30 Uber Drivers Reveal Secrets They Have Heard

By Sana Ahmad - December 04, 2019

Whether we need to make a late night trip to that friend’s place or just want a ride back home on a busy weekday, uber has been to our rescue by showing up (more often than not, on time too). It would be a safe bet to say that it has made our lives easier and saved us a lot of trouble, hasn’t it? After all folks, not all of us love driving and some of us don’t own a car right now, so! Also, sometimes you just want to sit back and relax till you reach your destination, don’t you?

We have a question though! Do you ever talk to your driver? Like share your problems and stuff with them? (It does feel good to share!) Or do you ever talk about personal stuff while in the cab, whether to a friend accompanying you or on the phone? Uber drivers answered in affirmative!!! There have been passengers who opened up to them about family troubles, career confusion and some even about their emotional and mental conditions. 30 of these cabbies revealed the secrets shared with them while on the job in this reddit thread… 


Business Trip With Mistress

Credits: Quickmeme

“I picked up this young overly affectionate couple that spent the entire trip making out in my backseat and telling each other that they loved each other. Cute.

So I drop off the couple and head on my way to pick up my text fare. I hear a cellphone ring in my backseat, realize it’s my previous ride’s, and pick up the phone to let them know I have it and I’ll come back to drop it off. Turns out it was the guy’s wife phoning to check in on him while he was on a business trip, which he was thoroughly enjoying with his mistress.” (YetiPie)

Crazy Guys In The Backseat

Credits: Memecrunch

“Drove UBER one night… it was pretty tame until I picked up two guys who wanted to go to a strip club 40 miles away. As they requested an Uber Select fare I was happy to drive that far. ($80-100) It took them 15 minutes to get ready and get into the car and they seemed cool so I wasn’t worried.

As soon as we got on the freeway the guy in the passenger seat started asking about UBER driving and things got dark. After a few minutes he started saying things like “what would you do if someone just grabbed the steering wheel and ran the car into the median” and “have you ever thought about what would happen if someone in the back seat tried to strangle you while you were driving?” I got a little freaked out and tried to lighten the mood by asking what they were celebrating, etc. but the one guy just kept at it.

I was happy to get to the strip club and get them the hell out of the car. Bonus was the bouncer at the club gave me $40 for dropping them off there. I never drove UBER again.” (asudan30)

Sweet Girl Who Had Cancer

Credits: Picsmine

“Former Uber driver here. Picked a girl up a sweet girl from a bar on a Wednesday night – absolutely hammered, about 10pm. She got into my car, apologized for being so drunk and politely asked if we could just drive around a little while, with the windows down.

I was prepping for a cleaning fee, trying to drive and pull a vomit bag out of the glove box, but no, she just did that airplane thing with one hand out the backseat window. She asked me if I had ever thought about dying, to which I replied, yeah – I guess so.

That’s when she told me that she had cancer. It was in her brain and it was too far gone to consider chemo. I remember my heart just pounding. She told me she was dying and she was going to be okay. Tonight she was celebrating with her work friends who threw her a going-away party. She told them she was taking a position abroad.

“I just didn’t tell them that abroad was heaven.”

Jesus. Christ. I turned off my app and cried like crazy all the way home.” (westport76)

Teary Eyed Girl Opens Up To Uber Driver

Credits: We Heart It

“Picked up a girl mid Saturday. She was a bit upset and a little teary and opened up to me. Turned out a business she had started was failing and she was in debt and had turned to stripping on the side to cover the bills.

She said the pay was good but she kept getting really sick from all the booze she felt obliged to drink (part of her job was making guys spend money at the bar). She hated it and felt trapped and kept asking me what I would do in her situation (I’m a guy, so kind of hard for me to answer). Tried to give her the best advice I could think of like getting the tax office to withhold tax for a while, but couldn’t help really. Only thing I could do was end the trip early.

Other one was a couple of off duty cops who didn’t want their friends to know they were using it. Uber is still in a legal grey area here.” (MeltingDog)

Group Of Guys Who Were High As Hell


“Never overheard a juicy secret, but plenty of interesting pax.

