People Share Freak Accidents That Happened To Them In Real

By Kanupriya - December 31, 2019

There are accidents, and then there are ‘freak accidents’. What is the difference you ask? Well, the accident can occur anywhere anytime but, freak accidents occur in the least unexpected manner in the most unusual circumstances. It’s more like you fell off the bed and broke both your arms or slipped in the washroom and went to coma for months. We know it sounds pretty drastic and kind of implausible, but believe us, they all are very highly possible. In fact, it happens to people quite frequently we’d say. Don’t believe us? Read the stories of these Redditors who have shared the freak accidents they have experienced or witnessed on someone.

While most of these freak accidents are quite funny, some are real tragic too. We do not mean to mock anyone’s pain but, just share the stories that have actually happened, which are complete shockers. While our mind was blown away thinking ‘oh, what were even the chances?’, do tell us what you think about these freaky-freaking-accidents in the comments below. Happy reading!

The One With Monster Jellyfish

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My little sister, when she was four. We were jet skiing in North Carolina. She, my uncle, and my cousin were all on one. They got about 6 feet away from the dock and they asked to swim back. They had life jackets on so it was fine. Uncle plops my cousin down, fine. He plops my sister down- directly on top of a Portuguese Man-of-War. She instantly starts screaming and he pulls her back out of the water. The thing was literally wrapped around her leg. For months afterwards it looked like someone had taken an x-acto knife to her leg. Fortunately she barely has a scar anymore and doesn’t even remember. (She also can get literally anything she wants from our uncle, because he still feels horrible about almost sacrificing his goddaughter to a monster jellyfish.)


The One With Too Much Pizza

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Coworker ate a whole pizza and his stomach exploded.

Well, his stomach didn’t literally explode, but he did rupture his intestines. He’d been taking large amounts of ibuprofen (per doctor’s order) for an injury, and it thinned the lining of his GI tract to the point where the pizza was too much. He wound up in the ICU for almost a week.

Weird thing is that he’s not even a big guy, he’s actually incredibly fit and active.


The One With The Sky Train

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A friend of mine from high school was working under a bridge in a cherry picker and was hit by a Sky Train. The route was supposed to be closed for transit use, or at least that’s what they were told so they went ahead with their work. Lunchtime comes and they go to lower the bucket, which meant swinging it over the Sky Train track before setting it in the truck.

Just as they’re slowly moving into the middle of the track the Sky Train comes by and slams into the bucket sending both my friend and his coworker flying about 20 meters away. My friend lands on his head, sustaining serious head injuries and hairline fractures in his skull. The worst part however was that his right eye popped out of the socket on impact.

He managed to keep the eye but lost the vision in it entirely. He suffered some cognitive problems which was even more heartbreaking because he was the most intelligent person I’d ever met. He was a math genius, very well read, and just really, really smart in general – could retain things like no one else I’ve met since. After the accident, however, he struggled with things as simple as splitting up a restaurant bill.

I hadn’t realized how severe the damage was until we were driving around town a few months after it happened. He was given the okay to drive (another thing he was very good at) and so when he returned to our hometown we roamed around in his car like we used to do. We were talking and stuff until there was a lull in the conversation. We were silent for a couple minutes and then as soon as I said something and broke the silence, he nearly jumped out of his seat – I scared the shiz out of him because he forgot I was in the car with him. He couldn’t see me sitting to his right in the passenger seat. It was unreal. He just wasn’t quite the same.

I’ve lost touch with him so I don’t know what he’s up to now but I’m pretty sure it’s a life far different from what he would have had if he hadn’t been nearly destroyed by a train. Still makes me sad thinking about it.


The One With Unfortunate Accidents

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When I was in middle school, my classmate and her sister were walking to the bus stop in the winter and the bus went up the curb and hit her. Her whole leg was broken, she was in a wheelchair and had a full leg cast for months. The day after she got the cast off, our grade was going to a planetarium. We stopped at a park for lunch. It had been raining, and the pavement was slippery. She was on crutches and slipped on the pavement and broke the same leg again.

Not an accident, but a tragedy nonetheless- when I was a freshman, there was a girl in my grade who was the ‘horse girl’, and was very nice and sweet. I didn’t know her, but my boyfriend and best friend did. One day she was called down to the office because her dad was bringing her and her brother home from school early. When they got home, her father shot and killed her, her brother, and her mother, and then himself.

