People Share Their Biggest ‘Nope’ Moments

By Sana Ahmad - December 11, 2019

Sometimes, just sometimes, when life gives you lemons you don’t make lemonade out of it and chill! Why you ask? Well, because you may not know how to make lemonade (given that it is not a big task really but who knows! After all, why assume!!) Likewise, when the going gets tough, (not all) the tough get going… Some just take a moment to register what exactly happened with them and go ‘OH MY GOD! DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN’ or ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?’ or simply ‘NOPE’ it out. It is weird though, how some events can either tickle your funny bones or make you feel sick to your guts every single time you think about them. Yes, you guessed it right, these are the incidents that make you ‘NOPE’ the hardest…

We scrolled down a reddit thread about the same and folks you would not believe what all crazy ‘nope’ moments we came across!! From coming home to a closet full of possums; tarantulas capable of scaring a cat away; spiders inside clothes to sharks toppling the boat, guys, we have heard a lot of weird. Read ahead and we kid you not, you would not be able to stop cringing before making it to the end…


When There Was A Roach Nest Above The Bed

Credits: Imgflip

“I kept noticing little black specks in my bed. Every morning I would wake up, and find these tiny little specks of what looked like pieces of dirt. They would be everywhere, in my sheets, under my pillow…in my hair. Due to their frequency of appearance and uniform size it didn’t take me long to realize that something was creating these, which lead me to conclude they could only be feces of some sort. It was 2 am and I was drunk when I made this conclusion.

I tore everything in my room apart…everything. I pulled off all my sheets, ripped open my mattress, ripped open my box spring, flipped my bed over, dumped out my dresser, but I couldn’t find the source BUT amidst my rampage it hit me…they were coming from above.

I followed the wall up and saw a thin, but very long crack running along the seam between the Sheetrock and the molding. I pushed on the wall, and what happened next is this NOPE moment I can never forget.

Thousands of pieces of feces poured out onto bed from what the exterminator said was a “pretty decent sized” roach nest in my ceiling. I NOPEd so hard, the entire city could feel it.” ([deleted])

When Rugby Got Rough

Credits: Quickmeme

“I played Rugby for a number of years for a team, and while scrimmaging I heard a loud crack. When I located the noise, our teammate had snapped both the Tibia and Fibula bones right in half. His broken leg was flopping around like a fish out of water. That was my NOPE! moment.” (EdforceONE)

House Of Spiders And Bugs

Credits: Quickmeme

“I had just gotten back from a few months working abroad and was staying at a townhouse my dad owns for a few days while I figured out my living and working situation. Nobody lives at the townhouse and he pretty much just used it for storage at that time, and it’s also right on the edge of town and pretty much borders the prairie so there are bugs everywhere all the time. Lots of bugs all the time means full and happy spiders all over the place.

ANYWAY. My first day back I’m enjoying my first shower with hot water and high pressure I’ve had in a while. When I get done, I reach for the nearest towel hanging near the shower and a spider falls out of it. I squeal a little bit before telling myself “Leave it, at least it didn’t touch you. He’s just hanging out, doing his thing, he aint’ hassling you.” So I dry off and go on with my day.

Next shower, I’m not about to be spooked by any towel spiders. So I grab the towel and give it a shake before touching it to my body. Yep, spider’s there again. He loses his grip on the towel from my shake and lands directly, I kid you not, on the base of my thing. My freak out is immense, and I nearly slap my junk off from the furious brushes to remove the little guy from my favorite body part. I’m not sure what happened to the spider, but I know he was on my junk for a total of around 0.3 seconds. Although short, it was definitely the hardest I’ve ever noped in my life.” (BrycePilaf)

For The Love Of Girlfriend

Credits: Imgflip

My girlfriend gave me a bunch of potted plants to take care of while she was working out of town. She has had most of the plants for quite some time and because of that they hold a certain sentimental value for her. One morning after sitting down to breakfast I noticed a spider hanging out on the cactus she had placed on the kitchen table. On any other day I would have flipped, aborting all previous breakfast activities and beginning operation octopod purge. For some unknown reason I decided to continue eating breakfast and observe the creature I had so often sought to destroy. It honestly wasn’t all that big or scary and seemed kind of funny looking in the way he was trying to find a comfy spot to sit without getting poked (think dog spinning around on a pillow.) I sat reflecting my previous disposition as I observed this peaceful little creature who was just looking for a place where he fit. Kind of like me. At that point I spoke out loud “You know what spider-bro? Maybe you’re alright. Maybe I was wrong about you” at that moment the spider leapt onto my upper lip. I NOPED the hardest I’ve ever NOPED in my entire life. A NOPE that matched the white hot hatred of a thousand burning suns. I knocked the eight legged deceiver off my face with one hand and proceeded to NOPE all around my apartment. Finally I returned to the kitchen to exact my revenge. The spider had returned to the safety of the cactus. While my initial reaction was to just toss the whole cactus I remembered my girlfriend and spent the next hour hanging out my window trying to shake a spider loose from his needley stronghold… Oh the things we do for love.” (Interpersonal)

