Famous Celebrities Who Are Not As Nice As They Seem

By Kanupriya - November 18, 2019
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Who doesn’t like to obsess over their favorite celebrities every now and then? From following them on all social media platforms to keeping a tab on their every upcoming movie, we like to know it all. Though, if you think you really know them based on their performances, interviews, gossip, and rumors, think again!

While there are some stars like Keanu Reeves and Tom Hanks who are even better in real life, there are also certain names of the industry who are not really what they appear on screen. Our Redditors share their encounters (bizarre and heartbreaking) with some of the most popular faces of showbiz that’ll make you believe that appearance can truly be deceptive!

Ryan Gosling

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I saw Ryan Gosling at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical interference,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.


Chris Evans

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I’ve heard this from 2 different actors. Chris has this dumb rule that extras can’t look him in the eye. My friend was at the bottom of the staircase and she heard someone coming down the steps. She naturally looked back to see who was coming so she could step out of the way and it was Chris Evans. She didn’t say anything to him and he passed by her. When she got to the costume trailer, a production assistant handed her the pink slip which means that you are done for the day and she asked why, and it was because she looked at Chris Evans.

The other actor who worked with him didn’t have as bad as an experience. Before his scene, the assistant director told all the extras that they couldn’t look at Chris Evans directly because it messes him up. My friend thought they were joking but it turned out to be true. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.


Demi Lovato

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A few years ago I was with a coworker friend and Demi Lovato was at an event near where we worked. Now I did not and still don’t care about her, but my friend was so over the moon for her and went on about how she had her book, how Demi got her to stop cutting, and so on.

Demi walks our way and my friend starts to say things like “OMG you got me through my depression and-” Demi made a face, rolled her eyes and walked around us. It broke my friends heart. She never mentioned Demi after that.



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I met Usher at a party once. One of the rudest and most diva-like people I have ever met. 

Made small-talk with him about his time in the country (we were both visiting the UK at the time) and mid-conversation asked what made me think I could approach him. Keep in mind we were both guests of a mutual friend, the dress code was black tie and he rocked up in a t-shirt and hoodie. 

Another dude asked for a picture with him and he was like “how about you go get another drink instead” and walked off. If this was on the street then sure, but again, this was at a party where literally everyone was taking selfies. 

The guy who threw the party found out and had a few words with him. He stayed about 30 minutes then left. Like bro, just don’t show up if you’re not going to have a good time. I’ve since spoken to more people who have met him and this seems to be normal behavior.


Jeff Daniels 

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The guy from ‘Dumb and Dumber’. He lives right next door to my cousins and is very disliked in their community. He always assumes everyone will mob him and ask for autographs or whatever, so he won’t interact with anyone. He’s lived next to my cousins for at least 15 years and has only talked to them once or twice.

My favorite anecdote is that my grandpa once sat next to him in a bar and tried to strike up conversation. Jeff Daniels was rude and left. The bartender told my grandpa not to worry about it, he just doesn’t like to talk to fans and my grandpa was like ‘wait, who the hell was that?’. It turned out that my grandpa had never heard of Jeff Daniels, he was just trying to be friendly.


Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon is a full blown C U Next Tuesday. Long story short, I used to be a notary public/ finance manager for a high line car dealership that I will not mention here. She made me wait outside her home for 3 hours until she finally let me in the driveway to sign documents. She was very sassy and rolled her eyes quite a bit at what I was explaining to her. Gave her the keys and then she showed me the door. By the time that happened it was 12am. I had been there since 8:45pm upon her request.

Same thing with Kat Von D. When I dealt with her, she said, “you can leave now!” after signing for a $250k car while at her house. I try not to take anything personal but I was livid.

Celebrities suck more than you know.


Dane Cook 

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Dane Cook is a huge jerk. My uncle and I were in a crew to move some stage equipment for one of his stand-up shows. There was a rule that if anyone actually saw him they were not supposed to try and talk with him, or even “look him in the eye.”

We were actually told that by management.

One of our crew who was working for him tried to stop him behind stage and ask for an autograph and Dane Cook had them immediately fired and escorted off the premises.

