Drive-Thru Employees Reveal The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen

By Psquared - December 04, 2019

While some of us visit drive-thru regularly, some us must have visited it very occasionally. Whatever be the case, what we know for sure is that everyone has been to the drive-thru at least once in their lives. And thank God they have! Because our Redditors are sharing their stories of the weirdest things they have seen during the drive-thru. While most of them are the employees, some are even the customers. 

Their interesting stories range from stocking pickles to talking to the invisible guest passenger; from ugly naked guy to some weird hoarders, our people on Reddit have seen them all. While we loved and laughed at all these stories, some of them even made our blood boil. Well, there is never a good enough reason to be mean or in some cases, pervert. 

Read ahead to find some hilarious experiences and if you too have something to add to the list then please don’t wait and tell us in the comment section immediately!

Screwdriver really

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I worked the DT at McDonald’s when I was 16 and 17, and one time this beater of a sedan pulled up with a middle-aged woman and a couple of kids inside. The kids were jumping all over the place unbuckled and freaking out, and instead of a key, she had a screwdriver jammed in the ignition. I suppose she could have just owned a shizzy car and had rowdy kids, but at the time I really thought she had kidnapped the kids and stolen the car.


Best Journey Partner

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I used to work at a Burger King in a sort of poor part of town.


About 2 times a week, a man (probably in his mid 30s) with crooked teeth, a lazy eye, and a hillbilly accent would pull up in a really old beater and get 3 orders of value chicken nuggets (12 nuggets) with BBQ sauce, a large fry, and 2 large Sprites.


This wouldn’t seem very odd except for the fact that, in the passenger seat, was a blow-up sax-doll. Whom he talked to, and frequently asked, “Ya wan anythin elz?”.


It was incredibly weird, like a real-life version of Lars and the Real Girl – Hillbilly Edition.


That's Scary As Hell!

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I worked in a drive thru coffee house all through college. Tons of weird shiz happened, we were on the outskirts of town. But the all time creepiest; a guy came through in a clearly stolen car, he was absolutely filthy and started yelling about Columbine; he wouldn’t leave for the longest time. Was an all around weird customer. A few days later, I’m bringing in the newspapers and this guys face is splashed across the front. Turns out he went in a killing spree, killing someone in Arizona and a few people in Idaho. He came through just 15 or so minutes before the last murder.

A few people have asked for the guy’s name, its John Delling. I’m on my phone and having trouble linking to the article, but he’s super easy to find on Google.


Snake Shake Please!

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Guy came through with a snake wrapped around him.

Girl came through completely naked.

Six kids squished in the back seat. (Ages 2-10)

Car full of popcorn, clearly got pranked earlier and no fish were given.

Saw a girl poke up from the trunk area of an SUV, turns out to be one of my employees who called in sick that day and got her friends to drive her through.

Also there’s a regular that comes in with a cat and a parrot, that both sit on his side mirrors as he drives.


So Not Cool

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Maybe not the weirdest but the most kiddish. I was hanging out after hours with a friend who was finishing up her shift. She was working drive thru which was the only thing actually open. Some people came through and just asked for a couple cups of water. She says it costs 0.50 for that (stupid freaking rule) but they said they didn’t have any money. She said ah well, no big deal, come on through, and handed two cups of water to the person in the back seat (that’s how they pulled up.)

The guy yells “THANKS, BIATCH” and throws the two cups of water on her, then drives away.

People are idiots.


High Maintenance Since A Day!

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The people are weirder than any object in a vehicle. Arguing with me whether or not eggs are in our milkshakes because “I’m a vegetarian for two days (but I guess I don’t want to eat something healthy like salad) and I can’t have eggs.” No our shakes don’t have eggs. “Really?” Yes really. “Why is that information not on your menu?” Ok do you want to speak to the manager? Rambles to my manager about our ingredients and that nutrition brochure she was handed can’t be trusted because FDA corrupt Another time she came through and asked us if we would bake her fries (with her Big Mac meal!) in the oven because fried food is unhealthy.

I don’t care if people have messy cars as long as they aren’t really weird themselves


That's Gotta Hurt

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I worked at Burger King in high school…


One time I had a couple come through who ordered some food, as well as two of the largest size drinks you can get: one milk shake and one soda. They roll up to the window and we take care of the monetary transaction. I always passed drinks out first because they were always ready first.

