25 Creepiest Moments Ever In Video Games

By Sana Ahmad - March 25, 2020

Video games have been an awesome way to disconnect from the real world for a while and become a part of a fantasyland where you do not know what is going to happen next. If we may say, Darwin’s theory of evolution which propagated ‘survival of the fittest’ is something that holds true even in the world of video games! With unexplored terrains opening up as you make it through different levels of the game, things keep getting exciting and at the same time scary. You never know what you are going to encounter next. While most players feed on this suspense, there are moments when even the most experienced and finest of the lot feel shivers down the spine at the sight that comes on their screen! There are many video games like ‘Jack The Ripper’ that come with abundant gory visuals capable of leaving the players cowering helplessly behind their joypads! 

So, folks, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that video games are not just one of the perfect mediums of entertainment but also have the potential to scare you to your bones. If you love the genre and feel that even the goriest of horror flicks have lost their capability to petrify you, we suggest you delve into the world of video games instead. Some of the acclaimed horror video games are sure to make you feel otherwise! While exploring hostile environments as the game progresses and you unlock new levels elicits chills, you also can’t deny the fact that it is a lot of fun too!! 

Here are 25 unforgettably horrifying video game moments ever! Scroll to find out if your chilling favorite made it to the list! 


Resident Evil

Credits: Youtube

Resident Evil is on every video game player’s list of favorite games, no questions asked. The game is credited with changing survival horror forever. It comes with lots of terrifying moments that leave you breathless! Remember a Licker’s first glimpse in Resident evil 2 or the scene where you encounter Iron Maiden in Resident Evil 4? The most creepy scene according to many would be when Jill or Chris (who do you prefer to play as?) are attacked by dogs bursting in through the window! That was definitely an unexpected horror moment guys! You would think hallways which are like small bridges connecting the rooms are usually harmless. An attack through the window probably provided the biggest jump scares in the series.

Silent Hill

Credits: Horror Film Wiki- Fandom

When the first Silent Hill was released, it was appreciated a lot in the world of horror gaming as it efficiently depicted a gory atmosphere that suited the storyline of the game. The game tells the creepy tale of a sinister cult that wanted to unleash the demonic deity it worshipped on the world! The quaint town of Silent Hill sometimes looks haunting and at others efficiently resembles hell, a setting that makes for a debauched psychological terror. With the entry of Pyramid Head, one of the most twisted characters of Silent Hill, in the game series things get even gorier. This monster represents James, the protagonist’s, guilt and desire for punishment which further twists things! 

Clock Tower

Credits: WhatCulture

Clock Tower was released back in 1995 and is a point-and-click survival horror video game. It follows the story of Jennifer, an orphan, who is adopted by a rich recluse. After she arrives at the mansion of her adoptive parent, she comes to know that her friends at the orphanage have gone missing along with their ward! She sets out to investigate the mansion and while doing that she is hunted and stalked by a deformed boy who has a huge pair of scissors with him. The first encounter is quite horrifying as the boy shows up unexpectedly. That is also the moment when she discovered the body of one of her fellow adoptees! Jennifer is not even capable of fighting back and all she can do is run. Her stamina is reduced because of all the running which works in favor of the Scissorman! 


Credits: Youtube

BioShock is yet another amazing video game with a lot of jump scare moments. Set in 1960’s underwater city of Rapture, BioShock is a first person shooter game that is full of surreal surroundings that may potentially haunt some of you for quite some time. It is a horror steampunk hybrid with innumerable dystopian elements which leave you terrified. The storyline is pretty weird and let’s not even talk about the characters! This makes for an atmospheric horror series with unpredictable encounters at every other turn. The trademark scare scene of the game series was something like a bait and switch “It’s right behind you!” type of jump scare. The first one that took place in the dentist’s office was definitely the most memorable. The moment you enter, the room is filled with fog. As you turn around, you are attacked by the dentist!

Death Space 2

Credits: Youtube

Death Space is yet another survival horror series. It has ample gory moments and is an awesome combination of Event Horizon, Resident Evil and a bit of The Thing. The storyline is tense, gruesome and is capable of terrifying the hell out of you! Picking just one creepy moment from the series is a task folks but when the space colony is ravaged by an alien virus turning the inhabitants into mutated beings is among our favorite! Another cringe worthy moment from Dead Space is when the protagonist  Isaac Clarke tries to access that part of the brain which stores information by climbing into the Diagnostic Machine at NoonTech. This requires you to stick a needle in your eye. Be prepared for a disgusting death in case you are not careful. 


