30 Outdated Things These Days Kids Won’t Even Know Existed


Kids these days are dumb and annoying. It’s not their fault though, they just didn’t grow up with the real struggles that turned us into troubled adults. If you come across a kid and tell them about the following outdated things, you will see their eyes gloss over as they go back to looking at their iPhone.



Home Telephone


I remember running off the bus after a long day at school to get on the corded home phone in the kitchen. Try duct-taping your teenager’s smartphone to a bungee cord to your dining room wall today to relive this nostalgia.


Remembering Phone Numbers


Now you might need to incorporate a desk under or next to your wall-mounted phone for this one. Phones in the ’80s and ’90s didn’t store phone numbers and you definitely couldn’t ask Siri to call your BFF. Back then you had to remember your best friend’s phone number by heart or use a Rolodex!




Finally, let’s reach way back to obscure toys from our childhood. Telling your kids about your tiny digital pet on a keychain will surely bring laughs around the dinner table someday. I’m sure when they tell their kids about Hatchimals, it will have the same effect while your grandkids are feeding a live, uniquely designed pet they produced from their home 3D printer.


Smoking Section

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Is there a vape section at restaurants? 20-year-olds, let alone kids today, don’t even remember having smoking sections in restaurants. I didn’t mind it. Back then I think it added a distinct, nostalgic, smell to the memories of Sunday mornings going to the diner after church. There were even cigarette vending machines in the entrances! If you really need to see people smoking everywhere, just go to VEGAS BABY!



Public School Review

Believe it or not, even food used to be different. Certainly, there was different food science but I’m talking about food RULES. We used to be able to bring cupcakes to class. We used to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school. Now because allergies are like taking over the world I have to send my daughter to school with cream cheese and jelly sandwiches just to avoid sending peanut butter into a public environment!




I’m pretty sure my kids will look back at analog clocks as some quaint antique. I remember having an analog alarm clock where I’d have to wind the arms a certain magical way to set it…or maybe I’m just imagining that at this point?


Printing Photos

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Before Instagram people used to have photo albums to browse through family photos. Remember going on vacation with your manual camera and having to wait to use up all the clicks, then carefully taking the film out without exposing it to light! Man! Finally, if that was successful you could take it to the 1-hour photo place and get your precious pictures developed!


No Touching


Laptops and desktops are still extremely common but the more kids are growing up with smart phones and tablets in their hands, the more they’re going to think that every screen is a touch screen. And maybe in the next decade that will already be true!




Once you scrolled away from AOL you would probably be going to MySpace. The best feature on MySpace was always choosing what three songs you wanted playing in your background!


Smarter Child


If you were bored with Instant Messaging your friends or got sick of the chat rooms on AOL you could always talk to your best friend…Smarter Child! I’m pretty sure Smarter Child and Ask Jeeves were like the grandparents of Siri and Cortana and Google Assistant. Go ahead and ask any question and he’ll always have a witty response!