30 Funniest Gym Moments In The History Of Mankind

By Sana Ahmad - January 25, 2020

A smart man (well, could very easily have been a woman too) once said ‘Health is wealth’, and rightly so!! If you are not in the best of health, nothing seems to interest you. Some might even feel like doomsday is just around the corner. All plans get canceled and the only relationship you have is with your bed and not the good kind! Well, peeps, these are valid enough reasons to do everything you can so as to stay fit.  The biggest reason people generally fall sick is lifestyle (including what kind of food you prefer to eat)!! After all, it is our habits that make or break us.

Now don’t start making plans to give up your favorite food items already. We totally understand how difficult that is going to be. Moreover, nobody ever said letting go of FOOD is the only way to stay fit and trust us, we can’t even imagine giving up McDonald’s either. That is exactly why we love going to the gym which could be a Gold gym, crunch gym or even a CrossFit gym. You guessed it right; our mantra is ‘Eat, burn, repeat’!  

We have come across all kinds of people in the gym, from crazy fitness enthusiasts to those who just want to burn that extra fat gained over the holiday season. There are times when fellow gym-goers make us laugh a little too hard. Some try to impress a girl (who is least bothered), some take up a lot of space and then there are those who do it wrong!!

Read to find out funniest gym moments shared by 30 of our Redditors!!


Gym Guy Intervened

Credits: Imgflip

“One time I saw this little weird bro stacking 4 plates on each side on the SMITH MACHINE. He started bench pressing and the machine was basically going to fall apart. Now this guy was pretty big, but this REALLY HUGE black guy came up and tried to tell the kid that he was going to break the machine, and that he should bench with the barbell. The kid flips out and says something stupid like “MAN YOU AINT MY FREAKING DAD. GET LOST!” I was extremely excited, as I couldn’t wait to see this black guy tear this dude. However, one of the gym’s employees made the guy leave before I could see him be demolished. Very sad.” ([deleted])

Starting With A Cute One At The Gym

Credits: Makeameme

“This is more cutesy than anything else, but…

I used to coach age group swimming, and our athletic center would have a time each week where the weight room was shared by the swim kids and a kid’s camp with emphasis on physical fitness. Everyone was 12 and up, and we had lots of adults on deck, but it still required the kids to be pretty mature. Only kids who passed a “test” on lifting safety (and got copious parental approval) were allowed to use free weights. Not many kids even bothered, so the free weight area was mostly used for stretching.

Anyway, one day I hear the clink of the free weights hitting each other, and I turn around to yell at whoever is touching them. Two of the girls in the fitness camp are making designs out of the free weights, including a smiley face and a flower.” (EmeraldGirl)

All For A Free Membership

Credits: Makeameme

“This is more of a disgusting gym story. But I volunteered at a gym for a long time cleaning machines and wiping down windows and such for a free membership. Well, one day, there was a new guy who was fairly overweight and obviously really pumped to be at the gym. He did like an hour of cardio and then began lifting. He was doing way, way too much weight with terrible form on most of his free lifts and getting about a half rep on machines. But anyway, while Benching, the guy busts an O-Ring and spills diarrhea all over the bench. And you know who cleans it up?

The poor sap who wants a free-membership. That was awful.” (3lephant)

Get Off My Territory

Credits: Quickmeme

“There was a guy using a rowing machine behind me. He had it set to 10, of course (I’m on a college campus and my scanner is on Frat Row), and he was obviously lunging back and forth, using his momentum to make it easier.

How was this obvious? Because he kept banging into the back of my rowing maching with the front of his. He was pushing it across the floor with his lunging forwards.

Stink eye does not suffice to describe the look I gave him.” (ericmm76)

Newbie Does It Wrong

Credits: Makeameme

“A person who was obviously new to the whole gym experience was flexing his arms and preparing to jump onto the rowing machine. He then began rowing. The only problem was that his legs stayed straight with his knees locked. He was doing it so fast and so awkwardly that I couldn’t help laughing.

A few other people looked and laughed, but alas, no one helped the poor guy.” (MrNonplussed)

They Weren’t Doing It Right

Credits: Imgflip

“The kind of form that I see on the ergs is abysmal. Most people just have no clue what they are doing, but I’ve seen some particularly funny stuff:

  • A girl was driving with her legs while the oar was almost at her chest. Mid-stroke, she shot her arms forward, eliminating all tension in the chain and then immediately pulled it towards her with her back.
  • Two hugeguys sit down next to me. They proceed to do a 500m race. Despite huffing and puffing, they are so bad that they can barely get under 2:12 splits . They can’t maintain their pace and crash and burn in the final 200m.
  • There’s this fairly old guy who usually takes an erg close to me. He constantly groans and moans loudly as if he is in pain, like every-other stroke. Which isn’t that surprising because his form is so bad that it looks like it causes him pain. I was concerned that he would injure himself so I tried to offer him some advice one time but apparently he’s been rowing for 20 years.
  • That guy who takes the erg next to you and proceeds to row either at 125 spm and 3/4 slide, or can’t hold a constant pace and is jumping between 18-34 with no rhyme or reason while erging with horrible form. Doing steady-state next to that guy is like trying to hold a note in a chorus full of tone-deafs.” ([deleted])

When Encouragement Resulted In A Laughter Fit

Credits: Knowyourmeme

“So I saw this guy going pretty heavy on the squats and he was pretty psyched about it so I started shouting at him “OH YEAH! DO IT BROTHER! DO IT! OH YEAH!”

