People Share True Crime Stories From Their Hometown

By Kanupriya - December 29, 2019

We like to believe that our homes are the safest place on the planet. Everyday we wake up and go through the news, we find heinous crimes that totally spoil our moods. But, we tend to think that at least we are safe. After all, we are at our homes, in our society, in localities where we have grown old and streets that we know by heart. How can something happen to us in our own home, in our own hometown… right? Wrong!

These scary stories shared by Redditors tell us how wrong we are to assume that we are safe in our hometown. These stories of inhumanity and brutality will make you think once again about your presumptions and will force you to stay extra alert and beware at all point of times. No matter if you are at home, office or casually on the streets.

Some of these stories are old town folklore while some are stories that happened in plain sight. Some are cases that are still not closed while some are the cases that will never get closed. Anyway, we only hope that those who are gone, they rest in peace and those monsters who committed these deeds get what they deserve. Till then, you read these thrilling stories and stay alert and stay safe always!


Kindness Gone Wrong

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I have a hometown (Charleston, SC) murder that I can’t find any info about. This was over 20 years ago, so my memory might not be accurate, plus I was a kid. When I was in middle school, the adult son of our librarian went missing. Days or weeks later he called from a payphone, and said he was in NYC. He said that he had pulled over to help someone that was broken down on the side of the road, and that they had forced him into the car at gunpoint and made him drive them to NY. A day later they found his dead body in the Florida Keys. I remember it being particularly sad because he was just trying to help someone.


The Missing Cases Of Madison

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I lived in Madison, WI for 10 years and while I was in college, 2 women were murdered and the killers have never been identified. This happened within the same calendar year. There was a third homicide in that time that WAS solved – a male – who was murdered by the roommate of a friend of mine. The murderer ended up killing himself in jail. I always wondered if he had something to do with the other two cases.

Zimmerman’s case was always kept very quiet and police didn’t even reveal the murder weapon. Unfortunately Brittany called 911, hung up, and the police never came.

The second is Kelly Nolan. Kelly was out in Madison over the summer and was reportedly super intoxicated. She went missing and her body was found in a field a few miles outside of Madison.

“Since the initial investigation, little information has been released. But Nolan’s death certificate was amended in 2014 to note she died from ‘homicidal violence’ including ‘blunt force trauma of torso with fractures.’

I was surprised these stories weren’t bigger news. So sad that they’re still unsolved all these years later.


What Went Wrong?

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Sandi Rea of Shawnee, OK. Sandi was a 17yo high school student with a troubled life. On September 19, 1984 she was looking for a ride to a party, stepped outside and was never seen again. She was known to accept rides from strangers, so did she get in the wrong car? Did she find a ride and it went wrong before the party? Did she die at the party? Was it murder or OD or something else? If it was murder, do we find out from a deathbed confession? Or does that get swept under the rug? We don’t know. I’m distantly related to her, my dad knew her and her family. She was last seen in the local bowling alley, same one my friends and I haunted smoking weed and playing pool in adolescence.


Phone Records Are A Thing Now

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I live fairly close to Evansdale (r/EvansdaleMurders), and I also near where Jerry Mark killed his brother and family after riding a motorcycle from California and trying to set up an alibi of camping in the desert there. This case is interesting because it is one of the first cases to use phone records so heavily for convictions . Jerry called his girlfriend several times while ‘camping’ to establish his alibi, and they used phone records to pinpoint the calls were coming from along the highway leading to Iowa. They also determined that the bullets used int he murder came from a batch sold in a gun store in California.

Oh and John Wayne Gacy managed three KFC in the area prior to his initial incarceration and escalation to murder.