When It Did Not Go Well In The Morgue

Credits: Makeameme

“I work at a funeral home so I see a lot of dead bodies. I’ve been around them long enough that it doesn’t phase me at all when I see them, until…

I went to the morgue to pick up a guy who committed suicide by taking a shotgun to his face. There was a huge hole where his nose and mouth were and you could clearly see inside his head. His bottom lip was still attached so it was a huge hole and a bottom lip. One of his eyes was hanging slightly out of its socket but his eyelids were closed so it was sort of peeking out from under his eyelid.

It was by far the grossest body I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen hundreds), and after I got a good look I ran the hell back into the car, leaving the other guy to carry the body out himself.” (Jesters)

Mysterious Voice Starts Singing Out Of The Blue

Credits: Makeameme

“A friend of mine and I were backpacking out in the Rockies. Everyone in the group we were in had gone to sleep, and we were hanging out about 50 yards away from the tents. As were talking, all of the sudden, we start to hear a female voice start to sing just over this small little hill. Now understand, we were in the middle of the wilderness and the only girl we had on our crew was asleep before all of us (and I doubt she would ever sing). It wasn’t singing anything in particular. Just a basic chord. Up and down and up and down and up and down.

I would say it was about 10-15 yards away from us and we could hear it clear as day as I turned to him and asked, to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, if he was hearing it too. I tell him we should investigate. He looks at me and says, “You know how horror movies start? Horror movies start by us looking for that noise. You know how horror movies don’t start? By us going back to our tents and going to sleep.”

And so we did. The voice kept singing even after we left. Still don’t know what that was.” (DocMarlowe)

Birth Gone Wrong

Credits: Imgflip

“Immediately following the birth of my first child, my wife suffered an inverted uterus. Imagine something the size of a football, covered in veins and blood vessels, sticking directly out of the body part of someone you love more than life itself. Figured I had seen everything at that point. NOPE. Dr. realized that he needed to get it back in place before she started hemorrhaging, so he was forced to make a decision to either take her immediately to the emergency room, or to attempt to reinsert it. Manually. To make things worse, the cart with the anesthesia had been misplaced in the delivery wing, so he was forced to proceed with the manual reinsertion, without anything to dull the pain. Never thought I’d be in a position to yell at a Doctor to “get his damn hand out of my wife”. A lot of firsts that night. Happily, everyone is fine 3 years later……

The mental image is even starting to fade.” (throwaway1492)

When You Have A Bad Sandwich

Credits: Quickmeme

“Was hungry, so I decided to make myself a sandwich with some lunch meat. Didn’t really look at everything for too long, I was starving. Just putting everything on the bread and adding cheese + condiments as fast as possible.

Went to go sit down and took my first bite. Huh. Weird. Something.. tastes weird here. Yeah.. let’s have a look at this sandwich..

Big. Black. Mold. COVERING one side of the bread (facing inside the sandwich) the bologna was spotted white. The turkey was pasty and green splotched in some places. I just took a bite out of a moldy crappy sandwich. Nope.

Immediately puked. No hesitation, just all over the damn plate. I threw that stuff out then took a shower while brushing my teeth and crying. I went out and bought Listerine and washed my mouth out about 5 times.” (JSawa)

From A Medical Student’s Diary

Credits: Memeshappen

“Personal life: my dad cut through his Achilles’s tendon with a hedgetrimmer. Blood and bone quite visible.

On the ward (I’m a medical student): Infected haematomas. What can only be described as the biggest boils you have ever seen. Bad part? One ruptured as I was examining around the knee, yellow-red fluid flowed down the patient’s leg, and splattered onto my shirt. Smelt like dead flesh mixed in vomit. Gagged. Nope.

Education video: live birth. Pretty nasty. Worst bit? Emergency episiotomy performed. Basically a large pair of surgical scissors used to cut a gash at the well, gash. Blood poured out. I counted 3 people leaving the lecture hall gagging.

