25 Weirdest Pieces People Saw In A Furniture Store

By Sana Ahmad - March 04, 2020

We all want beautiful pieces of furniture to adorn our houses and that is a perfectly normal thing to want. From standard size beds to antique looking dressing tables, hopping furniture stores for stuff that feels just right for you is actually quite fun. While most pieces you will come across, whether in furniture stores or online, are going to follow standard designs and patterns but wouldn’t it be interesting if you think out of the box and choose something completely unique, something that defines your personality or something that is really interesting to look at. Every now and then, designers take the liberty of breaking the set rules and go on to create masterpieces that can either look outrageous or full of creativity. That is just a matter of perspective really folks! Aren’t furniture sets also an expression of art? In addition to their functionality, both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces, serve a symbolic and sometimes even a religious purpose as well. Made from a slew of materials, be it plastic, metal or wood, some pieces of furniture are capable of making anybody go “WOW! We need that in our living room!!”

Now, prepare to be amazed as we look at some inspired furniture pieces!! (some may even call them weird)


Pencil Chair

Credits: Designboom

Wood is one of the favorite materials when it comes to furniture. Wooden furniture pieces not only add class to your living space but also are capable of making your choice, when it comes to furniture, talk of the town (obviously in a good way). While oak, pine and ebony are commonly used wood for the purpose of making furniture, how would you feel if we told you that you can get a chair made of pencils? Yes, you heard it right! If you get one for your bedroom make it a point to stay away from the pointy ends! 

Staircase Storage

Credits: Living In A Shoebox

Don’t we all want furniture pieces that can efficiently store our everyday stuff, be it car keys or our favorite pair of socks! Finding adequate storage space around the house is quite a daunting task, more so in smaller homes. We would suggest you get your hands on a storage unit that resembles a staircase! A perfect combination of cabinets, drawers and cupboards, this wonderful piece is not only massively functional but also looks unique. Use the bottom drawers as a staircase whenever you want to take something out from the other sections. 

A Couch That Reminds You Of Your Trip To Italy

Credits: Imgflip

Comfortable couches are a must have in every home, right? What if you get a regal feel each time you sit down to relax for a while on your favorite couch? We are talking about this amazing couch that is sure to remind you of the golden days of the Roman empire. The couch oozes out royalty and is definitely going to become a talking piece among friends and family. If you are confused about what to get back as a gift for your in-laws from your cruise trip to the Italian Riviera, get them this couch. Trust us, they are totally going to love it! 

Grass Sofa

Credits: Pinterest

When we say that outdoor furniture pieces are equally important, almost everybody will nod their head in yes and rightly so! Just imagine if you owned a three-seater sofa that is one hundred percent environment friendly and makes you feel one with nature! Sounds perfect right? We share the same opinion as you. If you get too creative, you may even take the liberty of planting a flower or two on your sofa. Trust us folks, guests are sure to appreciate this amazing furniture piece. 

Crawl Under Me Bean Bags

Credits: SG Beans

Comfy bean bags are everybody’s dream! Kids especially love these pieces of furniture. You thought they came in only bright colors? As much as you may want to relax on the bean bag while enjoying PS3 or reading a Shakespeare and sipping on some hot chocolate, the tacky colors just stop you from buying these comfortable bundles of joy! Get these grey, charcoal and beige colored ones instead and trust us kids in the house will thank you a million times. After all,  they can play around the house and when finally tired will just pass out under them bags! 

Octopus Chair

Credits: Reddit

Don’t you just hate it when someone calls out to you when you are busy watching your favorite show? We all have been there and we did not like it at all! Now, think for  a moment how wonderful it would be if you owned a chair that signaled other people that you are going to be occupied for the next couple of hours. Some genius furniture designer heard us and this tryst resulted in what we like to call an ‘octopus chair’. What more, you can even use the piece to lock up unruly kids if they make too much mess around the house! 

