People Share Their Scariest Ride-Sharing Experience

By Kanupriya - December 04, 2019
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The cab services have become an integral part of our lives and a common name in our household. Gone are those days when you had to wonder how difficult your life would be if you did not have a car. Nowadays, if you do own a car, you do not necessarily want to drive it. Taking a cab instead, saves your money, energy, and time.

Talking about cabs, one of the recent features of sharing the cab with strangers, who are going to the same destination has mixed response from us. We agree it is really efficient and moreover, better for our environment but, we are still not sure how we exactly feel about it. The reason being the experiences we came across from these people on Reddit. 

People have shared their scariest ride experience and while some of them are truly scary, many of them are downright hilarious. Well, we are not asking you to not take cabs, but of course, being alert is always necessary. These stories are mostly shared by women and not necessarily all belong to the sharing-ride categories, but we are sure you’ll get to learn a lot about the do’s and don’t’s of taking cabs. 

Come on, start the ride now!


Use Your Brain

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We had a driver for UberPool around San Francisco. The first person who was supposed to be picked up along with us got in the car and said his name (I heard him but the driver didn’t). So the driver got upset, misheard his name again the second time and was convinced he was in the wrong car, started yelling at him and berating him, saying “What is this your first time taking Uber??” Since I had heard him correctly the first time, I tried to smooth things out but they were just yelling at each other in the front seat, the guy eventually said “screw you, I’m getting a different driver” and hopped out of the car. Our driver cussed back and sped off after the door barely closed, with us in the back seat. Complained to us throughout the entire ride about how dumb that guy was (even though he had actually done nothing wrong).

It’s not over yet though. We’re a few blocks from our destination and another group of Poolers are supposed to join us in the Uber. So he pulls over to wait for them and since he does not immediately see them as soon as he pulls over, calls them up and starts berating them for not being in his exact location. Out the window, I can literally SEE the woman he’s talking to on the phone, less than a block ahead standing at a light. She tells him she’s standing at the light (there was really only one traffic light in the vicinity), and he starts calling her names and saying how dumb she is for not being able to be in the right place. Finally, we’ve had enough of this ride from hell. I had honestly been stifling laughter at the ridiculousness of it all. So we just hopped out and decided we were gonna walk the rest of the few blocks. I may have heard him screaming obscenities at us as we hightailed it out of that car.


Road Less Taken

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Didn’t meet at the right location, then drove all over “trying to find me”. Finally parked 3 blocks away and asked me to walk to him. Fine, whatever its after a hockey game and I just want to go home.

Takes the wrong on ramp onto the freeway (heading east, I wanted to go west). I tell him “yeah you just missed the turn”. He says “oh shiz”. Stops on the on ramp (its midnight and nobody is around), then drives through the grass median/ditch to get back onto the road so he can take the correct exit 200m up. In a Nissan Maxima during a Canadian winter. It’s a Goddamn miracle we didn’t get stuck. Dropped me off 4 doors from my house. Idiot.


Mr. Rulebreaker

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My driver ran a red light, not a stale yellow, a dead red light.

He was talking on the phone at the time and very clearly not paying attention. The intersection had a red light camera that flashed and snapped a picture when he ran the red. Upon seeing the flash, the driver got really angry, saying it was yellow. He pulled over to the side of the road and asked for my personal info so I could testify for him when he disputed his ticket. I refused. He got really angry and threatened to kick me out of his car and give me a low rating if I didn’t agree. I was only a few blocks from home at this point so I told him to F-O and got out of the car.

Sure enough, my otherwise stellar Uber rating went down shortly after this incident. I contacted Uber to let them know what had happened and what kind of an idiot they’re employing. After a few days, Uber reversed my bad rating, which was pretty cool.

1/5 stars.


Seatbelts Are For Kids, Huh!

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I occasionally take Lyft with my toddler, who still needs to be in a rear-facing car seat according to state law. I have a dedicated “traveling car seat” that’s easy to carry and not too much of a pain in the head to install.

So I get in this dude’s car and start trying to fasten the car seat, and the seat belt won’t click. So I move on to the next seat belt. It also won’t click. At this point the driver notices that I’m struggling and says “Oh yeah; none of those work. The one up here does, though.”

We were in the middle of a snowstorm and I needed to get my son home and genuinely didn’t know if I’d get another driver if I cancelled this ride, so I just said “chuck it; don’t crash, or this car seat is gonna become a projectile and we’re all gonna die,” and sat beside my son, holding his car seat to keep it from tipping over when we turned, both of us riding unrestrained.