One time I had a group of 3 guys, probably around my age (mid 20s). They seemed nervous, avoided eye contact, and were pretty much silent from the moment they hopped in. I tried confirming the destination, asked how their night was going, etc. but only got muffled mumbling in return.

As always, I worked the situation out in my head in a calm, rational manner. Something like, “Are these guys trying to rob me? Jack my car? Did they just kill somebody? Am I an accessory to murder? Do they have knowledge of the impending apocalypse?”

But as my paranoia routine winded down, I slowly started to realize what was going on. Between the beads of sweat, occasional jaw clenching, and finally – random giggle outbursts… these kids were high as hell.

Once it hit me I called them out immediately and told them I was cool. They looked so relieved. I started blasting music (some Umphrey’s McGee I do believe) and they just started geeking out by that point. Fun ride.

At the end of the ride, the guy that sat up front tossed me a bag of shrooms. Good times.” (evannnn67)

Uber Trip To Vegas

Credits: Quickmeme

“I am not an Uber driver but I have one that was told to me.

This driver told me that he picked up his last fare for the day and it did not have a final destination. The dude gets in the car coked out of his mind yelling on the phone. The guy says “drive to Vegas, here!” and the guy tosses $500 bucks at him. That is on top of the Uber fare which apparently was surge pricing.

So the guy drives him to Vegas (from Los Angeles takes about four hours.) The whole time the guy is talking/yelling on the phone to his mom. They get to Vegas and he drops the dude off at some mansion where his mom is outside waiting to yell at him.

Apparently the guy forgot about giving him the cash because he tossed another few hundred bucks at him, got out of the car and split.” (GoChaca)

Crazy Boyfriend Story

Credits: Makeameme

“Picked up a girl who had to go to work across town. Her boyfriend and she were arguing in the parking lot as I was approaching. Girl gets in my car and she’s worried she’s not going to get to work on time and she would be fired if she was late. Get about a block away and my phone rings, I answered and tried to get it off my Bluetooth stereo to no avail, the person on the other line was her bf and he said he wanted to apologize about his gf and that I shouldn’t listen to her because she was a “crazy”. She heard all of it and didn’t say a thing (very awkward). Finally get her to work and she asks me to stay in the parking lot as she goes in and quits her job. She gets back a few minutes later and on the way home tells me that her boyfriend once broke her arm in an argument and that he was going to be very mad at her and she was worried about going back home but to take her there anyway. Ended up dropping her off and calling non-emergency but I have no clue if anything ever happened with it.” (wosh_jamsley)

Guy Confesses About Being Depressed

Credits: Sayingimages

“Oh man, something relevant to me and I’m late.

I had someone get in my car, told me he’s in his late 20s and that he’s dating a girl who just recently turned 18. I awkwardly told him that’s good for him and he proceeded to tell me that it’s not, that his life sucks and everything he does to make himself happy doesn’t work. He told me he watches vids of people committing suicide and wishes he had the courage they did to go through with it. He told me he’s going to go to San Francisco and spend every last penny he has on vacation and just jump off the golden gate bridge when he’s done. I didn’t really know what to say. When I dropped him off I told him that I hope things start looking up and he just said “They won’t. They never do” and left.

He also asked weird questions like “If I hit you would you kick me hard?” When I said I’d rather no one hit anyone he said “Dude, you’d whoop my bottom, I’m a stupid piece of crap.”

Hope he got help.” (SwagathonMarathon)

A Not-So-Fun Meetup In Uber

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“Not my story, but I had an uber driver tell me this one, so I hope it counts by proxy:

Uber driver George is doing Uberpool one night in Austin where you pick up multiple people en route to the destination. First Girl #1 gets in the car alone and sits in the back seat on the passenger side. Then a couple (guy and girl) comes, and there’s not enough room for everyone in the back, so girl #2 sits behind the driver and guy sits up front. The two girls in the back start chatting and seem to be getting along well. Girl #1 asks what they’re doing tonight, and Girl #2 says, oh, me and my boyfriend Josh are going out to celebrate. Josh works at XX and just got a promotion. At this point, George notices Josh is crouching down in his seat and looking guilty. Then, Girl #1 says, that’s funny, my boyfriend is also named Josh and works at XX. I wonder if they know each other. Then Girl #2 starts tapping her boyfriend on the shoulder and bugging him to turn around to meet Girl #1. At some point Josh can’t avoid the introduction any more, and is forced to turn around. He does so with a look of utter horror on his face, as it slowly dawns on both girls that they’re dating the same Josh. Anyway, both girls start screaming and kick Josh out of the Uber. Not sure what happened after that, but you can bet Josh never took Uberpool again.” (deathbynotsurprise)


