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15 Fast Food Hacks That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

And you thought fast food couldn’t get any easier … More


Ketchup Hack

Fast food, because you live a busy life, and you also need your food. Sometimes you absolutely just cannot bother to cook food for yourself. Or sometimes you want food at three in the morning, and there's nowhere open except the fast food joint right next to your house. Why? Because you shouldn't be ordering food at three in the morning, but hey, this is America, and this is your body, so you get to choose what to put into it. Because we know you're going to choose to put fast food into it, here's a bunch of tips and trips to make your experience all the more enjoyable.

This is a nifty one. I usually end up putting the ketchup on a napkin or in the burger carton. But at McDonalds you can flip the back of the fries container and turn it into a nice little dipping station.


Takeout Boxes

Every time I order Chinese takeout, it’s always such a pain unloading everything onto a plate. By the time I finish the food is cold. Well, did you know that the containers your takeout is served in double as plates? Just dissemble the box and you have a makeshift plate.

Yes, we just enabled your laziness. You’re welcome. Do away with dishes, and cleanup is easier as well. This just made takeout so much more appealing.


Fries With Special Sauce–mcdonalds-fries-fry-food.jpg

The Big Mac special sauce at McDonald’s is undoubtedly the yummiest sauce they have. Sorry, Sweet and Sour, you just can’t compare to their signature sauce and that tantalizing tang it delivers to our tonsils. But, did you know you can order it as a condiment? Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can order it on top of fries for a delicious fry/sauce concoction.

Don’t thank us. Thank Mickey D’s. Oh, what the hell, thank us too.


Old Cut Subway×494.jpg

Every time I get Subway, most of the ingredients in my sandwich spill out. You can avoid this by ordering a “V-cut” in your bread. What the heck is a “V-cut?” It’s not just the most sexy style of shirt there is. It’s also the most sexy style of sandwich. This is actually the way they used to do it back in the day, hence why it is also called an “old cut.” Keep all your ingredients where they belong!


Round Egg

Keep it real with this McDonalds life hack. Most of the time when you order a breakfast sandwich, you’ll get the floppy yellow egg-like thing on the right. But, you can easily avoid this. Just order a “round egg” instead. They’ll make a fresh real egg for you. This isn’t just an exclusive treat for their English muffin sandwiches. You can have it on a biscuit, or even a bagel. Go nuts. It’s the most important meal of the day, after all.


Don’t Be Salty*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Who knew there were so many secrets hidden in the menu at Mickey D’s? Here’s another to ensure you keep loving it. Most of the time when you order McDonald’s French fries, they’ve been sitting there all day. These fries are all pre-salted. But, if you order fries without salt, that will force them to make a fresh batch. Just add salt to them on your own afterwards. It may take a while, but it’s so worth it.


Keep It Warm

This person is a lowkey genius. Scratch that. This person is a highkey genius. The type of high key notes only Mariah Carey could sing. The journey from the drive-thru to the house usually leads to half of your fries (and all of your significant other’s fries) being gone. That’s not the worst of it. It also leads to cold food. Avoid this by cranking up the seat warmer (if you have one) in the passenger seat.


Pop It In The Microwave

Speaking of keeping things warm, you should do this every time you get delivery. When the food arrives at your door, just pop it in the microwave. This will keep the food warm while you get the dishes out and set everything up. Containers like these are meant to be microwave safe. If you’re concerned, you could always ask. This ensures your food is hot, and everyone knows hot is the most delicious way to eat food.


Sideways Bag

Subway should probably follow this hack and rethink the design of their takeaway bags. The vertical way the sandwich is placed in the bag makes all the ingredients and dressing slide down to the bottom of the sandwich. Cut a hole in the middle of the bag and hold it sideways. Now you can carry your cuisine with confidence, knowing you’ll eat the sandwich the way it was intended to be devoured, instead of as some misshapen lumpy mess.


More Meat

Who doesn’t love more protein? It’s the building block of muscle, hair and all other neat parts of your body. Make sure you get as much as you can when you eat out. Instead of asking for two scoops of one protein at Chipotle, ask for a mix of chicken and beef. You’ll end up getting more meat, and you’ll end up saving some money while you’re at it. And more meat is what life is all about, amiright?


Go During Rush Hour

This seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Isn’t the point of fast food to get the food, well… fast? Listen, you may have to wait a bit longer for your food, but it’s totally worth it. Trust us. Go to any fast food restaurant during the rush lunch hour, and you’re guaranteed to get fresher food. That’s because they’re all making it right there and then, and it hasn’t been sitting around for hours. Patience can be rewarding sometimes.


We Have ‘More’ Meats×419.jpg

If you really love roast beef that much, why not get more of it? At Arby’s, you are better off ordering two junior roast beef sandwiches than ordering a regular one. You’ll get more bang for your buck that way … I mean more beef for your buck. It’s cheaper, and you can combine the meats onto one set of buns for a better beefy bite. Also, you get extra buns. Carbs are delicious, so “yay” to that!


Apple Pie Sundae

This hack only works when McDonald’s has their ice cream machine working. But, in the rare instance when the machine is working, you can get this delicious item off the secret menu. Yes, this is yet another McDonald’s secret. We’re as surprised as you are. Behold, the rare and wondrous Apple Pie McFlurry. What is it? Why, it’s a combination of their warm apple pie and regular McFlurry ice cream. It’s so delicious, and you’re so gonna love it.


Less Ice Ice Baby

Every fast food chain overdoes it with the ice. They do this because ice is just water, and water is super cheap. By filling the cup, it ensures they get to keep more of their product, which translates to more money for them. But what you end up with is a watered-down drink, and you end up with less drink because they made room for all that ice. Next time you’re ordering an ice coffee and Starbucks ask for “light ice.”



McDonald’s isn’t the only big burger player with secrets. Next time you are at Burger King, avoid beef patties that have been sitting out all day. Instead, ask for an “off-the-broiler” patty. That way the employees will have to make it hot and fresh for you. Now who is the Burger King? It’s you. You can make proclamations and have it your way. If your friends scoff at your decrees, make them kiss the onion rings on your hand.