30 Redditors Share Their Roommate Horror Stories

By Sana Ahmad - December 11, 2019

All of us, at some point or the other, have to move out of our parent’s house. Whether it is because we got admission into a university that is in a different state or because we just feel old enough to experience how living independently on our own is like. In either of the cases, we all dread what our flatmates, roommates or dormmates are going to be like (if we are not moving in with a friend we already know for long, that is), don’t we? After all, none of us would want to live with somebody with whom we are not really compatible.

Trust us when we tell you that some people are SO not easy to share a place with!! You get to meet all kinds – from those who have no sense of ‘giving space’ to their fellow mates, who probably have forgotten what taking a shower feels like, who are into the habit of stealing stuff, who seldom do the dishes, to those who are outright insane!! Thinking of moving out of your parents’ soon? We sincerely hope you get a gem of a roommate! Anyways, read ahead to find out what few of our fellow Redditors experienced when they moved out of theirs’…


The One Who Wouldn’t Let You Have A Goodnight’s Sleep

Credits: Quickmeme

“Not me, but my cousin had a roommate her freshman year of college that had to listen to Harry Potter book one on tape every single night to fall asleep. My cousin bought her headphones but she refused to wear them because they “hurt her ears” she would play it on a portable speaker loud enough to keep my cousin awake all night. The worst part… she wouldn’t even start the tape where she left off the previous night, she would play the beginning every night over and over again. “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four private drive…”

Edit*###* It gets worse, turns out the roommate wasn’t even a fan of the series, had never watched any of the movies or read the other books, didn’t know any characters, and as far as my cousin knows she never even finished the first book because she’d fall asleep every time she started it.” (chlowoah)

The Passive Aggressive Game

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When I moved in, she specifically told me she wasn’t a neat freak and even mentioned that often the dishes would pile up for a couple days, but it wasn’t a big deal. So, here I am cruising through and assuming washing my dishes is the thing to do. Every now and then I’d let something sit for a couple days…just like she did. Then, it got weird. I’d come home to her slamming things around in the kitchen as she washed dishes. Then, she’d start leaving me a note asking me to do the dishes (which were mostly hers.) It was really bizarre.

Turns out, it was a passive aggressive game. It always bothered her that there were dishes in the sink, but she left hers there to force me to wash them all? Then when I didn’t care enough to do her dishes as well as mine, she’d get pissed and wash them all. I thought we were doing fine getting them done a couple times a week and it wasn’t a big deal. Apparently it was a HUGE deal.

I stopped eating at home once I realized what was happening. It became too stressful to deal with.” (GirlWhoWrites2)

The One Who Burned Stuff

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“I came home after work one morning to smoke barreling out of my oven. My Roommate left a pizza cooking all night while passed out drunk. He lived through the smoke but everything I owned including all my furniture and property reeked of putrid smoke for 3 weeks.” (username_errors)

The One Who Had OCD

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“Not so much a nightmare roommate, but I had a ridiculously sheltered and possibly OCD freshman year roommate.

In our dorm, the most popular layout of furniture to maximize the space in the room without bunking the beds was putting them in an L shape so that one was against the wall with the window, leaving a nice area of open space to hang out in the center of the room. Her mother decided we were not allowed to do this because one of us might roll over in our sleep and fall out the window to our demise 10 floors below. Mind you, the window was two feet above the level of the bed and bolted shut. Every night before we went to sleep Roomie would lock the door, turn the handle to the right, pull on the door three times, turn left, pull three times, turn right again and pull three times. Every. Single. Night.

One day I had just taken out the trash and shortly after thrown out some scrap paper in the bin next to our sink. Roomie went to brush her teeth and accidentally knocked her toothbrush into said bin. Roomie proceeds to call her mother to ask whether she should wash off her toothbrush and use it or throw it away and buy a new. She and her mother discuss the topic for about ten minutes, with Roomie describing the contents of the bin and exactly how long the toothbrush spent in there. Mom apparently then transfers the call to Roomie’s dad, and the conversation repeats. After discussing the matter at length it was decided that Roomie should buy a new toothbrush.