Oh, and my Advanced Biology teacher lost half a finger in a snowblower because a stick got caught in it.


The One With The Killing Slab

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I saw this happen right in front of my eyes when I was seven.

My friend used to hang onto a slab with his hands and his feet tucked under him for fun. This slab was above the doorway of a storage shed. One day he’s hanging and swinging away when he suggested I give it a try. I jumped and grabbed the slab but couldn’t keep my grip for more than two secs and I dropped off.

He laughed at me told me to move away and he jumped up and grabbed it like every other time. Only this time the slab shifted and he fell to the ground, with the slab falling on his rib cage, killing him instantly. There was a cement block weighing more than that slab balanced on the slab and the doorway, when the slab fell the cement block followed and fell on his head and split in two.

Blood flowed from his nose like a river. I was paralyzed and standing just a couple feet away from the shed. His uncle came running to push away the broken cement block and slab and carry him to the ICU.

All this happened inside the residential quarters of the paramedical staff of the hospital. I knew he was dead even before the cement block landed on his head but my parents later told me that the doctors tried to give him blood to



The One With Stomach Flu

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This happened to my in-laws’ next door neighbor a few months ago.

Dude’s got a bad case of stomach flu. He’s on the toilet, when suddenly he feels dizzy, like he’s going to pass out. For whatever inexplicable reason, he decides that standing straight up is the appropriate thing to do in this situation. He then blacks out, falls straight forward, and his neck hits the pedestal sink at full force.

Poor guy broke his neck and is looking at spending the rest of his life as a quadriplegic. Though he does have some feeling in his arms, so… there’s hope there? I guess?


The One With The Innocent Game

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My junior or senior year of high school, there were a group of kids in my neighborhood who were friends of friends. They lived up near the top of the street, which was a pretty steep grade.

One of the guys had a pickup truck. They started playing a game that involved one of the guys driving the pickup truck down the hill, and the other two or three would run after it. The driver would alarm on the breaks, and they’d try to jump into the back.

Unfortunately, one of the guys slipped back after landing in the truck bed, and hit his neck on the tailgate. Instantly paralyzed from the neck down. A terrible tragedy for the neighborhood, the school, and especially his family. There was a huge outpouring of support from the community, and he’s been able to have an optimistic outlook on everything from here on out. But it’s certainly not a fate I’d wish on anyone.



The One Where Handlebars Came Off

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My dad’s dad went and bought a motorcycle with one of his friends. They were riding away from the dealership when his handlebars (is that what you would call a motorcycle’s steering wheel…?) came off his bike and he ended up crashing. His friend died and my dad’s dad lost his leg. He got a few hundred dollars from the company. Feelsbadman

And before people ask, I don’t really know how that happens. I’m not a motorcycle expert by any means, so your guess is likely better than mine


The One With Axing The Toe

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When my Dad was a kid him and his brother rigged up an axe that was supposed to cut wood. But when Dad said “when I say now,” his brother immediately pulled the string and the axe came down and chopped his big toe in half – lengthways. Extremely bad injury – split his big toe in half about four inches into his foot.

40 something years later, he hits a divot in the ground when using this abortion of a ride-on mower he bought off a mate. The blade ended up striking his big toe in exactly the same way the axe did.

Nearly lost the toe but they somehow saved it. Now, it’s just like this pink sausage that doesn’t bend at any of where the joints should be.

Also, around the same time they were playing cowboys and indians. And another brother got his eye shot out with a bow and arrow.


The One Where Shoulders Dropped

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It’s not really a freak accident just incredibly unfortunate for me I messed up both my shoulders in a rugby game, they both dislocated in a really absurdly not okay direction: backwards. But, due to hypermobility I had muscle damage as opposed to just snapped tendons, lucky me. I go to see the doctor and they go through a couple sessions of physio with me and then they get incredibly ill and I need a new physio. So I wait 3 months for a new one, go through maybe 3 quarters of my physio course then the physio gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and dies without my knowing, so I show up for my next appointment, go up to reception, say my name and then when I said the doctor’s name, the receptionist bursts into tears wailing and screaming and tells me what happened and I kind of low key ran away since I had no idea what to do