Credits: Pinterest

The storyline of Outlast unfolds inside an insane asylum. You play the role of an investigative journalist which means that you are not even in the position of fighting your attackers and trust us there are a lot! You have to sneak around and evade mental patients who suffer from homicidal tendencies. You also have to make sure that the battery of your flashlight is full so that you don’t have to find your way around in the dark. Encounters with all inhabitants are nerve wrecking but when you come across the ‘Twins’ that is something different altogether! They are completely naked and stalk you like crazy while discussing eating different parts of your body.  Their intelligence makes them even more frightening. 


Credits: FEAR Wiki- Fandom

F.E.A.R or First Encounter Assault Recon is a first person shooter video game that blends awesome action sequences with spooky supernatural. A creepy little girl called Alma who is in a red dress at the center of the game. She has long hair and looks terrifying while haunting the player. She comes creeping up on you when you expect it the least which scares you to your core! It is when you are fully submersed in the action and have almost forgotten that you are playing a horror game, she startles you with a visit. Confined spaces like ladders and vents are her favorite visiting places. 

Resident Evil 7

Credits: Forbes

Resident Evil aces at reinventing itself each time and Resident Evil 7 is no different. With this part it steps into a first person perspective and the gameplay is majorly shaken up. The setup is simple yet quite intriguing. When the protagonist Ethan unexpectedly gets a text from his missing and presumably dead wife Mia, he is prompted to look for her in a plantation based in Louisiana. She is locked in the plantation’s basement and Ethan now has to get both of them out of there safely before the kidnapper returns! He, however, finds out that Mia isn’t who she used to be leading to a massive scare before a creepy battle sequence unfolds. 

Fatal Frame III

Credits: Youtube

Fatal Frame III, a Japanese horror game series, is undoubtedly amongst the most petrifying series of all times with tons of chilling moments. The first ghost encounter is sure to send chills down your bones and things get gorier as the game progresses. The protagonist Rei’s house is also quite disturbing. The storyline unfolds in Rei’s nightmares for most parts and slowly her worst of nightmares start making their way into her reality. Her home is not the comfortable safe haven it used to be. Imagine your living space being invaded by gory creatures! Scary, right?

Slender: The Eight Pages

Credits: GameFront

Slender: The Eight Pages is a 2012 indie game that potentially terrifies you as it unfolds. We must say that you won’t come across a more minimalist horror game. You are stealthily pursued by a ghostly figure as you try to make your way through a pitch black forest and this extremely creepy, if you ask us! As the figure who we like to call ‘The Slenderman’ catches up with you, you are sure to freak out badly and no matter how many times this happens the intensity of the jump scare! 

Project Zero

Credits: GameSpot

Project Zero was released during a time when there was an already existing craze for Japanese ghost movies and the horror game did not disappoint! It thrusts you into a house that is haunted with just a camera to protect yourself from the negative malevolent presence inside. Initially, nothing scary is encountered, just harmless glimpses of spectres and distant corners. Then, all of a sudden it comes right at you! The scene is petrifying and if we are being honest, we stopped right there!!


Credits: US Gamer

Heard of P.T? This was a playable teaser that was released before Silent Hill came to the markets! It was however canceled and was even removed from the PlayStation Store!! We wonder why!! This can easily be referred to as the most horrifying and creepy moment in the history of video games, now inaccessible. P.T . had the player make his/her way through a terrifying hallway which latered itself frequently with continuous loops. Lisa, a character in P.T. redefines the scary! And let us not forget the part where you walk into a bathroom with a fetus. The next time you come across the fetus, it TALKS! Deranged and gory visuals of the game are enough to drive you crazy.


Credits: Youtube

Anatomy is a horror video game that makes the most of every single moment and by the time you get up from the sofa you are totally creeped out. The storyline of the game guides you through a haunted house with extremely poor lighting. Loaded with lots of jump scare moments, the game attacks the players in gory ways! As you progress, you have to engage in things that you really do not want to do anything with! That is what is called a ‘dread scare’ and Anatomy beautifully deploys tons of dread scare moments too. 


Credits: Wired

Prey is a first person shooter game that terrifies you beyond imagination. In the world of Prey, you never feel safe as anything and everything could end up being life threatening. A murderous shape shifting black goo blob haunts you like crazy in the game. The storyline is full of effective jump scares and constant Mimic threats. A head spinning sci-fi story of the game keeps you engaged. Prey is definitely among the best psychological horror games of the century! If you haven’t already played the game, we suggest that you do. It would not disappoint you! 