Guy Has Feelings For Fiance’s Friend

Credits: Quickmeme

“One time I was driving a dude for a bit of a long trip. Was gonna take around 25-30 minutes. He wasn’t hammered, but definitely a bit drunk. It was late and he must’ve been feeling a bit down, so he confided in me and asked me for some advice.

He told me he’s madly in love with his fiance’s best friend and he couldn’t back out now. He’d been with this girl 4 years, and engaged for 1, ready to be married in a few months.

It was pretty sad to hear, because it wasn’t just your average story. It was filled with a lot of subtle emotional and mental anguish. The guy went through about 5 years of ups and downs with his girl, and found an innocent friend and comfort in the best friend. After a few years, he developed feelings and it was just downhill from there.

Felt bad for the guy because he seemed like he was truly in love with his fiance too, although he had strong feelings for this friend. He knew that going through with the marriage meant a lifetime of being around the friend and suppressing feelings, but also breaking it off meant that he lost the girl of his dreams. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and I hope he’s doing okay.”  (clever_username7)

Young Man Takes Uber Driver’s Advice, Pursues Medicine

Credits: Makeameme

“Not my story but my mom’s. She does rides in San Diego which is a city that loves its Navy and is where future SEAL go to BUDS.

My mom was telling me one time that she gave a ride to a young man about 20 years old. He had been fighting to become a SEAL his whole life and ended up falling asleep on the last day or two of BUDS and getting dropped for the season.

He was just crushed because he made it through everything before and now he would have to wait before being able to enroll again and would be starting from scratch. Anyway, during the ride he started to open up to my mom about his other passion which was medicine and she suggested he chase that dream instead because he came off as a very caring and devoted person.

At the end of the ride he asked her to step out of the car so he could give her a hug and a huge thanks for lending an ear and giving her honest opinion about the situation. He also left her his phone number so he could give her a call and let her know what he decided to do.

A few day later he gave her a call and said he had returned back home to Texas(?) and would start taking courses to pursue a career in medicine.” (tapport)

Crazy Russians In The Cab

Credits: Quickmeme

 “Late to the party, but I once drove some well-dressed Russians in between bars on the west side of Chicago. I used to work for a Russian-owned cab company and I understand a little Russian, and I heard two of them talking back and forth about something one of them was very anxious about. The phrases that jumped out at me were “This is death, this is serious,” “Blood is on me,” and “I’m not a bad man.” The other guy was mainly just telling him to relax a lot, and telling him “There are no fools here,” or something along those lines.

Upon dropping them off, like an idiot, I temporarily blanked that I had just heard parts of a seemingly harrowing conversation, and I said “доброй ночиl” which is pronounced “dobroy nochi” and means good night. Only one of them heard me (the older guy telling his colleague to relax) and he just stared at me. Then he came around to my window while reaching into his coat pocket, which scared me like crazy. He then pulled out a $100 and said (in English), “My friend, do we understand?”

I just took it, shook my head in the affirmative, and drove off. I didn’t take any rides for the rest of the night.” (1_point_21_gigawatts)

Real Life Prison Break

Credits: Imgflip

“Drove for Lyft (in Denver, CO) between jobs this summer. My third passenger ever, and he was going to the airport. He said he was moving to Florida, to get away from it all. But didn’t have any luggage, not even a carry-on. I wasn’t going to say anything about it, but my curiosity got the best of me.

“So, where’s all your luggage? Did you ship everything ahead of time?”

He doesn’t say anything right away, and just as I was deciding that perhaps I wasn’t going to get an answer…

Nah, I just had my friend call me a Lyft and he set up my flight. I just escaped from prison but we look so much alike, his ID will work for me to travel.

