People Tell Stories Of The Times They Were Almost Murdered

By Kanupriya - December 29, 2019

Life is extremely precious and its real worth is known by those who have almost lost it. Yes, without knowing, we tend to take our lives for granted. It takes a moment of revelation to realize that it is not and will never be permanent. These Redditors have experienced life and death situations so closely that just reading their stories will give you good amount of goosebumps.

We sincerely request people to help those who are in need of mental help. Mental illness is a taboo in the society and that needs to change as not only it affects the lives of people suffering from it, sometimes it also ends up destroying the lives of those who are close to them. Also, violence at any cost is wrong. The cases of domestic violence has spread so bad that every 1 out 5  families is suffering from it. If you are someone who’s facing such issue or know someone who is, seek help and provide help immediately before it is too late. And lastly, we also want people to read these stories and realize that if they know any kid who is facing violence or abuse at their home, they should be helped immediately. Any delay in such cases can lead to severe repercussions.

These stories will open your eyes to the evil that there is in this world and compel you to take your life extra seriously.

Deadly Husband

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Then husband and I were arguing, sitting side by side on the couch. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the throat. I struggled to pry him off of me and fell off the couch. He then straddled me and continued choking me. I tried to get leverage but he was 80+ lbs heavier and 5” taller and I couldn’t get a purchase.

I remember blacking out and feeling a “well, so this is it, I guess” – not quite peace but not fear.

Came to gagging and coughing. Apparently me passing out scared him. He never apologized, the marks took ages to fade, and YES I left him later.


Don't Touch My Brother

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My brother (6) and I (9) were playing games in our computer room which was at the back of our house when our next door neighbor (20 ish male) came over and said he needed us to go to his place for something. We sort of knew him, our dad had hired him to do some work and so he wasn’t a total stranger to us so we went. He took us into his bedroom, bound our hands and tried to stuff socks into our mouths to gag us. He pulled out a knife and tried to threaten us, we didn’t understand the weight of the situation even then because he asked me “do you know what this means?” And I joked “you’re going to cook something in the kitchen?” He then grabbed me and pulled me onto the floor and tried to smother me. When he realized I was still getting some breaths in, he switched to strangling me. I remember kind of giving in and telling myself “it’s ok, Mum and dad are going to give me a good funeral” and then saw my brother standing at the door saying he was scared and he wanted to leave, I begged him to stay and he did, which is something I will never forget and has made such a hugely positive impact on our relationship. At that point it clicked in my mind that once I was dead he was going to kill my brother too, so I started to fight the hardest I had ever fought, I bit and scratched and threw my body around and knocked a large stereo down that made enough noise for his parents to come in (they were home the entire time). They untied us, took us home and his dad dropped to his knees and begged my mum not to call the police. Obviously she completely ignored his request and called. In the end they found carving knives, industrial plastic bags and other equipment to dispose of our bodies in his room. To this day that is the closest I have ever come to dying.


Saved By Insomnia

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An ex beat me nearly to death, and stabbed me twice. I remember the point where I let myself pass out, because I thought I wasn’t going to survive. It was the coldest day that year in the Province, and the middle of the night. A jogger found me in the middle of the park, blood everywhere. He thought I was dead at first. three days in a coma. Hypothermia. A list of injuries that are so horrific I don’t like thinking about. If he hadn’t had insomnia and went running at 3am I would have died. The jogger ended up becoming a big part of my life, I see him for a nice dinner twice a year. My parents paid off his student loans. I regularly send gifts to the trauma team that took care of me.


Just Pure Evil

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My dad’s girlfriend always hated me. She would constantly talk about putting me in foster care and would treat me very differently to how she treated her own kids. This happened when I was around 5 or 6.

I woke up one night incredibly overheated and finding it really difficult to breathe. I was choking on the majority of my (quite long and thick) hair and had been covered up in several layers of thick blankets (my body, not my fave). I looked up and I remember her just standing there in the semi dark room, watching me struggle with no expression on her face. As I started to struggle a little more I woke up her son, who was sleeping on the floor in the same room.

Suddenly she changed and started to pull the hair out of my mouth and helped me to sit up. She got me a glass of water and told me I was lucky she came in because “a ghost had shoved my hair down my throat”and she was saving me. My dad took me to a doctor the next day for an “asthma attack” and I was given an inhaler for the next week.

The screwed up thing is, because I was so young I didn’t really put together what happened until I was much older. She never tried again, but she was horribly abusive. I cut all contact with her around age 13 and with my father at 19. Some people are just pure freaking evil.



