment, dead or in prison. When I first got clean I remember thinking “man, never again will I have to watch my circle of friends dwindle”.

I first got clean with a group of four. One by one we celebrated 30 days sober, then 60, then 90, then our 1 year marks. Shortly after one by one we relapsed. One died her first day back out of an overdose, the next committed suicide, one’s still relapsing on and off. Then there’s me. I’m about to celebrate 4 years and I feel like I can never get close to another addict again.



Heavy & Scary

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I went to visit an old friend who was a bartender at a sketchy place.

He bought me a few drinks and then he told me to leave. So I left out the back door and waited at my car. I waited almost an hour and when I ran out of smokes I went back in.

My friend, and the few other patrons, had been herded into the walk-in cooler and shot execution style. The till was untouched. 37 years later nobody has a clue why or who the gunmen were.



I'm An Albatross

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This isn’t my story, but the story of a creepy old man I encountered at a wedding. I guess he was a sailor back in the day and some crazy bird was following his ship around so he shot and killed it. After that, the other sailors were all bent out of shape about it, but they encountered some bad weather and they all died except for him. I don’t really understand it, but I’ve been a sadder and wiser man ever since I heard this tale.


Sneaky L'il VIP

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Went to a music festival and snuck into the VIP section. Security came by checking wristbands and told us we had to leave, we start walking to the exit when he peels away and checks someone else. I pull a full on u-turn and walk back to the stage without looking back, before he or my friends realize he turns back to my friends and continues to escort them out. Spent the rest of the night watching the show from VIP and a few friends get caught trying to sneak back in.


Best Actress In Confusing Role

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Sophomore year of high school we were all drinking at a girls house (20ish people). Someone said a cop car was in front of the house so I go out the back door with one other person. I see flashlights coming toward the house. Apparently two officers are hopping fences to get to her backyard. The other guy goes back inside while I jump the fence into the front yard. I walk down the street toward my car and a cop car pulls up beside me and rolls along the street as I walk. I look at him like I’m confused but walk calmly and turn at a random driveway, walk up to the door, take one look back like I still don’t get why he’s looking at me, and open the glass storm door as if I’m going inside. He assumes that’s my house and takes off down the street. I run and hide (afraid someone in the house will wonder who opened their door). I wait until the road is clear of cops and I can leave. I find out later everyone had to call their parents and one friend got a ride home in a cruiser and got in trouble. One kid got arrested for being belligerent. I’m the only one who got away.


Weight Out The Situation

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Not me, but my one of my sister’s friends. Him, her, and a group of friends had stolen one of their parent’s cars and were taking it for a speedy joyride. They ended up losing control and crashing into a house. When the cops showed up as they were bound to do, the entire group bolted and ran down an alleyway (instead of splitting up I guess). Well, there was one very overweight friend, and he decided to give up, sit down, and wait for the inevitable in the alley. Meanwhile, another patrol car had circled around and captured all of his friends. He got away.

(Griffin poop)

Sony Saved The Day

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Bachelor party, I didn’t go I don’t drink and stuff so chuck it. Friends decided camping and fishing trip they all get in a boat, boat sinks in the middle of nowhere choppy waters and pump broke they had to swim to an island. Was springtime in Ontario so the water was ice cold luckily one friend had a Sony z3 and it’s waterproof he called 911 and got rescued a couple hours later one guy was already getting hypothermia. lol kind of glad I sat that one out. Also if he didn’t have a Sony phone they might all be dead.


Better Walk Than Cuffed

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Not interesting but a few years ago I was in a car with 3 other people and we got pulled over. I was the only white guy riding with 3 Hispanic friends. Friend who was driving has epilepsy has a permanent suspended drivers license and shouldn’t be driving at all, yet he keeps driving cause chuck it since the state won’t give him any sort of help and he has to do something to make money. Other 2 friends have a few warrants for unpaid tickets and bench warrants for not showing up to court.


I was sitting in the back. I am the only one not riding dirty but I have no drivers licenses or insurance. So my friend has an older BMW. CA CHP pulls us over they grab everyone’s ID but mine. My friend driving tells them that he has epilepsy but as far as he knew he was cleared to drive. CHP tells him that’s bullshiz, they take him away and take the car and find the other 2 warrants and take away the other people. The only thing they asked me was do you have a valid driver’s license and insurance? I saw nope and they tell me I am free to leave. So I get to take a nice 9 mile walk (this was before uber and the bus in LA don’t run 24 hours like in most major locations) home while everyone else got to take another type of ride.


Good Face. Bad Act.

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When I was young in high school we used to flood toilets. so one day during lunch my friends are flooding one bathroom and im down the hall flooding another bathroom. suddenly the door swings open so I quickly go to the urinal and start taking a leak. water is flowing from every toilet. a teacher walks in. he looks at me. I’m peeing in the urinal. he says “DID YOU DO THIS?!”

I look at him and with a straight face say “if i did this would i be hanging around to use the bathroom?”


“good point” he says. and he let me go. my other friends got caught.


Smoking Is Always Injurious

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I was super shy in high school so I became friends with anyone who wasn’t a complete idiot. This of course meant that I hung out with some “misfits” who did things like smoke cigarettes.

There was a spot where we all used to go and smoke near the school. It wasn’t on school property so we always figured we could get away with it. One day a police car rolls up and he says on his loudspeaker “stay where you are”, of course all 12 of us ran.


I could hear the officer mutter something like “god dammit” over the loudspeaker and he got out of his car and started chasing us on foot. The other 11 kids for some reason ran back towards the school in a pack. I simply ran the other way, jumped a fence and hid in the wetlands. I watched the police officer (with the help of a vice principal) round up my friends and march them back into the school. I then watched the officer walk back to retrieve his car and file his report. I sat in that swamp for what felt like forever. As soon as the coast was clear, I just walked home and vowed never to smoke another cigarette.

All of my friends where suspended and had their parents called. All I got was muddy shoes


Creep Alert

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Back when J Law got her nudes leaked in that massive iCloud incident, it was a pretty popular topic in my free period at school. For scientific purposes I just happened to keep a few on my phone and showed a few other kids who were in disbelief. Later that week all the kids I showed got detention for indecent acts during school.