On the flip side of the coin, we worked a show for Taylor Swift and she bought everyone doughnuts and fried chicken with her own money, and came back to do a meet and greet and to tell everyone that they were doing a good job. She really did seem like an all-around good person.

Though I would never work for Dane Cook again, just because he seems like such a complete douche.


Sylvester Stallone 

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I need to stay vague to protect a friend’s identity, but he runs a high-end travel outfit that basically does arrangements for the super-rich in a nice tropical location.

So Stallone stayed at a very swanky resort. He checks out-there’s poop in the tub. They let it slide because it’s Sly. Next visit-more poop in the tub upon checkout. This time, they warn him not to do it again. Final visit-more poop and permanent ban from resort.

And for those who are saying this isn’t true…I honestly don’t know. Simply relaying a story from what I judge to be a pretty reputable source, that was told to me about 10 years ago.



Will Ferrell

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When he was filming Talladega Nights, he dined at a Charlotte restaurant with some of the production crew, including John C. Reilly. Apparently, whenever Will was addressed by the waitress, he would refuse to look or speak to her. Instead, he would look at someone else entirely and say “tell the girl I’d like this…”. John was apparently mortified and tried to overcompensate by being extra nice to the staff.

Broke my damn heart to find this out.


Justin Timberlake

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He was just a jerk to everyone around him. I always tried to take backstage as serious as possible. There are some legit crazies out there. I’m talking about people who make me have to stay till 2am because they’re convinced if they get past the gate into an empty backstage lot they’ll meet their idol. Long after the busses and everyone has left. Shit I saw a girl break down and cry at a Lana Del Rey concert. Lana wasn’t even good, and I say that as a fan.

Anyway at the Justin and Jay-Z show I’m checking my passes before the show starts. Doing my thing and whatever. So this group of guys all dressed alike and wearing hats come up. I ask to see passes and as they walk by and they all show them and go about their days. Last dude was walking with his head down and when I asked to see his pass, he just stopped walking. He paused and I waited a second, then asked again. He points to his face and looks up. In my head I’m like “Oh shit, it’s Justin Timberlake.” Since I recognized him I let him pass and as he walks past me, he just makes the meanest face. Normally I’d let it slide and say whatever. I’ve seen some big personalities and it’s cool. It’s what I saw the rest of the show that gave me pause.

Dude goes on, does the first set and comes off. Walks right over to his manager, or handler or whoever, and whispers something. She then walks over and says “Guys, Justin has some improvements for you.” And starts listing stuff off. He didn’t speak directly to anyone. He barely said a few words to Jay off stage, but then they’d act buddy-buddy on stage. At the end Jay was a little twisted and when he went on stage was hanging on Justin. You couldn’t tell from the crowd and how he acted on stage, but he was a lil messed up. As soon as they went off Justin stormed off and hopped on a golf cart and rode the 100 feet to the escalades. Jay went along and talked to some people in the Crowd.

10/10 would see Jay again. 4/10 would see Justin, but only if he plays all FutureSex/LoveSounds.


Morgan Freeman

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I worked at a restaurant in Mississippi during college that was very popular. He’d eat there all the time. He usually came in drunk. But he always left hammered. He’s very rude to the hostesses and managers. I served him many times and he’d always give me a hard time. For example, one night he drunkenly asked me to straighten a painting on the wall. I told that since it was above an occupied booth that I couldn’t. He wasn’t very understanding and drunkenly yelled at me for being an “incompetent schmuck” and such.

He likes Tito’s on the rocks with 3 olives. He’ll drink 3-4 and get so drunk that his girlfriend/wife(?) has to carry him out.

I liked serving him though because I’d harmlessly mess with him and he would take it so seriously. He tips well, at least.


Jim Carrey

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Can’t say this is my story to be honest.

I had a friend that had his daughter in the Grinch Stole Xmas movie. JC would show up to the set drunk, angry, and cursing everyone out. I don’t remember how old his daughter was, but would probably be around 4-6.