Unfortunately, my attempts at encouragement didn’t seem to help as he just broke down in a fit of laughter. And every time I saw him in the gym for several days after.

Yours faithfully, a random giant black dude.” (inscrutable_chicken)

Funny Is The Word

Credits: Imgflip

“I have a few.

I was waiting for a girl to finish using a specific ab machine. She was wearing that head scarf thing on top of the gown that covered her completely, and was using not enough weight.

One guy looked like Napoleon Dynamite.

An old, extremely skinny and saggy guy was wearing ancient gym clothes, complete with super-short shorts and a headband.

Some short, albeit built, guy was well-known to almost everyone who frequented that gym. He grunted and moaned and made an amusing variety of noises while lifting unimpressive weights.

At another gym, this guy got his dog running on a treadmill. I have pictures if anyone is curious enough to see.” (jerair)

That’s What They Call Him

Credits: Memeshappen

“I go to a 24 hour gym since I usually don’t have time to work out until 10pm or so. There is an access card and a sign in sheet where you put down your name and time of arrival. This guy that goes every Wednesday at the same time as me is only known as ICEPICK!” (justryde)

Don’t Go Drunk To The Gym

Credits: Memecrunch

“After a night of heavy drinking, me and my 2 roommates figured we’d better get in the gym to negate any of the unhealthy activities we may have indulged in the previous evening. While bumbling around the free weights, one of my buddies let out one of the rankest, smelliest, gaseous, thick farts I’ve ever heard/smelt. It resembled that of NYC sewer rat contained in the matter of a deceased skunk. The thickness off that thing…overtook the oxygen levels in our area. CLEARED out (literally) a 15 ft radius around us. He was asked to leave.” (eazye123)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Credits: Makeameme

“All the mats to do stretches (or anything else you may want a mat for) are along a wall completely covered in mirrors.

I was practicing doing a headstand and i fell over into the mirror and shattered a ~ 8′ x 8′ piece of glass. This was probably 3 weeks ago. I just pulled a small piece of glass out of my hand yesterday.” (menge101)

Goggles Did The Trick

Credits: Quickmeme

“Random Asian dude enters the weight room wearing a lifting belt, gloves and goggles. Everyone looks at him like “wtf?”

Then he goes and deadlifts ~400lb with ease. Everyone ‘mires.

He still looked funny, though.” (dumbest1pot)

Just A Helpful Tip

Credits: The Independent

“My community college gym had an automated shoulder press machine that required a test pull to calculate the weight that should be added to the exercise. However, for some reason the machine always gave me twice my body weight on the negative stroke, plus the machine didn’t have a lap belt or any sort of harness. I would pull down the handles, and then the handles would lift me out of the seat on the negative. As a brief aside, it is not cool to begin doing pull ups on the machine in the event that happens.” (TBatWork)

Russian Kid Goes Crazy

Credits: Quickmeme

“The gym i go to is part of a hotel so there is are quite a lot of tourists that exercise while on vacation. One day I was doing sit-ups and there was this russian kid on the treadmill going nuts. He was literally running his heart out (i think he had the treadmill at 14 or something) when suddenly there was a power outage and the treadmill jammed. He basically got face planted on the panel of the treadmill. I rushed over to see if he was O.K. and when he got up we both burst into uncontrollable laughter. Never saw him again after that.” (jowtis)

Saved By A Raging Old Man

Credits: Imgflip

“Two things:

  1. There is this really buff ginger/Scottish type that goes to our gym. The funny part is the aura of space the curl-bros give this guy. They’ll walk around the racks and a few machines to get to the weights instead of walking near this guy.
  2. Hit up the gym in sandals once. I didn’t even think about it. Hit the erg, did my freeweights, went around to the recumbent bike. About ten seconds later heard “Sir, closed toe shoes are requiredin this gym!” I looked up before this guy went into his vein-in-the-neck bulging tirade to see that he was talking to (screaming at) someone else. Reamed out this guy, probably about my age, who was only hitting the elliptical. So the guy scrambled out of there being hounded by this raging old man, who then winks at me (on the recumbent) as he’s walking by. I don’t know if he didn’t see my feet, or didn’t care.”  ([deleted])

Timing Was Not Right

Credits: Quickmeme

“Back when I first started lifting in college, a big black dude came up to me and asked me to give him a hand with some weighted pushups. He wanted me to put a 100 lb plate on his back and remove it when he was done.

I had never seen anyone do pushups with a plate on their back, and I had no idea where to put the plate. So I said “Where do you want me to put the weight on your black? BACK, BACK, I said Back!” .