Should Have Punished Him On Time

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My family is from a small town (population 250) called defiance, iowa. there was a couple with 2 kids who lived there and they had a lot of domestic abuse problems. The wife would be locked in the basement tied up for days, assaulted, and her mother in law was in on it. She would hold the wife down as her son beat her, and it was horrific. The police were called several times, but she always ended up dropping the charges. To give you an idea of how this family was falling apart, their kids have fake teeth since their teeth rotted due to their baby bottles being left in their mouths for extended periods of time. One day the husband disappears, and the wife said that he left with a women. My cousin was close with the kids and said that they would sometimes act weird and say stuff like “should we tell her?” but then drop the subject. She had another child with her boyfriend. since it was a small town and people talked, my family included, suspicions were raised. I don’t remember exactly how, but officials discovered a dead body in a sealed off room of the house about a year later. The wife killed her husband and left his body rotting in their bedroom, simply covering his body with sheets and locking the door. She claims it was self defense, that he tried to shoot her with the shotgun next to their bed but instead she killed him with it, but forensics show that he was sleeping when he died. She’s now in jail and from what I hear she’s getting out in the next decade. Her children live in texas with their aunt and her boyfriend still lives in the town and claims her innocence. The community mainly believes that she shouldn’t have gone to jail. In conclusion, a very interesting case and a common topic at thanksgiving dinner.


A County Of Crimes

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I’m from Newfoundland and there have been a number of crime cases that have occurred that have gotten little attention. The most prominent is Andrew Bagby and Zachary Turner, which the documentary “Dear Zachary” was based on, Zachary was murdered in NFLD and a law has been created in his name.

Besides for that case, here are a few lesser known you may find interesting:

  1. In Gander twins Karen and Krista Hart were drowned at the age of 3 on August 4, 2002. Their father had taken them to Gander Lake, and one fell in. He claims that he couldn’t swim so he ran to find help, leaving the girls. The other sister eventually “fell in” and both died. Months later he claimed he had a seizure and couldn’t remember what happened to the girls. The police did an undercover investigation which led to an admission and subsequent conviction. However in 3014 his conviction was overturned on the basis of admissible confession and evidence. The girls mother wrote a book about it actually, it’s called “Mr. Big”. Very interesting case.
  2. Gilbert Budgell of Botwood shot an alleged “home invader” and killed him. He was charged with second degree murder but a lot of people are debating whether he should be freed on the basis of self defense.
  3. Samantha Walsh was abducted and murdered in Fleur de Lys in 2000, she was thirteen years old. A 16 year old boy Michael Lewis confessed to abducting, strangling and murdering her. He was convicted of first degree murder and granted full parole after just 13 years.



3 Months Baby, Devil Axe Killer

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This happened 6 miles from my house so it makes me highly uncomfortable, but… In the year 1990, an intruder/intruders broke into the home of a family of three in the middle of the night. Mother, father, and a 3 month old baby. The intruder/intruders brandished, out of all possible weapons, an axe. The parents, and the three month old baby, were all killed in the attack. They had an axe chopped right through them. Money, a paperweight, a notebook, amongst other things, were stolen, and the whole kitchen had been rummaged through. No suspects, no motive. The crime remains unsolved to this day.


Should’ve Believed The Child

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I lived in Fort Davis, Tx for two years, moving last year because of my dad’s job. It’s a really beautiful, small tourist town in ‘the only mountains in Texas.’ There was a middle school teacher who taught in Marfa, Tx about 20 minutes away but lived in Fort Davis. I’ve heard that her and her husband were going through a separation. The husband took his seven(?) year old son to his neighbor’s house after school and told him “I killed mommy.” before dropping him off. The teacher had been stabbed to death. I don’t know that many details because it only happened like a year and a half ago, but there was a rumor that the kid was walking around covered in blood after he found out what his dad did. He also reportedly told the neighbors multiple times what his dad did but I don’t think they believed him.