Nice girl, felt bad for her. Hope she was able to branch out a bit.” (delightfullysquishy)

The Noisy One


Had a roommate freshmen year in a shared room who was training for a bodybuilding competition. He would wake up at 5, make a ton of noise, go for a run, come back at 6, go to the gym, come back and pose in front of the mirror (sometimes in the nude) all while I was clearly awake. He would also go to bed at 8pm and get pissed if any noise was made, the clicking of the keys on my phone once set him off because he needed beauty rest.” (Doggo_Of_Wisdom)

The Anti-Social Freshman

Credits: Makeameme

“Freshman year of college I got stuck with a smelly, anti-social dude who would call his mom on the landline (this was on the cusp of the cell phone explosion) in our room and complain about his classes and professors in the whiniest tone for about 2 hours every single night. He never once hung out with us despite our encouragement and by the 2nd month in we stopped talking completely. I wonder how he’s doing.” (RedBarnBurnBlue)

The 40 Year Old Annoying Bachelor

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“First year college I was living in an old Hungarian widow’s house where she rented out three rooms. It was a good quiet place to study and not get distracted.

So one of my fellow renters was a quiet nerdy girl who lived in the basement, she was no problem… then there was Phil… Phil was a 500lb bachelor in his 40s who claimed to be a professional pilot and millionaire (all while renting a room for 400 bucks).

-He would cook steaks the size of my head and then blame his dishes on me to the old lady who had no idea what to do about it.

-He’d steal my food.

-If my girlfriend was over he’d masturbate and wheeze so loudly we could hear.

-He couldn’t fit on the toilet in our tiny shared bathroom so he would crap in the shower and waffle stomp in down the drain leaving a horrible smell and brown stains in the shower.

I hated Phil.” (CaptainFilmy)

The One Whose Girlfriend Almost Got Them Evicted

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“At university one of my housemates had his girlfriend around in the winter and decided to get out his re-usable hand warmer and all you need to do is to immerse it in boiling water until the stuff inside it melts. He however decides to put it in a saucepan on the hob then go out for hours. With my room being the closest to the kitchen I start to smell burning first; but not until the entire living room and kitchen had filled with a bluish smoke with no windows or doors open. So I had to be the one to hold my breath, run in open all the windows and doors to the outside and make sure nothing was on fire. Thankfully, there was so much smoke the fire on the hob had been put out. I should also point out I am asthmatic and had to go for a checkup and Chest X-ray following this as whatever was in the hand warmer had aggravated my lungs.

This same person left the front door unlocked when no one was inside several times in an area with a large amount of crime and took personal offense when we asked him to not leave food uncovered on the side or asked him to stop leaving all of his washing up in the sink so we had to either wash it all up or pick his stuff out.

Edit: I realized that I put in that his girlfriend was over at the start of the story then never mentioned the relevance. She started smoking pot in our house whilst she was there even though we told her and him that we can’t have people smoking in the house. We almost got us evicted by the landlord because of it.” (inmate00)

The One Whose Boyfriend Wouldn’t Leave

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My roommate’s boyfriend moved in with us to “get back on his feet,” which was supposed to be a couple weeks at the most. He kept ordering porn on our cable box and when I told her he had to go, he refused to leave. We called the cops and they made us allow him 30 days to vacate! It was the most awkward situation. Pair this with the fact that I had to hide my food in my bedroom because my roommate would get up in the middle of the night and eat my poptarts.” (slyce0flife)

The One Who Brought Guys Back To The Dorm All The Time

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“My first semester in college I had a roommate who was a spoiled brat. She didn’t know how to use a washing machine. She had so much crap that my stuff was just this little blob of blue in a sea of pink. She was always cold so kept the temperature up really high. She would always bring guys back to the dorm room and I’d have to hang out in the common room.