EDIT: seeing a popular post below: then the placenta came out, people forget about that stuff. And then literal crap could be seen coming out. My female friends with baby rabies were vaccinated against that day!” (Stylian_StHugh)

When It Got Ugly At The Park

Credits: Reddit

“When I was in summer camp we would wait outside on stone benches for our parents to pick us up at the end of the day. Once while we were waiting a few of the counselors had driven up in the golf cart and parked it near where we were sitting. The campers weren’t allowed in the carts (we were about ages 6-13) but these two girls decided to sit in the front seat. It was all fine and dandy until one of them tripped and landed on the gas pedal. Cue one of them steering and the other one was still lying on the pedal. Well it turns out that 8 years olds can’t steer for real (who knew?!) and they swerved the cart right towards my bench and hit the girl sitting next to me. More specifically, the front of the cart hit her knee. All I heard was a thud and then ear splitting screams. I looked at this girls’ leg and her knee cap was about half way up her thigh. I jumped the hell up and ran to the sidewalk, lucky that my legs just got scraped up because the force of the impact moved the stone bench back about a foot (all absorbed by this girl’s knee cap). She came back to camp a few weeks later in a wheelchair, but I believe it was only temporary.” (cloudpuff)

Forced Evacuation Leads To Accident

Credits: Quickmeme

“My parents were American, but I was born in Amman, Jordan where my parents had evacuated to from Beirut where they were working during the Lebanese civil war. Against US government advice, they decided to try and go back to Lebanon, but shortly after arriving were forced to evacuate again, this time to Cyprus. I was somewhere around five at this point, but this memory stuck with me. Rushing to catch our boat, my mother was struggling whilst dragging a HUGE overstuffed suitcase that had to have weighed 70+ lbs. Seeing how urgently we were rushing, a kind stranger took over for her. The memory of the details is a bit fuzzy as to exactly how it happened, but one of those little plates that the caster wheels are mounted to had broken loose and it somehow fell onto this guy’s kneecap and all but sliced it off. I remember tons of blood and seeing the cartilage and all that white stuff that’s inside of a kneecap. And the boat was leaving and my mom just kept sobbing about how sorry she was and we couldn’t stop and we just left him there as men on the boat ramp thingy were screaming and motioning at us to hurry up. Nope.

I then I got strapped onto a bench on the deck in my Sesame Street sleeping bag with luggage straps and went to sleep.” (chumshot)

Tarantula That Scared A Cat

Credits: Pinterest

“Walking into my apartment and finding a tarantula sitting on my floor looking up at me. My roommate’s cat (who normally loves to hunt spiders) was even keeping her distance meowing “Nope!”.” (DangerChips)

Snake On The Loose

Credits: Knowyourmeme

True story: I was living in a basement apartment in Boston, and it was full of holes. I had holes in my bedroom ceiling, water leaking in from the upstairs shower, and once I found an egg sac of some kind on the carpet. But the worst thing happened a week or so after I had noticed my computer speakers were getting a little crackly. I figured it was some wiring and I wasn’t home much so I forgot about it. So I’m at my desk trying to get my audio levels adjusted and darn it, everything is still sounding crackly. So I reach behind the monitor to where the speaker cables are, and kinda grope around trying to find the right cord. I can’t find it, so I turn the monitor to the side so I can look behind it. And I see a weird, green object. And I’m thinking, what the hell is that?

So I look a little closer and I’m thinking, why is it shiny? And I look even closer, and it’s a goddamn snake sitting on my desk, coiled around my cables. I noped the hardest I ever have in my life, ran out of my room and into the hallway.

A few minutes later the super comes by and asks if I had seen his boa constrictor.” (father_tedcurley)

Disturbing Tale Of Two Sisters

Credits: Imgflip

“I worked in the IT department of a larger hospital for about two years, and every so often the HR department would have required classes which were supposed to teach us how to deal with the unique experience working at a hospital. The topics were almost always geared towards the medical side of the business, and I can never forget a story one of the HR folks told us about his early years at the hospital as a nurse in the ER. The day he was on they got a call that a young girl involved in a boating accident was coming in with severe trauma with her father who was unharmed. The girl gets there and the paramedics describe that this girl, her sister, and her father were getting ready to go boating for a day and were loading up the boat. The two sisters were on the back of the boat when the father somehow dropped the boat into reverse, and the two girls fell over the back of the boat directly into the prop. The one sister had her head cut off, and the other was essentially disemboweled but was still alive. When the girl and the father arrived this guy was tasked with talking to the father in a private room as the doctors took the girl into surgery to try save her life (which he told us she died). He sat down with this father whose entire life had just been destroyed, and could not help but just start crying with the father. He went on to tell us that he should have held his composure and helped the father through the terrible experience, and that it was our duty to face the daily experience of dealing with grief stricken family members better than he did, at which point I AM IN NOPE TEARS just wanting to fix the god damned computers. Even being the IT department I knew what was going on directly above my head in the ER and quit that job about two weeks later.” (somecallmemike)