Messages Don’t Travel Fast

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Fayetteville, NC – So, I was in high school at the time so this is about 10 years ago now. I was cat sitting for a family friend who lived in the neighborhood across from mine. It’s about a 7 min walk, but I did have to cross a busy street to reach the other neighborhood. So there I was walking over to my neighbor’s place listening to my Ipod nano when I get to the busy street to cross. But there is a huge barricade and cops EVERYWHERE. A policewoman walks over and asks what my business is doing there and I’m like “I’m just trying to feed some cats officer!” and she was like “oh that’s fine” and escorted me across the road. The next day I heard what had actually happened. Fayetteville is a military town and apparently a soldier who was overseas in Afghanistan received a weird message from his wife back home. He called the authorities in the US and said that his wife is threatening to kill herself and that he had 2 small children and lots of guns in the house (because you know, military life) When police got there no one was answering the door and because they were worried about the children’s safety they didn’t want to barge in and scare her into doing something crazy. They worked all day trying to get her to answer the door and come out with the children, but eventually (and I’m not quite sure why they did this) they sent in a robot with a camera into the house through a window to see if they could see where her position was. They ended up discovering that she and the children were already dead and had been since the night before. The message the soldier received was sent a couple days prior.



Love Gone Wrong

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Wayland, MA – July 2011

Lauren Astley left the mall when her shift at a clothing store was over, and met up with her ex bf. She had told friends that she was concerned about his well being, as he wasn’t taking their breakup well. Lauren never came home, her car was found at the town beach, and her friends searched everywhere for her. Her body was discovered by joggers the next day in a marshy area in town. Nate Fujita, her ex bf, was charged with her murder. Police found evidence in his home, concluding that she was murdered in his garage before he dumped her body. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but lost the case and was sentenced to life. Lauren was an only child and was set to attend Elon University that fall. I think of her often. So heartbreaking.



Justice Served After 14 Years

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In Oil City, PA an 11 year old girl named Shauna Howe was abducted and murdered on Devil’s Night (the day before Halloween) in 1992. She was walking home from a Halloween party when she was taken about two blocks from her house. Her body was found three days later under a bridge, the 30 foot fall to the dry riverbed was later determined to be the cause of death. She had been molested before being thrown. Oil City banned trick or treating for the next 15 years with the exception of a couple hours in the afternoon before nightfall.

Three men were eventually convicted for the crime in 2006 after DNA found on the body matched a local man imprisoned for attempted kidnapping.

In an unrelated event, 5 years later a four year old went missing on October 29th. The murderer eventually led police to her body.


Lost Minds, Lost Lives.

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My hometown crime is the kidnapping a Sierra Lamar. In 2012, Sierra (15) was walking to school one morning and her mother reported her missing after her not coming home after several hours. A search was conducted for Sierra and her cell phone was found a few blocks from the bus stop and down the road was her purse with a neatly folded t-shirt and pants inside. Antolin Garcia-Torres was arrested in connection with the murder after DNA was found on a pair of Lamar’s jeans dumped near her house. Garcia-Torres is accused of trying to kidnap three women separately in the parking lots of two Safeway stores in Morgan Hill dating back to 2009. Not one of the three kidnapping victims could pick out Garcia-Torres in a photo lineup. From what I heard (not sure if this is completely factual) Sierra’s mother begged Torres to tell them where Sierra was located but he wouldn’t confess. This story shook my town and broke the hearts of many. The case is so heartbreaking when looking at the aftermath left of her parents sorrow. Sierra’s mom stated “It gives us peace as a family, knowing that this is not going to happen to another child and that they can’t get away with something like this,” after Garcia-Torres when sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Have Some Emotions

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Two girls, both named Megan, were brutally murdered within a few weeks of one another.

One was stabbed by a male acquaintance. My ex boyfriend’s mom was her mother’s best friend. They let the funeral home plan the entire memorial because who the heck can handle that after such a brutal thing? The funeral home screwed up though. They played “If I Die Young” by the band Perry, which includes the lyrics “the sharp knife of a short life”. Her mom collapsed, sobbing, and had to be taken to the hospital to be sedated.

The other girl I actually have more of a connection to; I dated her younger brother in high school and she actually went on a date with my dad (which still creeps me out because he went to high school with her mom). She had a rough home life; her dad was in and out of jail, finally went to prison with an extremely long sentence for raping a child when she was a teen, her mom was a severe. She was found in her car that had been set on fire, but COD was blunt force trauma to the head. A man who actually lived a few houses down from my current house was found guilty. There’s an episode about her on one of the id channels shows. Her mother died by suicide a year after her murder.