I finally got fed up with that. She brought a guy back and tried getting up to something. She kept giving me looks and I just ignored her. He finally left and she was like, “Why didn’t you leave!?!” I told her to get lost because it was my room too. Though, she once left a guy in our dorm to go run off and do something. He was pretty cool and we watched a football game together.” (Gaelfling)

The One Who Had No Sense Of Smell

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“I had a horrible, nightmare roommate who had no sense of smell. Her boyfriend was a creep who lived with us without my permission and they each paid one-quarter of the rent while I paid half (he also loved to leave hair in the bathroom sink!) She got pet rats that stank, and they escaped and ate/pooped on a bunch of my stuff when I was out of the apartment on winter break.” (FontenotA)

When They Ripped Up A Floorboard

Credits: Twitter

“One night, as some of us sat downstairs enjoying mushrooms, we had one of those fabled shared illusions that our ceiling was exploding and bulging. Then a foot appeared through it, followed by roommates face. He cursed, then another roommate’s face appeared, and he cheered. It turned out they had argued over which downstairs room a bedroom was above, so they ripped up a floorboard and kicked the ceiling through.” (Kamuza1927)

The One Who Got Sick Because Of Smoking

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“Not my story, but my neighbor had a roommate freshmen year who was a total stoner. So much so that he rarely left his room. 1/2 of the school year through, he got pretty sick. Smoked more weed and left his room even less. Never went to the doctor because he was always stoned and didn’t wanna get caught. He was sick for the entire 3rd and 4th quarter. Mid 4th quarter, he busts out of his room and yells “I JUST PASSED OUT BLOOD. TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL.” He went and found out his appendix burst a month ago, and he could’ve easily died at any second. He also had some other kind of severe virus that I can’t quite remember what it was called, but also could’ve easily killed him had he gone any longer without a doctor. Scary to think how easy somebody can fall into something like that.” (flynnmclovin2112)

The One With A Pretty Serious Girlfriend

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“4 of us lived in a 4 bedroom house. My roommate had a pretty serious girlfriend who was over all the time. One day she came up to me and asked if I was alright with splitting rent 5 ways instead of 4. Of course I am. She then asked the other 2 roommates the same thing. Yes answers all around. Finally she approached her boyfriend to ask if she could move in with us since all of his roommates already said it was alright.

Wait, what was that? She hadn’t asked him about it yet.” (the_co_founder)

The One With The Craziest Woman Ever

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“I sublet this room from the craziest woman on the planet. One week after moving in, she posted the room again on Craigslist, and I didn’t find this out until I came home from work early one day to see her setting up a showing.

I confronted her about it, and it turns out, she wasn’t kicking me out. She wanted me to move all of my stuff to her room for one month because she wants to go to Europe. Oh, and that I need to pay $200 more during that month. So basically, I couldn’t keep my room; I would have to move all of my stuff to her room while someone else occupies the room I’m renting, and then move all my stuff back to my room. It made no sense. She also constantly went into my room while I was working to go through my stuff. I set up cameras and got the whole thing on video.

The funny part, though, was that she considered herself a good cook. Yet, she didn’t know basic cooking skills. She would turn the oven on to the highest setting she could think of, put meat in, and leave it to cook for god knows how long. Or, she would turn the stove on the highest setting, then put something on the pan, and then go back to her room to watch TV until the entire place started billowing smoke. It became a daily occurrence.” (spaghatta111)

The Messy Dormmates

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“In university dorms I lived in a townhouse style unit with three other people for a single summer semester. One never cooked (dining hall), and was pretty cool. The other two would cook, but would leave food scraps out, wouldn’t take out the garbage ever, and would only clean dishes when they wanted to use them again. I’m not a tidy person myself, but the kitchen became unbearably awful. We started getting fruit flies and they multiplied into swarms. They would cluster together on walls in the hundreds. I put out traps selectivity so they didn’t really make it into other parts of the dorm (i.e. my room), and basically stopped using the kitchen.