Upright Bed

Credits: Reddit

Getting your sleep position right gets tricky sometimes which can be pretty annoying for us humans! After all, we all need our 8 hours of beauty sleep folks, don’t we? If you take a couple of hours to just get into the right position every time you lie down on your bed, we suggest you search for an upright bed in the furniture stores nearby. This amazing piece of furniture lets you enjoy a comfortable sleep in an upright position. Cool right! 

Death Sofa

Credits: Cool Things

This one is for the lovers of all things supernatural, be it vampires, werewolves or the grim reaper himself – a coffin shaped sofa! Get one for your bedroom and hop in occasionally to get those vampire vibes! Know what, if you ever plan on throwing a theme party, go with the ‘supernatural’ theme and your ‘death  sofa’ will make for an apt seating arrangement for your guests. Your friends can even take a quick vampire nap if they get a little too tired from all the dancing! 

Transforming Furniture

Credits: HomeTone

If you are all about maximum utilization of space and making the most of every penny you spend, this transforming structure is going to be a steal. This highly functional furniture piece is capable of effectively taking the form of a sofa, dining table or chairs as well when required. It even acts as a storage chest in times of need! This four in one set is a must have for those with limited space in their home. When it is not being used you can even fold it and stack it away. 

Pool Table

Credits: UdaipurBlog

Having a pool table in your house is definitely a conversation starter. How about buying a pool table that also acts as a dining table when not being used for pool. You can either buy one online or visit different furniture stores to find the one that appeals the most to you! If we are being honest, first check out a few stores before finalizing a pool cum dining table because this one is going to be an investment. With this table at home, you don’t have to take a trip to a club every time you feel the urge to play some pool. 

Cow Dresser

Credits: Pinterest

A dresser in the shape of a cow? Sounds interesting right? A bonus is that it comes with a lot of space to store all your china ware and crockery! This unique shape is sure to turn some heads around. You can even get dressers in the shape of other farm animals like a pig or a chicken. All of you living in the outskirts or in farmhouses, do make it a point to grab this piece of furniture because trust us it will fit right into the scheme of things!

Canvas Furniture

Credits: Spoon & Tamago

Do you have a thing for paintings? If yes, canvas furniture pieces are definitely going to interest you! If you look at them directly from the front, they will look like canvas paintings rather than pieces of furniture. It is only when you look closely that they will appear what they really are, 3D art pieces that have been carved into and thus can be easily sat in! A fun conversation starter and an awesome piece of art that lets you relax too! It serves two purposes people!  Art connoisseurs, are you guys listening?

Pig Couch

Credits: Pinterest

Pigs are cute creatures right? At least we think so! That is exactly why we found this pig shaped couch quite fascinating.  While this furniture piece can seat two to three people, if you want to settle in comfortably reserve it just for yourself! The elaborate shape of this couch captures every detail and looks oh so cute. So folks, if you have money to spend on an oddly elaborate ‘chair’, this pig couch is meant for you. Play Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’ in the background and relax! 

Barrel Bed

Credits: Thrillist

How fascinating would it be to spend your nights in a bed that looks like a barrel? This bed has been constructed to mimic the shape of a barrel. If you like enclosed, cozy spaces, you will definitely love sleeping in this bed. However, if you are claustrophobic we suggest that you avoid buying this piece of furniture as it does not give you much space to stretch and move around while you are asleep. You wouldn’t fall out of bed but given your claustrophobia you may feel suffocated. 

Crazy Bookshelf

Credits: Pinterest

Bookshelves are usually uniform structures that are either made of wood or plastic and come in a uniform shape. While these look classy and efficiently serve the purpose they were created for, you may get bored looking at these shelves. When you do, this unique alternative bookshelf will come to the rescue. With different shelves tilting at different angles, this bookshelf may look like going everywhere to some people (read perfectionists) while fascinating most of the others, like us! Pick a side and let the search begin already. 

Emperor 1501

Credits: DudeIWantThat

As we have entered the age of digitalization, a lot of our time is spent on our laptops and phones. Not only our work demands us to do that but these appliances have also become a major source of entertainment for us! But what about our postural alignment right? Here is a specialized piece of furniture that lets us take care of both. Specifically designed chairs and desks let you use a computer while enjoying a comfortable position. Emperor 1510 goes an extra mile with an in-built audio, tilting capability and LED lighting! Also, did we mention it comes with a padded chair too!