The One With A Courageous Man

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A guy that works for my mom got robbed and was stabbed multiple times in his arms, legs, and head and had his stomach cut open from his chest down to his pelvis. He only had $230 on him, after being paid by my mom hours before it happened. It’s only been a couple months and he’s doing great and already asked my mom to come back to work (she owns a construction company). He can’t lift anything but he helps oversee that things run smoothly. There’s an article on it but I’m on mobile and too lazy to find it


The One That Came Out Of Nowhere

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The bassist of the band I put together in highschool was walking on the sidewalk at like 10:30 in the morning on a weekday and got run down by some drunk guy driving a truck without a license. Hes managed to be able to walk short distances and can do a lot more than the doctors predicted, But he has a lot of head trauma and it’s so heartbreaking to talk to him because he’s living my worst fear, to lose my mental capacity to function normally because of some other piece of shiz that will just keep going on living.

Perhaps it doesn’t count as a freak accident, but it was just such a weird time that it felt like one. literally came out of nowhere while he was just walking between school and his house and changed his entire life.


The One That’s Terribly Sad

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My brother was in PE (high school) and for whatever reason he was running (as you do in PE). At the same time, a girl with very prominent braces in his class was running in the other direction.

They collided and her braces got stuck just above his upper lip and it ripped a hole right through. He passes out in a pool of his own blood. If Of course this is at school so everyone is freaking freaking out and the girl thinks she killed him.

He distinctly remembers waking up in the ER where the doctor was washing the blood from his face while his mouth was closed, but he could still feel water rushing into his mouth because the hole went all the way through.


The One With A Shock

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I was working at a major big box chain in the US in their repair depot.

While assisting the warehouse folks one day (I was a repair technician, but they were short staffed and needed help moving the repair products), 32″ CRT rolled off a pallet, onto a hand truck, which then sprung straight up and cracked me right in the jaw.

Didn’t break the jaw or anything, but it did split the skin down to the bone, and I hadn’t noticed. I was just working along when one of my other co-workers, horrified, pointed at my shirt. I looked down at a huge pool of blood, then reached up, touched the jaw, realized it was bone, and said “Huh, maybe I need to go get that looked at.”

They tried to pin it on me for improper hand truck handling, but it was truly a bizarre, Rube Goldberg inspired accident.

Five stitches and a free lunch later and I was back at work. I think they were more worried about a lawsuit than anything.


The One With The Sliced Nail

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I sliced half of my nail off with a bread slicer by accident. Even now, I’m still not sure how it happened, but our bread slicer you need to pull this one thing all the way back before the machine will start and once you do, you can’t put your hand back there, but you can put your hand where the bread is coming out to stop it from bouncing too much or get a good grip. Anyway, I slicing a ciabatta and it bouncing, so I didn’t want it to get smashed, so I was holding it down and I guess my hand was too close to the back of the blades and my middle finger nail on my left hand got cut and I didn’t notice until after I finished slicing the bread and my glove was filled with blood. A customer was waiting for it, so I lied and said, “Oh, my glove got ripped, let me go change it and I’ll bag it for you.” Quickly, I covered my hand and quickly went to the back to look for my manager or a band aid. She just transferred here and I nearly gave her heart attacked when she saw my gloved filled with blood, so she had to get the baker to take me to the first aid kit while she bagged the bread.

No, no blood got on the bread since it mostly stayed in my glove, but I had to fill out some paperwork and I wasn’t in pain until we had to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. It looks worse than it actual is and I was lucky it just slice the nail and didn’t hit the actual flesh. But I did traumatize a poor customer by accident since I think my manager told her what happened or she saw the blood, I’m not sure but she kept apologizing to me when she didn’t do anything wrong.

To the poor lady that asked me to slice her ciabatta bread last week, I didn’t lose a finger and it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry if I scared you, but my finger is better now, my nail just looks weird and probably will for the next couple of months, but I’ll just keep a band aid over it.


If Looks Could Kill

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I had been living in a house with my best friend and her boyfriend, and due to availability issues and our location, it was a big ordeal to get us wired for cable TV. We had been living there about 3 months before we finally were able to learn that DirecTV would provide service to us.

I taught at a school at the time, and got home from school around 3. When I got home from school, my roommate told me that the cable man was going to be coming to install our stuff around 3:30. That evening, I had plans to go visit a friend who had just had surgery and then to meet my parents for my mom’s birthday dinner. The cable man arrived – he was older, not necessarily attractive, looked like your average cable man. While he was there, I hopped in the shower and started to get ready for my evening. I had bathed and gotten dressed and was in the bathroom doing my have and makeup with the door open because the bathroom would get too hot if I left it closed. As I was doing my hair, the cable man walked past the bathroom and said, “You oughta be up against a wall for that.”

