Never Ever! People Share Travel Places That They Would Never Visit Again

By Kanupriya - November 18, 2019
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Never say never? Well, the people sharing their travel stories on these Reddit threads beg to differ a little. After all folks, there is always the good, the bad and the ugly of travel, and here, we bring you different Redditors’ ugliest experiences of places that they NEVER want to visit again! So, never mind if you are planning a short cozy vacation or some fancy weekend getaway, better read these popular and some unpopular opinions ahead. It might just make you look at certain places that you’ve always wanted to visit (or visited), in a whole new different light.


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Was on a tour of Africa and somehow our passports got left on a train, so, tour guides snuck us in. Issues with leaving the country since we didn’t have any entry stamps. We got forced to rent the passport office guy’s car for $500 to go to the first border, where we snuck in, only to be told by someone else that we were most probably getting arrested. Finally, we found some connections through our tour guides and luckily snuck back out of Swaziland.

I was only 25 with my boyfriend, had to write to our parents and let them know to call the embassy if they didn’t hear from us within 24 hours. Also, Swaziland has no functioning government and is ruled by a king with like 90 wives.


Athens, Greece.

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It’s a complete nightmare! I just came back from there as a lonely traveler, did 7 days but could have done everything in 3 days to be honest. The only interesting things to see there are the Acropolis and a few other sites which are og interests, but you can easily do all that in 2 days with one day off. Just crawled with pickpockets – often Eastern Europeans on the metro. All good Restaurants close at 5pm so you end up going to a crappy place instead, and for the grace of god, STAY AWAY from Omona, especially at night. If you absolutely have to go there, then go as a group.



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Went in the middle of the plague epidemic. That I didn’t know about until I came back home. Learned that there’s a plague outbreak every year, 2017’s one was just bigger than usual.

Never again.

But another reason for which I won’t return there, is their refusal to improve their poor situations because of the reasons I can’t agree to. For example, I went to some place where people complain that there’s only rice to eat and not enough jobs. That place is suitable for cultivating millet and other grains. Which would add more farming jobs. But they won’t do it because it would betray the traditions of their ancestors who would only eat rice.


Niagara Falls

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The American side of Niagara Falls – what an absolute nightmare. I went there on my honeymoon and will never go back. We planned two and a half days there and did everything in less than a day. Our hotel had black mold in it, the people working everywhere were downtrodden and just plain unhappy. The falls are amazing, but frankly, all the touristy things can be done in a day or less.



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Recently went to Jamaica as part of Caribbean cruise. In particular, Montego Bay. While it is a very beautiful place, I feel like the whole place is a scam to get your money. At no point did I feel safe anywhere we went. Every place we were taken on a tour required us to spend money on something. And despite the fact that it is very beautiful, the whole country is treated like a public trash can. Garbage everywhere, very sad that things have gotten so bad there



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Even if you have someone to show you around and you go in February. It might not seem like the worst at first. It’s not as extravagant as Dubai, has very nice weather in February, and there are actually some touristy places around. But the whole thing just made me feel so uncomfortable. Everyone below a certain income (and that’s basically 80% of people you meet) is Easter-Asian and they are treated like absolute dirt, but they treat you like a king. It’s horrible. It makes the gap between ultra-rich and poor (really, there’s hardly anything in-between) painfully obvious, and I just couldn’t stop myself from saying “no, no it’s alright” every time they offered to do something for me. They are so submissive and they have to be. It’s awful. I couldn’t look them in the eye; it made me feel so ashamed.


Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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I made this mistake on 2014 New Year’s Eve in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Thousands of people and everyone was trying to get into the middle square, but police had blocked it off. The people trying to get there don’t know that, so they start pushing the people in front of them. Because there are large barricades, everyone gets pushed together into a frightening event where hundreds of people are stuck not being able to move, or even breath. 

If you fell, you probably wouldn’t be able to get back up, and could die. The pushing came in waves. Crushing waves. I had to physically force our way out of the crowd before we were trampled.


Gary, Indiana

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I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate, and in frustration, I got off in Gary, planning to cut across from one interstate to another on the surface streets.

I’d heard of Gary, so I wasn’t too surprised by what I saw. The city is poor and several decades into de-industrialization. Depressing, but nothing too shocking.

Until I saw the lynched teddy bear. It was a bigger stuffed bear, duct-taped by its neck to a light post on a random street corner. Like a warning of some kind to other teddy bears. I wondered if the bear had owed somebody money? Was he a snitch?

