29 Times Justin Trudeau Was Hot AF

By sturgeon - April 17, 2018
Credits: Twitter

Canada is cold and full of bears, but did you know that they select their leadership based on good looks and charm rather than brain power and skills? That’s fine by me. Check out this hunky dude. We made a list for ya.

Start DROOLIN’ baby!

Just Because

Credits: India.com

There’s really no other explanation or reasoning for this picture to be on this list besides the fact that we think he looks really good in it. Thank you for your time. And thank you Justinnnnn… 

Call me.

Mean Girls

Credits: WJLA

We hear Mean Girls is on Broadway now so anyone’s looking to cast the plastics, we’ll just leave you here with this picture. Just let that idea brew. Rachel McAdams who played Regina is Canadian so that’s really all you needed.

Justin Pride

Credits: Huffington Post

Justin Trudeau at a Pride Parade was a sight to behold. Walking around in a pink shirt, waving around a rainbow flag, smiling to the masses; it was just a really fun day and let’s not forget how happy he looked. What could be better than a supportive prime minister?!

King of Queens

Credits: Toronto Star

A king and a couple of queens. 

They don’t look too happy to see him. Is that just me? Could be a surgery thing.


Credits: Lainey Gossip

Speaking of royals, here’s some double-trouble. Look at them walking together so smug and self-assured. We bet they think it’s funny. Pshh it’s fine we’ll just go cry over there in the corner…

The Green Stuff

Credits: Flare

A promise Trudeau is keeping is legalizing cannabis, which is set to take force in July of this year. Of course, there will be limitations to the amount someone can buy and carry but a progressive leader set to legalize marijuana? I think he deserves that weed crown.

I Heart You Too Babe

Credits: PopSugar

When you need your new boyfriend to be super wholesome to come meet your conservative parents and he does this. I mean, we’re still kind of into it… Just us?

I have a t-shirt with this on it.


Credits: Maclean’s

This is a power couple right here and staring at it for this long, we’re not quite sure who we would rather photoshop ourselves onto, Sophie or Justin. 

I Don't Care

Credits: KISS 105.3

Justin has since apologized for this facial hair but if we were a farmgirl and he was the neighboring farm’s son, we’re pretty sure we would be pining in secret for him. And we know for a fact you would be too.

I like the medieval look. I don’t care.

Mountain Man

Credits: Twitter

It’s a good thing this picture is so low-quality because if it wasn’t, you would not be hearing from us for at least the next week. Young Justin Trudeau was a treasure to behold and we are lucky to have access to these archives. We would like to thank his father Pierre for bringing him into the spotlight so young (or was it Fidel? We’re still not sure on that one).

Baby Daddy

Credits: Vancouver Sun

Look at those smiles. On Justin. On the baby. It’s really hard to contain the fondness looking at this picture. I mean what could be better than seeing an attractive man being soft and caring with a little tot? Not much I think. 

Oh, I got it. Ice cream would make this better.

California Surfer-Boy Vibes

Credits: Narcity

We’re laughing if you thought we could keep it at one throwback and not include this gem of a picture. This is giving us the Canadian version of California surfer-boy vibes. Paired with some booty-hugging jeans, this is what Billy from Stranger Things 2 would look like if he were nice.


Credits: The Georgia Straight

This might be cuter than seeing him with a baby. You know what they say about men and animals? “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals,” – Immanuel Kant.


Yes, Take Your Shirt Off

Credits: Mashable

One of Justin’s great qualities is his self-awareness. We’re glad Justin dressed up as his true self, aka Clark Kent. BRB while we go legally change our name to Lois Lane. HAHA just kidding. I’m not a crazy person.

Pet Me

Credits: pm.gc.ca

Because I really can’t get enough of Justin with animals, but especially puppies. I hate it when you’re out in public and there is this cute service dog and then it says NOT TO PET THE DOG. That’s literally the cruelest thing you can do to me. 

Star Wars Episode Justin

Credits: CBC.ca

How much you wanna bet that everyone who hated on Episode VIII would be eating their words right now if JJ had cast Justin in it? YOU HAD ONE JOB JJ!!

Serious note: it doesn’t look that cold out dude. There’s no snow on the ground…


Credits: Huffington Post

Nothing gets a girl going quite as much as seeing two respectable, competent, and smart men running their respective countries and seeing their budding friendship. Are we the only ones who miss #Trubama?

Okay, now MAKE OUT.

Sorry eh?

Credits: Global News

So this picture was when Justin was apologizing to the woman he accidentally elbowed in the House of Commons. Yes, this is for real. No, I am not kidding. The woman in question called him out for this harmless mistake and much drama ensued. This made the list because even though he apologized in true Canadian fashion, we still think he looks smug AF. 


Credits: PopSugar

“Hey, girl. I’m going on an adventure of a lifetime and I’d like you to come with me. Pack your bags. Also, here’s an engagement ring… I want you to be my wife. Do you accept?”

“Yes, Justin, I accept. I love you. ”

Then I woke up to my alarm. I was late for work.


Credits: Twitter

So this is like Call Me By Your Name level peach emoji worthy, we’re all in agreement, right? With the sleeves rolled up on his button-up this is just like a lot for a single person to handle.


Disney Prince

Credits: WordPress.com

We mean, no one really needed proof that Justin Trudeau is actually a Disney prince in disguise but, just in case you did, here it is.

We don’t blame you, Ariel, I too would give up my voice for legs to spend my life on land with THAT!

Climb Him Like a Tree

Credits: Toronto Star

Not much to say about this one besides, me too girls, me too. We mean given the chance, we would climb him like a tree too (as long as he seemed as happy about it as he does here…consent is important).

Weak Knees

Credits: The Loop

It’s like he’s staring right into our soul and hypnotizing us with those ocean blue eyes and we’re completely powerless to it. We’re also not at all mad about it because something just tells us that he would take care of us.


Credits: MTL Blog

Current Canadian prime minister or local writer in the hipster coffee shop? Who can tell, they’re indistinguishable.

Justin is both and I’ll have what he’s having.


Credits: The Cut

So like, we all know firefighters are hot by default, right? Well, we’ll just leave you here with this. And we know what you’re thinking, but please, don’t purposely try to get your cat stuck in a tree. They didn’t do anything to deserve it. Blame Justin for putting that uniform on in the first place. 

English Professor

Credits: Elle

So this is what we imagine a sexy and charming English professor looks like. Those warm welcoming blue eyes, the checkered sweater vest, that shaggy hair. Now all he needs is some glasses to pull the whole look together. DAMN YOU SEXY BEAST. 


Prince Charming

Credits: InStyle

Now, of course, to start off this list, we need to start with this go-to politician classy and snazzy suit. The Justin that the whole globe fell in love with overnight and we can’t blame them, talk about a real-life Prince Charming *SWOON*

He attac

Credits: hottestheadsofstate

I mean if they wanna do a reboot of Creed here’s your man. A real-life “choose your fighter” if there ever was one amirite ladies? He protecc, he attac, but most importantly he a SNACC.


Credits: giphy

The time that Justin Trudeau looked the hottest was when he told it like it was and gave us that iconic shrug after shutting down everyone with his response to a journalist asking why a gender-balanced cabinet was a priority for him. IT’S 2015 BEYOTCH (actually it’s 2018, but you understand).