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Fake Life Hacks That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

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Fake Life Hacks

There are many different articles that offer life hacks guaranteed to change your life. Well, here is a fake life hack article that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Don't believe me? Well, why don't you take a look at this popcorn smoke alarm hack. Do you want to try it out and see if it works? I didn't think so. 


Doing The Dishes

Doesn't it feel like you are always doing the dishes? It's dirty and gross and way too time consuming. Well, here is the perfect trick for you. Your manicure will thank you. 


Heating Something Up

Do you need to heat something up and you don't have a way to do it? Are you on the computer and you are just too lazy to get up? Try this hack and make sure you buy some baby wipes so you can clean your computer up after. 


Wake Up Call!

Are you having trouble keeping your eyes open? Are you totally pooped and desperately in need of a nap? Well, if you don't have time to nap it out, dip your contacts into some coffee. It definitely won't make you more awake, but it'll be fun to see what happens. 


Fancy Popcorn Bowl

Okay, this is a perfect popcorn bowl for a few reasons. A: You can just lift the whole hood up and avoid getting your fingers dirty. B: It's conveniently close to your face. C: You get to smell the popcorn as you work. 


Selfie Stick

Sure, you can buy a selfie stick, but you can also just get your selfie to stick… to your face. All you need is tape and you are ready to shoot. You'll have tape on your face but things could be worse, right?


Going Number Two?

There is nothing more awkward than having to poop in a public bathroom. Well, this shrieking method can make it all better. Someone may call the cops and think that you are dying in there, but they won't know that you are pooping and that's all that matters. 


Fresh Breath

Who has time to brush their teeth? I mean, we do it but we do it as fast as we possibly can. We do it while we are on the toilet, cleaning and walking around the house so we can be super efficient. Well, this hack is the most efficient way to clean your teeth. I dare you to try it and not vomit.


Spacial Awareness

If you live in a big city or are frequently in crowded areas, you know that it is common for people to get into your personal space. Well, now you can get them out of your personal bubble with this spiky vest. It's so dangerous, they will have to stay far away from you. 


No New Socks

Doesn't it feel like you are always out of socks? They are either dirty and need to be washed or they have a hole in them. Well, before you buy more, keep those holy socks and try this instead. Use whiteout for white socks. 


Mirror, Mirror

Did you smash your side mirror? Don't even worry about it! A mirror is a mirror, so you can use anything you have lying around. Even a small compact mirror will do. Tape it on and buckle up!


Cutting Onions

Cutting onions has never been easier and more tear-free thanks to this hack. You can also use tinfoil, but then you won't be able to see and you could potentially cut your finger off. Therefore, plastic wrap is recommended. 


A Perfect Tray

Sure, your toilet seat can be used on your toilet, but unscrew and in two seconds flat you have a nice little food tray. Sit on the couch and eat all you want. No mess, no fuss… just try not to think about what you're eating on and you should be good. 


Plastic Flip Flops

You never know when you are going to need a pair of flip flops in a pinch. If you do, go to the backseat of your car and get all those unused plastic water bottles. Cut them up and you'll have a pair of flip flops right away. And for less than $3! 


Nails On Fleek

Save your money next time you need a mani/pedi and use toothpaste instead. Sure it will be messy and sticky and wet and totally insane, but it's free! And free equals great so just go with it.