Not So Fun Adventures

Credits: Makeameme

“My dad and I moved into a new house when I was about 17, and since we were the only two men helping with the move, naturally we were forced to carry all the heavy and awkward stuff. Anyway, I’m helping him move his mattress out to the truck when, for the first time, I looked at the side he slept on. There were stains. Everywhere. I dropped my end of the mattress and jumped to the side, and since my dad lost his grip on the other end, it fell, hitting me in the face with a stain that just smelled… funky. Nope.

Earlier that year, I was hanging out with my cousin in some backwater town in the middle of rural Alberta. Her friends and I are sorta bored, so get the great idea to get high and go explore some abandoned farmhouses. I passed out in one of the buildings, and when I woke up, I was alone. As my vision adjusted, I saw cracks in the walls and floors, bloody meat hooks hanging from the ceiling, and a bloody wooden table laying on its side right next to me. I had blacked out in the basement of a butcher shop. NOPE.” (ForeverJames)

When Dad Brings Work Back Home

Credits: Imgflip

My dad, a captain at the local PD, cannot, for the life of him, stop showing me pictures of crime scenes.

He’s shown me pictures of suicides, murders, rapes, beatings, theft (easily the one easiest to stomach), accidents…

The most recent ones:

Suicide. Guy hangs himself in his front yard overnight. He was going to murder his wife and his kid, too, according to his suicide note. But they left for one of her family members earlier that day (“That’s the part that freaked me out the most, is that we could’ve had three bodies instead of one. I’m glad the guy is dead, I know it sounds wrong, but he was planning on murdering his wife and his infant son. That’s unforgivable. I would’ve killed him myself.” – my dad).

Murder. Guy and his father were arguing about land issues (He was a farmer). The father is close to keeling over from old age. Son is a retard, is addicted to hard drugs and steals stuff a lot. Wanted all of the family land so he could sell it. Anyways, the father wants to give it to the daughter, whose husband is also a farmer. The son gets pissed, pulls out a pistol and caps him right in the head. There was a lot of blood and brains on the ground. Worst part was the morgue picture, you could almost see straight through his head.

Crazy stuff.” (zellthemedic)

Crackers That Had Gone Bad

Credits: Memeshappen

“It was after school in first grade, and I was eating crackers. Unbeknownst to me, the box had been left on our screen porch overnight. It was mostly empty, and as I scoop up the last handful, mostly of crumbs, I see something move in it. Turned out a ton of earwigs had moved into the box overnight, and I’d been eating them. Alive. Looking in the box, they were all over the bottom. The crackers were white cheddar Cheez-Its, which I still to this day 10 years later cannot eat without gagging.” (darkfire613)

That Time In The Woods

Credits: Imgflip

It was a humid summer day so we smartly decided to get stoned in the woods.

We did the deed and then began oafishly making our way back to the trail. We were hiking along, joking around, and generally having a good time when a fallen tree impeded my path. I started to step over the tree when, at the last possible second, I looked down and made eye contact with the long-dead-heavily-decayed deer my foot was about to enter.

I don’t know if it was the half missing face, the writhing maggots in the eye socket, or the fly infested black hole eating away the torso, but my body forcibly NOPED the hell away from that horror. I pulled off an adrenaline fueled, mid-step, 180 spin move that saved me from even worse nightmares.

Easily the most athletic thing I’ve ever done.” (de_dust)

Guy Who Had Tools Of Modern Warfare At Home

Credits: Knowyourmeme

Me and my ex GF were staying with a friend in the mountains in Chiba, Japan. He was an American dude, very rich, had all the newest toys and gadgets, even though he claimed to be a photographer. We didn’t know him all that well really but he was funny and lively and always good for a laugh, and he said to come stay in in his holiday house with him, so wtf, we did. Let’s call him Ben.

So one night me and the ol’ ball and chain went back early to make love and Ben stayed out drinking in town. Soon enough we needed tissues (the toilet was outdoors, so no TP), and I said I’d just go upstairs to Ben’s room and he would probably have some up there. We had been told by him that upstairs was his bedroom and that we were welcome everywhere in the cabin but please don’t go upstairs. But hey, wtf, I did it anyway. I figured he was probably just embarrassed that it was messy or something.