Mother’s Love Can Be Toxic

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My mother tried pretty damn hard when she was alive. Worst thing was that was 4 of us in all but I was the only one she hated “because I looked like dad”

Pills, pushing me out a window, from a boat, leaving the house with everyone else at night with the front door open and me alone (this was a very bad area) . She tried constantly to kick me from home. This carried on from the age of 5 till I was 8 and she successfully managed to kill herself instead. Ended up going to dad who she kicked out of the house years beforehand and after some pretty heavy therapy ended up pretty normal.

Considering how my siblings turned out I’m the lucky one.

Gotta admit though, it never went in my head I might die. I just accepted it, kinda hoped for it. No matter what she did, at night when she was crying alone in the front room I was the only one who went to comfort her. Looking back I’m glad I at least tried but damn, I don’t care what her problems were, I hate that woman to this day. My step mother’s my real mother as far as I’m concerned.


The Crooked Cousin

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In high school, my cousin and I were at the public pool. We were swimming in the deep end and just chatting. We’d never really been close, and we used to hate each other in Middle School. But we’d kinda made amends and I was trying to be friendly.

He tells me to swim towards the deep end and I do. I have never been a strong swimmer. He follows me and puts his hand on my shoulder. I thought he was just letting me know he wouldn’t let me go under the water.

Suddenly he grabs me, puts me in a full Nelson and dunks me underwater. I wasn’t expecting this and I took in a lung full of water. He holds my there for a while and eventually brings me back up, lets me cough, then puts me back under.

He does this a few times and every time he brings me up, I don’t have time to cough out the water to breathe. I thought I was going to die. It was fairly late in the day so there wasn’t a lot of people around to witness this.

Luckily my sister happened to walk by and called out for me. My cousin lets me go and I pathetically doggie paddle to the side. My sister sees that I’m having trouble breathing and pulls me out of the water.

I looked back at my cousin and he didn’t even look mad or anything. He just looked at me and watched me leave.

I still see him every now and then at family reunions and such. I’ve never talked to him since. Everyone in the family loves him and the only person who knows what he tried to do to me is my sister.


Sorry Kevin, But You Saved My Life!

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Hanging out at my favorite bar around age 19, saw an old friend’s band play. I was hanging with another friend Kevin earlier. Kev is a big burly hockey player, so I hadn’t been hit on by other dudes all night, but Kev had to leave for work the next day so I was all alone near the night’s end. Waiting for my tab alone at the end of the bar and an old man in a weird hat comes up to me. I’d seen him staring before during the show.

“hey sweetie. Your boyfriend in the band?”

“yep uhuh totally. I’m dating the drummer. Why?” (go me, good lie)

“I’m gonna fight him for ya!”

He kept on with that train of thought. It took a little convincing to get the guy not to fight my not-boyfriend. After a minute, he gets extremely irate, growls, and stomps straight out of the bar.

Weird, right?

Turns out he’d roofied my drink an hour prior, when I was hanging with Kevin, but Kevin and I swapped beers somehow. Kev nearly crashed his car on the way home, had to be driven the rest of the way as he got woozy, threw up in his yard before passing out in his own vomit, and his roommates had to carry him in and shower him before bed. He was unconscious but alive for the next 16 hours, through 8hr of his alarm clock beeping and through his whole work shift. He’d had just that one beer. The man was checking to see if the drugs kicked in, and realized he’d wasted them when I was still alert enough to argue.

If I, at 120lb, had gotten that beer, instead of 260lb Kevin, I know I would have been a pretty corpse that night.

(Helena Kelleher)


The Inhuman Stabber

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I was coming home from a girls house who I was sort of seeing at the time. The way home was probably about an hour and half give or take, and involved taking three buses and a sky-train.

I ended up leaving her house at about 10:30-11 pm which wasn’t unusual and on the weekend buss’s went till about 1 am so I didn’t have much to worry about. I got on the first bus to head to the sky train station without anything out of the ordinary. Got on the sky train and still not much to bat an eye at other then you usual drunk crowd.

Now when I reached the bus terminal after the second bus there were only a few of us left on the bus including the sketchy guy sitting in the corner, but as I mentioned it’s late and on the weekend so just figured that he was just another guy going home. So everyone gets off the bus and I pick up my stuff and get off the bus, I was probably the last or close to the last person to get off.

Around the whole bus loop they have the stations for buses to pull up and have the departure times posted. So as I am heading over to check how long I would be waiting for, this guy waves me over (Sketchy guy from the bus) so I take out my headphones to see what he wants and he proceeds to ask me if I wanted to have a smoke with him. I responded saying No thanks, I don’t smoke.