So we go a few blocks like this, and then he turns around at a red light and asks, “So, what do you like to do for fun?”

I said something like “Dude, I have a toddler. I don’t have fun.” And then I reported the shiz out of him once we were safely home.


Can You Please Stop Now?

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Rarely use Uber/Lyft but me and my gf took her car about 15 min up the road to grab lunch and it broke down. So we called an uber after getting it towed so we could get home. In the 15 min ride back, he made about 3 or more sexual remarks to my gf. I asked him politely to stop, as it was making both of us uncomfortable. He then went on a rant about how people need to quit being so sensitive and accept compliments. Then asked for us to describe our love life to him because he used to minor in psychology and got bad vibes from our lacking cooperation in letting him be a pig to my girlfriend. 1 Star


The Pervert Proposal

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He asked me to sit in the front seat and for some freaking reason I did.

He took that as an invitation to put his hands all over me and in between my thighs. He kept trying to grab my hand to hold even after I told him I was married.

He stopped on a street before mine and pulled his car over and this is when I thought I was going to die, instead he pulled out his engineering degree from his home country to show me to prove he was the better man to marry me than my husband.

1/5 stars and a refund came my way.


Thanks For The Advice Though

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Yesterday I had the most uncomfortable experience in a Lyft. First when the guy realized where I was going (30-40 min drive) he didn’t want to drive me anymore and offered to take me to a train. I was annoyed but looked at my GPS and told him where trains were because I didn’t really want to deal with someone who was complaining. But he couldn’t make up his mind so he just kept driving anyway. Then he said “I shouldn’t be complaining I get to drive a pretty girl around.” He noticed a ring and said he hopes he treats me right because I’m a good catch. He also started talking about how I should be careful ordering rides alone because there have been incidents and not everyone can be trusted. Once I was close enough to walk I asked him to let me out and I felt uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I haven’t even rated his ride yet because it makes me nervous and he knows where I live. But if I do it will be 1 star for sure.

I was also sitting in the front because he had stuff in the back. I usually never sit in the front.


Why Those Claws Though?

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I gave one star, so I could get a rider a one star (it’s an option that you can say it was another rider):

Uberpool. I was waiting to get picked up and suddenly noticed I was ‘on trip’ weird, still here waiting. So I call and tell him I’m not in his car. There’s two mean girls in the back telling me (speaker) that I should just cancel, they’re in the car. I tell him no, you come pick me up canceling costs me money. But they complain that I should cancel and call customer service and get a refund, it’s no big deal. I tell the driver, you come get me. He did.

I sit up front, they’re in the back. The whole time they’re super catty about how I wanted my Uber ride. I talked them out a bit and they were quiet. They get out with what they think is a scathing remark. He then told me that they got picked up very close to where I was and when he went to go pick me up one of them told him they were me!

You’re the ones in the pool, if you want your own Uber order your own.

Made sure to note the driver was fine.



You Can't Fool Me

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The first one was a ride from Dallas airport into downtown. He picked me up and it was a long ride. Eventually he divulged that he always cancels rides on black people because he “didn’t want that n—– filth” in his nice truck. 1 star and reported to Uber.

Second was when a driver picked my friend and I up from a bar. My friend was quite drunk, but I wasn’t, and we were just going a couple miles across town to my home. He kept making wrong turns deliberately even though I kept telling him that he was going the wrong way. Then, “whoops,” he’d go straight through an intersection instead of right, and so on– basically he thought I was too drunk to realize he was going as far out of the way as possible in an attempt to rack up his fare. There’s literally 5 turns involved from the bar we were at my house across town. I finally said loudly, “SIR, YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO MY HOUSE. I HAVE TOLD YOU MULTIPLE TIMES THAT THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT ROUTE.”

He canceled the charge instead of ending the ride, but I still had his info and filed a complaint with Uber.

Not that it matters. I drove for Uber a year later and they legitimately don’t give a shiz about the passengers or the drivers.


Excuse Me, You Just Wasted My Time.

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I got in the car and he asked where we were going. I recited the address that I’d entered. He asked, again, where we were going. I thought maybe he was asking which was the best way to exit the parking lot, so I pointed and said, “That way.” He asked, a third time, where we were going. I tried, “You know that one WalMart on the North side? It’s, like, three blocks past there.”