So, I put both of these gargantuan beverages in one of those flimsy cardboard-ish drink carriers (in opposite corners, diagonally from one another to maximize stability), and start to pass it slowly to the driver. I get it out my window and partially into his where he receives the hand-off and I let go of it entirely. I withdrew my arm into the window, and just as the driver gets the drinks all the way into his vehicle, he slams the accelerator and then immediately slams the brakes.

The drinks took flight and went straight into the upper corner of the windshield on the passenger side where they exploded all over everything in the front of the car. I mean EVERYTHING. The car remained stopped for about five seconds, then rolled sheepishly out of the drive through lane without the food that was ordered.


How High Exactly

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A long time ago I used to be a Drive thru worker. There was a lady who would come through every single day and her car would always be literally packed FULL of bread/buns up to the ceiling. I always wanted to ask wtf she was doing with all the bread but I never did. I also saw a woman come through high as hell every day reeking of weed with her daughter in the back seat, topless, wearing no seat belt. That was pretty upsetting everytime it happened.


Always Extra Ready

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I worked at a drive thru and this guy came around to pay. When he got there, he asked “hey, did I say I wanted extra pickles on that? Because I want extra pickles on that.” I informed him that his burger was already made and ready to go, but offered to have a new one fixed up with a satisfactory amount of pickles. the man paused, then had a look of realization. He looked up and said “Don’t worry about it! Now that I think about it, I think I might have some extra ones right here.” this valued customer then proceeded to open up his glove compartment and pull out a giant jar of sliced pickles. It was weird.


Pre-Prepared For Pre-Games

I worked at a chik-fil-a for a few years, working almost exclusively at the drive through. The weirdest thing was probably a woman who was definitely a hoarder. She drove a honda accord and there was just barely room for her to fit in the driver’s seat. The rest of the car was packed with all sorts of shiz (newspapers, fast food cups, boxes, shopping bags, LOTS OF TRASH etc). She gave me the meekest, most downtrodden look I’ve ever seen on a human person when I gave her her large drink and sammich. The smell was the worst part. I can’t describe it.

The best thing I ever saw in the drive thru was these two dudes in a minivan who ordered only two large lemonades. I had filled them up too much and some lemonade had spilled through the lid, so as I handed them to the driver, I apologized for the wet cup. He looked at me and said ” no worries brother, I’m about to pour half of it out anyways, these shizz are BOMB with vodka.” he then poured out half of each drink and proceed to fill it with vodka. Afterwords, he looked at me, winked and said “Gotta pregame, we’re headed to the movies.” Then he drove off.


Can It BE More Awkward

Working drive thru at Burger King with a very sheltered 17 year old girl, I was 16-17 at the time and I’m a guy. I’m getting the food, she’s taking the money when suddenly I hear her say, “Hi there, that’ll be AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” and she quite literally runs away. We’re getting slammed, and I have no time for this so I walk over to the window and tell the obese, naked man with the smallest erect junk I’ve ever seen what his total is, take his money, give him his double whoppers with extra mayo and wish him a pleasant evening.

Unfortunately, I later discovered more people go to the drive thru without pants than you’d think.


Whoops, My Bad!

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A relative of mine was working the Drive-Thru at a certain McRestaurant in the early 80’s, it was the morning shift, and there had been a few sightings over the summer of “the flasher”, a man who would expose himself from his convertible in the drive-thru.

The girl at the first window all but ran to the bin behind the counter and told the girls working that the flasher was in the drive thru and that he had handed her a bunch of change, and that she had to count it, and could see it the entire time. His pants were around his ankles and he just stared at her.

So, said relative on 2nd window handed the bags out the window to the flasher, who told her she forgot the coffee… so she went and grabbed the pot that was still brewing and poured a cup of the hottest, opting for no mercy, and pretended to trip as she leaned out, “here – whoops!”

The scalding black coffee landed directly on exposed groin, the flasher screamed and floored the gas, almost taking out the exit-sign by the driveway, and ran a red light through an empty intersection.. off into the sunrise, never to be seen again.


More Onions For You

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I work at a McDs, and this is not entirely relevant to the thread but it’s my favourite story (well, one of them!) from work.