The guy proceeds to take a step towards me and stabs me twice. Completely random and out of nowhere. The guy ends up stabbing me in the heart and in the liver. It was a really surreal feeling, I remember it feeling as if I got punched in the gut and got the wind knocked out of me. It took me a second to realize what happened as I’m hunched over trying to figure out what the hell just happened I look down and realize I’m bleeding, and not just a little bit, I was losing blood at what I assume was a pretty quick rate. I just ended up falling to my knees and without much thought to it started yelling for help.

Luckily for me, there were still some people at the loop waiting for their buses and rushed over to help me. I remember this one girl who I believe was coming from the local mountain from a ski-trip or something like that ended up coming down to the ground and tried to keep me calm.

I guess one of the by-standers ended up calling 911 and from what I was told, the time from the call being made to the time I got to the hospital was within 20 minutes. The time for the whole event is kind of jumbled in my head.

Next thing I remember the ambulance is there and are loading me onto a gurney and into the ambulance. I guess the bodies natural reaction is to curl up into a ball to keep vitals safe, but the paramedics kept having to tell me to lay flat so they could do their thing but I remember that being one of the hardest things to do. I remember them asking me personal questions like my name and where I live, just basic things like that and in my head I knew I knew the answers but at the time could not vocalize them. I asked the paramedics in there how bad it was and if I was going to make it. Of course they don’t answer which at the time frustrated me to no end, but looking back makes total sense, just to not freak me out more than I already was. Last thing I remember of the night was being wheeled into the ER and grabbing onto someone’s scrubs…It all kind of went dark after that.

I ended up having surgery on my kidney and heart, and have a scar going from my collar bone to just below my belly-button. I was put into an induced coma for a few days so my body could heal, And ended up spending another week or so in the hospital after waking up.

From what I’ve been told one of the top cardiac surgeons in our province happened to be at the hospital and was able to push a less severe surgery back, to come and do the surgery on me. If the other patient didn’t agree to have their surgery postponed, or that surgeon didn’t happen to be there that day there is a good chance I wouldn’t be here today.

I wouldn’t say there was a particular moment that I accepted I was going to die, but when the paramedics wouldn’t answer my questions I knew it wasn’t a good sign.

This all happened almost 7 years ago, and I have told the story many times to people I meet and friends who’ve asked and I can tell the story in about 5 minutes, basically have it scripted out in my head. However, this is the first time I’ve ever actually written about it so sorry if this comes out as a huge wall of text but I guess it was a different outlet for me and just a story I haven’t told like this before.


Doesn’t Look Like A Play

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When I was about 12, I was swimming in a lake at our cottage. Another family was renting the cottage next to ours for the summer. A younger (but bigger) girl was part of that family. She joined me in swimming and kept pushing me under the water. At first I thought she was just messing around but she started holding me under for longer and longer even though (between gasping, watery coughs) I was begging her to stop.

I remember feeling helpless and like there was nothing I could do. She was stronger than me and I couldn’t get away. My throat and eyes and nose were stinging. It was horrible. For whatever reason, she stopped and I swam/ran to shore, crying the whole way, hoping I was faster than her and never looking back to see if she was gaining on me.

When I told my mom what happened, she assured me the younger girl was just trying to play. No one ever legitimized how terrifying that experience was.


Monsters In Disguise

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This was about 4 years ago and I had just left my very abusive ex via being chased out of the house with a shotgun. He stole my car and I was running down the street calling a friend of mine to come rescue me. “I’m running down my street, come get me. NOW!” I’m scared for my life at this point and the next thing I know I hear the tires screeching of a car. My car. And I’m going over the car. I was going in and out of consciousness and my ex and one of his buddies steps out. My ex has a tire iron and his buddy has a steel bat. They started beating me ruthlessly as I laid there in the middle of the street completely unable to do anything but attempt to cover my face. I vaguely remember the neighbors coming outside and tackling both of them while another called 911. I couldn’t breathe by this point and I was begging over and over again in my head for them to please just end me. I couldn’t take the pain anymore.

I woke up in the hospital after 6 days of being in a coma and was asked to give a report shortly afterwards. I really don’t remember a whole lot of that experience aside from getting the absolute shiz beat out of me and wanting so desperately to just die.

I don’t exactly remember the point where I knew I was a goner but it was probably about the time I saw them both step out with a bat and a tire iron.



Crime Over Pizzas

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A girl tried to gut me because I stopped letting pizzas get delivered to a local shizhole of a community. The short version is that people kept getting mugged/assaulted and I quickly became the only person with enough stupidity to keep delivering there. Eventually one of the people held me at gunpoint so he could get a free pizza and I decided that it wasn’t worthwhile to keep them in our delivery range even though a good chunk of our orders came from there.