That seemed to do it, and he finally started driving. But then, as we exited the parking lot and the GPS started giving him directions, he told me that we were going the wrong way.

I said no, the way we were going was correct.

He said that the GPS was giving him bad instructions.

I said it shouldn’t be; I’ve taken Lyft to this location multiple times and other drivers have never had a problem.

He said we needed to be going in a different direction.

I said no, we really didn’t; we were heading the right way and we needed to keep heading that way.

He just. Would. Not. Stop. This was a twenty minute drive, and he spent the entire time warning me, telling me, shouting at me that we were not going to the right place. I told him he was wrong. I told him I didn’t care. I told him I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Finally I just crossed my arms and glared out the window under an endless, increasingly angry tirade of “You’d better not be angry when we get there and you see that it’s the wrong place, we’d better just turn around now, we’re not going where you think we’re going, I gave you plenty of warning, you’d better not be angry with me, you should just let me change direction, this GPS is wrong, you’re wrong, you’re still going to have to pay for this trip, don’t you dare file a complaint after this” and on and on and on. Getting louder and angrier until he’s shouting at me, full-on shouting at his passenger about how wrong I am and how this is my fault and how I’m not allowed to make this his problem. I’m a tiny woman, I’m not enjoying being shouted at by a belligerent man inside his own car.

Finally, FINALLY, we get there. We arrive at our destination. And what does this idiot say?

“Oh, the North Walmart! I was thinking of the West Walmart.”

Oh, of freaking course you were. Well, that’s all right, then. Let me out of your car, you anger management-needing piece of shiz.


Lord Saved Me

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First one: rolling a cigarette while driving, not even looking on the road, and smoking in the car

Second one: he was a foreigner, didn’t speak Polish (I’m from Poland), English, or even Russian. Got lost a few times, we had no way of instructing him where to drive because he didn’t understand a word and ignored us all the way, we even tried to mime to him. Didn’t work. We payed 107 PLN instead of 27 like we were supposed to.

Third one: we almost got crushed by a bus. If he didn’t suddenly stop on the cross road in the last second possible, the bus coming from different way would crush us, as it was coming really fast.

Fourth one: the driver was so drugged that he couldn’t even speak, was shaking so much that he couldn’t keep steering wheel in his hands. He must have taken something just before I entered the car, because I noticed it like in the middle of the ride. He got very furious when I asked him to stop and leave me there, started shouting something that I couldn’t understand, banging his shaking hands on the roof (still driving) and spitting all over the place.

Well, I don’t use Uber this much right now.


Woman You're Dangerous

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She showed up 15 minutes past the estimated pick-up. I could see her on the GPS driving the wrong way. When she finally gets to me, she drives past me and stops a couple minutes walk away. I get in the car, and it’s clear this woman has stayed up all night (it was around 1am at that point). She curb-checks like I’ve never seen as we drive away. I slowly realize how unsafe it is for her to be driving, and have her drop me off halfway to my destination, and I decide to walk the mile home instead. This is the only bad uber/lyft experience I’ve had.


Mom Save Me

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I didn’t have a cell, so had been using Uber on my desktop. I always let my driver know this, as soon as I got in the car. I’d use it if I had to go to the store, and come right back. My drivers had always put in my return trips, with no issues. One trip, my Uber driver didn’t know how to do this; and wouldn’t drive me back when I got out of the store. He made me get out, and left me stranded at 4:30 A.M. I had to wake my mom up to come get me. I got my money refunded from customer service, and they made sure I never got matched with him again.


I Should Have Been Dead

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A few years ago I lived in a small town, where I grew up. I went to go see a friend the other side of the valley. I called for a taxi about midnight and asked for the latest one they had (we were catching up, having few drinks and so much fun I didn’t want to go home yet). They told me 3am. I’m outside where they said they’d pick me up from at 2.45am. Gets to 3am. No one turns up. I text. Nothing. I ring. No answer. I keep ringing. No answer. I walk back to my friends but lights are off and she didn’t answer call or text so she must have fallen asleep. It’s now 3.20am and I realise I’m going to have to make the 40 minute walk home. The problem with that is that where my friend lived was on a road through woodland and really quiet. About a year before a young girl went missing in our town and she lived very close to my home. She popped to shop lateish one evening and never came home. Still not found her killers. Her body was found about 6 months before this incident. So understandably I was a bit freaked off they just left me, knowing where I was going, knowing I was a lone young female. That entire walk I was on edge and scared every time I saw a car or another person. Keys grasped firmly between my fingers. They didn’t give a shiz though as they had no competition. Another taxi company moved to town soon after this incident and they got all the bookings as they were far more reliable. The company that let me and many others down was gone in a matter of weeks.