A woman came through with her family in the car and ordered one of the hamburgers with extra onion. She got to my window (I was the server) and asked whether we’d put extra onion on it, I told her we had (which was correct!) but she proceeded to check and decide there wasn’t enough onion. We asked her to park up and we’d run her out a fresh burger with extra onion – I took the burger out myself. Still not enough onion, how much onion does this woman want?! I take it back inside and watch the guy in the kitchen PILE onion onto this burger. She accepts it this time. It’s fine, there’s enough onion. She hands the burger to her young kid in the back of the car.

A few minutes later, she runs up to my drive thru window begging for some plastic bags (we don’t have any) because her son’s thrown up in her car. It took all my willpower not to ask if it was the bloody onions!


Lil Monsters

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Small town burger joint. Minivan rolls in and on the intercom Mom with 2 kids orders like $30 worth of food, no problem. She pulls around and the two kids, a 8yr old girl and a 4 year boy are bouncing around the back, no seatbelts. Not news to me, its redneckville.

I get the drinks, food is taking a bit. Mom motions me over so I lean out the window and she leans out her window and whispers the meekest request to add two tacos to her order. I say sure and start to ring it up.

8 year old girl hears me and she rockets to the front seat and proceeds to lose her shiz all up in her Mom’s face. Jaw on the floor, I listen to this little snotty 8 year old girl berate her mom for ordering food. Mom then BEGS HER CHILD FOR PERMISSION TO ORDER HERSELF SOME FOOD, remarking how hungry she is and how she just order $30 worth of food just for the girl (none for the little boy I guess?). She eventually turns to me and with the most defeated/crushed expression ever, cancels her taco order and apologizes, nearly in tears, to her own child.


Why Would You Do That To Yourself?

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Back when I worked in the drive thru at the local Chic-fil-a, a guy orders and pulls around to the window. When he goes to pay for his meal, he hands me a crisp $50 bill. Maybe a little too crisp… I look at it closely and sure enough, the amount of fibers embedded in the paper were too sparse and the paper was too course. I take a test marker too it, and sure enough, it’s a fake. I look over at the guy and tell him, “You do realize you could go to jail for handing me this fake bill, right?” He replied with genuine shock stating he had “traded with a pall. 50 $20 bills for 20 $50 bill.” He then shows me his little stash on the seat next to him. After a few more minutes trying to convince him it was fake I told him to buzz off and handed the fake to my manager. In a rage he said he was going to go across the street to the credit union/bank and prove they were real. I thought it was a bad attempt and trying to play coy. To my surprise, I look up several minutes later to see the guy being dragged out of the bank in cuffs. This guy must have been all sorts of stupid.


Story of Turkish Redbull

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When I was 16 I worked at a Dairy Queen drive-thru. I was used to seeing a variety of weird or interesting stuff so it all kind of blended together but one group stood out. One night, a van full of guys pulled in and ordered your basic cones or Blizzards type of deal. When they came up to the window, I could see they were all kind of bouncing around and super hyper. The driver hands me this small glass bottle and almost screams at me “IT’S CALLED REDBULL! IT’S TURKISH!” All the writing was this weird curly script and the liquid was like a syrup. My suspicious mind was like “freakt, it’s probably poison or something” so I didn’t try it. It was almost 8 years before I actually tried a RedBull, meanwhile it had become this carbonated super popular drink my college friends couldn’t shut up about


Story of A Pervy Perverson

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The goats, pigs, and cows. The guys who pulled the money out of their SHOE. Unbuckled roaming children. Lots of dogs (seriously one guy had like 20) The “Jetty Burger” Lady. (Mcdouble plain) Jetty is the dog. They know me by name. And are LOUD Beer.

The guy in the yellow sports car who came through at 2 am. Pulled out five feet so I had to nearly jump out of the window. Night-manager Jerkface came through to see only my legs below my knees in the window. Got written up. Got the guy’s money. Paid him out. Did the same thing to give him his change. His girlfriend apologized profusely. I shrugged and mentioned my years of ballet and pointe, and that I was really flexible, and they drove on.

I worked at McDonald’s since January and quit yesterday. Never again.


That is Sad

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I’ve worked at both McDonalds and Burger King, and you see ALOT.