So I went up there, first thing I saw was a rack full of glocks. I think maybe 5 or 6. Next to that, a grenade, silencer, and those ninja star things, just sitting on the bench. What the hell?

Turned into the room to see another rack that seemed to hold all the tools of modern warfare. A pump action shotgun, a rifle with sniper scope, a few automatic rifles, what looked like an anti-aircraft machine gun, and other assorted rifles. A katana was up on the wall.

It was a mix between wanting to NOPE the hell out, and also figure out what the darn was going on with this guy.

All I did was just not mention it and then we left in the morning. Although I did make a video of his room… I’ll fish it out when I get home tonight if reddit is interested.

Edit: I used some specific gun names above and that has pissed of some red-necks or something, so here is a disclaimer: I don’t actually know what guns they were, but the names above are a rough indication of what they were, based on my gun knowledge that comes entirely from video games. The point is they were some serious looking guns.

Edit 2: So ok, I didn’t end up going home last night (awwwww yeah :D) but I will post it first thing when I go home tonight. Also, I don’t know what airsoft is, but a lot of people seem to suspect they were airsoft guns. I guess you can tell me when you see the video.

Edit 3: LINK TO VIDEO. Sorry it’s dark, I don’t know how to brighten it up.” (BearPond)

The Tale Of A Moving Sock

Credits: Quickmeme

“I know this will get buried, but I gotta tell it… I was working at my volunteer job one hot Mississippi summer as a Civil War reenactor, when my boss asked us if anyone wanted to go to our break room/changing room to clean.

I thought it would be a good excuse to get out of the sun, so I volunteered. After I got to the break room, my boss told me to clean out the locker of the guy who left 4 weeks or more before. It was absolutely disgusting, like he left all his sweaty wool clothes wadded up on the floor of the locker and left. It wasn’t too bad until I got to the replica leather shoes… Except they had some sort of yellow mold on them. And they had socks stuffed inside them, no doubt dirty and stuffed in there the day the owner left.

I carefully pulled a sock out of one of the moldy shoes, to find that the sock had mold on it too – some sort of black mold. I immediately threw it on the ground, and a sort of dust rose from it, no doubt mold spores. But that’s not the worst part. The sock was moving. It was pulsing up and down slowly. The darn thing was breathing. I nope’d so hard I left the building and never returned to work.” (Dustin-)

Bad Movie Choices

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“A (female) friend and I were bored and wandered down to the movie theater to see what was playing. We both kinda liked horror/scary movies, so we saw Dee Snider’s Strangeland was playing and decided to give it a whirl. We made it up to the scene a few minutes in where a dude was hanging by his nipples/chest from meat hooks and as if on cue, both of us stood up and NOPE NOPE NOPEed out of the theater.

Years later, I was hanging out with another female friend of mine and we needed to kill a couple hours and were by a movie theater. The only thing neither of us had seen was A History of Violence and we both liked violence (and I had no idea it was a Cronenberg movie), so it seemed promising. Now, we’d hung out a couple times and knew each other, but we weren’t friends enough for scenes like Viggo Mortensen and the female lead 69ing and going rough on the stairs, you know? We were both so shocked and embarrassed that neither of us dared to look over at the other, so we just…endured for the duration of the movie. The Frozen Nope, if you will.” (RazorEddie)

When Grandma Broke Her Arm

Credits: Imgflip

“This summer my grandmother slipped and fell in her kitchen. She was in a lot of pain but crawled over the phone in the living room and called my mother, who then called me (I was closer to her house) while my grandmother called the ambulance. I got there and came in, there’s blood all other the kitchen floor. My grandmother’s sitting in the living room with her eyes closed saying she can’t bear to look and do I think her arm is broken?

It was. It was very, very broken. Let’s just say you didn’t need an x-ray to see that. I had a massive NOPENOPENOPE reaction, but managed to calmly tell my grandmother it probably was and she might want to keep her eyes closed for a while.” (CosineX)

When Gar Almost Gave A Scar

Credits: Memeshappen

Swimming in the creek as a kid, I was in water just deep enough that my hand hanging straight down was just in the water. I feel something lightly brushing past my hand, it wasn’t uncommon for fish to inspect you. Look down and a 6 foot long gar was idly swimming past my hand.