The thing about my school was that whoever left last, was responsible for the damage deposit (stupid system). I cleaned my stuff out of the kitchen, did a garbage run, cleaned my room and half my shared bathroom, and bailed leaving the two messy ones to deal with whatever was left.” (CrispAndTangy)

The One Who Rarely Attended Classes

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“My roommate was a white girl from Idaho that brought several pairs of skis to school in Arizona and spent all of her time chasing after “hot black guys” (her words) instead of attending class or studying. By the time the first month of school was over she had settled into a routine of loudly having ebonics lessons via cell phone at odd hours of the night and had a full-blown stalker in one of her discarded “hot black guys.” She couldn’t understand why she was failing the classes she wasn’t attending. I’m a fairly unassuming Midwesterner. We were living in the honors dorms. It was awkward, to say the least. I was glad when she rushed into a sorority and moved out midway through the semester.” (Austin_Whitham)

The One Who Never Bought Groceries

Credits: Makeameme

“Not terrible, but definitely the weirdest.

So for some backstory, I lived in a house my dad owned and my “rent” to him was getting good grades at college. So a friend of a former boyfriend at the time needed a room, let’s call him Horacio. Horacio moved in to the basement area, and all is well, except lo and behold I realize I’m going through groceries at an alarming rate. So I stop buying groceries, and only ate at friends’ houses or went to my folks for dinner. One day I came home from class and Horacio is drinking a bottle of ranch dressing. I asked him wtf, and he just said “there was nothing else to eat.”

Another story from that time period, my then boyfriend (not Horacio’s friend) worked at a liquor store. They had a bottle of clear liquor break at the store and he rescued it and put it in a sprite bottle, which he brought to my house and stuck in the freezer. A few days later, I logged into my live journal account to read a passive aggressive post about how you shouldn’t put vodka in a sprite bottle because someone might be sick and drink straight out of the sprite bottle and then apparently vomit all over the kitchen. My thoughts were if something is in the freezer and not frozen, it should be relatively clear it’s not sprite. Also, who drinks straight out of a 2 liter container when it isn’t yours?” (kanooka)

The Extremely Dirty One

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“I lived in a house my parents owned with my best friend. We rented the third room out to a random we found in Craigslist or Facebook. Either way, roomie moves in and seems nice enough. She has nice parents, seems friendly, we really have no reason to complain. One night we’re watching TV and she brings home a guy. OK, cool. 15 minutes later they’re doing the dirty in the upstairs hallway bathroom. We can hear feet squeaking on the tub and everything. After that, she never comes out of her room. For a whole year. During the course of the year we got curious and peaked in her door while she was gone. The ENTIRE FLOOR was covered. As in, there was no carpet visible. Boxes of bagel bites, cheap cheesy puffs, pasta-roni and plates were everywhere. The bed sheets had a literal body outline from her caked on makeup and not bathing regularly. One time she tried to give herself a neti-pot treatment in the bathroom with regular salt and destroyed her nasal lining. The icing on the cake though was when she texted me from work saying she clogged the toilet. She’d taken a dump, and the toilet was overflowing. It was running through the vents and into the kitchen downstairs, but she had to go to work, so I was going to need to come home from work and take care of it. Called my dad to come as well and we cleaned it all up, then he opened her door due to the smell. Gave her no lease renewal option. It was nuts.” (mrs_mist725)

Horrible Roommates

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“I’ve had horrible roommates in the past, but three really stand out.

The first was a girl I worked with who was just totally chill, we were great friends, etc. She moved in, didn’t want to pay rent or utilities, used all of my food, then left the dryer on high heat and left for the day – our dryer was old and had no shut off timer, so it would run until you turned it off. We were extremely lucky to not have a fire.

The second was a friend of my ex’s, who was a compulsive liar, ended up selling drugs out of my home without my knowledge, let his boa constrictor get loose for two days without telling me (while I have a small dog running around). He kicked my dog, and just acted like an idiot in general, then refused to pay.