A few days later the “big boss” of that ghetto called our shop and told us that we were stupid and that we should keep our eyes peeled for his “boys”. I told him to get screwed and told him to expect a visit from the police. Anyway, the dude gets arrested for threatening harm and a bunch of other shiz like drugs.

As a bit of background, there are two housing authorities (like a bunch of government subsidized cookie cutter apartments) in my town, one on each side and both of them have gang ties and they both hate each other. I just a white boy who needed a cheap place to live so I was out of place and they thought I was keeping pizza from them due to “gang” reasons.

Anyway, a girl knocks at my door and tells me that she bought some wine but forget to buy a wine opener and wanted to borrow mine. I told her I have one, but it’s the weird wall mounted one that my dad made (it’s like a weird box with multiple inserts for opening things. In this case the wine opening one is this small electric one that will drill into the cork and you can just pull it out). So I take the bottle and turn around and walk to the kitchen and as I’m walking I hear the sound of a pocket knife (you know, that classic “fwip” sound) so I whip around and look at her.

We stared each other down for what felt like forever and then she started moving towards me and talking shiz about how I got her “boo” arrested and now she has to take care of three kids alone and how hard it is pushing dope without her boyfriend around.

Eventually, I snapped out of my “dur can no hurt ladi” mindset because I realized it was her or me, and I chose me. So i took a step back, grabbed the wine bottle by the neck, and whacked her upside the head. She crumbled to the floor and blood started to pool around her. Cops were called and an ambulance came, I was carted off to the good ol’ county jail because it was a small town and they couldn’t prove my side of the story but they did believe it.

I told my boss what happened and he paid my bail. I went back to work and started taking double shifts so I could pay back the total bro move my boss did. The boss got me in contact with a good lawyer and I was found not guilty on the grounds of self-defense (neighbor had a camera near his door that could see inside of my house if my door was open and it caught everything. It wasn’t the greatest quality but there was no mistaking what happened).


You Don’t Throw Cats Around

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A drug dealer attacked me with a crowbar in his house because I objected to him throwing his cat of the wall.

He jumped on me, bit me then ran out of the room.

He returned moments later with a crowbar.

I ran out of the house with no shoes (Didn’t have time to put them back on).

I ran down the street. Its a bout a mile long, no houses, it runs in the middle of a field with an old Monastery on it.

He gave chase. With a freaking knife.

I was so unfit at the time it was horrific.

Noone would stop their cars and help (Understandably).

I ran into the field to try and hide because I couldn’t run anymore.

I was stumbling down a little ankle deep stream with no shoes on. I couldn’t breath and all I could hear was him closing in on me.

The sound of the stream. My own breath and closing footsteps behind me, in the middle of nowhere.

I thought ‘If I dont get back on that road right now, I am going to die here’

I turned and made a run for the road. I got there and kept running… I couldnt breath. It was just adrenaline.

I ended up bursting throw the door of a rough as heck awful little pub.

The barmaid let me use the phone (I’d left my mobile in dealers house).

Everyone in the bar thought it was hilarious.

The dealer burst in after me and told everyone I had just smoked weed for the first ever time and was freaking out and that he’d take me home and make sure I was ok.

Some people realised what was really happening at this point and told him to heck off.

My dad came and picked me up.

This was the start of me turning my life around. This happened 11 years ago.


The Devil Is A Free Bird

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My ex boyfriend suffocated me till the point I passed out and almost succeeded in killing me. He had gotten angry at me during an argument and when I tried to call the police because he was getting violent, he took my phone from me and forced my head face down into a pillow while he was screaming that he would kill me before he would let himself get arrested. Somewhere about 3-4 minutes in, I started to lose consciousness and thought that I was going to die. After three hours of him holding me captive, I managed to convince him to let me use my computer (since you can’t dial 911 from a PC) and managed to facebook message a friend who called the police for me.

Ex boyfriend did not go to jail or face any punishment for this. Despite the ex already having a DV charge on his record, the police showed up and told me they couldn’t do anything since there were no visible marks. My ex is a free man, assuming he can avoid getting a third DUI this year.


Different Laws Could Have Saved More Lives

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I got attacked in New Zealand (my home) by three kids under seventeen. They were gang affiliates of one of the biggest Maori gangs and I guess looking to earn their stripes. One was just throwing punches, one had a flat head screwdriver and was trying to stab me with it and one had a small wood hatchet. Long story short, got a scrape on my side from the screwdriver and managed to throw myself sideways as the hatchet was swung into my head. It glanced off my temple, smashed my glasses to pieces leaving me practically blind and I managed to run. They were all caught and because of their age were treated like the victims. They were all charged with common assault and had to pay restitution for my spectacles – which I never received. I was pretty incredulous at the time – I said to the police that if I hit someone in the head with an axe I would be charged with attempted murder. They just shrugged. “Their age mate. Never get a conviction.”