Credits: Flickr

Looking for an action role playing game that has the potential to creep you out? Try Bloodborne! The video game was released back in 2015 worldwide and is known to be one of the best in the action-RPG genre. Simultaneously, it is also an amazing survival horror game that gives you real gothic feels! The storytelling is sure to keep you bound to your PS4. The eerie surroundings and the monster design are also commendable. Last but definitely not the least, the ever looming threat of consequential death scares the hell out of you! All that and more undoubtedly make Bloodborne a gory game.


Credits: Microsoft

A survival horror video game played, SOMA is filled with occasional jump scares. The atmospheric horror that you encounter while playing this game is extremely horrifying. The game is played from a first person perspective which makes it even creepier. Set in an underwater research facility, SOMA’s existential horror offers a peek into humanity and AI’s potential future and this makes the game truly stand out. You can easily call it the generation’s most thought provoking and petrifying game. 

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection

Credits: The Indie Game Website

As Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, a horror video game, begins your screen lights up with a prompt asking you to turn off all the lights and focus just on the screen. Midnight Shadows is one of the two games in The Long Night Collection. The game even asks you to promise to not look away and you must select yes before you proceed. Although, we highly doubt you will be able to keep this promise. These video games are quite frightening and haunt you real bad. Yomawari efficiently juxtaposes adult themes with childlike art. 

Until Dawn

Credits: Pinterest

Until Dawn is a survival horror video game with a storyline that is full of jump scares and gory scenes. Death, interpersonal tensions and cheesy dialogues make the game quite interesting to play. Players have to fight for their survival on the Blackwood Mountain. The interactive format of the game makes it even creepier at times. Players either live or die, depending upon the choices they make as they progress in the game. Play the game yourself and find out more! It sure is going to be a lot of fun folks! 

The Forest

Credits: Bloody Disgusting

One of our favorite horror video games, the storyline of ‘The Forest’ deeply intrigues you. You are dropped (read, crashed) into lush and serene woodlands and are greeted by warm sunlight and bright greens! As you are enjoying the scenic beauty around you, you come across cannibals who obviously want to eat you up. The serene and calm forest thus turns into a horrifying tale! The game comes with a thoughtful AI system which does not allow the enemies from blindly attacking you. This keeps you on your toes and makes the jump scares even more effective!

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Credits: VentureBeat

If anyone asks you to name a horror video game that built a cult following for itself, answer ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’! This game has a lot of jump scares. Five Nights at Freddy’s is although simple in its design, it has the potential to keep you hooked while at the same time making you feel like hiding behind the sofa! The passive approach to gameplay is perhaps the reason for the huge success of the game. What can be more creepy and scary than just sitting and waiting for danger to come right at you.


Credits: Metro

Detention is a slow paced 2D horror video game that is quiet and pretty disconcerting. Most parts of the game take place in a school that has been abandoned. The game is an emotional and psychological horror that is thought provoking and is based on Taiwanese history of the mid century. It can’t be referred to as an ‘in your face’ horror game but that is the best part, if you ask us! Be it the lighting or character design, Detention beautifully depicts atmospheric horror! 

The Evil Within

Credits: Pinterest

If you loved Resident Evil, you must have loved The Evil Within too we guess! Both the games were created by Shinji Mikami. Mikami made his return to survival horror with The Evil Within and guys, he did a great job! The game traces its roots to Resident Evil and does not give us a chance to complain! A challenging gameplay and an engaging story accompanied by an amazing enemy design only add to the effectiveness of the game. The Keeper, Neun and Laura are some of the most terrifying characters of the game. 

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Credits: CinemaBlend

The Chinese Room did an amazing job by creating Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. A survival horror video game, it is a sequel to Amnesia: A Dark Descent which was full of jump scares. A Machine for Pigs takes you through a slow yet petrifying journey of Oswald Mandus, a wealthy industrialist. You enter a haunting world as you start your ‘A Machine for Pigs’ journey. 

Stories Untold

Credits: Youtube

Stories Untold is a psychological horror video game that has a fresh take on decades old text adventure. Although the game does not offer jump scares or delves you into a scary realm full of monsters, what it does is keeps you hooked throughout. Puzzle design accompanied with smart writing make the game a must try. There are four stories which are interconnected and each of these stories have been amazingly portrayed in the game. 


Credits: GameSpot

Not your regular survival horror game, Echo still manages to creep you out to the core. It was released back in 2017 and is a stealth video game published by an Indie studio. As the story progresses, the players are hunted and haunted by clones and that scares us out real bad folks! The clones use the playable character’s play style against him/her which creates eeriness and a sense of unease. The pattern makes you question every other move you make and by the time you finish you are mentally exhausted. We suggest you experience this kind of goriness at least once!