The third was a friend of the second. He was underage but his parents couldn’t control him, so they asked if he could stay with us. He refused to shower or wash his clothes, pissed on our futon and didn’t clean it, and ran off after two weeks. His parents were upset they had to take him back and refused to pay us rent for him. He snuck back in a month later to see our other roommate and wouldn’t leave, so I got to call the cops on him. The last I heard he was arrested about ten years ago for bringing weed into a courthouse. Idiot.” (ILuvMyLilTurtles)

The Rude, Unclean Ones

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“I lived with 3 girls in off campus housing in college, against my better judgement. None of them cleaned. And they were incredibly rude.

Girl 1 survived solely off of microwave pizzas (which exploded everywhere), regularly left dishes out to mold, puked in the sink at least once a week, and never flushed the toilet. When asked to clean, she said I should have to do it since she was in “hard classes.” She watched Netflix at least 10 hours a day and barely passed said classes.

Girl 2 was a violent drunk. She would also yell at my guests, while sober, and constantly try to get up in people’s faces. She threatened me multiple times, to the point where I was able to use her texts to break lease and could have pressed charges.

Girl 3 was petty, stupid, and just blindly followed what the other two said and did. She kept stalking her fwbs, and always expected me to listen to her problems.

None of them are successful now, unsurprisingly.”

The Crazy, Violent Housemate

Credits: Makeameme

“Had a housemate that tried to get me to do gay porn, stole food constantly from the kitchen, stole $400 from one of my housemates and then fled town, tried to get out of paying for rides, and cut the power cable on my TV before moving out. He also threatened to attack me once but nothing came of that, so it’s much less bothering.

Oh yeah, and he also beat up his old housemate’s girlfriend. Well, he said he was wrongly accused, but he didn’t exactly have a record of honesty.” (whyallthebees)

The One Whose Room Stank

Credits: Imgflip

A pretty detail story but hear me out. I lived in a suite with 5 other guys, so essentially 3 doubles. Our roommate who lived in the third one, who we are all boys with, was the one with the hygiene problem. He showered no more than once a month and wore the same clothes without washing for a very long time. Also, there were other things such as leaving unfinished food around the suite.

The horror story was when one time his room smelled so bad, I mean like a dead pig covered in its own feces that was dropped in a sewer full of dead babies. Our drunk roommate went into our smelly roommate’s stank chamber to see where he was, but he didn’t find anything except for a big wave of stench that essentially nuked his nostrils. He had this disgusted face and I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “I’ll be back.” He went into our suite bathroom and closed the door. That moment was where I heard the most horrific sounding vomiting no mortal man should ever hear. It sounded like a volcano had slept with Niagara Falls and proceeded to explode with a thousand bottles of whiskey. Everyone in our suite was filled with extreme disgust and laughter after those events had transpired.” (bolderandbrasher)

The One Who Borrows And Never Returns

Credits: Quickmeme

The one thing that bugs me about my roommate the most is since I’ve lived here she has somehow adopted at least 5 of my chargers. Like mine will go missing and I keep buying replacements and sometimes hide them. Then she’ll ask to borrow one again and it’s suddenly hers. Where are the first 5 I bought? Where the hell are they? Does her boyfriend have a giant pile of them at his? In the 2 years I’ve lived here she has not bought her own charger once. And she seems to mess up every charger she’s ever used. It’s like a never ending cycle of me buying chargers and her adopting them. Yet I don’t have the guts to say anything about it… I just get secretly furious! Hahaha.” (glassspires27)

The Ones Who Messed Up The Kitchen

Credits: Sayingimages

My daily cooking routine at one place I stayed in college was to put on rubber gloves, grab a large box and pile all the unwashed, mouldering, stinking stuff my housemates had left in the kitchen into the box. Then I would disinfect all the surfaces, do my cooking, wash up my stuff (and take it back into my room so my housemates couldn’t ruin it), then tip out the box of their stuff back onto the work surface.