Town Went Crazy

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I’m from an average-sized town in Virginia and was 10 years old when the Beltway Snipers were killing people. There was a woman named Caroline Seawell that got shot outside of a Michael’s store which was very close to my house and I shopped there/ drove past there all the time though I believe she survived. There was another guy named Kenneth Bridges who was shot and killed at a gas station is also very close to my house, because it was right off i-95 in that area. A lot of those buildings are closed/ being torn down now though.

I was youngish, but I definitely remember the fear of my parents and everyone else because the shootings were so widespread, covering areas of Virginia, DC, Baltimore, etc. My mom would “race” to see how fast she could pump gas and she wouldn’t let me get out of the car at all. School was different too, they did drills and limited our outside time. It was wild.


BRUTAL Is What It’s Called

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Lady killed her mother, cut her up, burned part of her in the fire place, and threw her legs out in a field (book on the case is called THE LEGS MURDER SCANDAL)

In a controversial case, a black man was convicted of raping a white woman and executed. He said they were having an affair but the jury rejected this. Some folks say the power went out twice while trying to execute him (electric chair) and this was proof that he was innocent. THE EYES OF WILLIE MCGEE.

A local man, reputedly a drug dealer, and a young woman (who had no connection with drugs) were killed and their bodies left in another county. He was missing his head and hands. No book on this but I knew his mother.

A little girl was sent to the store I think to buy chips. After an extensive search her body was found not far from her house. Years later a cousin was charged with her murder.

I actually live in a small peaceful town. These crimes occurred in different decades.



Babysitter Killer, You Rot In Hell

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A girl I went to middle school and high school with (until she transferred to another school) was catfished, and killed by the father of a family she used to babysit. She stopped babysitting because he molested her 4 times and she decided to press charges. She was going to testify in court against him a month before she was killed. He began messaging her impersonating a teenage boy that was interested in her and made a plan to meet he after school. It ended up being the man she babysat for holding a gun to her and forcing her to get in the car. He shot and killed her and left her in a river. It was so unbelievable that this could happen to a 16 year old girl. Our school held a memorial for her and I’ll never forget hearing her mom cry that day. It was horrible and tragic and she was loved and remembered by so many. The police connected the dots very quickly and the “babysitter killer” as he would soon be nicknamed was arrested. A few months/ a year later news broke that he escaped from jail and I remember the panic everyone at our school had. For such a terrible person to be free was so terrifying. He was out for revenge because he denied all sexual allegations. He was caught and sentenced to death. I’m glad that disgusting human being will rot in hell for ending an innocent girls life for finally getting the courage to speak about the abuse she went through.


Young Minds Impact

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The Bever family murders in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 2015. Two siblings slaughtered their parents and three siblings. They were very sheltered from the outside world and other people and slowly grew to admire serial killers. They planned to kill their family for awhile and then wanted to carry out a mass shooting afterwards. It’s freaking insane and disturbing. Especially because it happened in this quiet neighborhood and no one really knew anything about them until this happened. They left their 2 year old sister unharmed because they just forgot she was there and another sibling survived them slitting her throat and stabbing her. Shiz. Is. Freaking. Crazy. I’m pretty sure Sword and Scale did an episode on it. Also, if you google it you can watch one of the brothers entire confessions. It’s chilling.


An Act Of Jealousy Maybe?

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Back in the day, in the 80’s or 90’s, my mom had recently come to America from Mexico. My mom lived in these apartments which were pretty much dominated by Latinos, even now they still are. Anyway, these particular apartments are pretty isolated from the rest of town. The nearest store is a 15-20 minute walk and it’s a tiny 7-11. Anyway, my mom had this friend and he’s pretty popular in the community. Everyone liked him, he was always happy, and he was the kinda guy to drive you home if you got too drunk at a house party. One day, he was found murdered behind that 7-11 just randomly, and his killer was never found. Momma says she knows he wasn’t killed during a robbery because he had these big gold chains he’d always wear and he was found still wearing his chains. Some people swear his killer was never found because the police didn’t care about him because he was Mexican. In the end, this was a one off murder and the next one (that I’ve heard of, at least) wouldn’t occur for another 20-30 years.