I didn’t know, but I knew I wanted to get the hell out of there. Gary is a tough town, especially if you’re soft and cuddly and love honey.



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I almost died multiple times when I was there… and nobody would have known or cared because of the insane hospitals, and corruption among the police.

Day one: Electric shock from the light switch at “hotel”… Day 26: a guy got my cell number when I was getting more credit at a street vendor (the street vendor let him write my number down for like $2), and then followed me back to the “hotel” and tried to break into my room.

Overall, I lost over 25 pounds while there. My friend didn’t poop for 2 weeks, and then had food poisoning for the rest of the time.


Khartoum, Sudan

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There’s…yeah there’s no reason to go there if you’re from…anywhere else. I lived there for a year. Never again. Hell on Earth.


The issues for me were numerous. Corruption typical with Africa, theft of our food by the maids the company used, dust in the air SO FINE that it would come through window seals and spread across the walls (mopping tiled floors was a daily necessity), almost daily power cuts, the flat out worst driving I’ve ever experienced (numerous cars without wing mirrors, nobody ever indicated. Insurance nightmare), the dust storms that would cake everything in fine dust and block out the sun.

On the bright side, I know I’ve seen the worst the world has to offer, so any place from now on can never be as bad.


LaGuardia Airport

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It looks like one of the older subway stations, complete with bums and piss smell. Physically getting to LaGuardia is a sisyphean task that somehow knows you think you’re being slick by using the Van Wyck instead of the BQE. Mass transit options of getting there consists of a single bus route that requires you to take the subway to the end of the N or Q and then waiting. Basically, it’s a vile space that was apparently built in a Chernobyl-esque exclusion zone and the construction is just the big NO-GO on top of the awful sundae.




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I grew up there. While I wasn’t rich, I wasn’t poor either; but I grew up believing I was super duper poor because I was surrounded by so much opulent wealth and my friends were mostly richer than I was. It took a while for me to realize I was actually lucky and born into just enough money to not be technically poor, it’s just Dubai that was so skewed.

There’s a reason you hear those outlandish stories of teenage Arab sheikhs getting their Ferraris gold plated or covered in Swarovski diamonds and crazy stuff like that. When everyone you know owns a Ferrari while still being too young to legally drive it (but you do anyway), you need to do stuff like that to up your game and stand out. But now I’m digressing.


Kampong Cham, Cambodia

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Cambodia overall blew me away. I spent six months there in 2011. the country is amazing with one exception: Kampong Cham. I don’t know what made me go there, but it was by far the worst place I’ve ever been in my life, which is strange because Cambodia is an extremely pleasant country to visit. I stayed in Kampong Cham two nights and it was horrible. First day there I got food poisoning from some chicken soup, then my hotel had bed bugs, I got electrocuted plugging in my fan so i had to spend the night in sweltering heat, couldn’t get a room at any other hotel because I didn’t have my passport, I couldn’t find a single tampon in the entire city, then a city wide power outage from 10pm until the sun came up. The entire city was dark and it was the worst noise you could imagine. It sounded like the entire town was getting murdered, everyone was screaming bloody murder, it scared the hell out of me, I didn’t sleep a wink, I thought I was going to die. I said “that’s it I’m leaving” but had to wait 10 hours at the bus station because every bus was overbooked for 10 hours straight. The single blight on an otherwise trip of a lifetime.


A Papal Audience in St. Peter’s Square

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Where I was almost crushed against the fence by people quietly pushing their bodies against mine to take my spot and get a view of the Pope, who’s basically just a dot on the stage from where we were standing. You’d think people would be more mannerly in this place but nooo



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Insane heat – the bottoms of my shoes melted due to the heat of the pavement and everywhere there were signs of animal cruelty. Horses with scars on their backs, monkeys on chains posing for tourists and hedgehogs in tiny cages all exposed to the heat of the midday sun. 

On top of this, the ‘magic of the souks’ turned out to consist of around 5 shops duplicated a thousand times with all the same tourist tat.



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I had to stay in Birmingham, Alabama, once. I had to go to a gas station real quick and the entire cashier counter was surrounded with bullet proof glass. They had to open a slot for you to put your money or card into. The cashier had to open a bullet proof door just to get behind the counter. Oh also, there was a glass display case full of knives right by the counter. Not pocket knives; they were like hunting knives. No lock on the display case either.


Flint, Michigan

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I drove all night from Atlanta to Northern Michigan once (have some family up there).  I planned poorly and absolutely had to stop for gas in Flint.  