I thought he was referring to something about the cable, so I was like, “Oh, what about it?”

He said, “You get in the shower and come out smellin’ good with your hair all wet. It’s driving me crazy.”

That’s when I realized that he was flirting with me and that if I didn’t move quickly, I was about to end up in the plot of a really bad porn. So, I finished up in the bathroom really fast and discovered that I had left my little shrug-sweater thing I wanted to wear in my car. I ran out and got my sweater, and as I was walking up the concrete stairs up to the front porch, the cable man was walking to his truck to get something. As we passed one another, he hit me with this penetrating, intense, physical gaze. He looked right into my soul, and it caught me so off-guard that I tripped right up the concrete steps and busted my knee right open.

At that point, it was imperative that I leave the house immediately or I was certainly going to end up having sax with the cable man, so I grabbed my keys and got the heck out of there with blood dripping down my leg, physical adrenaline running through my veins, and the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. Once I got about 10 minutes away, I stopped at a grocery store and picked up a bunch of gauze and antibacterial salve and cleaned and dressed my wound in the bathroom do the grocery store. I still have a terribly wicked scar from it.


I Hate Winters

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I would never have thought this possible. I often get pinned several time by a snow blower by walking with it in reverse….in order to get into position so I can clean a mess of snow. Usually nothing happens….no biggie. I just took it for granted as part and parcel of working in tight spots. I just got out of the hospital. I woke up the other morning in agony after sleeping poorly all night. I had bad abdominal cramps, chest pains, left shoulder pain and I had difficulty drawing in breath. After 2 hrs I couldn’t stand the pain and I was worried it was a heart attack, so I went to our hospital’s emergency depart. After several vials of blood and stays, they had no clue. My attending physician decided to run a CAT scan. Lo and behold, I had a ruptured spleen. No idea how serious it was. Dr asked me if I had any trauma within last week and I realized I got pinned really bad by a snowblower while backing up against a wall, then a car. Normally when this happens, you just let go of the throttle lever and the drivetrain deactivates. You can then push it away with little effort. Last Wednesday, I was clearing the snow from my driveway when this happened. I let go of the lever but it stayed engaged because my belly was resting on it by this point. It didn’t hurt at all and I wasn’t winded. I just forced the snowblower away from me. Later that day at the gym, I started a new trunk rotation routine. I have a large belly. I need to tone it up. For a couple of days following, I had slight muscle pain in my abdomen. This was the kind of muscle pain you feel at first when exercising a previously untouched muscle group. It even went away with rest. This past Saturday, I was clearing the snow from my mother’s driveway when it happened again in the same location…..Right up against my spleen. Again no pain….just a bit of discomfort. Sunday morning was different. Who would have thought it would hurt that much. Any worse of a rupture and I would have needed surgery. Apparently the pain in the shoulder is the bleed pressing up against a big nerve. The rest of the pain was from blood pooling in the abdominal cavity and against the diaphragm. I hate winter.


Male Competitiveness Sucks

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I remember hearing this true story about two young accountants working around a 4th of July holiday in a high rise office building in Chicago. It was getting late, they were alone in the office and bored. One challenged the other to a race around the office. After one race they did a re-challenge removing shoes to run faster. Then another re-challenge removing glasses. On the next run the male competitiveness kicked in and with less than optimal vision they ran straight through a floor to ceiling window plummeting to their deaths. No one on the ground was injured. Anyone recall this tragic freak accident or have more detailed information?


Don’t Poke The Lion

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That park ranger who dissected a dead mountain lion to figure out what killed it. Ended up contracting the plague and died at home a couple days later after thinking it was just the flu.


This Is NUTS!

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Got 14 stitches in my nut sack at age 8. Our house was under construction and we went to visit it. My mom was having a gourmet kitchen installed. One feature of this kitchen was a huge mixer that lifted out of the floor/cabinets for use. Mixer was a professional grade monstrosity. Well the mixer wasn’t there, but the spring loaded lift was. I was playing around on this lift and ended up pressing the release latch. The lift was designed to have the counter weight of the 200lb mixer on it to allow it to SLOWLY extends. However with no mixer the shelf exploded out of the floor/cabinet the corner catching a ~45lb kid (me) between his legs and tossing him THROUGH the drywall behind me. Ripped through my pants, and up my leg and into my boy bits. Total of 14 stitches on my upper leg and nuts. Plus lots of bruising on my shoulders and back where I didn’t QUITE fit between the wall studs.


