29 Times Justin Trudeau Was Hot AF


Baby Daddy

Vancouver Sun

Look at those smiles. On Justin. On the baby. It’s really hard to contain the fondness looking at this picture. I mean what could be better than seeing an attractive man being soft and caring with a little tot? Not much I think. 

Oh, I got it. Ice cream would make this better.


California Surfer-Boy Vibes


We’re laughing if you thought we could keep it at one throwback and not include this gem of a picture. This is giving us the Canadian version of California surfer-boy vibes. Paired with some booty-hugging jeans, this is what Billy from Stranger Things 2 would look like if he were nice.



The Georgia Straight

This might be cuter than seeing him with a baby. You know what they say about men and animals? “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals,” – Immanuel Kant.



Yes, Take Your Shirt Off


One of Justin’s great qualities is his self-awareness. We’re glad Justin dressed up as his true self, aka Clark Kent. BRB while we go legally change our name to Lois Lane. HAHA just kidding. I’m not a crazy person.


Pet Me


Because I really can’t get enough of Justin with animals, but especially puppies. I hate it when you’re out in public and there is this cute service dog and then it says NOT TO PET THE DOG. That’s literally the cruelest thing you can do to me. 


Star Wars Episode Justin


How much you wanna bet that everyone who hated on Episode VIII would be eating their words right now if JJ had cast Justin in it? YOU HAD ONE JOB JJ!!

Serious note: it doesn’t look that cold out dude. There’s no snow on the ground…



Huffington Post

Nothing gets a girl going quite as much as seeing two respectable, competent, and smart men running their respective countries and seeing their budding friendship. Are we the only ones who miss #Trubama?

Okay, now MAKE OUT.


Sorry eh?

Global News

So this picture was when Justin was apologizing to the woman he accidentally elbowed in the House of Commons. Yes, this is for real. No, I am not kidding. The woman in question called him out for this harmless mistake and much drama ensued. This made the list because even though he apologized in true Canadian fashion, we still think he looks smug AF. 




“Hey, girl. I’m going on an adventure of a lifetime and I’d like you to come with me. Pack your bags. Also, here’s an engagement ring… I want you to be my wife. Do you accept?”

“Yes, Justin, I accept. I love you. ”

Then I woke up to my alarm. I was late for work.




So this is like Call Me By Your Name level peach emoji worthy, we’re all in agreement, right? With the sleeves rolled up on his button-up this is just like a lot for a single person to handle.