I’m inordinately proud that over the two months I stayed there I never once cracked and did their washing up for them (I would have done if they’d been having a tough time or working long hours, but they were just out partying all the time).” (Ech1n0idea)

The One Who Was Too Proud

Credits: Chicksonright

“Had a roommate that absolutely would not use flea protection on his dog. I worked at a vet clinic at the time, and could get free meds for him (like, a 6 month supply of Comfortis for free).

Between the roomie not liking me (because his miserable gf didn’t) and his…idk, sense of pride?… He never utilized those meds despite me providing them, no strings attached. (I had no pets at the time, and just wanted to help.)

Long story short, dog got fleas, and then the whole house got fleas. His dog started losing fur and sleep to the infestation. Since this was one of many things terribly wrong with that household, I elected to leave. Hope the roommate eventually came to his senses. :(“ (rubiscoisrad)

The One Who Hardly Showered

Credits: Reddit

“I had a roommate in college that rarely showered. One of rare occasion that she did shower, she would put her dirty clothes back on after her shower. Our room smelled terrible and the odor clung to my stuff so I could smell it wherever I went. She also didn’t have a car, so she only went home once or twice a semester. I loved those weekends because it gave the room a chance to air out and by Sunday the smell would usually be gone, at least until she came back. On top of all this, she would watch tv with the volume up loud and the lights on late into the night/morning even though I had 8:00 classes every morning and always did my best to be quiet so she could sleep. One day, I had to be up really early to go to a conference and let her know and asked her to keep the lights off and TV turned down. She came into the room past midnight, turned on the lights and TV at full volume. I was so frustrated that I didn’t even attempt to be considerate when my alarm went off a few hours later.” (ravenwudgie06)

Kleptomaniac Who Stole Mails And Packages

Credits: Makeameme

“I moved to a new city and was rooming with an old friend from college. Unbeknownst to me this guy was a total kleptomaniac and he would steal mail and packages all the time. One day he came in with about 20 pounds of nitrogen asking me if I knew somebody who would want to buy a bunch of whippets … on top of that he wanted to go browse the neighborhood patios in search of new deck furniture for our own patio, he was just ready to steal from our neighbors and didn’t think that they would notice their stuff on our porch During all of this he let somebody he worked with a long time ago stay with us and I found out the guy was stealing money from us and smoking OxyContin in the bathroom, but I was the bad one when I asked him to kick that guy out.” (LotsOfLotLizards)  

The One Who Was Literally Insane

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“Cousin just told me a story about a buddy of his. Lived in a house with 5 or so other college students. One was literally insane. Bought one of those portable BBQ propane tanks and put it in microwave, and max power and time. Locks himself in room with only fire extinguisher, waiting for explosion. Luckily someone found it and called the cops. Guy was arrested but let off because he was insane and got put in some facility or something.

People are full of good ideas, eh?” (maranium)

The One Who Was A Horrible Singer

Credits: Imgflip

“A very sheltered roommate i had living downstairs was very open about her singing. She had no shame and talent to match. Singing Cher’s ‘believe’ was one of her Saturday morning go to. Hey it could be worse right? Well maybe. 5 am is just too early for Cher. But what was most disturbing was her backstreet boys rendition of ‘i want it that way’. This is when things get odd. Maybe she was just trolling me but she would belt out this tune when she got ready for bed after an evening shift. The odd thing about it was how long she would sing it for. There were nights where i would wake up at 4am and she was still singing. Just as bad and just as passionate. I had enough. I went downstairs to ask her to wait until morning. But it was dark. No lights at all. Even in her room it was dark. 4am and she’s singing her heart out in bed. So i knock and the singing stops. She opens the door all confused and she barely has a voice left. The next morning i apologize for surprising her but i couldn’t sleep with all her backstreet boys singing. She doesn’t understand what I’m talking about but it suddenly occurred to me that she was singing in her sleep. Every night. So how could i expect her to just not sing in her sleep. Maybe she was trolling me. But for 8 months this little woman with no friends and no family close by, sung backstreet boys in her sleep.” (Throwitawayforonce)