Death Doesn’t Have To Come In Three

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My distant uncle was held hostage along with 2 coworkers, one of whom was 8 months pregnant, at their place of employment, Outback Steakhouse. He was the manager and was found trying to shield his pregnant coworker from gunshots. They were all killed. It turned out to be 2 men, my uncles former employees. It was a robbery gone wrong. I remember hearing my mother and grandma discussing the fact that the pregnant girls mother found out about her daughter’s death on the news that morning and that she knew something was wrong because she didn’t come home that night. I was 13 and had just lost another uncle that was very dear to me 2 months before and his death was under very suspicious circumstances that I wont get into but was extremely traumatic for me. I went to the funeral and it would be the second funeral I had been to in my life within 2 months, both of them being my uncles. He had a young wife and a baby boy at the time. I remember not being able to take my eyes off her at the funeral. She was beautiful but so sad. I could overhear all the grandparents saying “oh at least shes still young, she’ll find someone”. I remember sitting next to my cousin being so angry at her because she didn’t come to the funeral our family had for my uncle that died 2 months prior ( she wanted to go to summer camp instead) in her defense she wasn’t close to that uncle, I was. Not helping matters, I learned the phrase “Death comes in Threes” is all too common to be thrown around once you have 2 family members that have been killed. Maybe just a southern thing. So here I was 13 years old just waiting for the 3rd death of a family member. I’m almost 30 years old now and to be honest that phrase stuck with me and probably contributed to my paranoia throughout my life. I never thought to look up the case until recently when I started looking at the reddit crime boards and wondered if anyone had ever discussed this. I couldn’t find much just a local article and that’s only because one of the guys was trying to do an appeal years ago. I’m really surprised that I couldn’t find anything but an old local article about it, I guess that was before id channel and pretty much media buzz on things like that.


The Mysterious Murder In Greenwich

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Martha Moxley was murdered in my hometown. She lived in a very nice neighborhood in the town, and it was considered to be a safe place. Until she was murdered the night of Halloween. Micheal Skakel, who was related to the Kennedys, was charged with the murder, but the trials and everything have been messy. I don’t know what’s currently going on, but I wrote a 10 page paper on the murder for my forensics class. I looked through so many newspaper microfiche trying to figure out what happened. You have no idea how badly the police botched the investigation. Michael, it should be noted, confessed to the murder at a school for troubled youth in Maine, and his story has changed several times. My Grandma personally believes that it was his brother Tommy. There are a few books on the case, Murder in Greenwich, Greentown, Conviction, etc.

Then there was the body in a suitcase dumped in my town only a few months ago. Valerie Reyes was found murdered and dumped in a suitcase in my town. She lived in New Rochelle, NY (I believe) and her ex boyfriend strangled her and dumped her less than five minutes from my house.


Revenge Is Always Bad

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I’ve got a few…in my childhood hometown there’s Wendale Davis, he was 16 when he was shot in the head by a group sitting outside a friend’s house in his car with a female friend. The murder is still unsolved and his parents run a charity in Bakersfield called the Wendale Davis Foundation.

In Sonoma County there’s Polly Klaas and Kirk Kimberly.

Polly was a huge story at the time since Petaluma (the town this all happened in) was your run of the mill small town USA where nothing bad really happened. Polly and her friends were having a sleepover at Polly’s mother’s house in Petaluma, sometime in the night a man came into the room the girls were in and began to threaten them with a knife, her friends were tied up, their heads covered with pillowcases and told to count to 1000 while Polly was taken away. The man strangled Polly and dumped her in a rural property in Santa Rosa. There’s more but this story really messed me up when I first learned of it, her parents run the Polly Klaas foundation and they focus on child safety.

Kirk Kimberly is one that is pretty recent, his body was found on the grounds of Sonoma State University buried in a shallow grave next to one of the parking lots by a bike trail. It’s speculated that it was a drug deal gone wrong but there’s no real evidence to back anything up. I live in the neighborhood that his mom does, she has a memorial set up for him on one of the main roads and I see her every now and then lighting his candles.