I was quiet the rest of the trip.” (chriscosta77)

Couple Breaks It Off In Uber

Credits: Makeameme

“My husband had a couple that broke up in the backseat of his car while driving for Uber. The woman made fun of her boyfriend’s ex, and was talking about how she had bad teeth. The boyfriend said her teeth were fine and that she was being really judgy. She then asked him if he was still in love with his ex. He thought for a moment, said yes, and she started crying. There was some kind of confusion about where to get dropped off since she just wanted to go home and he wanted to go somewhere the opposite direction. Super awkward for my husband!” (koryisma)

To And Fro From The Airport

Credits: Reddit

“Just the other night a girl climbed in the backseat with her bag on the way to the airport. She was on the phone with her boyfriend and they were having a bit of a tiff. Apparently she was about to board a one-way plane to go move in with him. Ended up driving her back home after going all the way there, her in tears, as they had apparently decided maybe living together wasn’t such a good idea.

Trouble is…I forgot to turn the stereo back on and couldn’t just turn on music in the middle of her phone conversation so I tried my best to listen to the air-conditioning fan in silence both there and back.

Made myself a cool $26.” (defuckicit)

Guys Discuss Roleplay

Credits: Pinterest

“I haven’t really heard anything too juicy, but so far my favorite was this one.

I picked up two guys in downtown LA. From their conversation I gather they’d just met at the bar I picked them up from and were going home to hook up. One was younger and clean cut, the other was older and rather scruffy. So I’m driving up Main Street to the 101 and the scruffy guy starts talking about how he used to live there in the 90s and it was a whole lot scummier back then. He mentions he used to have an older boyfriend back then. The boyfriend would call the scruffy guy and tell him to walk down to the sidewalk in a tied off shirt and daisy dukes. Then the boyfriend would drive up in his car and the scruffy guy would lean in his window and the boyfriend would ask him how much, and the scruffy guy would get in and they’d role play that he was a prostitute and the boyfriend was his john.

The clean cut guy kinda glossed over this and moved the conversation along, but I thought to myself that scenario sounds hot as hell.” (IAmTheShinyThing)

Driver Wards Off Pushy Guy From The Bar

Credits: Twitter

“Not so much a dark secret, as much as a potentially dark situation.

Driving around waiting for pings, get one at a popular bar. Pull up and a young woman flags me down, gives me her name, asks for mine, I’m her ride. Easy enough. There’s a guy with her, they’re both quite drunk. She says goodnight to him and gets in the rear passenger side door. Homeboy isn’t having it, decides he’s coming with. Starts trying to convince her, despite her saying she has work early, wants to get to sleep, but he’s not taking no for an answer. It’s getting a bit weird as he’s getting more and more pushy/aggressive about it, to the point that’s she’s clearly uncomfortable.

I step out of the car, and say over the top of the car “Hey man, if she says you’re not getting it the car, you’re not getting in the car.” He looks over at me with hate in his eyes. I’m a bit tense, not knowing this kid’s deal. He slams the door, walks away, talking crap as he goes (Really? What an idiot).

Get back in the car, girl seems a little more sober after the experience, and is shaken up over it. Take her back home, make sure she gets in safe. Not as scary or as weird as it could have been, but the dude gave off a bad vibe and I’m glad he took the hint and walked away.” (CountTheSeven)

Divorced Dad, Crazy Couples

Credits: Memeshappen

“Not so much “secrets” as they were “things people don’t normally say or do in front of strangers.”

  • Picked up a divorced father whose buddy paid for his lyft ride to the bar. Why? Because he was supposed to see his kid that evening for an overnight but the wife had the authority to dictate the terms of him seeing his own child no matter what and she wasn’t feeling it. Granted, I definitely got one side of the story but it was plain terrible to see a man who desperately wanted to spend time with his kid be completely blocked from it over this crap. California had given dads so little rights (from how this guy described it) that even though he had a stable job, good house, and was willing to pay for a hotel so he and his son would stay in the town the mom lived in, it was a no go. That was a tough one cause I was so powerless to help.
  • I was taking two couples home. Dropped off couple #1 and the husband of couple #2 was in the front seat and made a comment I didn’t hear. Apparently he insulted the wife of couple #1 – his wife’s bff. The wife in couple #2 didn’t like that so she hit him. Not like a playful slap; she struck her husband. Straight on domestic violence. I laid down the law: “We’re not going anywhere if this is how it’s gonna be.” The dude was drunk on tequila (chick was drunk too) so the ride home was him asking me “How would you feel?” and me saying “It’s not about how I feel; you two need to discuss this tomorrow when you’re sober.”