It was 3am (a weeknight, in spring, if that makes any difference).  The man filling up the pump across from mine nodded at me and asked, “How much?”   I was tired and on-edge, so I didn’t catch his meaning. “Excuse me?”  

“How much for the night?”

He was very disappointed when I explained I wasn’t for hire.  It’s the only time I’ve ever been offered a job by a would-be john. 

It was surprising in part because I was wearing a University hoodie, jeans, not made up, nothing was done with my hair — and also most people I’ve interacted with elsewhere have been under the impression that I’m… well, pretty upper-class, to be honest.

It was… uncomfortable.


Doha, Qatar

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I spent 48 hours in Qatar on an extended layover, thinking that it would be fun. I’ve been to many countries, but Qatar is the eeriest, strangest, and the coldest place I have ever been. 

All of the buildings seemed shiny and new but totally empty. We went on a “dune bashing” trip that actually ended up being a great experience (although we were originally picked up by the wrong person/got in the wrong person’s car and didn’t realize the mistake for over 30 minutes…). Traffic is absolutely HORRIBLE. It took over an hour to drive about a mile from our hotel to the Museum of Islamic Art (sort of recommend?). 

There are also a TON of “private” taxis everywhere that we mistakenly took because we didn’t know better. Apparently, if the private taxi ends up in an accident, WE would have been responsible to pay $10,000 — so if you go, make sure you take the yellow taxi cabs (if you can find them)

Anyway, we ended up going back to the airport 12 hours early just because we felt so weird and unsafe in Doha and there was really nothing else to do.


Camden, NJ. 

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Only place in America I’ve ever felt so immediately threatened I abandoned all traffic laws. Made one wrong turn and headed back from the aquarium and in less than 5 minutes was in what looked like a war zone. The minute I came to my first stop sign I was approached from 3 sides by “locals”.  It was snowy so I put it in 4 wheel drive and noped the hell out of there, strategically avoiding any more stops – for any reason.



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When I was unemployed for about two months, I considered doing a medical mission to India to take my mind off things. My dad’s best friend is Indian, and he went to his son’s wedding. He mentioned there to a table of people that I was considering going, and every single person there told him unequivocally to NOT let his daughter go to India. 

I think if a bunch of people from somewhere agree unanimously that you shouldn’t travel there, then it’s a pretty good sign not to go. I would only consider going now if I had a group that was either mostly guys or half guys come with me, and I would not wander off on my own, not for a minute.



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Afghanistan and surrounding regions are beautiful and scenic. Shame we cannot visit such places. Also Afghanistan has rich place in history.

It’s extremely sad. In the 1970s Afghanistan was doing just fine. The Soviet invasion made it worse. Just imagine a stable Afghanistan would have been a great example for the whole of the middle east. Once these countries sort themselves out, the tourism industry will explode in these regions. I hope we can see that happen in the next couple of decades.


Mexico City Airport

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Mexico City airport and Aeroméxico combo. I’m sure Mexico City is a lovely place, but my god the airport is terribly run. That plus Aeroméxico not giving a damn whatsoever about anything of anyone is a ticket for disaster.

So I had a flight to Tokyo connecting at Mexico City. The first flight to Mexico City was delayed because… the crew was not there. Okay, things happen, I get it. It would have been fine if they actually communicate to us properly. I kept asking them: so, what about my connecting flight should you be arranging an alternative now since this first one is super late? They assured us that everything would be fine.

Everything was not fine.

The moment we landed in Mexico City no one knew what was going on. We weren’t allowed on the connecting gates because our plane “left” already. Fine, we go to the Aeroméxico desk to clear things out. The Aeroméxico agent told us, oh, your plane is still here go go go. Okay, we ran to the gate, gate people didn’t let us in because “the plane had left”. We explained to them again the desk agent said plane is here. No go, we were turned back to the desk agent. When we got there, they were closing down and didn’t want to see us anymore. After 15 mins of arguing finally they let us back into line to talk to an agent. Not once were they apologetic about anything. “You missed the flight”. Well no kidding, your crew wasn’t here so my first flight was over 2 hours late. So, what they did was, put us on a plane from Mexico… back to LA, 6 hours later. We just came from the States to Mexico City mind you. And then from LA fly to Tokyo. Whatever, we’re exhausted at this point in this hellish forsaken place, LA or anywhere else sounds like paradise at this point.

The flight back from Tokyo to Mexico was delayed too, because the crew was not there… and then the flight from Mexico City to the states was also delayed again because… co-pilot was not there. Aeroméxico and Mexico City airport is a terrible show overall. Do not ever fly with them.