You Can't Trick Me

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Requested for UberX from SFO. It was pretty busy during the time so he had to loop around once because there was nowhere to stop and he called me asking where I was. I waited less than 5 minutes for him to loop around and then he arrived. When I got in the car, he said it took him over two hours to get to the airport which was bullshiz because his ETA was 3 minutes from when I requested the Uber. He then asked me to reroute my destination back to the airport after he drops me off since he had to loop around. He told me it would cost me an extra dollar or two. I just brushed it off because he seemed like a scumbag. After he dropped me off, I noticed that he rerouted my destination back to the airport. Then I was charged an extra $10 for a longer trip. I reported that motherlover and got refunded. I don’t understand how he was rated 4.9 stars.


Can You Give Me Some Peace?

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It’s probably my fault too.. but it was around barely 8 am. First the driver made me walk all the way to the car cause why? I have no idea. So I was a little bit pissed cause it’s early in the morning and I called an UberX but still had to walk. When I got in the car the driver was so chirpy, he greeted me “Good morning” and I just said “morning”. He got offended and said “You can do better than that” which pissed me off like hell man it’s freaking 8 am in the morning I wasn’t rude I was just not as chirpy as you are?! So I laughed, the kind of laugh where you’re like “are you freaking kidding me?” and he kicked me out of the Uber because he said he was providing a service.

I take Uber a lot and I sometimes talk to drivers, and the majority of the drivers I’ve talked to always say that they respect riders and know when they’re just not in the mood to talk. But I’ve also had experienced some drivers who just wouldn’t shut up even though you barely respond.



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I had an Uber driver who told me upon getting into his car that he was also a sheriff, so this would be the safest Uber I ever had. Ok, that’s cool? We’re driving down a road with two lanes on each side, he cuts someone off right before a light, and the other guy is pissed. Light turns green and the angry guy is swerving around us, in front of us slamming on his breaks, basically trying to make us hit him. We come to the next stop light and my Uber driver puts his whole torso out the window and starts screaming at him, “what the hell is your problem?! Come at me! Come at me!” So angry guy gets out of his truck and comes to the driver window, gun pointed at my Uber driver. Uber driver is a sheriff so he also has a gun, pulls it out and points it at the angry guy telling him to back the hell up. Meanwhile I’m in the backseat thinking either I’m going to die or I’m going to watch someone else die, just trying to get under the seat. Angry guy does go back to his truck, and gets on our head. Uber driver calls dispatch and describes the car. I’m yelling the license plate at him and he doesn’t tell dispatch, just says to get there because there’s no concealed carry allowed in Maryland (of course, we’re in Baltimore city) and the guy needs to be arrested. So this guys following us, we’re waiting for cops to show up, and my Uber driver PULLS INTO AN ABANDONED PARKING LOT. I grab the door handle and figure I’ll just jump out and run as fast as I can. Other driver does not pull in behind us. Uber driver drops me at my destination, and says damn, people are so racist around here. He gives me his sheriff card and says to call him if I ever need a favor. Come to think of it I gave him five stars as he looked at me and said, you get five stars. I just wanted out. It was a while before I got in an Uber again.

Second worst: ran out of gas on the highway. Had to get another Uber to pick me up on the highway. Was on my way to a 15 minute time slotted office of immigration and naturalization appointment.


Err I Don't Think So

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Me and my girlfriend ordered an uber and placed the pick-up spot at the end of this long(around 200 ft) bus stop downtown.

So we’re waiting there and I get a message from the driver telling me “I’m here”. The problem is that he isn’t there. So, me and my gf assume he’s at the beginning of the bus stop and we can’t see him behind the bus that just pulled in. So we walk over there, don’t see the car, and start walking back to the spot we marked as a pickup when the guy pulls in behind us and stops behind the bus.

I wave at him, we get in and he starts complaining about how “people are never in the spot they mark”. I look at him and tell him that we were and he starts berating me how our spot was at the end not at the start of the stop.

OK, so far I’m annoyed but it’s not a big deal. I try explaining to him how we waited there, but when he messaged me “I’m here” we walked to the beginning to see if he happened to be behind the bus. He gets incredibly annoyed about how he has to message people earlier or else he has to wait for them to get to the car – otherwise he would have waited on us. I tell him he wouldn’t – as we were there waiting on him, and the only thing he’s message managed to accomplish is to move us from the “designated” spot he was annoyed about in the beginning.

