29 Times Justin Trudeau Was Hot AF


Canada is cold and full of bears, but did you know that they select their leadership based on good looks and charm rather than brain power and skills? That’s fine by me. Check out this hunky dude. We made a list for ya.

Start DROOLIN’ baby!


Just Because


There’s really no other explanation or reasoning for this picture to be on this list besides the fact that we think he looks really good in it. Thank you for your time. And thank you Justinnnnn… 

Call me.


Mean Girls


We hear Mean Girls is on Broadway now so anyone’s looking to cast the plastics, we’ll just leave you here with this picture. Just let that idea brew. Rachel McAdams who played Regina is Canadian so that’s really all you needed.


Justin Pride

Huffington Post

Justin Trudeau at a Pride Parade was a sight to behold. Walking around in a pink shirt, waving around a rainbow flag, smiling to the masses; it was just a really fun day and let’s not forget how happy he looked. What could be better than a supportive prime minister?!


King of Queens

Toronto Star

A king and a couple of queens. 

They don’t look too happy to see him. Is that just me? Could be a surgery thing.



Lainey Gossip

Speaking of royals, here’s some double-trouble. Look at them walking together so smug and self-assured. We bet they think it’s funny. Pshh it’s fine we’ll just go cry over there in the corner…


The Green Stuff


A promise Trudeau is keeping is legalizing cannabis, which is set to take force in July of this year. Of course, there will be limitations to the amount someone can buy and carry but a progressive leader set to legalize marijuana? I think he deserves that weed crown.


I Heart You Too Babe


When you need your new boyfriend to be super wholesome to come meet your conservative parents and he does this. I mean, we’re still kind of into it… Just us?

I have a t-shirt with this on it.




This is a power couple right here and staring at it for this long, we’re not quite sure who we would rather photoshop ourselves onto, Sophie or Justin. 


I Don’t Care

KISS 105.3

Justin has since apologized for this facial hair but if we were a farmgirl and he was the neighboring farm’s son, we’re pretty sure we would be pining in secret for him. And we know for a fact you would be too.

I like the medieval look. I don’t care.


Mountain Man


It’s a good thing this picture is so low-quality because if it wasn’t, you would not be hearing from us for at least the next week. Young Justin Trudeau was a treasure to behold and we are lucky to have access to these archives. We would like to thank his father Pierre for bringing him into the spotlight so young (or was it Fidel? We’re still not sure on that one).