Disturbingly Evil

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One murder happened almost 30 years ago, 9 year old girl was physically & physically abused by her aunt who was her guardian at the time. The girl spilled her aunts cocaine so she hit her over the head then instructed her boyfriend to smother her with a pillow. Laid her in a shallow grave and her remains were found 2 years later by 2 teenagers who thought they found a ball (her skull).

Another one, a classmate of mine goes missing at age 15. Security cameras outside our school saw her leaving with a guy, (her boyfriend who was later charged with sexual assault of a child since he was 18) then she is no where to be found. A couple days later her body was found near a 100-foot tall silo, and she suffered head trauma from a possible fall. No one knows for sure if it was suicide or murder, or why she was on top of a 100 foot silo, but still a very sad situation.


The Gang On Work

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There are three incidents that come to mind from my local small town in The Netherlands. Bear in mind that murders are actually really uncommon here as long as you don’t live around Amsterdam. In my town of 75000 people we only really have a murder every few years.

One was when one of the Chinese cooks of my local Chinese takeaway restaurant was robbed, stabbed and killed when he took the days earnings from the restaurant to his house, two hundred meters away. Even as a little kid this one has stayed with me ever since I had on a few occasions seen the man in the restaurant and he once gave me some candy while we waited on our takeaway. He was a really nice but quiet man. He wasn’t even carrying more than a few hundred euros according to the police report. According to witnesses there were multiple guys responsible, who to this day hasn’t been caught yet. This was in 2003 or 2004 or something.

Another one was in 2011 when a police officer in training took his service weapon to a local supermarket where his ex girlfriend worked behind the cash register. He walked up to her as she was helping people in line and just shot her in the head from point blank. He then fled the scene and returned to his apartment in the city center and shot himself. The shopping mall where the supermarket was located in was locked down by police and SWAT teams and the rest of the town was locked down as well as this was quite soon after Alphen aan den Rijn mass shooting in a shopping mall where six people died. They found the guys body in his apartment a few hours later.

The final one was somewhere between 2008/2012. I don’t fully remember. But there was a man murdered, and a a day or two later we had another murder a few streets away with the same m.o. This turned out to be an Eastern European migrant worker who killed two associates of himself. The town was in commotion and panic as people believed we might have our first serial killer.


Rest In Love

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July 2010, a girl named Norma Lopez was kidnapped and murdered. I remember everyone in the city (Moreno Valley, CA) being very on edge because things like that don’t usually happen in a boring ass suburb. She went to highschool with my best friend, and teenagers here back then were loosely connected in a “you may not know this person directly, but you probably know someone who does”. I remember hearing helicopters flying over my apartment complex on the day her body was discovered.

The man who did it was recently sentenced to death, so there’s that. I just hope she’s resting peacefully.



Help The Ones In Need

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The saddest one that I know of is a guy from my high school. I didn’t know him personally, but there was obviously something “off” about him. It turns out that he was schizophrenic, and from high school until we were in our late 30s his mother did everything she could to find help for him (mental health resources are often lacking for adults). One day he took an axe to her, and that was that. I’ve been told by people who know him that he still thinks she doesn’t come to visit him because she’s angry with him..



But We Hope We Get The Closure Soon

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Arlington, tx. 9 yr old Amber Hagerman, I will never forget this. It all happened less than 10 minutes from our house, I was 5/6 and my parents were in the process of teaching me the way to walk to school by myself. Amber was kidnapped while riding her bike one more lap after her little brother left the abandoned parking lot in 1996, in 8 minutes she was gone. When her parents went to check to find her they found her bike laying in parking lot and a ton of police processing the scene.They found her less than a week later in a creek bed, physically assaulted and with her throat slit. Her murderer has never been found and she is the reason for the Amber Alert System. I hope one day they find who did this for her family to have that much needed closure.


Hell Has a Special Place For Such Monsters

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A couple and their little daughter were found murdered in their home; the parents had been shot, and the little girl, beaten to death. Their toddler son survived, and was found crawling around covered in his family’s blood.

