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    20 Greatest Celeb Feuds to Tell Your Mom About

    Celebrities are just like us in that they too have petty, BS arguments, about petty BS things, only when they do it, it’s on a MUCH MUCH larger stage, meaning that everyone gets to see how childish and silly they can be. Here’s a list of 20 celeb fights that will make you feel much […] More

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    30 Crazy Weird Facts About Satan and Satanists

    You think just because you put on a Slayer record that you found in your older cousin’s room that time your parents sent you to stay with your aunt in New Hampshire that one summer you know all about Satanism? Foolish idiot, there’s way more going on with THE DARK LORD and his followers (who […] More

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    34 Messed up Things About Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome was very messed up. I know this because I’ve personally been there. Yes, I can time travel but we’re getting off topic. The point is, you wouldn’t believe all the messed up stuff the Ancient Romans did okay? They did some pretty weird and gross things. I mean, c’mon guys. I bet If […] More

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    31 Fun Facts About the One and Only Marilyn Manson

    Marilyn Manson is a musician, actor, author, nightmare inducer, and public figure who has been riling feathers since the late 80s. Known for his incredibly controversial performances, Manson once dominated the music charts, going platinum twice, going gold three times, and having seven albums released in the top ten. He was also rumored to have […] More

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    35 Royal Facts About Princess Di

    Diana, Princess of Wales, world’s most famous divorcee, captured the planet’s attention when she married into the British Royal Family (or the BRF if you’re snooty). Contrary to the stuffed shirts of the BRF, “The People’s Princess” became one of the most beloved public figures ever by showing grace, charity, and humility at every possible […] More

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    25 Facts About Your Gross Body

    Study as hard as you want, there’s still a ton of junk we don’t know about the human body. Science dudes are constantly discovering new stuff about how these gross flesh machines work. Here are 25 facts you may not know about your gross, gassy, skin vehicle: More