One of the tamer ones…a guy handed me the money with the same hand he was holding his pet snake in. I was distracted and didn’t notice until after he pulled his hand back. I did a double-take and was like “…is that real??”

But the weirdest thing that’s happened to me…an old, almost broken down car pulled up to my window. Inside it was an elderly couple. The old man was driving and he seemed normal enough. What was weird was his wife. She was sitting in the passenger seat. She had the milky eyes of someone who is blind. She “stared” straight ahead the entire time and rocked back and forth in her seat slowly. In her arms was the most used up babydoll. It had missing body parts and it was filthy. She cradled it as if it were an actual child. As they were leaving, she pulled up her shirt to slide the doll inside, supposedly to “breastfeed it.” The situation is actually really sad to think of the lady’s condition, but it was still incredibly weird and creepy.


Indeed Merry Christmas

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I worked at a sonic drive thru, it was Christmas eve, the assistant manager and myself were the only ones working the night shift when this dude comes through.

I’m cooking the food and I finish and come up to the window where the two of them are talking so we all chat for a few minutes and the guy says “oh shiz! Check out what I got for Christmas!”

He pulls out a box and says ” I got this belt, some socks, and THIS”

in his hand was jar filled with at least an ounce of weed, he breaks off a huge nug and gives it to us with some papers. And says Merry Christmas

After he leaves I turn to my friend and say “damn your friend was cool” Then he says “wait, I was only talking to him because I thought he was your friend”


Paranoia Level 101

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I worked at McDonald’s a few years back for a week. One day I was working drive through and there were two cars in a row who ordered the same shake but in a different size. I was handing the wrong size to the first car when I quickly realized my mistake and pulled the shake back into the window before the driver even had the chance to touch it. Apparently, the car behind saw this and FLIPPED OUT on me, demanding I make them a new shake because the first car could have laced their shake with drugs. WHAT??


So Lucky

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Not really weird or creepy but once I was working the night shift and a carload of drunk girls asked if they could borrow my phone. I told them “sure” and to come into the dining room after theyd finished ordering.I handed them their drinks (after they paid) and the driver grabbed me by the wrist, put something in my hand and closed my fingers with her other hand. Then just stared at me and in a split second showed me her rack and they drove off. Too drunk to remember to use my phone. She had tipped me $40. Racks and money, I didn’t complain.


22 Story With Real Bon Jovi

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When I started working drive thru I was cautioned that Bon Jovi likes french fries. I think they warned me so that I wouldn’t tweak out or something if it happened. Apparently he has a house somewhere in town. I’d describe the town as what you would expect a postcard New England village to be.

And after about a month at the window, suddenly a wild Bon Jovi appears! One large fry please.

Not as exciting as it sounds tho, and I’m not really a fan. It was just a weird feeling taking cash from Bon Jovi.


You've Got Mail

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I worked at a Hardee’s in a small town near where I went to high school when I was in my freshman year of college. We had a regular who would ALWAYS come through for breakfast and 3/7 days for lunch. This lady had MAIL so piled up in her car that her back seat and passenger seat were unusable. She had to use a piece of cardboard and slide it in between the driver side seat and middle console so that mail wouldn’t slide into the driver side of the car. The mail was so high that anyone driving next to or behind her would be able to see the mail piling up in her car.


Definitely Looks Weird

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A few years ago I was in a car with a group of friends. There were six of us, and the car had a bench seat in the front. So three in the back and three in the front.


We had a disagreement on where to eat, half wanted one place while the other half wanted somewhere else. So we decided to drop the three off at their restaurant of choosing and we went out to restaurant. Well it turns out when we dropped them off it was the three sitting in the back seat.


So we go through the drive-thru and order our food. When the lady hands us our food, she gives us the strangest look and asked “Why the hell are you guys sitting like that?”

All three of us, very perplexed, glance around and realize how strange it must look with us crammed together in the front seat and and a completely empty backseat. We all start laughing hysterically and drive off without a word.


Pervy Perverson Part 2

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I worked at Dairy Queen. I’m a guy. Most of the rest of the people that worked the counter were very pretty girls.