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It was pretty bad when I visited Nassau. People would offer you a necklace or bracelet, then put a second one on you before asking for a donation “for the children.”

I dodged most of them, but got snagged by one and lied about how much cash I had on me (I assumed things would’ve gotten nasty if I’d lied and said I had no cash). I was annoyed about it, and then annoyed with myself for being this annoyed over losing $3.




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I went to Tanzania for a 2 week safari…our driver/host stopped off at a local store to say hello to a friend…while he was gone we were swarmed with a crowd of locals trying to sell us stuff.  When our driver came back he just laughed and asked us why we were scared. Sorry, we were trapped in a truck with 100+ people surrounding us while trying to out-voice others selling stuff.  It was not a comfortable moment for sure!”


The Republic of Georgia. 

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I was the victim of an attempted kidnapping by an illegal cab service set up to kidnap and sell people into the slave industry. He told us we had to keep the shades drawn and he was funneling only young attractive women into the cab while turning away men, then he forcibly tried to hold us in when we tried to get out. The only thing that saved me was situational awareness and the time it took him to try to fill the van instead of taking (only) the 5 of us.



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I would wait a while before going back again. 

The weather was fine, but the stifling amount of tourists taking smiling selfies beside the gas chambers made me sick. I couldn’t stand seeing little kids running around and playing tag on the same paths that so many innocent people were forced to do death march upon.

I wouldn’t go back to Auschwitz until I was much older, since the educational purposes are so beneficial and important to know. Also, if I have children, I would definitely teach them to not desecrate or happily play on dirt where mass genocide was committed. Let’s just not.



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I was in southern France in 2012 and decided to take a quick bus ride over to Monaco one day just because I heard it was almost like a paradise. But I was thoroughly disappointed with the place. Nothing but high end clothing stores, extremely overpriced, terrible food, and yacht docks. A complete absence of anything interesting. It seriously felt like a place for ultra-rich people to sit around and do absolutely nothing.



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I once went to a concert in Newark with my mom. I was like 14. We got lost leaving the concert venue and took a wrong turn. We were sitting at a red light and there were no other cars but there were groups of men in winter coats standing on the corners.  My mom kept nervously looking at them and they approached the car and knocked on my window. My mom floored the car through the red light. I asked her what the heck she was doing and she said ‘trying not to die’.


Peshawar, Pakistan

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I’m a Pakistani here. Can confirm Peshawar and the vast majority of that province (KPK) is really terrible. Places like Swat and Dir have some incredible scenery but I wouldn’t recommend going there unless you’re actually from that region or tight with someone who is. Even as a Pakistani I probably wouldn’t go there without a friend who has family there and knows the area.



Murcia,  Spain.  

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Mainly due to my personal experiences there.  Got stabbed in the back by the person I was meant to stay with/work for. Ended up sleeping rough for a while in that dingy city,  had to beat a man unconscious to prevent a robbery, also had to avoid a stalker. On top of that I nearly died in the bus station…  of Dysentery. Bloody Dysentery. Like a medieval peasant.




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As soon as I left the airport I was kidnapped, threatened and extorted by a taxi driver. The local police weren’t interested whatsoever and to make matters worse, the people there are the worst people I have ever met in my life. Every single one of them always want something from you, such as a cigarette, money etc… I literally could count on one hand the amount of people I met that didn’t want something from me due to the fact that they knew I was a tourist.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

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I spent a semester there (long story, made sense at the time). First night there, staying in a crappy hotel, my boyfriend leaves the room to go get ice and as soon as he comes back the front desk calls demanding to know who the man coming into my room was.  I was like, uhh.. my bf… “The guy you checked in with??” “Yes”…. “Oh”. click. Took me a minute to figure out that he thought I was a hooker running multiple guys into the room. No shame to sex-workers, but REALLY? And why he thought his crappyy hotel was too good for sex work I have no idea. 

Once I found an apartment, 9/11 happened the second day I was there. Now obviously that’s not Albuquerque’s fault, but the utter callousness of the locals that day and the few days after was ASTOUNDING. The class I was taking wasn’t cancelled that day and the dude teaching (an MFA student, so I give him a slight pass for being young and not knowing how he should handle things) just acted like nothing was happening. Another woman and I who had friends in NY were trying to get through on our cell phones, completely panicking, finally just left the class to go freak out in a coffee shop together. All these locals were like, whatever, it’s NY, nothing to do with us here (literally people said this to me).

