30 Movies That Made Me Cry But I Pretended Something Was In My Eye


Movies are great for your face. The only problem is that I am a bag of emotions and no matter what, I can’t get through these movies without shedding a tear and being the laughing stock of my four-year-old.

Here’s the list and if you make fun of me, we aren’t friends anymore.




One of the first movies I remember watching, it felt quite traumatic to hear that fatal gunshot ring, and know that his mother was killed by hunters. Bambi’s father telling him that he now has to continue without his mother. Goodness…

Deer tastes delicious though.




From the other elephants mocking Dumbo, to the kids pulling on his ears, mom losing her mind, and Dumbo being humiliated by the clowns. With the song Baby Mine playing when Dumbo finally gets to see his mom, and the painful parting when it was time to go… Tears…




There was so much emotion in that opening scene. Watching the tender love blossom and go through real heartache, definitely makes for a top 30 tearjerker list.


Toy Story 3


The first two Toy Story movies made you want to love all your toys, even the broken ones. But the last one, preparing to go to the incinerator…

Woody is kind of a beyotch sometimes though… am I right?


Rocky III


Hands down one of the saddest scenes is when Rocky’s trainer Mickey dies. He was so emotionally invested into training Rocky that when he dies, a piece of every guy who watches this movie also dies. It’s ok, macho man, we can openly weep!


Rocky IV


… then they had to go and have Apollo Creed die in the first scene of this movie. I had a roommate who never cries cry every time he watched this movie. Go ahead, you can weep openly for this one. I had to get a new roommate though. Don’t want to live with a crybaby.


Pearl Harbour

rotten tomatoes

This made the list, but probably not for the reason that you would expect. I watched this movie in the theatre, because I was expecting an action-packed movie. But it was 3 hours of “love story” and like 15 minutes of action. I fell asleep as they were hyping the “last mission” and I woke up during the credits, which made me cry because I watched the entire love story and fell asleep during the action.


Big Fish

big fish

When he finally understood his dad and lovingly takes him to the river. He begins to realize that it is not that his dad was lying per se but rather that he made the story of his life more interesting. *SNIFF*


I Am Sam

adoption at the movies

Seriously one of the most touching movies ever. There is no one scene that is particularly more touching than the other. Dakota Fanning, Sean Penn, two incredible actors who really made you believe the story.


Life is Beautiful


This is related to the next movie, but this movie was incredible. His devotion to his kids, the love he expressed to his wife, and then in the end. Well, no spoilers.

Okay, spoilers: Darth Vader is Luke’s father.