It’s weird, man. You get a passing glimpse into people’s lives and loved it and hated it at the same time.” (mmmarkm)

Shared A Laugh Over Some Silly Confusion

Credits: Memeshappen

“My dad was a taxi driver for around a year. He once picked up this woman with two children. The woman put both kids in the car and ran back in to grab her pushchair. My dad drives off thinking that she was in the car and starts to talks to her. He then realized, oh shoot she’s not in the car!! He drives back and it turns out she was on the phone to the police saying ‘a man drove off with my kids!!’ He got back and she was fine and they laughed about it after.” (lauragasms)

Guy Killed His Brother By Accident

Credits: Quickmeme

“I had a guy tell me how his brother died, and it was ultimately his fault but everyone thought it was an accident. He moved from Russia to the US and doesn’t talk to any of his family anymore.

EDIT: He was a teenager and thought a pistol was unloaded but it wasn’t. He made it look like his brother shot himself. At least that’s what he told me.” (NMDAstronaut)


Frustrated Cab Driver With Two Masters Degrees

Credits: Memecreator

“Obligatory, not driver but passenger.

I was driven by the ex-media officer for the president of Afghanistan when I was in San Francisco. The dude told me his whole life story in the 40 min drive and it was honestly the most interesting conversation I have ever had.

He expressed disdain that his two Masters degrees and 15 years of experience in politics in Afghanistan got him nowhere in the US. I really felt for the guy and could tell he was frustrated. I hope he is doing ok.” (BurningSquid)


Mercedes C63 To The Rescue

Credits: Autoevolution

“Maybe a bit unrelated but… Last year I took an uber ride that made me question my life. It was at 2AM in Gainesville Florida. I wanted pizza. I was very drunk. I call for an uber to take me from this bar to this pizza place, the only one that was open, then to take me home.

I’m standing outside and this brand new Mercedes C63 pulls up next to me into a parking lot. My phone says my ride is here. I look around and sure enough that was my ride. OK then. As soon as I opened the door. I am talking about a solid 9.5, must have been on her 40s for all I cared, fully dressed (like she just had some dinner in a nice restaurant) woman sitting at the driver’s seat.

I do not know what the hell that was about. I still do not know until this day what drove that woman in that car to go pick up some drunk dude at 2AM to give him a ride for a pizza and home. Bonus: It only cost me $12.” (ilikepasswords)

Driver Shares Funny Story From His Trip To Mexico

Credits: Pinterest

“I was the passenger. This driver was so large that he spilled over the armrest in his Cadillac, leaving little room for my cousin in the front. We were going to a wedding, and my wife made some joke about one of the guy cousins dressing up as a woman. The driver chuckled and launched into a story about going to Mexico with some friends and visiting a hooker, which quickly shocked us into silence. “Gary goes first”, he said. “Then I go, and when I’m in there I find out she’s actually a man.” I thought this was somehow the punchline, but I was wrong. He continued: “The funny part is, me and Gary don’t tell Bill, who went last, so he goes in thinking it’s a girl! Hahaha!” We all spent the final few minutes of the ride in pained silence.

4 stars.” (chiefshakes)

Drunk Girl Shares Her Plan To Kill Boyfriend

Credits: Pinterest

“I always ask my Uber/Lyft drivers for their most interesting stories. This one is the top so far:

The driver picked up a couple, the couple had a fight in the car. The guy in the couple gets out, walks a few extra blocks to his home to get away from her even though before getting in they had both planned on getting out at the same place.