A former business associate of the dad was arrested years later, with the advent of the APHIS system, when his fingerprints were run through and matched to those found at the crime scene. His name is Ferrara, and he was already in prison serving time for other murders, in a different Ohio county.

I was very young when this happened, and it’s the first true crime that ever really made an impression on me. Family friends had a house fire, and in the process of looking to buy a new home, they actually looked into buying the vacant Marsh home. (They decided against it, and built something new.)

There are other interesting cases in this area, but this one, like I said, was the first to capture my attention at a young age.


Greed Is A Sin

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(I’m changing the names around because It’s a touchy topic and the guys family doesn’t like me for unrelated reasons.)

I knew a guy who committed murder. The victims name was Anita Fox, there’s been a few episodes of various crime shows done on it.

As a kid, I had this best friend. We’ll call her Stella. Stella had an older sister, we’ll call her Betty. Well I used to stay at Stella’s house ALL the time. Betty married a man named Joe.

Now, these people strive to be the best. They don’t always do it legally, though, but this is the worst thing I know for a fact that they did. They want to be rich, to look good, to have that social influence that everyone yearns for.

Joe’s father, who I had met a few times (he hung out with my dad occasionally) took out a life insurance policy on this random old woman, Anita Fox. They stalked her for days, all leading up to the murder.

Anita was alone at home when Joe drove his truck to her house, his dad in the passenger seat. He waited in the truck while his dad got out, walked in the house and stabbed her to death. They left like nothing happened. Before they were named suspects, rumors started flying. I asked Stella about it and she said her sister hadn’t mentioned anything.

They were both formally named suspects not long after. They were on the run. Joe’s father committed suicide by not taking his heart medication and waiting for the inevitable heart attack in his hotel room so that his family wouldn’t find the body. Joe’s currently in prison. I don’t talk to Stella anymore.



A Nightmare On The Scale Street

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When I was 11 back in 2009, this guy who ran a local news agency in North Epping (Sydney, Australia) was brutally beaten to death beyond recognition in his house along with his wife, his wife’s sister and his 2 sons. I lived my whole life in the area and it was always (and still is) a safe happy neighborhood, and a quintuple murder was just freaking nuts. They had a 15 year old daughter who was in New Caledonia at the time and survived. The guys brother and his wife found the bodies and ran the news agency and took custody of the daughter after the murder. 2 years later they arrested the brother after having him under surveillance and matching DNA to him. Apparently he’d been physically abusing the daughter before and after the murders. He was found guilty back in 2017. I don’t know anyone connected to it and I was too young to really understand at the time but to me it’s crazy just how close it was to me, it’s only a 10 minute or so drive from my place, I drive past the house and the news agency all the time. Australia rarely has mass killings so the body count and the sheer brutality of the whole thing was just unimaginable, especially in an area so relatively crime free.

His news agency was very successful and a lot of people knew him and said that he and his family were all lovely, great people, it’s a shame they are not still here with us. Case 61 of the Case file podcast covers it really well if anyone’s interested in finding out more.



The Cop-Twisted Story

Credits: igmflip

My brother committed suicide in 1999 at the back of our property. He was 21 years old. In his room he left a suicide note on his bed in his bible. My mother picked it up but couldn’t read it and became hysterical. The police came and they took the note. I called and asked if we could have it and they said it pertained to another case. My brother did not drive and did not have friends over ever and we lived in a very rural area. When I asked if we would ever see it I was told by the district attorney (Clint ward) that we would never see it. I called when he was removed as DA and asked the new DA. He said he had no problem giving it to me, he checked his file and said that there was nothing about a suicide note. A couple years ago I called the original DA and he said he didn’t remember anything about it. It was a tiny town. So a suicide was a big deal. There is no way he didn’t remember and I called him several times crying and pleading for it. Those cops were known for how shady they were. What did the note say? I guess we will never know. The same police that were at my house were the same Craig county sheriff’s department that were accused of being involved in the Lauria Bible Ashley Freeman disappearance and the murders of Ashley’s parents. There is no scenario that makes sense to me. Maybe someone spilled coffee on it and was embarrassed? Like what the hell? We have never had closure.