Reversible Tables

Credits: Pinterest

If you have been searching different furniture stores for pieces that are efficient as well as versatile, get a reversible table for your living space. This piece of furniture acts as a table and chair set and when turned upside down takes the shape of a set of outward facing benches. Super cool, don’t you think! We surely do. This piece can act as an outdoor furniture set as well. Let it adorn your garden and you can enjoy occasional breakfast with your family while admiring the beauty of nature at the same time. 

Table Tennis Door

Credits: Odditymall

Are you a sports enthusiast? Then you will love this one! A door that can be easily converted into a table tennis table when not serving the purpose of providing you with some privacy, stopping unwelcomed people from barging in your personal space or blocking out excessive noise coming from outside. Honestly speaking, doors otherwise are just wasted space. Well folks, some good designers created this wonderful piece that  takes the form of a table tennis table with nothing but a simple rotation. So, how excited are you to get a sporty door for your bedroom?

Feel Seating System Deluxe

Credits: Spicytec

Odd pieces of furniture are sometimes bizarrely comfortable too and this ‘Feel Seating System Deluxe’ piece is definitely one such piece. This is not exactly a bed, nor is it a long couch but somewhere between the two. The sole purpose of the System Deluxe is to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation of the user. The individual balls may be moved and interconnected as you wish which means you have the leisure to lie in whichever position you want to! We feel like taking a nap on this amazing feat of engineering already. What about you?


Credits: Formakers

Want to share a distinctive yet cute furniture piece with your other half? Loopita is the way to go. The loopita may look like just a simple loop-the-loop structure. However, in reality it actually is a brilliant example of bizarre furniture specifically designed for couples! This piece can be used by two people to relax and rest. The best part is that you can easily see each other and have a conversation as you will be lying facing the other person. If you guys are not the hugging kind, this unique furniture piece is perfect for you guys. 

The Evolution Door

Credits: Pinterest

We call the door that gives you a glimpse of what futuristic furniture pieces will look like ‘The Evolution Door’! Created by Klemens Torggler, this door with futuristic design comes with a pretty simple design which further adds to its overall appeal. The door folds all by itself like an origami sculpture. You don’t even require to apply any force as it’s folding mechanism is driven by the weight of the door itself. Fascinated yet? We know you are! So, what are you waiting for? Start your search for this evolutionary door!

The OBELISK Furniture

Credits: Pinterest

The OBELISK furniture set includes a table and four chairs. The set is a suitable outdoor furniture set. The most interesting part is that all the five pieces can be stacked together after which they take the shape resembling that of an obelisk and therefore the name! An excellent space saver set, this amazing piece is sure to be admired by even your foes! So, if you are looking for a sleek set that oozes out class and status, go for the OBELISK! 


Credits: Pinterest

How would you feel owning a furniture piece that effectively does the work of a sofa, bed as well as a workstation? Sounds like an interesting piece right? With multi-functionality at its best, the set promises to fit in small spaces quite efficiently. If you have been thinking of converting your living space into a home office or an extra guest bedroom, start your search for this set at furniture stores, near and far, because that is the way to go guys! 

Chair Inside A Chair

Credits: Materialicious

This piece of furniture is truly intriguing and we aren’t lying! Checkout the set and you will know for yourself. The set basically looks like a single chair but efficiently hides another chair inside it with the same design as the first one. Talking about the design, it is pretty simplistic and sleek which is sure to make any corner of the house that it occupies look good! Buy this piece of art and always have an extra chair handy for your guests. 

The Coffee Bench

Credits: Design Milk

Beyond Standards has come up with an extremely flexible furniture piece which can beautifully adorn your living room. It combines a bench and a table. You just need to rotate the individual modules of the set to get the desired results. It can be turned into two seats, a side table and a bench. You can try out ample other combinations as well. Guys, this not only looks pretty cool but is also highly functional. If you are all about multi-functionality, investing on this piece of furniture will be an awesome idea.