NOPE. Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to shoot gar with my 22 rifle, failed horribly.” (Grimsterr)

Electric Ballerina Doll Turns On Without Batteries

Credits: Imgflip

When I was 7, I awoke in the middle of the night to an electric ballerina doll turning on suddenly, flailing arms and legs. Then stopped as suddenly as it began. Freaky enough as that was I managed to go back to sleep. In the morning I picked up the doll to take out the batteries so it wouldn’t happen again. Not only were there no batteries in the doll, the connections were corroded. It shouldn’t have worked at all. I couldn’t sleep for a week. My neck hairs still raise at retelling the story.” (bunnygurl)

Spider Inside The Jeans


My friend was putting his jeans on – his jeans usually hug his legs pretty well. Any way he gets them on most of the way and I see an outline about the size of a hand just below his knee like he’s put them on and a sock or something was in one of the legs. I see it move suddenly and he flips, he just drops to the floor squealing like a girl. He rips them off quicker than I would’ve thought possible and we just see this massive huntsman spider RUN OUT OF HIS JEANS to the other side of the room. NOPE.” (grodasy)

Rattle Snake In The Kitchen


About two years ago I was in my living room reading when I heard a scream that can only be described as so loud and shrill that I am sure my skin peeled completely off and grew back. I ran into my kitchen to find my sister shaking in fear. She had stepped outside to get something and noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She looked down to see an enormous rattle snake about two inches away from her foot. We had to call the fire department to come and remove it and when they finally caught it they said they would probably have to kill it instead of releasing it into the wild because it was so big. I imagine that was a pretty big nope on my sister’s part.” (garishbourne)

Nope Moments While In Kentucky

Credits: Makeameme

“My two nope moments were when I was in Kentucky visiting my father.

My first nope moment was when our family went exploring in some cave in one of the parks. My family went in and I went with them. I noticed the cave ceiling was about two feet away from my head so I shined the flashlight I was holding at the cave ceiling and noticed a large crevice directly over my head filled with probably hundreds of huge spiders. I noped right on out of that cave.

My second moment was when we were visiting one of my father’s friends who happens to have a herd of about 40 or so cattle. His cattle are very tame and shy away from people so we all went out on the field to check out the lake that had catfish in it. I found an apple tree by the fence so I climbed the fence and got a bunch apples down. I sat on the field and started feeding apples to the yearling calves that would come up to me. All of a sudden the calves started to scurry away. I turned around and saw the only bull on the field staring right into my face. I was literally face to face with this bull. I still had a bunch of apples. I fed them all to him. I got up calmly after I was done and noped the hell outta there.” (Adviser_Moppet)

Moth Larvae Inside Stove Top Stuffing

Credits: Quickmeme

I was once in charge of making Stove Top stuffing for dinner at my parent’s house. While I was scooping the stuffing into the pot, I noticed it was moving. It was a good 75% grain moth larvae. I dumped it in and watched them squirm in the boiling water, let it cool, then dumped it all in the trash. Took me a good 3 years to trust anything instant from their cupboard again.” (charleyface)

Possum Family Decided To Hangout In The Closet

Credits: Mental Floss

When I was maybe 13ish, we had a really hot summer. I would sit downstairs in the basement and play video games until 11 PM, when it would cool down enough for me to come sleep.

One such night, I came up to my room and turned on the purple lights I had strung around the walls. In the diffused light, I was just about to make out something rather big climbing my wool curtains. I NOPED so hard it woke the neighbors.

It turns out that I had left my screen door open one night as I napped, and a family of possums decided my room and closet was a pretty neat place to hang out. I remember retrospectively laying in bed and hearing them moving and just thinking it was my fan blowing around stuff. Nope.

Bonus: my dad was able to scare most of them out, but killed one of the babies in the corner of my closet while I watched. YAY EMOTIONAL SCARRING.” (NessaTesla)

When Sharks Chased The Boat

Credits: Twitter

Living on the Australian coast I’ve dealt with a lot.

Snakes in hallways when I wake up in the morning.

Spiders. Everywhere.

Sharks, I’ve been swimming and seen a 4 foot shark swim right past me.

The biggest NOPE of my life was when I was swimming with Whale Sharks in Exmouth, we get told to dive into the water as it’s headed our way, we swim about 20 meters from the boat when all of a sudden, we are told rather frantically to get back in the boat. When we got back they explained that the spotter copter HAD seen a giant shadow and assumed it was a whale shark.

Turns out it was a Tiger Shark.

They asked if I wanted to get back in about 20 minutes later, solid NOPE.” (huxception)