I followed up ten years later and one was dead from a car accident while pissed, and the other two had done time in prison for violent assaults and one rape.


Always Fight Back

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In college, I woke up to someone on top of me in my apartment (I live alone)… The guy had his pants off and a knife pointed directly to my head. The memories of that night aren’t really clear… He threatened to kill me multiple times… I remember crying. All I know is that at one point, he pulled the knife back as to prepare to stab me.. instinct kicked in and I grabbed it.

I don’t know if I scared him off because my hand was bleeding extremely bad (severed tendons and muscles on 3/5 fingers) or what… But I didn’t ever really “accept” that I was going to die. I knew it was an option… Not one I was choosing if I had any say in it.

The guy ended up helping me get paper towels to wrap my hand up, demanded money, and left. Later found out he hung himself… He left a suicide note that he hung himself because “the girl fought back.”

All I have to say about that incident is that PTSD sucks. Big time.



Less Abusive Of The Two

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When I was 9 years old my mother’s boyfriend at the time tried to suffocate me in a container of ice cream. He was a piece of shiz that had already been beating on my mom and I for a couple years. She was working and I was told I could have 2 scoops after dinner. I took 3 scoops (you know, cause I was 9 and liked ice cream) and when he noticed he completely lost his damn mind. Screaming and throwing things around, he grabbed the ice cream from the fridge, dragged me by my hair to the bathroom and proceeded to scream at me about “Following the rules” and “This is why you are such a fat chick ” while holding my head down in the ice cream tub until I eventually passed out.

It was only a day or so after that when he decided to hang up on my father when he called to talk to me. This resulted in my father, my uncle and 2 police officers showing up, and me moving in with my father (who was only verbally abusive instead of physical AND verbal).

Never Ever Give Up

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I was mugged once and then the guy tried to stab me in the neck. I got my left hand in front of it, the knife went straight into my hand. I screamed and hit him a bit, and he ran away. The scariest part wasn’t the pain, but looking down at my hand and seeing how ruined it was. Standing there, wondering if I could bleed to death from that because there was blood everywhere. That was ~6 years ago, I’m good now. My hand still hurts every now and then.

To answer the question, I never accepted that I would die. I wouldn’t recommend anyone in that sort of a situation does.


Mothers Can Be Terrifying

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While this wasn’t technically an attempt on my life, I did accept my death as a kid. My mom had a prescription pill problem – she took a lot of morphine, soma, etc…lots of opiates and muscle relaxers. She was super screwed up pretty much all the time. But that didn’t stop her from insisting on driving me around. She would pick me up in a stupor and drive extremely recklessly – one moment that stands out in my memory is when she was driving 90 miles per hour down the freeway, heading straight for totally stopped traffic, and when she was just meters away she would slam on her breaks as hard as she could and skid to a stop behind the car in front of her. I was so petrified and felt so powerless in the car. So I just told myself that if I was going to die, it would be easier if I didn’t have to see it coming and would just close my eyes and try to relax. I was around 7 years old. Had a serious fear of cars for a long time after I finally didn’t have to be at her mercy.


Sixth Sense Works

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It could be it doesn’t actually match here, I don’t know if she was trying to kill me or just make me sick or uncomfortable, but my father’s ex-girlfriend tried to make me take her medication without me knowing.

She had kidney problems, was waiting for a transplant and had to go three times a week to dialysis. So she was on A LOT of pills and things, was going to a psychiatrist too and there was a lot of food and drinks she couldn’t take. Like Coca-cola. For her, any kind of soda was a one glass once a month kind of thing unless she wanted a trip in an ambulance.

And I always have been a huge soda fan. At that time I had a glass with lunch and another one with dinner, we always had extra bottles (it was cheaper) and I was the only one who drank them at my home.

So one day I go to take a sip and surprise, there’s no soda in the fridge. I go for one of the extra bottles, and there’s none. That’s the first signal something was wrong, because my father was very adamant that the pantry had to be always full. I check again the fridge and there WAS a bottle, one of those of 0,75L or so, something we never, ever bought.

My father’s girlfriend was already a biaatch at the time, acted with me as if I was 3 instead of 19, had managed to upset my sister so much she was living somewhere else, and I had the impression she was trying to do the same with me, trying to fight with me for little things because she knew my father would always take her side. So when I saw that bottle I decided I wouldn’t touch it, no way jose.