Any case, all the parents would have to take their kids and come back when he wasn’t drunk. It was a real nightmare because that makeup took forever to redo.


Harrison Ford

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My friend’s wealthy dad would park his plane in a hangar adjacent to HF’s hangar in Jackson Hole Wyoming. (Rich people stuff, I know). Whenever my friend’s dad would approach him, even with just neighborly pleasantries, HF would chase him off with profanity laden rants, telling him to leave and all. even with the kids present.

He might not have a rep as the nicest guy in Hollywood, but was surprised to learn just how rude he was in private.

Though, lots of comments that suggest Ford is actually a pretty decent person that just really hates being hounded as a celebrity.


Steve Irwin

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I met Steve Irwin several times before his death.

He was very rude, dismissive, and overall hostile, but the second there was a camera nearby? He would immediately start laughing and strike up a conversation, especially with the kids. He was my absolute hero when I was a child, but I was so disappointed when I met him for the first time and he wanted nothing to do with me unless there was an audience.


Lindsay Lohan

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While I enjoyed her acting, I was very disappointed to hear how she isn’t a nice person in real life and even Michael Keaton didn’t like her and he found her difficult to work with in Herbie Fully Loaded. All the actors felt that way about her on the set I hear. I remember hearing bad stories about her in the media and this is the only thing I remember about her.



Jared Leto

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I had a friend that met Jared Leto on a couple occasions. She told me pre Dallas Buyers Club she met him in Baltimore before one of his shows with his band. He was really nice and seemed genuinely appreciative of her coming to the show and liking his music. Post that movie again she ran into him in Dc. Said he was a completely different person. Self absorbed and talking to people in a very demeaning way. General I am better than you attitude.


Chris Parnell & Jason Sudeikis

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My aunt worked at SNL for a good long while. Chris Parnell was an ass to all of his assistants (went through 6 or 7 over a short period of time) and refused to talk to a lot of the crew. Jason Sudeikis… man, I was a really big fan of his, so when I was gonna meet him I was crazy excited. I was hanging out in wig/hair room after the show and he’s walking by. My aunt calls to him and says, “Jason. Come meet my nephew.” He stops – sighs – turns and looks at me and he said, “Naw, I’m good.” And he walked away. He ended up having to come back to grab his backpack and he shoulder-checked me to get to his bag.


Lisa Kudrow

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Coworker worked a bar in LA that was frequented by movie star types.

Lisa Kudrow was a horrible bitch and abusive towards employees. To the point that Jennifer Aniston was with her one night and was so embarrassed by Lisa’s behavior that she went around apologizing to everyone before she dipped out.

On another note, he said Keanu Reeves was one of the nicest, down to earth guys to frequent the place!


Liam Hemsworth

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I work in film and nearly everyday on set him and the director would argue with each other and Liam would just walk off set during a scene he is supposed to be in. We would have to wait a couple hours almost every day of the project. Even if he was on set he would delay the shoot several minutes because of texts or just being on his phone in general. It was very unprofessional he would burn through every person’s time that was on the crew. It would cause us to go waaay past our scheduled day and it ultimately wore down the morale of everyone on the show by the 3rd week.


Ariana Grande

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I have already posted this before and here it is again, but basically my cousin was a huge Ariana Grande fan and one time went to one of her concerts and met her during a meet-and-greet. She showed Ariana Grande her homemade t-shirt she made for the concert, and AG just laughed in her face and said “What is that?!” And my cousin felt awful about herself. It totally crushed her that her idol laughed in her face. She’s not really the “sweet” girl she wants everyone to think she is.


Christina Aguilera

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An old buddy of mine worked at a restaurant in Vegas and had the displeasure of serving Christina Aguilera and friends in the early 2000’s. He said that she was a total bitch the whole time she was there, loudly talking to her posse of friends and being generally disruptive. My buddy remembered getting a good tip at the end of it, but said they probably lost a few customers that night.


Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake Gyllenhal or however you spell it. In his play at the Public Theatre he made the green room off limits because he needs “complete” silence while he is in the theater. The green room for those who don’t know is kind of like a break room for all personnel who work there, including the crew. So he made everyone miserable with no place to relax his whole run. Also, he got a guy fired just because he didn’t like him.


Sebastian Stan

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My boyfriend is currently a cook at the Little Beet In Manhattan and so far, he’s noticing that Sebastian Stan comes in and is basically rude to the staff. First time he nicely approached him to mention he was a fan of his work (my bf is a captain America nut) and he kind of gave a sarcastic scoff response to him. Basically he mentioned how they share the same name and he was already not amused. And then complimented him and offered him a free meal at the establishment and he coldly said no thanks as if he were insulted and ordered his food and left.

He let it slide but a few weeks ago he entered the same establishment again and while my boyfriend was working in the back, his coworkers were complaining how much of a dick he was to everyone else while he sat and ate. Basically acting like a diva. It’s an upsetting truth I wish I never knew.


Julia Roberts. 

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I don’t know how nice she seems but my step-dad worked security on a movie set and had to get everyone’s badges when they came in. he asked for hers and she responded with “Who the fuck do you think I am?”

Though by the same token, a bartender coworker of mine has also said she was super duper nice to him (and tipped almost as well as Barkley).

For the record I’ve had multiple personal interactions with Brandon Flowers and Carrot Top and they’ve never been anything other than normal dudes. Also C-Lo and Two Chainz are great.


Nick Jonas

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Probably an unpopular opinion but Nick Jonas was a jerk to my little sister. We were at a wedding and Nick Jonas was one of the attendees (his girlfriend at the time, Olivia Culpo was friends with the bride). My little sister (10F) went up to him and asked if she could take a picture with him. He rolled his eyes, didn’t smile, didn’t move a muscle and my sister snapped a selfie on her crappy flip phone. It came out terrible and blurry and she asked if she could try one more (mind you she is 10 years old) and he just said “Nope” and stood up and walked away.


Helen Hunt

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I worked with Helen Hunt and it was one of the worst experiences I had in Hollywood. She was slightly bigger then (about 10 years ago) but many years after she should’ve been able to get away with that shit. I was kind of excited to work with her cause I figured she would be really cool, but nope. Diva all the way. Conversely I worked with Liv Tyler and Ellen Page and both were super friendly and gracious.


Britney Spears

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I had a friend who worked with Britney Spears for one night as a nanny. Said she was super weird and all over the place. She even validated the rumor where you weren’t allowed to look her in the eye.

Also, same friend said that she had a friend who was a make-up artist for Ellen DeGenerous. She’s nothing like her persona on TV and is a really big jerk to be around.


Tom Cruise

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This is probably not going to be well seen, but Tom Cruise!

He was filming onboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, and the entire crew hates him for being such an asshole. They’ve been instructed they can’t even look at him, which is impossible while going down a ship’s passageway, and he apparently kicks everyone out of entire gyms when he wants to workout. The Captain even gave him his cabin, which is a huge thing onboard a ship, and the guy demands all sailors keep their phones locked in their racks while he’s onboard.


Ellen DeGeneres

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My best friend’s wife was working in Vegas for something or other (very sweet girl who never has anything bad to say about anyone) and she told me Ellen was miserable to be around and her assistant even came in and told everyone who would listen to make sure and laugh at her jokes.

On the other hand, I grew up with Taylor Swift (wyomissing, PA) and she is a very, very sweet and genuine person.

Also Bam Magera, some of my friends went to West Chester University which is right in the town he lives (near philly) and we would see him at the bars a lot. He was always friendly (and drunk) whenever we interacted with him.


Miranda Lambert

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I work a conversion crew at a local arena. We change the setup from our local athletic games to concerts and backs again.

I wasn’t working the event, but when Miranda Lambert came to perform I heard stories about how our staff were warned not to talk to her at all. They also were told that Miranda specifically demanded that no one from the staff was allowed to even look her in the eye if they were to pass her in the hallway…

Like I said, not my personal experience but everyone I’ve talked to said it was hell to work with her and her crew.