A few days later my apartment was robbed. Because it turns out that I lived just over the invisible border of “your place is safe” and “you will be robbed immediately,” and one of the windows didn’t latch/lock properly. Couldn’t stay there anymore, left, lost my deposit & at least a month’s rent despite the window thing being the landlord’s fault. Now that might now sound so bad, but I called the office multiple times and sent a certified letter explaining that I’d been robbed and the window was defective; he completely ignored it and just started sending me notices for the next month’s rent. Also he threatened to sue me. I was like, go ahead dude, I can’t sleep in a place where people are literally free to climb in the windows.

Moved into another place, shared house, cheap rent. Roommates ended up being total weirdos, and I’m fairly sure one of them let my cat out on purpose. Never saw him again, but his broken collar was in the driveway, so quite possible one of them ran him over.

By this time it was CLEAR I wasn’t going to apply to the grad program I had gone there to check out. Held out a couple months to finish the classes I had though. In that time I found out everyone I knew had had their car broken into on campus at least once. General poverty/sketchiness (drug dealing pretty out in the open, really, really beaten-down looking hookers, just lack of infrastructure, decrepit buildings) were super common. Ugh. just ugh.

I did meet a couple of cool people and am now collaborating with one of the prof’s I had on my own big research project, so wasn’t a total loss. But seriously. Never again.



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I was only there for one night while traveling, but man was that a strange and scary place.

Looked extremely dodgey as soon as we got out of the station, was worse as it was at night.

After getting to the hostel we decided to have a look around. While on the way back two men stood outside a bar asked us if we wanted to come in for a drink, we said no. They continued to ask us saying ‘we have the nicest girls’, again we declined. Again they carried on, this time putting their arm around us and no it got a little scary and thought best not to disagree.

We go in and order a beer, which was €6. As we’re drinking two girls come up to us and start talking to us, asking how we are, usual small talk. Then the barwoman asks us if we’re gonna buy the girls drinks, flipping the menu over to show the €20 cocktails to buy, we said no and the atmosphere really got aggressive. The barwoman berating us for not buying drinks and the girls saying they’re annoyed at us for letting them down and they thought we were going to have a good time. We asked if we could take our beers away with us as we were uncomfortable and they said no. So we sat there for another 5 minutes drinking in silence while the three women stared at us. We gave up with the beer and left. Safe to say we went straight to bed after that.

Basically, got forced into a bar by two German blokes, turns out the bar was actually a brothel.


Las Vegas

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I’m thoroughly convinced I wouldn’t enjoy Las Vegas as much now as I did when I was a kid. Around age 2-4 in the early 90s I lived in Vegas because my dad was a Blackjack dealer. My favorite place was the carnival games at Circus Circus and the Adventure Dome area. As well as all the cool pools from the other hotels. Eventually we left the state, but we would take family trips there a few more times until my last time when I was about 12. I feel like if I went now as an adult, being more aware of the gambling and drinking and hook-ups (all of which I’m not interested in), it would just taint my childlike perception of it.


Naples, Italy

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I loved Italy. I spent time in Rome, Florence, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast, among other places.

Naples was so different. The men were so aggressive and crude, wildly more so than other places in Italy. I was traveling with another woman, and we felt incredibly objectified and rather unsafe at all times. It was like we were under a microscope.

On top of that, it was much more crowded and dirty compared to the rest of Italy. Not all of Naples was terrible, but I would never choose to go there over somewhere else in Italy or Europe.



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I had a varied holiday in Italy and enjoyed every city (Venice, Rome and Florence) except this lousy city. City center is full of guys trying to bracelet trap you if they figure you’re a tourist. Essentially forcing themselves over to you and putting a crappy bracelet on your wrist acting friendly but then aggressively suggesting you pay them 20 Euros for that bracelet and following you all over if you refuse. Italian police are dotted around the city but they do nothing unless someone ends up injured or dead in Milan is what I’ve heard from my mate who lives there.

Also the con-artists dotted around the train station, was boarding a train to get to Venice and 2 women and 1 man followed me and my mate onto the train trying to suggest they’ll carry our luggage for us. We insisted it was fine in broken English to tell them to piss off. Then the lad approaches me speaking aggressively in Italian and without me knowing the 2 women went behind me whilst he was mouthing off and slipped their hands into my pocket reaching for my wallet. Good thing I had tight jeans on or else they would’ve gotten away with it, felt her hand and my gut reaction was to push her on the floor away from me. Literally screamed all expletives I knew and the passengers on the train (thank you kind Italian grannys) came and told them to go away which they did. 

Grinds my gears just thinking about Milan, do not recommend at all.