Two weeks go by and the bottle is still there, untouched and even the soda I had bought myself just disappeared into thin air a day after. Finally my dad asks about the small bottle, saying if it had gone bad or something, or if he could take it. He said all of this while looking at me, because, again, I was the soda drinker and the girlfriend couldn’t have almost any because of her kidney.

And then that bloody biaatch fans herself all worried and goes “Oh no, no no no, you can’t drink it! I have put my medicine on it so it’s easier to take without feeling its taste! Do not touch it!”

I swear I felt how I went pale. This woman was on a shiz ton of things, serious things. Anyone could have take that bottle. And I know my father didn’t buy her story, but he just smiled, nodded and said he would buy me some soda the next day because he had noticed there wasn’t any left.

So, just to be clear, she couldn’t drink soda, her medicine was with strict dosage because it wasn’t just some ibuprofen, and we are talking about somebody who painted her whole water bottle black with messages like “DON’T DRINK! POISON! [girlfriend]’S PROPRIETARY!” just so she could track properly how much water she took everyday. And this woman decided to take her medicine with soda, not telling anyone, in a non-marked bottle, at the same time all the rest of the soda disappeared.

All of it made me start to think and put some things together, like the way I always felt sick after she takes care of making dinner, and the way she put all the food in a central plate except mine, something that at first I took as a favour to me because I prefer it that way.

After that day I refused to eat anything she cooked for me and wasn’t with everyone else’s food, and surprisingly, or not, I stopped getting sick at night. So maybe she didn’t mean to kill me, but she was trying for something for sure.


Stay Away From Everything Illegal

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I was 14 and with a few friends (A, J & M) when we decided to buy some marijuana from a kid a couple years older than us we knew from school (X). We went to his house, made the deal and went to J’s house.

Some time later, about an hour or so, there is pounding on the door and J looks through the peephole, “Yo it’s X”. I come to answer the door with J and the second the lock was undone, the door flies open.

J took the entire force of the door and got crushed between it and the wall. Several older guys rush in and I am pulled out, slammed on the ground and there’s a hand around my throat. As the life is being choked out of me, I gather the choker is X’s older brother, X had something stolen from him and we are held responsible.

Everything was happening so fast and the blood wasn’t getting to my brain so I can’t recall everything clear, but I remember the last 10 seconds. Friend A was tending to J (who ended up with five broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken jaw and a dislocated knee) while M ran and got J’s father’s hunting rifle.

X’s brother looks at M holding this gun in the doorway of the house and says, “You freaking pussy, you won’t shoot, you’ll just watch as I kill this kid.” When he looked back down at me, I saw pure psychotic rage in his eyes.

Then he screamed and fell off me. Did M shoot? No, but he’s beside me now waving the gun and everyone backed off except X’s brother, who is screaming and holding face and there’s blood all over me and him. Then I notice my hand is burning BAD.

Apparently, I grabbed my keys out of my pocket and holding them in my fist like some kind of claw, I slammed them into his face. My hand hurts because the keys tore my hand up, but all this blood isn’t mine. The Entourage of X grabs the brother and they retreat quickly, speeding off in their vehicles.

J and I visit the hospital. He stays for 5 days as they treat his various injuries and I escaped with a small scar on my left index finger from a few stitches.

X’s brother was also there and my family got his injury report directly from his mother; Three lacerations and a broken cheek that require reconstructive surgery, lost most vision in his right eye, perforated eardrum, six shattered teeth and a cracked jaw. The key to my first car had a 6mm piece of the tip break off and lodge into his jawbone.


Psycho Lover

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At the end of an 8 month program in a film school, one of my best friends and me decided to do acid the last night to celebrate but my friend insisted on doing 4 stamps each, and he paid for everything (we had done a fair amount before this together so it was not totally abnormal, but still a bit much). 3 hours into it, he starts to block all the exits and I realize he is acting maniac, but I’m on a heckload of acid too and seem to be drifting in and out of consciousness as this guy starts to talk about the view from his 18th floor, and takes me to the window. I zone in when I’m almost out the window and realize he has been trying to convince me to jump, and was now resorting to physical pressure. I panicked, and was in total fear since I could see the crazy in this guys eyes, grabbed my things and rushed out of there in the acid haze. As far as whether I accepted death, nope, the moment I was lucid enough to understand what was happening, I gottheheckout.