The girl in the couple asks the Uber driver to go to her sister’s apartment first, then drive back to the guy’s apartment. The driver did as he was asked since a fare is a fare, but since the girl was drunk she started opening up a bit and revealed that she was going to her sister’s place to pick up some moral support AND A GUN.

The driver dropped her off but refused to drive her back to the boyfriend’s apartment.” (BAIIPlus)

A Passenger Affiliated To WNBA

Credits: Swishappeal

“A few weeks back I picked up a woman from UT Arlington and drove her to DFW airport, we got stuck in traffic heading to the airport so we started chatting about this and that. We started talking about our jobs and it turns out she was affiliated with a WNBA team from the Midwest. Her team had just beat the Dallas WNBA team by a sizable amount and was quite happy to share some info with me. She said she loved her job, traveling, doing something she loved (basketball) but, she hated some of the players on the team. Divas, she called them; said a few players treated her real bad and as a personal assistant, which she claimed, she was not. “As long as those idiots keep winning, I can deal with them. They’re such sore losers.” She laughed at that, I just chuckled along with her. Afterwards, I admitted that I didn’t even know Dallas had a WNBA team, let alone any other major city. She smiled and told me she hears that a lot in all the cities she visits.

So, while not the craziest thing ever, I still thought she was a memorable rider. Kind of cool, I think.” ([deleted])


Uber Driver Saves The Day

Credits: Imgflip

“There was one time I got an uber request from right around the corner from where I was, about 7am when it came in. I pulled up to this apartment complex and waited about ten minutes (I didn’t know the rules on waiting) I decided to call after this and got a man who was very clearly drunk. We spoke every 5 minutes for the next 25 minutes because he didn’t understand that I was already there… Eventually this girl in a short dress carrying her heels came out and thanked me profusely for saving her. Apparently the dude was trying to keep her there and was taking her phone every time I called, she had regretted going home with him and was trying to get out of there all night.” (Sailorscarlet)

Driver Ignores Passenger Doing Coke

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“I had an uber driver today that told me he drove this guy somewhere a little over an hour away to drop off his keys to a friend, the guy also requested that the driver wait for him so he could drive him back to the place he had originally been picked up from. The guy came back with a cigar box and when the driver looked back he realized he was cutting up a line of coke. He acted like he didn’t see it because he was gonna make a lot of money off of this long ride, this story didn’t seem too bizarre until he told me that he’s actually a deputy in the county that this drug deal took place, lmao.” (wtfmya)

Guy Has Inappropriate Feelings For Cousin

Credits: Makeameme

“Not while driving Uber, though I’ve done some of that in addition to taxi. Small town, own a taxi company, make money off of Uber as a monopoly–Collusion is still alive and well! Anyway, the story…

I was driving a couple of drunk friends and the one guy was lamenting being in his dorm with this girl he thinks really wants him but he doesn’t know how to approach it. He says her smile and everything drives him crazy. He really wants to sleep with her, but he doesn’t know how to really go about it because it could go all wrong.

He’s looking for confirmation in the green light by sharing his story. His best friend says, “It’s not that simple, you see. It’s his cousin. He wants to sleep with his cousin and it’s going to be bad.” He explains that yes in fact it’s his cousin. But, they grew up differently. She’s really hot, and he really wants her. And, it’s not actually as bad as it sounds because she’s a married in cousin–actually only like a half-cousin (I never even worried about trying to mind-bend how that would be possible or not).

I conclude that he’s probably going to have some bad days ahead of him at family reunions if he pushes forward. But just for the Hell of it encourage him to make the move. Maybe he gets laid?!? By his cousin…” (BikiniATroll)


Driver Gets A New Dealer

Credits: Memecrunch

“I picked someone up here in Memphis and took them to a shady apartment, they came out smelling like some really good kush, I asked them to go back in and get me some. Got payed, got weed, and got a new dealer out of it.” (MemphisSmoke)

Middle-aged Couple Have A Long Fight

Credits: Rebelcircus

“Once I had an extremely drunk middle-age couple fight for an entire 30-minute ride. They attempted to bring me into their fight many times. I just pretended like I was deaf and didn’t answer when they tried to rope me into it.” (timothy_jmiller)