So he gets angry. Like yelling angry – about how we are stupid, we should have just waited for him at the spot and, best of all, how we cost him money, because our ride was longer. I ask him what the hell he’s talking about and he explains how he had to drive the entirety of the bus stop (again, 200ft) without us paying him for that – and how we should pay him $10 in cash for that (which was more than the entire ride cost, btw).

I obviously told him no so he made us leave the car and completed the ride. Put us both off using uber for a good bit.


Creep Alert

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I called a ride from class and he struck up a conversation with me. I was in the front because I called a pool, but within ten minutes it was just him and I when the others got out. So there I was, in the front seat with this creep.

He asked me what I was studying, and I told him that I was studying nursing. Nothing out of the ordinary, until he told me that the sexy nurse uniform was his favorite. He then proceeded to ask me about my tattoos and told me that he wants to build his own sort of Gotham city and put all of tattooed women in it and have them paint murals of him.

I nervously laughed it off- my destination was like 5 mins away. I asked him if I could make a stop real quick to get some frozen yogurt because my throat was really sore and that I’d be in and out because I can order for pick up. He obliged and when I got out he followed me inside and tried to pay for it. He started rambling something about wanting to go to the beach and asked if I wanted to go on a day trip with him.

I again, laughed it off and for some stupid reason got back in his car but within two minutes he mentioned how he can’t stand “fat girl racks” and asked if I worked out.

I noped the hell out immediately. I told him to pull over and contacted Uber immediately. I was told he was terminated and I got a fat Uber credit.


Respect Women, Will You?

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TBF we should’ve seen the red flags ahead of time.

So we (3 guys, 1 girl) get picked up outside of a busy bar after a long night of drinking. We get in and all seems normal for 15 seconds before he starts becoming visibly upset that the car in front (Another Uber picking up other bar patrons) hasn’t moved yet. Our driver starts muttering under his breath about how stupid they are and gives it a generous 30 seconds before getting out of his car and going to the other car’s window to tell them off in person. We should’ve gotten out then, but we laughed it off and made a joke about how dedicated he was.

He gets back in and things are normal as we start towards our destination. That’s when the girl we’re with starts talking. She’s super normal and is just joking with us, when the driver turns to us 3 and asked us, “Why do we let her talk?”. We were taken aback and kind of just look at each other before she takes over and says, “Excuse me?”

He proceeds to start insulting her and referring to her as “Babe” and “Toots”, and keeps trying to get us to side with him since we’re guys and he assumes that means we’ll side with him. We started laughing at him, told him we were absolutely reporting him, and that he was a piece of trash.

He seems upset and shocked that we didn’t side with him so he starts threatening to fight us. That’s when we collectively said, “Try it idiot, there’s 4 of us and 1 of you”. Luckily at this point we’re at our destination and get out of the car meanwhile calling this guy every name in the book.

He yelled back that we were wussies as we were walking away. I told him to get out of his car then. He sped off. We drank more.



Thanks For Not Kidnapping Us

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This was in Johannesburg. It was the end of a 40 day trip in southern Africa. We ordered an Uber to take us to the airport, the guy picks us up and immediately complains that our hotel was in a nicer neighborhood. He then proceeds to ask us if we were in a rush. “Yes, we have a flight to catch”. But this guy then takes us on a joy ride, turning the 25 minute journey into a 45 minute fear of being kidnapped. Luckily all it took was an “um…this isn’t the way to the airport” to put him back on track. 1 star and a refund. Not kidnapped was a plus.



That Was Mean

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In an Uber pool and we have to go about 5 miles to our hotel. Pick up 2 passengers about 2 miles from hotel and they are headed somewhere that is 1 mile before our hotel nbd. Driver gets to their destination and it’s closed so the passengers ask if they can be dropped off at their sister’s house. The Uber driver says yes and changes the destination point to the new location which is 45 minutes in the opposite direction…being a tourist, I didn’t realize until we got back on the same highway but going the wrong way from our hotel…instead of turning the hell around, the Uber driver dropped us off at our original pick up point… I did get my money back from Uber, but that was insane.


Sir, Stop Talking

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God, I hate when they wanna interrogate you about why you’re using their paid service. I had a guy who had given me two different rides a few weeks apart and somehow recognized me the second time I was in his car. So he starts asking me questions. Where is my car? Don’t I own a car? Why don’t I own a car? When am I going to buy a car? Why aren’t I going to buy a car?

