25 Photos That Seem Normal Until You Look Closely

sturgeon - March 25, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a picture is so bizarre that it takes a thousand words to explain what the fudge is going on. 



Frizzy Hair, Don't Care

Credits: Imgur

Geez, it must be humid wherever this nice young lady is – look how frizzy her hair is! OH MY GOD NO, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. NOPE. NOPE NOPE. Not hair… IT’S A FRGGIN’ SPIDER!.

Lady, if this doesn’t give you superpowers then it’s absolutely not worth it.


Credits: Reddit

Finding the perfect suit for a special day is obviously important. It’s for sure important enough that you should probably ask for an opinion or some feedback. Just a word of advice though: if you’re not wearing pants, you may wanna check for mirrors before firing a pic off to your soon-to-be in-laws.


Credits: Reddit

It’s not every day that an optical illusion turns you into a freakish barbie doll. Judging by the knowing smile on her face, she may be in on the joke. But judging by the look on the other woman’s face, she may have just cut a hilarious fart.

Help Guys!

Credits: Imgur

There’s something incredible romantic about marrying your kidnapper. Stockholm Syndrome is easily the SEXIEST of all the syndromes.


Credits: TwentyTwoWords

Next you’ll need to find the wizard and a secret scroll! To be fair, she dated Waldo in college and he just never moved on. 

The Graduate

Credits: Reddit

As a dad, there’s something incredibly sweet and tender about having your baby boy graduate kindergarten. Remember it was only yesterday that you were changing his diapers and watching him take his first steps, now look at him, getting so big, about to become the arm wrestling champ of New Hampshire.


Credits: TwentyTwoWords

I’m not an athlete, nor am I some kind of sports jock. I don’t know much about skating or scoring goals or stick handling or going “top corner” or being on a breakaway or going “line to line” BUT I do know it’s poor form to hurl on your teammates.

Naked Friend

Credits: Reddit

Team wins big game, heads back to locker room.

STEVE: “Aww, come on guys, let me just hose off real quick before the team photo.”

PRESTON: “No prob, Steve!”

30 seconds later….

JIM: “GUYS!!!! WE WON!!!! TEAM PHOTO!!!!!!!”


STEVE: “Uh… guys… still soapin’ up over here…”

7 Years of Bad Luck

Credits: imgur

This guy sure has one cute cat. A delightful orange tabby – I wonder if he likes lasagna? How does he feel about Mondays?

Yes, this guy has one cute cat; he also has a second cat, who would like nothing more than to steal your soul and give it to the dark lord, Satan.


Credits: DumpaDay

Man, there’s something so cute about grown-up stuff shrunk down for cute little kids. I mean look at this little guy and his cute little chair. Also, look at that caboose on Uncle Dimitri in the background over there; homeboy’s been doing some squats!