He just laughed, and I placed the weight on his upper black.” (midge)

When You Can Not Control Your Laughter

Credits: Makeameme

“If something even remotely funny happens while I’m lifting, I lose all focus and drop the weight.” (eyal0)

Funny Treadmill Incident

Credits: Imgflip

“I once saw a guy on a treadmill fall off. He was at full sprint and there was a wall right behind him so he smacked into the wall. A bunch of us looked at him as he picked himself up, looked around and in an attempt to save face, (I assume) jumped back on the treadmill as quickly as possible. It was still running at full sprint. He put one foot on, did a semi flip and smacked into the wall again. I couldn’t help but laugh and then he decided to give up on the treadmill after that.” ([deleted])

Oops Moment With Coach

Credits: Makeameme

“I was doing a back squat while my coach watched and I was having trouble breaking my record.

He started to try and psych me up saying “Come on! You GOT this! PAIN IS FUN!”

I looked up at him and replied:

Step in front of a bus and say that!

I finished the rep.” (Craysh)

If You Do It, Do It Right

Credits: Makeameme

“It seems like only people who actually row know how to use the ergs.

Edit Seems like some erg user is downvoting this because they think by setting the damper to a 10, they know how to use an erg properly. Oh well, giving my opinion gets me downvoted, it may be against the reddiquette but what else is new.” (sareon)

A Little Embarrassment Goes A Long Way

Credits: Makeameme

“I saw my friend sitting on a bench doing overhead triceps extensions with a 10lb dumbbell. I walked over with my dumbbell and said, “Hey, I’m doing the same exercise, let’s do them together.”

She looked at my dumbbell and said to me, with her friends listening, “I’m doing 10 and you’re doing 20. You’re a guy, you should be doing 3 or 4 times as much as me!” She laughed a bit.

I said, “Yeah, but you’re doing them with two hands and I’m doing them with one. Also, yours is 10 pounds and mine is 20 kilos. So per hand that’s almost 9 times the weight.”

She smiled but she stopped laughing.” (eyal0)

Too Much To Handle

Credits: Makeameme

“Before I started doing real squats me and my buddy were on the leg press machine. I guess the weight was a bit much for my mate as he let out the loudest fart I’ve heard in a good while and the laughing afterwards didn’t really help as he just lost all strength and dropped the plates back down!” (quantum3k)

Cool Trick That Actually Works

Credits: Quickmeme

“While visiting relatives, I got a week membership at a gym. I was squatting and was getting tired, slowing down in the hole. Apparently, I hope, it looked like i needed a spot. A gym member asked if I’d like a spot and before I could answer, he grabbed my cheeks down there. It’s a very effective technique; I couldn’t stand up fast enough.” (lonejeeper)

Friend Got Hit On By Random Dude

Credits: Makeameme

“I ran into a friend of mine at the gym, we talked for a little bit and she started her free weight routine and I went on to a machine. The machine was facing the free weight area, and I noticed a young man approach my friend. He starts his free weight routine while he talks to her and picks a few weights that are too big for him. He tries to add little ‘look how strong I am’ flourishes to his routine, and my friend is abesent mindedly staring off into space while she lifts. I’m not sure if she didn’t notice his blatant attempt to come on to her, or if she did and was completely uninterested.” (TBatWork)

Crazy Encounter In The Locker Room


“I had taken off my clothes and was getting ready to take a shower when this random weird dude comes up to me and says, “hey have you seen one of these before?” It was a dollar bill with something weird written on it, don’t remember what exactly as the introduction was far more memorable. I just shook my head and he said “it’s kinda interesting, see ya.” Thankfully I never saw him again.” (o0Enygma0o)

Huge Dude Who Failed To Impress

Credits: Memecreator

“I was semi-watching this huge dude setting up on the bench press, not really paying that much attention. I was fairly unimpressed though with the amount of weight he had on, as opposed to what I thought he was capable of. It was something like 180 lbs. I was also benching, but after I finish one set I realize that he’s not using the bench to actually do bench presses, he’s doing skull crushers. I stopped being unimpressed.” (waterdevil19)

Straight From The Locker Room

Credits: Memecrunch

“I worked in a gym/tennis pro-shop/lifeguarded at the pool from the spring of Junior year of high school until the end of the summer before college.

The funniest things I saw had to be the old man in the locker room that got one foot on the counter and was blow-drying his balls with the hand dryer, and the look of total victory that he gave me when I walked in and saw him doing it.” (InappropriateIcicle)

Treadmill Horror Story

Credits: Imgflip

“My brother and I were once running on a treadmill when he slipped. He held on to the heart rate sensor bar while the tread grated his knees. I tagged the stop button pretty fast but he limped for a week. Poor guy.” (eyal0)

Funny But Motivational Incident

Credits: Quickmeme

“I was squatting heavy and a random giant black dude who apparently appreciated my fervor came up behind me and just started saying “Oh YEAH! DO IT! DO IT, BROTHER! OH YEAHHH.”

This may or may not be funny to you, but I laughed about it for days.” ([deleted])

When You Workout At The Apartment

Credits: Makeameme

“If I workout at the apartment my roommate will make “hup, hup” noises like a 1920’s strongman stereotype. It makes me laugh and just lose it.” (MongoAbides)