50 Memes That Will Help You Cope as a Parent

I have 3 kids (please kill me) and they are wonderful (when they are sleeping). Sometimes kids can be a bit much and by sometimes, I mean all the time. When I see another set of parents trying to calm their screaming bundles of terror at the mall, I try to make eye contact with them, nod and offer a sympathetic look that says “I know your pain bro… I know your pain.”

Outside of bitching about parenting to other parents who also hate their kids, I have found another release. MEMES. They are a great way to commiserate and perfect for when you feel like you’re alone in this never-ending nightmare. You are not alone! It’s always a relief when another parent posts a picture of their child who ALSO pooped the bed and spread it all over the room. I really thought it was only my kid. 

Did you know that sometimes children get boogers stuck in their noses and they don’t know how to BLOW THEIR NOSE so you have to SUCK IT OUT somehow FOR them? Nobody told me that. I would have reconsidered my options if this knowledge was made available to me. I can handle the diaper thing, but the boogers. The boogers, man. 

Here’s a collection of my top 50 (out of 1000) favorite memes about parenting that get me through some of the hard times. I hope you can relate to most of them and share them with other parents who are in need of some laughs. Not the innocent child-like laughter, but the laughter of a crazy person who hasn’t slept in 48 hours.



Give Up

Why are children tiny drunk people? Seriously, they act like inebriated adults.



I often don’t ask how things were when I come home. I can SEE clearly that it was a warzone today.



I also would rather give meth a shot.



My kid will just start smiling and laughing mid crying. What a psycho. Pick a lane. Are you mad or happy?



I did this as a kid and it’s a fitting punishment. I accept this karma.



Stop trying to get me involved in dumb activities. All the other dads are loser douches and I don’t like talking to them.


Same Page

If you aren’t on the same page then someone will end up dead. Communicate, friends!


It Goes So Fast

Then why is it going so slow for me? Can you explain that, jerk?



Still not enough wine. Gonna need a pallette.



Usually right after you said it. I always feel a sense of pride. It’s like a tiny terrible you. Awwwww…