Shots Backfired

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When I was in 6th grade I was hitting golf balls into a lake. There were some rocks below me at the edge of the water which I assumed were low enough that my shots would clear them since I’ve done this before. After a few drives I went to strike another ball except this time it ricocheted off a rock back into my face. Shattered my glasses, left a gash under my eye and almost detached my retina. Doctor picked glass out of my eye for about a week.



Unleash The Beast

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I was pretending to be Scorpion from Mortal Kombat with a dog leash. I yelled “GET OVER HERE” and hucked it at my mom’s car. It hit the hubcap, bounced off, hit me in the mouth, and cracked my tooth.


My Eyes Hurt Now

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When I was a toddler I was in a convenience store with my dad. I apparently went to grab a toy off the bottom shelf and managed to hook my eyelid on one of the metal hooks they use to hold bags of candy etc. My mom said she freaked out as there was tons of blood from cutting the inside of my eyelid. I still have scar tissue on the inside of the eyelid.


It’s A Snap Streak

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Both of my parents hurt their arms within a year of each other, but in very different ways. My father’s story sounds kinda cool. He tore a tendon while ziplining over a canyon in Mexico. My mother hurt her arm when she just twisted it wrong while carrying our vacuum cleaner, which actually isn’t that heavy. She just turned her arm the wrong way and “snap”!


Self Pleasure Is Dangerous

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I shot my load after recovering from vasectomy surgery. I had been weeks, and I was finally ready to test drive my wiener again. I popped open the laptop, clicked on some smut, and rubbed one out.

Everything was going fine, right up until the actual release. As I felt the contraction to squeeze the junk out, the pain was blinding. Literally the worst pain of my life. I immediately collapsed and almost passed out.

I was a sight, I’m sure. This fully grown man with his underwear down around his ankles, almost in tears, lying in a mess of his own cold junk. (actually, that sounds like most Redditor’s Tuesday nights.) Anyway, the pain was basically indescribable, and after that I was afraid to ‘do it’ for weeks.

I finally did, and 10 years later, I haven’t had any more real problems.


I Caught Me

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I neglected the bail arm on my fishing rod and ended up with a barbed hook jammed in my arm. Had to get it surgically removed. The amount of people at the hospital who said “you’re supposed to catch the fish” upon seeing my injury is not even funny. On the plus side, I’m the biggest thing I’ve ever caught.


The Kneecap… What

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A friend of mine was rollerblading as a kid and fell on his knees, this wouldn’t be weird except his little child kneecap shot out across the street when he fell and ended up needing a titanium kneecap, which then later needed to be replaced as he grew up.


Things Kids Do For Love

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I was trying to be a badazz and impress some girls when I was about 12 riding my bike over very shoddily made ramps. Said ramp failed, I was shoved forward on the bike and my sack got caught in between where the handlebars meet the frame. Ripped quite the sizeable gash on my junk.

But, now I’ve got a badazz scar. So that’s nice.



Can’t Stop Laughing

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Totally awesome childhood story here!

I had to have been around 11 at the time, and it was New Year’s Eve. My family was hosting a New Year’s party and, like usual, there were plenty of kids my age there. Apparently, we thought that a good way to spend time until midnight was a series of competitions, or events, much like the Olympics. We had the dead sprints down the hallway, the high jump over the couch, and then – the speed stairs. Who could go down the stairs the fastest? I was pretty damn sure I could. My house has 13 stairs. I watched contestant number 1, 2, and 3 all go down. Pfft, I can beat that easy. 11 year old me knew that if I jumped down the stairs, I’d win for sure. On your marks, get set, go! and off I leaped. It was glorious for around 12 stairs. I landed on the bottom stair and sprained both my ankles.



Lucky Luck

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The strangest way I did not get hurt was when I was walking and a 45 mph car hit me head on, and the mirror broke off, and the force of the impact turned me around by almost 180 degrees, but I walked away uninjured. Probably my thick wool letter jacket protected me from the impact, even though it was unbuttoned.