Finally I tell him I was in a car accident, figuring it’ll shut him up, and he goes “Oh, so you lost your license because you were at fault, right?”

No, you freaking idiot, I was a cyclist who was not old enough to have a driver’s license and the only reason I’m alive right now is that my mother was militant about my wearing a helmet. It kinda put me off the whole “driving” thing, ya know?



Totally Your Fault

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Thanks But No Thanks

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We were out of town and trying to catch our flight home. First the guy stopped for gas after picking up our ride but before picking us up (we could see where he was on the map, and also the gas station was across the street). So it took forever for him to come get us.

Then he took a “shortcut” rather than the way the map was telling him to go, which ended up with us in a residential neighborhood, and driving in circles.

Finally dude gets on the highway. And then misses the exit for the airport.

We boarded by the skin of our teeth.



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I got an alert that my driver was close, so I went to the lobby of my apartment building. Checked the app and it said my driver was 6 minutes away. I wasn’t in a rush so it was fine. I watched the driver miss my exit (to my building) and even more time was added onto the pickup time. I figured it was an honest mistake and kept waiting. After watching the driver miss my exit multiple times, she eventually showed up 15 minutes later. No apology, no nothing. Surprise, surprise, she also missed the exit to my destination because she was messing with the radio.


Psycho Alert

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It was 3am and I had made polite chit chat that had definitely mentioned how tired I was. Upon reaching my house, he remarked that I was such a lovely girl and that we should get a drink….and PROCEEDED TO DRIVE AWAY FROM THE HOUSE to find somewhere to get a drink. I pretended to be interested, but said we should do it another time when things would be open, and then made sure to ignore any and all calls and messages from him. Completely gross, dangerous and definitely not appropriate.


Major Red Flags

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So average Saturday in Austin, having a nice pregame with a few friends. We are ready to call the Uber. Now this is right after Uber came back to Austin, we thought any Uber driver with a simple 4.1 was fine, that’s not a bad rating.

Man shows up and drives past us twice, the second time he called and said sorry I thought ya’ll were trying to rob you. (3 scrawny guys and 4 small drunk girls in button ups and slacks or dresses and heels are criminals).

Well we get going. 3 turns in and we haven’t seen a single but he yelled at a guy driving next to us.

Get into downtown, headed towards in a roundabout way, but we are in front of Torchys, a four lane road going about 30, moped rider right next to us. Uber moves over, moped slams on their breaks, veers hits the curb and crashes. Immediately call Uber and complain and leave a one star.

Otherwise, I haven’t had a bad experience for an Uber who actually drove me.


Can They Really Do That?

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One time I got into the Uber and I could barely breathe from a really strong smoky smell. The driver told me to “sit down, shut up, and put on my seat belt” even though all I had said was hello. I wasn’t going to complain, I just wanted to go home. She started driving, noticed how far the destination was and told me she didn’t want to drive me anymore and let me out of the car. At the time I didn’t have an Uber account so I had to call my mom to tell her what had happened and that I needed a new ride.

Another time I was with my then boyfriend and we had a wonderful driver, but a big nail or something popped her tire on the freeway. She did everything right and helped us get a new ride. The new driver pulled up to us very fast (I was afraid he would hit us) but we got in and he sped away. He barely said a word to us, was driving very erratically, and was filming is in the back seat. He dropped us off in the middle of a busy street too… We ran to the closest sidewalk and gave him 1 star.

And recently I kept getting paired with a Lyft driver who spoke NO English. I guess she didn’t understand where to pick me up so she kept calling, yelling into the phone and hanging up. She then canceled the ride.



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Twice. Once -in Colorado- my driver pulls out a vape pen and starts pulling hits. It’s weed. To be clear, I smoke weed too, I just don’t drive while high. I was 5 mins from home at this point but I just said really seriously that he needed to put it out. One star and I reported him.

Another time this girl seemed really drunk at 8:30 in the morning, she was driving really erratically, what she was saying didn’t make sense. Then the icing on the cake was when I asked her to stop the car – I was 5 blocks from work and realized I was safer walking then being in her car – and she said NO! She refused to let me out screaming about how she wouldn’t get paid for the whole ride if I got out early. It was crazy. I recorded the incident and reported it to Lyft.

Other than that I’ve had mostly good drivers.