15 Civilizations That Up And Vanished Off The Face Of The Earth

JS Paul - May 31, 2019

Lost In Time


Can you imagine an entire civilization disappearing into thin air? Although it’s hard to believe, several age-old cultures have literally evaporated without a trace.

More often than not, the only things that can even prove that these communities even existed are cracked pieces of pottery. Check out these 15 ancient civilizations that mysteriously vanished.

The Crafty Nabateans


Extending across Syria, Arabia, and Palestine, the Nabateans were an ancient people that existed around 312 BC. They were extremely good at trading and even did transactions in China, India, and the Far East.

As the first real businessmen, they hocked spices, incense, animals, and iron. Trump would be proud!

Gone Without A Trace


Suddenly, the Nabateans pretty much just up and vanished. All that we know for sure is that they were super tight with the Roman Empire, despite the fact that Emperor Trajan annexed them from AD 105 to AD 106. Maybe being rejected was unbearable and they all became hermits somewhere deep in the mountains.

Sadly, they pretty much fell off the face of the planet after that.

The Clovis


As the oldest American culture, the Clovis had a lot to prove. Based in New Mexico from 9050 BC to 8800 BC, these guys actually invented supremely advanced weapons like bone tools and hammers. Call them the original Home Depot.

The only thing that they didn’t create was air conditioning!

Forgotten Kingdom


Unfortunately for the Clovis, the only thing that’s left behind of their culture is their signature tools. There are many conspiracy theories that could explain their disappearance.

While some think that the tribe simply grew too big and branched out, others think that they were obliterated by a giant comet.

The Catalhoyuk


Located in modern-day Turkey from 7500 BC to 5700 BC, the Catalhoyuk spent their days living in traditional mud-brick homes. They were very creative people who loved to paint murals and construct shrines.

They were also obsessed with eating grains and harvesting crops, and probably invented the first quinoa bowl!

Stuck In Oblivion


How could such an inventive culture just disappear? While archaeologists are still searching for answers, they have uncovered some legit remnants from the Catalhoyuk.

In addition to their abandoned structures, they left behind creepy skeletons buried underneath the floor of a building. Looks like someone got on their bad side!

The Rapa Nui


Ever heard of Easter Island? You can thank the Rapa Nui for the famous stone sculptures that populate that area. While they were on the radar from the 13th to the 16th centuries, they made quite an impact.

No one even knows how they got there, let alone how they vanished!

Faded Away


Why did the Rapa Nui fade away? The answer is simple: food deprivation. Historians think that they ate all of their natural resources without replacing them. And then there’s the rat theory. Some think that their ecosystem was chewed up by rats.

Guess they were living off the rat of the land!

The Minoans

Representing the Greek’s Crete Island, the Minoans made a splash around 3000 and 1000 BC. They were all about partying and loved to sacrifice animals, set offerings on fire, and worship in crazy cults.

These hedonists were definitely living their best life, so how could they have disappeared into thin air?