One day a customer was at the window getting his food when he sort of leans past me and goes “OHHHH does she….. WORK here!?!?” I turn around and one of the girls was behind the counter picking up her check wearing skimpy street clothing (short shorts). I say “Uhh.. yeah.” And I’ll never forget this, he shivered with excitement and says “Ohhhh… she looks like she’s like…… 12…. but I know she must be like oohhhhhAHHHHGGGHHHHHHH 18!!!….”

Then he drove off with his Blizzard.


Old Is Gold

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I worked the drive-thru at Micky deez and shiz you not a van pulled with a baby Bengal tiger! He ordered maybe 30 patties for the cute little guy and when he pulled up the tiger smelled the food and Tried to jump in the store! This was in Southern California also. Another time I saw the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life to this day, a roughly 80 -90 year old man pulled up and ordered all while doing his 90 plus wife next to him. I still dry heave a little when I think about it.


All Time Is A Good Time

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Had the morning shift. These two rig pigs pull up in their 1ton turbo diesel truck making an 

ungodly amount of noise through the speaker. Turns out they just wanted coffee, so I’m just thankful that growling monstrosity isn’t long for my world. Anyways, they pull up to the window and we exchange the usual empty pleasantries. It comes time to hand them their 20 oz cups of delicious black nectar and I notice they have a couple of bottles in the back seat of the truck. More like a dozen actually. They pretty much had a freaking mini-bar in the backseat of their truck. Anyways, they take their coffee, add a little something extra, and nonchalantly head on out to work.


Spare Me Ma'am!

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I have a story from the perspective of the customer. My mom was driving and I was in the passenger seat. It was raining really, really hard and wipers were going full speed. We pull up to the window and my mom is digging in her wallet for exact change. The drive-thru girl opens the drive-thru window only to realize that our wipers are throwing water right at the window.

So I’m watching this poor girl get sprayed with water every time the wipers come up. She’s putting her hands up and trying to shield her face from the water, all while sputtering “Ma’am, ma’am, can you…”. But water keeps hitting her and she can’t get a full sentence out. Meanwhile my mom is totally unaware and still looking for change.

Finally we get my mom’s attention and she shuts the wipers off. I’ve never laughed harder and I still laugh when I think of that poor worker’s face getting pelted with water. Since then, my mom has never been able to order at the drive-thru when I’m in the car. She always ends up laughing into the speaker and then workers think she is either impaired or having a stroke or just being rude and laughing at them. But my mom and I get a great laugh out of it every time we go for food.

So, random McDonald’s worker, I’m so sorry that you got soaked from the car wipers. And I’m sorry that we laughed about it.


Up Above So High

About two years ago, while working the drive-thru at an overtly religious chicken-based franchise, a Honda Element full of college freshman pulled up to the window. I recognized the driver as an old high school friend who was a known zealot of the cannabis flower. After confirming his order he leaned out of his car and asked me if I had a lighter on hand. Having recently taken up smoking, I was more than happy to oblige his request. As he accepted my shining silver zippo he produced from behind the car door what was nothing else but a neatly rolled blunt. He proceeded to light up and upon returning the lighter exhaled a plume of smoke through the window. Panicked, I reached for the switch on the air curtain used to ward off insects and activated the fan. As the smoke dissipated he continued to puff, toking up a whirlwind of job-ending catastrophe that, had I not been in need of employment, I would have enjoyed. After he obtained his numerous filet-of-chicken sandwiches he departed in haste, eager to soak his pallet in deep-fried poultry goodness. I must admit I was peeved he neglected to pass that shiz.


The Invisible Guest

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This guy once ordered at the speaker and pulled around to my window. Everything was normal so far, right? But then he asked if he could add a cheeseburger and a large drink to his order. Okay, still pretty normal. I add the items on the computer and turn to ask if he wants anything else. It’s at this point I realize he’s been talking the whole time that I was adding the items to his order: you know how that happens, when someone’s sort of mumbling so their voice just becomes a humming sound in the back of your mind.

“…So, just the cheeseburger and the drink?” I ask. That was kind of my way to check to see whether he’d been trying to order more stuff while I was accidentally ignoring him. He nods and smiles and points over his shoulder into his (empty) backseat.

“Yup. He got hungry.”

There’s no one there. I smile and nod and take his money, and then close the window and wait for him to go away. Whaaat.?

And for a long time, there was a guy who came through fairly frequently with a monkey in a cage in his backseat.