Dwads Recommend – Incredible Conversation Between Joe Rogan and Bob Lazar

By dwads - June 26, 2019

Are we alone? This question may never be answered however more and more people are reporting “sightings”, developing theories and strongly hold beliefs of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, no matter the shape it may have.

We’re big fans of Joe Rogan here at Dwads and this episode of his podcast highlights the main reason why: Nothing is Taboo. Bob Lazar became famous at the top end of the 80’s for telling the world about Area-51, the top secret location in the desert of Nevada where he claimed he was working on reverse engineering some extra-terrestrial propulsion system. While hard to dismiss due to the seemingly genuine explanation of his experience, the fact is no one still knows for sure if we’re alone in this glorious universe of ours. Enjoy!