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Not that it’s a surprise given all she’s been through, but Kesha. I help out a buddy building stages when he has high profile jobs that need more guys and she was by far the most rude and hostile performer I’ve met so far. During sound checks she wouldn’t acknowledge the stage crew standing right next to her, she waited for her assistant to repeat the exact same sentence to her before she would respond. Just over the top rude to people trying to make sure her performance doesn’t tank whereas most others are extremely friendly and thankful.


Jennifer Lawrence

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Well, apparently Jennifer Lawrence is not as nice and open to her fans on the streets as she is in the interviews that she gives on the tv. She even confirms that in some interviews she gave that she behaves like that towards her fans. I advise you to watch actor on actor with Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler, there is a bit where she talks about how she acts towards her fans.


Nora Roberts

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I was a huge fan, huge. I went to a writers convention many years ago, when I was young and still into that kind of thing, and was very early to see a lecture with a panel of best selling authors, or late for the first lecture of lesser known authors. I ended up standing in the hallway for well over half an hour because once the lecture started, you couldn’t go in. As an aside, I was dressed in office professional attire, if that makes a difference. Nora Roberts walked up waiting to speak at the next lecture. I didn’t make a fuss even though she was one of my favorite authors at the time, kind of acted like I didn’t recognize her. After about 5+ minutes, I made a general comment about the heat in the hallway. It was the same thing I’d have said to anyone in the same situation; it’s the South. We love to talk to strangers when we’re stuck in line or a hallway. She looked me up and down like I was shit on the bottom of her shoe, turned away and never said a word. I don’t know if she was PMS’ing that day, or just a bitch in general, but it took me over 10 years before I’d read anything she wrote again. Also, I did not sit through her lecture. I’ll never forget it, probably because I was so young and impressionable. Now, I don’t follow celebrity; I don’t care who you are. You could be the Leader of the Universe and I will not treat you any differently than Jane Schmoe down the street


Bill Nye

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I went to the International Astronautical Congress back in 2017 and he was one of the speakers. Before he got up to speak he was sitting in the front row. People kept going up to him and asking him to sign various things which he did VERY begrudgingly. Didn’t smile once and gave rude, one word answers when people asked him questions. The low point was when a little boy (probably 10 or so) with a broken arm asked him to sign his cast. He audible groaned and rolled his eyes before complying. I’ve never looked at him the same since.


Jennifer Hawkins

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Jennifer Hawkins- absolute cow. I was working as a dresser on a show with her in it once; she comes into the room and demands seperate racks for each piece of her clothing where each model had one for themselves. She threw people’s clothes on the floor and took their racks so she could have one each for her pants, shirts, and jackets. Was rude in general and acted like she was too good to hang out with the other models- and these were some very high level, successful models. Everyone else there was lovely and humble, but not her.


Leonardo Dicaprio. 

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This happened today and I am eager to share. I am a HUGE Sharon Tate/ 1960’s history buff and am majorly excited for the release of Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which stars DiCaprio. I work in a museum, and I happy to be reading about the film when I look up and beneath the baseball hat, hoodie and glasses I recognize the features of a scruffy Leonardo DiCaprio. As I’m freaking out over what to do next, he meanders into a different part of the museum and sits down in front of a display. It is obvious he does not want to be recognized but is upcoming movie means the world to me. I’m in grad school for History with an emphasis in Los Angeles in the 1960s. So I decide I’ll only get this shot once. So I timidly approach him and say, “Mr. DiCaprio? I’m so sorry, I don’t want to bother you. I just thought it was such a coincidence that I was reading about Once Upon A Time in Hollywood when you approached my desk. I am so excited for the film’s release. It’s a treat to have you in the museum today.

…. you would have thought I was a LEPER. The man at first didn’t make eye contact and then forced this horrible, withered smile. So I slowly backed away and returned to my desk.

I get it. He wanted to be left alone but I wasn’t even asking for a picture or an autograph, just expressing my genuine excitement for his next project and you’d have thought I’d said something awful to him by the look on his face. It really hurt my feelings not gonna lie.