35 Royal Facts About Princess Di

sturgeon - March 28, 2018

Diana, Princess of Wales, world’s most famous divorcee, captured the planet’s attention when she married into the British Royal Family (or the BRF if you’re snooty). Contrary to the stuffed shirts of the BRF, “The People’s Princess” became one of the most beloved public figures ever by showing grace, charity, and humility at every possible turn. Here are 35 Royal Facts about Princess Di:

Picture Perfect

From the second she was thrust into the spotlight until her death, Princess Diana was one of the world’s most photographed women, if not THE most photographed.

Upon her death, all rights to her image and likeness were granted to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

Upon my death, all rights to my image will be granted to the Before Photos for Weight Loss Drugs Fund.

Hard Worker

After leaving finishing school, Diana worked part-time as a cleaning woman and babysitter and full-time as a kindergarten teacher. Imagine, turning on the TV and seeing the woman who you once paid peanuts to fish your disgusting hairs out of your disgusting drains, gearing up to marry the friggin’ Prince. Hindsight being what it is, you may have reconsidered trimming your short and curlies in the shower.

Parting Gift

Diana was buried with a very special set of rosary beads: a gift to her from Mother Teresa who incidentally died the same week. Two women viewed as saints by the public gone the same week. Oprah’s lucky that God had a two saint quota that year…

Big Sis, Cupid

Diana was first introduced to Charles, Prince of Wales (and, let’s be fair, Prince of Horse Teeth) in November 1977 by way of her older sister, Lady Sarah.

Three years later, Charles began wooing Diana in 1980. Upon their engagement, she remarked, “I introduced them. I’m Cupid”, finally solving the mystery of the heart-tipped arrows.

Public Mourning

Diana’s funeral was broadcast on television so that mourners around the globe could be part of this shared grief. Roughly 530 million people watched the moon landing but 3 BILLION people watched Lady Di’s funeral. That’s billions, with a B. Take that Stanley Kubrik!

Candle in the Wind

Sir Elton John rewrote his maudlin pop jam “Candle in the Wind” as a tribute to his friend Diana when she died. In spite of its close association with such a terrible tragedy and perhaps because of its association with someone more beloved than damn near anyone living or dead, it became (and still is) the 2nd best-selling single of ALL TIME.

Final Resting Place

After the funeral, Diana was buried privately on an island in the middle of Oval Lake on the grounds of the Spencer family home in Althorp Park. While she was originally meant to be interned in the Spencer family vault, her fame meant that her family wished to find a more private place.

Goodbye, English Rose

Diana’s funeral took place in Westminster Abbey on September 6th, 1997, and was viewed by many as an international day of mourning. Despite Diana formally losing her title, the Union Jack at Buckingham Palace was lowered to half-mast, respect typically reserved for royalty.

I don’t have some snarky, wise-ass joke to make. This is just a bittersweet bummer.


Di and Chuck’s split cost him a lump sum, of $22.5 million, as well as an annual income of $600,000, which is, depending on your feelings about being married to a horse throughout your 20s, not nearly enough.

The couple signed confidentiality agreements prohibiting them from discussing the details of the divorce, the settlement, or their married life, a totally normal thing and not an indicator of a million red flags.

Return to Sender

Within five years of marriage, the cracks began to show. Rumors of infidelity on both sides were rampant. Charles, equine-faced Prince, had a close relationship to Camilla Parker-Bowles, his future gelding, which ended up causing great strain on their marriage. This is one of the rare times the haters and speculators got it right.

The Queen herself was one such hater – she wrote them each a letter demanding that they divorce, thereby locking in the number 4 spot in the Worst Mother-in-Law Hall of Fame.