People Are THAT Malicious

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There was a kid in high school woodshop who thought it would be cool to see someone get screwed up by the table saw. He would regularly wait for people to use it, then come up behind them with an air compressor hose and blast it in their ear or on the back of their head while the saw was being used. Obviously everyone flinches. Plenty of people would duck away from it and almost hit the blade with their face or flinch and almost run their hand or arm through the saw. We had told the teacher a few times, but he never believed anyone was that malicious. This went on for weeks. Eventually he stopped using the air compressor and just started pushing people. And then I was that person. The kid waited out of the room until I turned it on and started running a large piece of plywood through the table saw then came over and pushed my head down. My face actually got close enough to the blade that it scraped my goggles. The blade wasn’t set high enough that I would have died. I would have lost my eye and had some pretty awful damage though.

I don’t really remember getting that close to the blade, it happened so fast that by the time I figured out what was going on it was over. The teacher saw it I guess, and the kid was removed from the class but that was it.

Jesus christ, yes I hit him. Yes it was with a 2×4, I stepped back and picked one up that was laid across the long side of the saw. I hit him once across the back and knocked him to the ground and it also knocked the wind out of him.

I just didn’t think it was critical for the attempted murder part.

This was like 8-9 years ago. I heard he is in jail now for trying to kill his girlfriend or something. I don’t know, I haven’t really cared enough to follow up.


Everyone Here Was Bad

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  1. When I was around seven there was an older neighbor boy that my father insisted I be friends with as his dad and mine would do drugs together, the kid was touching me and I wanted it to stop as it had been going on for around a year and was escalating in a way that even a very sheltered child could recognize as Very Bad and I’d seen enough violence that I could all but smell what he was going to do. I threatened to tell and while it’s very fuzzy here I think he started to strangle/suffocate me but my dad started calling for me when this was going on and he let up but threatened to kill my mother if I ever told, and as my father had tried to strangle my mom to death in front of me before I believed this boy when he said it.



Crazy Stepmom In The House

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I don’t know what she was trying to do or when she would’ve stopped but my mother in law snapped and jumped me one day. She’d called to ask if I’d go get her prescription (20 minutes from my house) and bring it to her (30 minutes back the other way). I was low on funds and had my nephew we’d taken in to provide for so I made sure she said she’d have the money to give back to me for the script and a few dollars in gas. When I got there, she was all crazy looking (not unusual but off enough for me to notice it was worse than normal) and I handed her the script and asked for the money. She didn’t answer and pushed past me to go to the car, where my baby nephew was sleeping. I came up behind her and asked what was wrong and she said, my grandson’s not going anywhere with you you little slut. I said whatever Cathy, you obviously just don’t have the money and now you’re trying to turn it around like I did something wrong. This after I drive all over and deliver your meds to you but fine. I had gotten into the front seat and buckled up but the car was running, I’d never turned it off. She grabbed my ponytail from behind and started punching the back of my head. It took time to get the car in park and get out of the seatbelt but when I did, we brawled. (She’s also a huge woman. very tall, Idk if she clears 6 feet but she’s close, maybe 280lbs. I was 5’2″ and 120). She got on top and tried to choke and I grabbed a fist full of hair, snatched her head down and held it while I punched with the other. I think it was then that I broke my wrist but I didn’t know it then. Finally, my nephew’s mom, Cathy’s daughter, comes out and screams and she finally gets off, but the whole time it was like the lights were on but no one was home in her eyes. She may very well have kept going if no one had been around to snap her out of it and while she, the cops and everyone else would say I gave as good as I got, I got the worst of it and she attacked ME. She got up and went in the house and I went to the car and tried to get the baby. When I went to undo the straps, I realized my wrist was injured. Someone had called the cops. I won’t get into all that, but I ended up having to have surgery for pins and screws in my wrist and it still hurts regularly. I haven’t laid eyes on her since court and never will again. My husband was humiliated and just devastated. Every time I cried, he cried harder. His stepmom told me that before his grandmother, she told her that when my husband was a baby she walked in on Cathy trying to smother him. Biaatch is certified crazy and should be locked tf up.


Surviving & Thriving

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I was in an abusive relationship when I was 19 and 20, my abuser tried to kill me a few times. The last time he attempted to throw me down the stairs and I fought back so he stomped on my face. It was my 20th birthday. He stomped on my face and arms and kicked my body. I don’t know what made him stop, but I remember thinking “this is how I die.” I remember thinking that and jolting back to reality, forcing myself to stay awake and not pass out. I remember running out of the house with my phone and my laptop and my wallet. I remember my uncle pulling up and taking me to the hospital. I survived with a broken orbital bone and some pretty bad trauma. There were days he’d wave a gun in my face, but it wasn’t as bad as that night. I don’t know how I survived. I don’t know how I got out. I don’t know how I was brave enough to leave him. But I did. I turned 21 last week, and I survived. And I’m thriving.


A Lie Can Ruin Lives

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I thought I was going to die. Later on however I’m pretty sure he had no intention to kill me, but I accepted my death.

In high school, a close friend of mine attacked me, held me by the neck and forced my head and upper torso inside of an unclean crematory. (He worked for a funeral home)

He described the temperature it burned at, how no evidence would exist. No one knew where I was and my family would never have closure. He was joyed by this.

I accepted my Fate, I didn’t see a way out. I had trusted my friend and I thought I had done something wrong. I didn’t plead or try to stop it. He was much larger than me and I didn’t see a way out.

He pulled me out after I calmed, it was almost bliss, and told me he had bought plastic bags, a shovel, and duct tape.

He was under the impression I had sexually battered the girl he liked, which wasn’t true. I never so much as hugged her. But she told her family I had exposed myself to her in public (in the company of my other friend who knew that it was fabricated) and that I touched her vagina and breasts.

This was the first time I’d heard of these accusations and didn’t even try to defend myself because of the ridiculousness of it all..I thought it might be a prank

It went to court and she admitted she made up the battery. It was all pretty screwed. He got some probation. I never got closure but I had the support of my other friends. It’s this kind of shiz that messes with your trust for the rest of your life.


Life Isn’t A Race

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I was driving back from New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama around 10PM. Just empty roads for miles, pitch black.

Then this black car comes up behind me, passes me going really fast. No big deal.

But then the car starts to slow down…okay this guy is a shizty driver. I speed up to go around him (maybe he got a text or something?).

But when I try to pass him, he gets in front of me again…and slows down even more.

Then I try to pass on the other lane – again, the car slows down even more and gets in front of me.

I can’t pass and at this point and we are both going like 10 MPH….5 MPH…then dead freaking stop. Middle of the highway. Pitch black. Long, straight stretch of road. No street lamps. Nothing but freaking swamp and river around – bumbleheck nowhere.

The door starts to open I wait a moment, then SCREAM around the car, dipping in the grass on the side of the road, hoping I don’t hit debris that gives me a flat tire or something.

This hecker closes the door and starts SPEEDING after me.

I check my phone and this is back in like 2008 where I wasn’t cool enough to have a kickazz smartphone. I just had a typical flip phone with AT&T and I had no bars. It was like a bad horror movie trope.

This car manages to pass me again…and starts slowing down again.

The car got me to a dead freaking stop about three times and three times I managed to speed around. This cat-and-mouse shiz went on for a good 25 to 30 minutes.

Finally, we started to come up on some aspects of civilization – the road widened up, some street lights appeared, an intersection crept up and this guy dropped back, took an exit, and I didn’t see him again.

The car was black, the windows were tinted.

I have never been more scared and freaked out in my life.

Bought a gun after that, got training, never leaves my freaking side. All I could think was if this guy manages to get out of that car I have NOTHING to defend myself with.


Stay Away From Manipulators

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I had a roommate’s girlfriend try to kill me once. She came into my room one night while I was very drunk and very depressed and tried to convince me I wanted to kill myself. When that didn’t work, she pinned me down, put a box cutter in my hand, wrapped her hand around mine, and dragged it down my arm. She did the same with my other arm then ran out into the living room screaming that I’d tried to kill myself.

Lost all my friends that night. They thought I was selfish for trying to kill myself.

That night probably ended up saving my life, as it was the first step in learning to get rid of toxic people.



Best Dad Ever!

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Nothing too crazy but my ex chased me down wielding a knife at 3 am down a ghetto neighborhood. I wasn’t too terrified because my survival instinct kicked in and booked it (I’m athletic). I was holding my 6 month old and calling the cops with the other hand. When I was in the apartment I was pretty terrified but I guess I just work well under that kind of pressure. After the cops came and stopped her before she could reach me down the street I broke down into tears, I don’t know why it was just an explosion of emotions. My daughter was awoken by me grabbing her and running out shirtless and shoe less in the middle of the night. My baby momma and I have to talk at least once a week for phone calls. Weird to talk to my attempted murderer like that all casually.


Say No To Drugs

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An ex girlfriend went ballistic on her grandmother while she was hopped up on meth. She choked her, both hands on the neck.

I grabbed her from behind and pulled her off, tossed her like a ragdoll across the living room and onto the kitchen floor. She went for a steak knife and charged me, barely getting me through my leather jacket. I tried to subdue her, she ended up slashing me across one of my knuckles during it. She eventually put the knife to her own throat and threatened to kill herself. By this time, the neighbors showed up and called the cops. Mind you, she smashed her phone on the ground before I could get to it.

Anyhow, her grandmother ended up with a tear in her esophagus and developed sepsis, dying in the ICU. Yeah, I can be a real bad judge of character.